let's have GP platform to say "outlaw pornography"

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15 Sep 2017, 17:01 #11

hey ea2008, we can have Congress define "pimp" and "pimping" as i described above.

If you want to make prostitution legal for males and females and intersex persons, there should be requirements for being a sound-minded, legal adult and self-employment or co-operative employment. 

agreed, but what happens to clients' payments for prostitution when persons, that each has agreed to provide prostitution don't provide prostitution? Do clients get refunds?

A man or woman or intersex person should be able and allowed to refuse any solicitation without fear of repercussion and to choose when and where to work in accordance with zoning ordinances.

agreed, and i do favor $1.5k every month as universal income basic income for every person like katija gruene does, but perhaps more for persons that reside in higher income location(s)

The whole pimp-prostitute thing is messed up.

let's not prejudicely regard all pimping as "messed up" because some persons that do pimping could be goodhearted persons

also, should "children", that apparently each of them claims to be an adult mind because he or she or they have lived past live(s), be allowed to participate in prostitution? why or why not? and if said "children" want to provide prostitution for money to donate to: animal hospitals, animal shelters shelters for persons living in shelters (like for homelessness or to avoid domestic violence), persons victimized by natural disasters, schools, or other donating, etc., then should said "children" be allowed to provide prostitution? why or why not? i don't favor such said "children" or other children doing that, but if judges declare such said "children" (that each claims to have adult mind) to have adult minds, then who am I to decide what's best for them? or what if adult versions of such said "children" time travel from future times to declare with their younger "children" versions of themselves that such said "children" may participate or provide prostitution, then what do you theorize that courts of law judges should do or say?

an email that I sent:

Dear Missouri State Representative Ira Anders,

Please introduce legislation that legalizes and thoroughly and totally and completely and justly regulates adult prostitution in Missouri so that law personnel in Missouri can reduce more violent crime(s) like (attempted) murder, murder, arson, (attempted) mutilation(s) and other violent crimes; we are living during President Donald J. Trump's term and we are living during Missouri Governor Eric Greitens term, and so regulated adult prostitution should be okay to raise money for: victims of natural disasters, shelters for animals or victims of domestic violence, education, roads, paying down the national debt, benevolent programs that benefit veterans, single payer health Medicare for all, etc. (remember that most United States persons are living paycheck to paycheck). Just as persons in Missouri have a United States Constitutional First Amendment right to participate or not participate in religion, they have a United States Constitutional First Amendment right to peaceably assemble themselves sexually if they want to without state prohibitions of prostitution because of United States Constitutional Fourteenth Amendment), though states can thoroughly and totally and completely regulate adult prostitution according to the United States Constitution Eleventh Amendment; "pimp" seems to be acronym (or we can have Congress officially declare "pimp" as an acronym, from the mainful magical interuniversal consciousness eternal goddes sserenis (or "GodAllahJehovahYahweh"), that stands for:


so perhaps we could allow pimping as i described above by while simultaneously use a word like "sextrafficking" to replace "pimping" word when referring to any person that has one or more persons endure illegal or dangerous sexual behaviors for money or other property or for service(s) or favors

The follow up, of that legalization of prostitution law recommendation of that email I previously sent is that "No person(s) may ever be required to provide or be subject to one or more sexual action(s) without her or his consent, nor may person(s) ever be blackmailed or coerced or tricked or bribed for one or more sexual actions to occur in Missouri.".

edited part added Sept. 29, 2017: a follow up email that i just sent to MO State Representative Ira Anders: now, about my "thoroughly and totally and completely and justly regulates adult prostitution" quote: i'd like added that "No person(s) providing prostitution may be required to appear like or sort of like one or more persons." (that addition is to protect each unique person's physical appearance so that more diversity may be allowed to exist in Missouri). And add this quote as legislation "And any person(s) should be able and allowed to refuse to participate in or provide any prostitution agreement(s) without fear of one or more repercussion(s) and to choose when and where to work in accordance with county zoning legislation or municipality zoning ordinance(s)."

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05 Nov 2017, 22:39 #12

Um, nicestwarlockchipburcham and ea2008, how far should judges allow that to go if those so called "children" and adults want and consent to do other sexual acts like bondage, fake rapes, etc.? And how should interlocal or interstate or international or interstellar or interuniversal sexual relationships of ages of consents be decided by judges?

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No kids, period. The pimp-prostitute model is messed up because of the power dynamic and potential for forced servitude. If a legally licensed sex-worker wants to hire an agent to recruit clients, okay.