Daily Living Devotion 4-Memoy

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Memories link us to our past and guide us through our daily lives. It's easier for some to recall names and phone numbers, while others have a more difficult time remembering these things. Normal memory loss or forgetfulness will afflict all of us at some point in our lives—whether it's due to disease, aging, or stress.

“Love the Lord your God… with all your mind.”
— Matthew 22:37

To stimulate your memory, be sure to exercise regularly. There are numerous benefits from exercise, especially memory retention. It doesn't have to be strenuous—just a mild form of aerobic exercise, such as walking for 15-20 minutes a few times a week, or moving your arms and legs around several times a day. It's a chain reaction. Physical activity encourages good sleeping habits, which gives your brain the rest it needs, and in turn, helps with alertness and good memory.

It's also important to establish a routine. People benefit from having a routine dealing with daily tasks. When one task is remembered, it then triggers a series of memories. Daily tasks include things like brushing your teeth, taking medication, reading a book, and even parking the car in the same spot each time.

Your memory will also increase by organizing your personal space. You can avoid hours of searching for lost items by eliminating clutter throughout your living place. Use those extra closets to organize the extra items sitting around your house and label things so you will know what's where.

While this may not seem like a devotional, God desires for us to help ourselves and He'll help us as well.
Prayer Challenge

Ask God to help you take control of the things in your life that can help you enhance your memory skills. Thank God for the alertness and memory that you have today.