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Do you want to live a longer, more vital life? One that is healthy despite the doom and gloom your physician has pronounced upon you? There are some diseases which are terminal, but obesity should not be one of them. YOU can do something to thwart this disease which doesn't decay the body, but adds stressors which can be removed. Heart, lung, even aching feet and back pain, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and many other symptoms can be not only lessened, but eradicated if you work the issues of obesity.

You are in control every time you eat a meal. You, and you only can correct a lifetime of poor choices and make the body recover. Don't blame a disease if it's name is over-indulgence and sin. We have a remedy which pills cannot purchase: self-control.

Prayer: Almighty God, I do admit I have contributed to my health problems, but I have heard testimony from others that say dieting can relieve some of my symptoms. I ask You to bless me as I explore this subject and work on obtaining health from You. Amen