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I'm feeling creative rush right now.

So inspired by Rolina's old thread about corrupting dark knights to the light side I'm setting up this thread to ask questions about designing the fantastic-stuff-they-can-do part and then filling them in and building them off each other and maybe eventually using them somewhere else.
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So let's start with making the dark side the good side! The light side being evil is easy: pride, burning, that nymic's built, named, established, troped, nonconventional but affected by Convention (you can still contribute some if you want).

The dark side being the good one is a bit less tread.

So how do we make the dark side good (preferably with less 'heroic rebellion' element)?

My current angle is 'the richness of loam, the gentleness of the void, the cool of night and cave', but bonus points for attaching what I really want: the murderous bits, the overt necromancy and undead and all that jazz, rats and disease, war-assassination-deathyKILEEET, gratuitous spikes, and above all, the shadows, the edgy shadows (at most, starlight or weird eldritch thingamajigs). Maybe turn the seven deadly sins into good things if you can get around the filters.

Current worldspace for the purpose of this question: it is an ungodly zombie of pseudo-fanfictions that should not be crossed because the metaphysics got ugly in negative time flat that can be summarized as 'my Skyrim modpack with worse lighting', but the key points are:

-The gods are various forms of apathetic, sealed, angry enough to not intervene, angry enough TO intervene, and generally not on the side of this world save for sealed dreaming-dead ones while a few titanic lovecraftian THINGS wander the distance and psychically abuse people.

-Extremely high magic, but not pure-magic. While the average street-person doesn't know any or maybe knows 1-5 useful spells if they're an amateur, past the basic adventuring tiers they get almost as common as the unreasonably excessive bandits and the high-level ones come with a palette of vastly deadly spells and above that flat-out reality warping BS isn't unprecedented. Meanwhile good armor and weapons gets you all the way up to some of the flat-out reality warpers in Able To Kill It zone.

-BS isn't unprecedented. Trying to make sense of anything is an exercise in 'models of reality are literally punching each other in the face or hanging out at a tea party, written by around 256 different authors who are all trying to write in different genres'.

-Most forms of 'order' are annoying, leaving it to small protagonist parties to fix stuff. Tyrants mundane and divine hang out, and while there are good people and good rulers once the divine light went 'kill it with fire' things rapidly hit hell, to the point bandits outnumber the good guys (you can see how bad this is for the economy). Adventurers are soloists or in small bands of up to around ~15-16 people because too many people in one place tends to attract army-sized hunting parties.

-Difficulty is to be expected in the earlygame, but once you're sufficiently set murdering things is easy-peasy.

Progress so far:

-Nebulous 'passionate' concept: supporter class that's basically a succubus with most of the drain and debuff replaced with healing, stat clearing, and PP restoration tacked on. Something of a cheerleader except probably looks like a warlock about to hit you with every curse in the dictionary lololol.


-Classical edgelord except they're really nice for some reason; teleports, katanas, bloody messes, the whole shebang, but I really want an original spin to put it in a positive light/dark; duct-tape some fantasy ninja concepts to it.

-A necromancer who specializes up battlefields? Using corpses as shields? Something?

send ideas
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A guy who can dive into the shadows and travel through it would be nice. The ability itself certainly isn't evil but it's much more effective in the dark. No way would a guy like this spend time in bright lit areas, he would almost definitely be borderline nocturnal, huh. I mean, the idea of basically becoming shadow is pretty dark, but I dunno if that's edgy enough for what you're getting at, huh.
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Behold, the Einzul Gown!

((It's just a yellow dress with a slowly rotating pentagram with its points covered in circular gems that change color on the front upper chest area?))

Created by internet trolls as a peace gift to the Young Overpowered Ladies Telling Others Overtly Really Saltily Heresies Under Legend (YOLTOORSHUL) fireteam of some murderloli group somewhere or other (probably copying most of their tropes off Aura Kingdom), it is an incredibly potent piece of troll armor which grants the user knowledge of 'mancymancy', a highly BS art that allows one to create and remake magical systems.

The problem is I have very little idea what this looks like when it's not just reality warping (the reality warping looks like a sort of vibrant distortion of the air around it in little circles that blossom into plants made of light that flower with spell circles).

I need detail ideas and names for the following:
So far we have
-Big laser beams
-Some form of 'tree of life' combination shield/heal/repair/buff spell
-A crafting menu thingy sort of like the Persona version of the Necronomicon which is used for complex mental-perception-to-new/edited-magic-system stuff
-Spell circles that dubstep at things and fire projectiles
-Mask-shaped charms accessible from the spinny thing or crafting menu which are basically macros for incredibly long-winded and complex spell rituals that would comprise a showcase of the capabilities of masters of the arts it has created; stuff like 'casting every single stackable buff spell in the book instantly before entering battle and granting bonus competencies and magical equipment accordingly'.
-'Paint splatter' manifesting-somethings attacks

Also, need ideas for it as a class-competency range. What could justify it having different sets of caster stat builds that aren't squishy wizard or lightning bruiser god?

Bloody Devotion's been blaring for a while so hmmm

What about a guy who bleeds angels? Like you cut him and his leaking blood turns into angels that he can make stab you (the basic kind automatically, more advanced ones created by chanting while injured). He's a bad guy so they're gonna be for the most part somewhere between the mechanistic angels from Overlord (with a little Mercy-style or Erfworld-style xtreme motif mixing back to beautiful) and the absolutely wtf angels of Evangelion, but the latter kind obviously need a lot of blood and some measure of creepy ritual speaking/singing, which can be resolved by giving the guy the blood supply of an anime where everyone is unrealistically a high-pressure blood cannon waiting to happen, possibly with some form of internal 'lake of blood' world a la Lilith's LCL-filled whatever-room, plus having his summoned angels have the easy refresh holy light autocasting heals aura thing, problem solved.

The problem is the man needs attack names like nobody's business, I can toss in the weird occult chants but I'm gonna need ideas that deviate from standard angelology to explain why he has much greater variety than traditionally expected of, well, just having angels come out of your blood.
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Well... for that last one at least, it's kind of hard to give an ability name to a summoning ability... Like, you can name it after the creature summoned, say Archangel would summon an archangel(Who would have guessed?), but it would just be naming whatever is summoned and not be very creative in the long run. Though depending on what the summons do(assuming they're not all purely robotic "Appear→Stab→Disappear" angels of different shapes and sizes and have a different "AI" of sorts), you could have names like Martyr's Guardian Angel for a more protective angel, Avenger of Suffering for one that's more of a murderous stabber, or things like that.
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Good, good. Shadow-hopping and fancier naming than end result works.

Also, just introduced the situation these guys are popping up in!

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Greater Revival, Blackened. Arise.

it's totally just a revive spell but it sets the revived person to acting 'like' an undead for certain qualities: absorbing negative energy as well as positive energy, giving the caster control as if they were a simple undead, stuff like that. I think the Dead Apostle Ancestors did that already??

anyway let's bring this topic d'hell back.

I'm thinking a sort of rune priest that goes around collecting various religions and arcanists' symbol/ritual stuff, trying to recreate the underlying Textual Reality Manipulation: his end goal is gaining the abilities of something like Featherine's verse-writing from enhancing something like Myst, at least.

I'm thinking there's a split of ability trees between Librarian which tries to actualize complex concepts like summons and item creation, and Warlord who actualizes simple direct one-symbol commands like FIRE and HEAL and ROCK, with the difference being on what level the runemaster decides on weaving together details to build a complex world or decides on pushing implications of single description blocks to the limit: unlocking the world behind any given word before doing much with it. This isn't necessarily a dividing split, but it's generally way too much effort to grind for both until the post-game type plan anyway. The Librarian actualizes methods to push beyond the individual runes by chaining them together to invoke more complex things and thus writes a story beyond themselves, the Warlord pushes the runes beyond their initial meaning to access more content that way and thus tends to do stuff themselves as writer. It may also be easier to 'path concept' by going Warlord and Librarian on the same rune types of element or effect to do something, and maybe 'path alphabetically' by simply going Maxwell's Scribblenauts Notebook on that. It would vary between rune user to rune user.

There'd actually be a lot of different 'contexts' implied by each culture's rune for similar things because they aren't exact things and have more meaning, and mixing them creates interesting expanded effects: mixing a bunch of Japanese and Norse and German and English and Egyptian and etc. symbols for fire creates a lot of different types of big fire at once. Maybe it'd be represented by art styles mixing into each other, maybe it'd simply be different types of fire, but hmmm.

It might actually well be several different types of people with different runic alphabets or command methodology fighting over something important. Control Stars that control parts of the magic of the world, in hopes of dominating a fragile reality?