Lucilla von Regalität

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Lucilla von Regalitat
Monarch of Regnum Lolis

Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Race: Polyform Loli (Subspecies Toli)
Role: Pure Support
Element: Non-Elemental
Height: 5'3
Weight: 98lbs
B/W/H: B74 W56 H76

Bossy - She's a queen, duh
Playful - She has an air of child-likeness to her
Anxious - Ruling a country is hard
Emotional - Core trait
People Pleaser - She wants to keep her subjects happy, after all!
Stubborn - Core trait
Excitable - Core trait
Perfectionist - Core trait

[+] Spoiler
The youngest and perhaps only member of the von Regalitat line, it is unknown how old Lucilla actually is.
She was born/created and raised in the castle in Regnum Lolis. Agatha acted as a nanny for the young queen,
and the two have as close a bond as a lich and a loli can have. Lucilla is a polyform entity, meaning that she can create and live through other forms. While she is closely associated with a certain Jupiter Adept, the two are only visually similar and not related.
Battle Stuffs:

Class: Loli -> Loli Noble -> Loli Princess -> Loli Queen -> Loli Goddess

  • Maces
  • Light Blades
  • Bows
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