Gopro hero will not update from SD card

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I have a problem with my hero. It is really slow in menus and will not update from SD card. I have tried different SD cards, formated them in hero itself and in a pc, but still no joy.

- video will explain everything.

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I had a similar problem today with my GoPro Hero+.
I had the camera turned on with no SD card plugged in.
Then, as usual, it tells "NO SD". Then I plugged in the SD without turning off the camera first and the camera also didn't detected the SD card first.
After several tries with removing the SD, switching the camera off and on again, pluging in the SD again, it finaly worked again somehow. Unfortunately I can't really tell what exact I did to "fix" this.

I would recommand remove the SD card, switch the camera off, plug in the SD and give it some seconds. At one point it should tell BUSY - then the display will go empty again. Then switch on the camera again and wait half a minute. As it not works remove and plug in the SD again and again wait half a minute.
As you told already the menu gets very slow then, so it possible doesn't help much to switch to often and to fast in that situation.

Hope it will work somehow.

Ops, that was a somewhat older question...anyways.