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World Records
Fastest Railroad
The highest speed recorded on any national railroad is 320.2 mph by the French SNCF high-speed train, TGV (Train a Grande Vitesse) Atlantique, between Courtalain and Tours, France, on May 18, 1990. The Train a Grande Vitesse, which means high-speed train, first entered commercial use in 1981, between Paris and Lyon in France. At the time it was the world's fastest train, with a top speed of 236 mph, but it has since been superseded by newer generation TGVs.

Heaviest Freight Train
The heaviest-ever train weighed 99,732.1 ton’s (220 million lb) and was 4,568 miles long. Assembled by Australia's BHP Iron Ore, the train travelled 171 miles from the company's Newman and Yandi mines to Port Hedland, Western Australia, on June 21, 2001 The train had 5,648 wheels, and was assembled to test out a new train control system, which essentially allows the driver in the front locomotive to control the other seven engines simultaneously, even though they are spaced at intervals of nearly a mile along the length of the train.Wisconsin