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yeah, i am one of the new owner gopro 3 black plus, it is really black plus.use one hr of record ,once heat up it freeze or corrupt file,at after reset ,record less time(2 mintues) and freeze again, somehow i think has to do with heat.(all softwware, updated, new sd lexar 633x)and it is not very hot, just warm .

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I bought a GoPro 3+ Black 3 weeks ago with non working LCD, replaced LCD and found that the camera froze after start up. I persevered for 3 weeks, sometimes getting some filming (max' 59 seconds) but always freezing after and sometimes not starting at all. I managed to update the software thinking this might fix it and finally managed to complete update today (via wifi). Great I thought, now it will work, but no, exactly the same freezing behaviour. I thought I'd have to go inside camera again but had some switch cleaner spray (with tube for accurate directing) and as there was some visible corrosion on some off the external parts, thought I'd start trying to clean these.
Still no joy so I took out the micro SD card and sprayed a little in the slot, inserted the Mirco SD card 2-3 times and tried again.
Voila camera functioned perfectly straight away and I've just run it for a full battery charge (1 hour 35 minutes) with no problems. Surprised no-one has tried this before, probably negates any warranties but then there are no 3's young enough to be still in warranty.
Can't guarantee this will work for anyone else's but surely worth a try.

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Hi to all!

Has anybody fixed the Problem with the freezing?
I have now 3 Gopro Hero 3+ Black here and they ALL FREEZE AFTER STARTUP.
It cant be the Firmware, it happened without any reason (no drone use, no update, no accident,....)!

Hope anybody can help.


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@wername please see here: how-to-reflash-firmware-onto-a-bricked-hero3-black-over-usb-t23214.html

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after much testing with different Firmware Versions i found a way to "unfreeze" my H3PB with the current Version 3.03 !

First i forced a installation of the last Firmware Version 3.03 from the gopro Website.

For a forced Update/Downgrade you put the UPDATE Folder with the Firmware on the SD Card.

Then insert the Card, the Akku and then USB Cable and wait for the red LED.
Then press and Hold Power/Mode and Shutter same time until the Cam Beeps.
If the current Firmware on the H3PB is 3.0 or 3.03 then the Update starts directly.
With Firmware 1.04 and 2.0 the cam goes in USB Mode. Wait a few seconds then press and hold the Power/mode Button and a second later pull out the USB cable.
The cam seems to make the beeps for power of, but then beeps a second time and goes in update. Release the Button, when the Update starts.

As the normal Update process makes two reboots and continuos the update automatic, we have to do the procedure 3 times.

So after the first update part the cam boots to the normal screen and freezes, then pull out the battery and start the process again.
Then after the second part the same procedure again and you see finally the Message "Update Complete".
Now the Misc Folder with the Information File is created and the Update Folder deleted on the SD Card!

When you are on Version 3.03 and the cam still freezes after boot, then pull out the battery and wait 5 seconds.
Then insert the battery and the USB Cable, wait for the red LED and turn the cam on.
It should start in USB Mode, if not do it again by pressing Power and shutter the same time.

So now, when the cam is in USB Mode. Wait a few seconds, then press and hold the Power Button and a second later pull out the USB.
With the first beep release the power Button.

My cam now comes with the setup menu and i can use the cam.
i make pictures and videos and connected my phone.
Still working everything.

Now the Test Power off, wait and then normal power on.
Cam is still working !!

Next test Power off, remove battery, wait, replace battery and power on
Cam is still working !!

I hope a long time !!

Maybe this way help somebody to "unfreeze" his cam too !!

-->> UPDATE 24h later
A Day Later the cam freezes after startup again. I can do the same procedure to unfreeze, but after about 10 seconds the cam now freezes again.
If i get a longer unfreeze time again, i will try a normal firmware reload as recommended by gopro.



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Carlcox89 wrote: Hi,
i've been using my hero 3+ without any issues and it has been sitting in my desk for the last month without using it...
today i turned it on, but it didnt work normally, it starts then freezes showing the hours left / mode ...etc (as it normally would) but i cannot switch mode, take a photo/video..., i have to take the battery to shutdown..etc :/
I've tried reset (pressing shutter button and then inserting battery, then pressing mode) and it starts and beeps 3 times, but it stays the same... frozen!
I then downloaded the update (3 or 4 times) from the gopro website, put it on a folder called 'UPDATE' on the microsd root, turn the camera with the microsd and it behaves like before, freezes without uploading... doesnt try to update... nothing :|

What can i do ?
 In my case replacing the CCD sensor fixed this problem. I had exactly the same symptoms: camera would boot and display battery/hours left info but would be frozen, requiring me to remove the battery in order to power it down (none of the buttons worked).