GoPro Hero 6 ideal setup

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June 28th, 2018, 3:59 pm #1

Hi, recently I've bought the new GoPro Hero 6 and now I am thinking about the approach which resolutions and framerates to use. While watching the promo video from GoPro

which is in 4K I am thinking which method they used to get the final result. Definitely they had to use the 240fps mode which however is 1080p. Are they upscaling the clips afterwards? How do they preserve the image quality similar to clips which were probably filmed in 4K?
Another question is about the SW to use. I am aware of the new H.265 standard and I am prepared to upgrade the PC due to that. But is it possible to find software which is able to work with such videos and doesn't cost a fortune?
I am still an amateur but I would like to get the most of the camera.
Thanks a lot.