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Matad1974 wrote:
jfstech wrote: Hello evilwombat: Do you know anyone who has a similar approach for unbricking a Hero3 Silver? Thanks!
Also interested in me, does anyone have any solutions?
Hello. I'm afraid I cannot help here. The problem is both technical and legal - I would need to send GoPro a GPL request for the H3Silver kernel, and I would need permission from them to write a debricker. Sending the GPL request is easy, but getting the permission is hard. Unless there is a strong incentive for the lawyers to say "yes", the easiest thing to do for them is to say "no".

For example, it took close to a year to get permission to post a debricker for Hero4.
And I've had a fully-functional debricker for Hero5 for close to two YEARS now, and I still have not received permission to post it.
So that's the kind of obstacles we'd be facing, I'm afraid.... :(

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 Hi evilwombat,

 First of all let me thank you for the great work, essentially you're providing here for free the support that GoPro should be providing to it's paying customers. I googled around the www trying to bring  my Hero 3+ back to life and this is the only place which actually offers a solution.

 I managed to unbrick the camera using your software but got stuck in the same situation as the two fellows on the first page of the topic: the gopro powers on but freezes after loading, with the buttons doing nothing.  Can you please re-post the two alternative tgz files based on more recent fw's? The links in the OP are no longer working.

 Thanks a lot.