Restricted Characters List

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Restricted Character List
It's Year Three of the Batman of Gotham's Career. The Batman is a Myth. Vigilantes and Heroes are breaking the law operating in the United States and most other countries.

The world is still mostly "normal." The average person doesn't believe in Bat Men or Aliens or Magic.

If you want to sign up for a character listed here, please DM a mod on the message board. We'll discuss your proposal, but we'll be inclined to decline it unless you can demonstrate in your "pitch" that your version of a character listed below could fit into our Year 3 setting.

An example: The character of Thomas "Hush" Elliot is restricted.
But maybe you pitch us a Hush who is a former friend of Bruce Wayne Harvey Dent, now a con-artist and expert (if disgraced and defrocked) plastic surgeon wanting to or working for someone wanting to rob Wayne Enterprises by impersonating Bruce Wayne. We'd consider it and discuss with you how to work it in.

As a cautionary note, Tier One, Four and Five will be the hardest, in order of extremity to convince us as mods to let you join in with.

Your Dr. Manhattan or Darkseid pitch could be worthy of an Eisner Award, but we're likely to deny it.

You might have the best idea ever for Damien Wayne but that's going to be a really tough sell in a world where Bruce hasn't had children..

Never say never, we'll hear all pitches, but some have the deck stacked against them.

Please Note: This list is meant as an example, not as an exhaustive list. Other characters may be subject to stringent mod approval if they fit the same criteria as listed characters

Tier One: Reality Scale Threats
These constitute characters who shape the world on a fundamental level, whether by representing fundamental principles of reality, being players of tremendous historical import, or breaching the dimensional walls. Since they have the opportunity to undermine the setting entirely, they're reserved for use as limited NPCs and must be approved by mods on a story-by-story basis.
  • The New Gods (Darkseid, Orion, Desaad, Granny Goodness)
  • Mythological Gods (Ares, Thor, Zeus, Anubis)
  • Inter-dimensional creatures (Bat-Mite, Mr. Myxptyzl, other 5th dimensional imps)
  • World-destroying threats (Brainiac, The Spectre, Anti-Monitor)
  • Time Travelers (Booster Gold, Rip Hunter)
  • Dimensional Travelers (The Crime Syndicate, The Justice Lords)
Tier Two: Global Scale Threats
These constitute characters who require a coalition of Earth's greatest heroes (or villains) to stop them. We encourage social play in this room, and the scale of these characters makes them difficult to play as recurring characters. Given their importance in the setting mythology, we'd prefer if their presence was used to signify major setting changes and plotlines. As in Tier One, they may be approved for NPC use on a limited narrative basis.
  • Lantern Corps Members (with potential exceptions made for Green Lanterns)
  • Traditional Justice League Villains (Amazo, Vandal Savage, Despero)
A Special Note on Cosmic Characters wrote: At the moment, there is a moratorium on space-faring characters. These include aliens as well as humans and indistinguishable humanoids who have gone exploring the wonders of deep space. The world is evolving, and there are currently three active cosmic characters. (Starfire, Miss Martian and Guy Gardner of the Green Lantern Corps) The current plan is to revisit other Overt aliens in June of 2018. If you're interested, let a mod know and we can talk about it for down the line! This applies to any additional alien and human members of the various Lantern Corps' as well as members of overtly alien species such as Kryptonians, Thanagarians, New Gods, additional Martians or Czarniaians.
Tier Three: Veteran Batman Scale Threats
These constitute vigilante-level villains that are inappropriate to the setting either due to their power level or their history. They either constitute characters who exist as Titans-level threats that are traditionally posed as Batman's antagonists or characters whose existence would be hard to justify in the present timeline. They may be available as player characters, but they'll be subjected to a higher level of scrutiny.
  • Anti-Batman Foils (Wraith, Prometheus, Man-Bat)
  • Batman "Revenge" Villains (Phantasm, Hush, Sofia Gigante)
  • Characters Inspired by the Batman "Legacy" (The Three Ghosts of Batman, the Black Glove, the Club of Heroes)
Tier Four: Masquerade Breaking Threats
The world of Year Three closely resembles our own. Characters starting to test the limits of modern science and understanding of magic are welcomed, but these characters would test society's basic understanding of the world. They may be accepted as PCs, but will probably require justification for why they aren't headline news.
  • Talking Animals (Gorilla Gross, Tawky Tawny, Detective Chimp)
  • Horror Movie Monsters (vampires, werewolves, mummies)
  • Members of Hidden "Sub-Races" (Atlanteans, Amazons, and Homo Magi who aren't "undercover")
Tier 5: Premature Threats
These constitute characters who, for whatever reason, don't make much sense in a year three setting. Justifying them to moderators will typically require some slick retconning.
  • Legacy Characters (Donna Troy, Steel, Superboy, Damian Wayne)
  • Characters Created by Non-Existent, Character-Specific Technology (Bizarro, Doomsday, Metallo)
A Special Note on Sidekicks wrote: We've done some timeline compression to work in Dick Grayson and Jason Todd (a vigilante who began his career as Nightwing under Bruce's guidance and a criminal prodigy and future Red Hood, respectively). We could work in Tim Drake, but it would take a lot of workshopping. Stephanie Brown is a story already in the telling (she got married, in another time and place, it's complicated, go ask her).
A Special Note About Blood Relations and Romantic wrote: Applying to play a canon or OC character that is related to an existing character, canon or OC, will invite moderator scrutiny and will require the consent of the writers managing the current approved canon or OC. This would include applying to play an OC that has or had a romantic entanglement with or serious connection to a current player character.

Alfred Pennyworth, Jim Gordon, Ra's al Gul and David Cain are the father (figure) of four taken canon characters. By taking the Batman, Barbara Gordon Talia al-Gul and Cassandra Cain roles, these characters come with them as fiat NPCs. Handing a new player control of another player's father (or de-facto father) is giving them too much control over existing players, so these four are reserved. Only with the consent of these players could these characters be taken up.

The exception to this would be NPCing Gordon for his role as Internal Affairs Captain, but nothing to do with his relationship with his daughter without approval.

As a note, people are welcome to look into playing a member of the League of Shadows. Talia's writer doesn't have full control over this whole corner of the universe any more than someone could control all thirty four thousand GCPD officers by taking the role of a senior GCPD officer.
Tier 6: Mystic Threats
These characters constitute potent users of magic, and are disallowed for similar reasons to masquerade breakers. These are one of the easier tiers to get approved, but you may have to work intimately with mods to settle on an appropriate power level and origin.
  • Practitioners of the Mystic Arts (John Constantine, Zatanna, Dr. Fate)
  • Mythic Heroes (Shazam, Hawkman, Hercules)
  • Elementals (Swamp Thing, Animal Man)
A Special Note on Characters From Other Imprints wrote: DC's relationship with other imprints is sometimes ambiguous, especially with the integration of various lines into the proper DC universe. Vertigo Characters like Constantine, Animal Man, and Swamp Thing, who often cross between the various imprints are available for selection, but we have a hard ban on Watchmen (despite their recent integration) and other "Hard Vertigo" characters like Lucifer, or characters published by DC but not integrated into the universe proper (like "The Boys"). We will never accept submissions for characters published by other companies like Marvel or Image (though we do love them). Milestone and Wildstorm Universe characters are open season. Characters easily integrated into the universe which have been previously published by DC (The Spirit, The Green Hornet) may be acceptable with the right pitch.
Lucifer, the Watchmen and other "Hard" Vertigo Characters are off limits. Swamp Thing and Constantine slide back and forth between DC and Vertigo and could be considered in the future.

Some Suggestions:
  • Jim Corrigan, GCPD Detective, is currently being NPC'd. If someone wanted to take him on I'd suggest that a good writer might even hint at a dark secret or a future misery in his life. But the actual Honest to God Spectre is literally the Left Hand of God Almighty. He's a God Level threat and therefore off limits.
  • Dr. Tommy Elliot could be playable, and as discussed with Harvey Dent, we could get to him being Hush, but diving straight into that plot might be a bit much
  • Dr. Langstrom could be a player character, working toward the accident which would make him the Man-Bat. Again, the Dent theory, it is better to show than to tell.
  • JHI is established in our storytelling as an inventor living in a bad end of Gotham. Also, he can't be inspired to become STEEL yet, there's no Man of Steel to inspire him, much less die to motivate him. There would have to be some serious retconning.
  • There is a board RP going on with John Constantine, but it is an overdue homage to how we rebooted the setting, and nothing that should prevent future use of the character if it is one day reintroduced.