Afterward Competition #13 - Voting

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Whose Magitek was better?

Total votes: 6

It's time(slightly past it, actually) to vote for the winner of this competition!

Will it be;
[+] Spoiler
Psicrystal memospore retrieval logger, init. Channeling...Approximate predicted expenditure 1PP (1PP paid by support generation structure, 0PP requested from user). If you are experiencing drainage of personal psynergy to fully utilize this facility, alert management to the damage.

Requesting memospores on topic; MagiBrain Project Upgrade C36 (mandala-augmented hyper-autoforging procedure)

Scrolling....Warning: Topic space potentially wide and incongruous. Memospore retrieval likely too vast (reason: polity + multiple perspectives) for immediate cognizance, wait may occur before full list generated. View precompiles as generated instead Y/N?


Precompile format: narrative w/ infodump zoom available periodically (ALERT: This memospore is intended in companionship to a perspective or perspective-shadowing readout. If not dreamcamming directly/operating through subordinate, transcript may lack key data. Please read through additional memospore (pre)compiles to avoid omission issues.)

WARNING: This memospore uses narrative technology and may provoke alien and possibly uncomfortable sensations in some beings. If you are not aligned properly to the trans-4th-wall structure, you may attract unwanted attention. Unstable composites and attractor-avatars (fusions and Edgar, that means you) are recommended to avoid viewing this spore if not properly restrained and monitored to avoid defusion or fusion respectively. Cancel the operation if you desire to quit (exit request autofiled).

Cancel operation?


[Gods, was it really that much effort to streamline this?]

This is a psionic contact.

[Whoa! I forgot you could be sassy for a moment there.]

Then don't. :happy:



Scenesetting: An unknown but very large room inside the Armory. The walls and ceiling are covered in an elaborate mural depicting grassy fields and the sky, lit by an unknown mechanism or possibly created by illumination magic in the first place, though this is obviously an interior area. A few bleachers fill in the edges. A titanic rainbow sand mandala fills the floor of about two thirds of the room, centered in the center (obviously). A jupiter djinni is in far left corner monitoring a miniature alchemy machine suppressing certain forms of external interference and providing wind coverage against forces that might affect the ritual (preventing issues ranging from someone sneezing and damaging several glyphs or someone jumping in and trying to blow away all the sand with a high-end Jupiter psynergy, though the top end requires far more energy input, hence why a jovian elemental is present as a monitor), near a stairwell leading to both up and downward (presumably to access the maintenance halls for anything that needs to be done under or above the assembly, but also simply an additional entrance and exit to the area). On a platform in the center of the mandala (accessible directly only by a transparent but actually excessively durable catwalk on a large extendable arm machine that is retracted while the assembly is operating) is a recreation of one of the great Forges of Ankohl, created through blatant abuse of past-scrying to spy on the Ankohl as they built the first few and then copying their methods with minor improvements.

Ayanda Yibanathi (R&D expert) stands on the sidelines with several other craftsmen (names and positions deemed irrelevant for narrative summary, please see individual perspective memospores for specificity: suffice to say all are Oberon Trading employees, contractors, or other affiliated parties with access to their R&D department, most are Weyard natives but a few are demons and cloaked eldritch beings pretending to be Weyard natives and not being very successful) monitoring the assembly. For once, she doesn't have to twist the sands to obey her, or wait on her allies to bend the winds to stillness, the fire to roaring, and the water to be ready. Why?

Because if this upgrade goes as planned, it will be automated.

"Monitor, are you ready?" Ayanda calls out to the djinn in the corner, who responds affirmatively with a :happy: emoticon above their head. Ayanda facepalms at the unsubtle shifts of reality's art style going on lately (a consequence of work with the eldritch, but ultimately only an aesthetic concern at most), and continues approvingly with "Testing operation, Psychic Circlet. Preconfiguration, Sunshine-model."

The djinn tweets approvingly and presses several buttons on its cute little terminal, causing a conveyor belt to emerge from the larger assembly the terminal is connected to, depositing a pre-placed chunk of mythril silver on a platform near the edge of the mandala, as seemingly out of nowhere several mechanical arms emerged from the ceiling, passing through it as if it wasn't there.

Ayanda explains "The ceiling is actually much higher, we just put an aesthetic barrier over it to make the top layer look less intimidating and allow for secondary operation appendages for things that don't need to fake caster signatures. Frankly the whole top part I thought was a budget-burner, but some of the other smiths say it's a good backup deployment mechanism because it's tied into the facility's networks for framework construction and is more effective for large constructs and trading out parts. Speaking of those, we spent WAY too much effort making parts of this expandable as a whole and individually expendable, though you'd never guess because of all the aesthetic work someone insisted on covering it up with. Rule of cool, I suppose."

Grandiosely, the mechanism concealed above that ceiling finishes its descent further, as figures within the sand mandala animate and rise as golems, due to several grids of psynergetically conducive materials funneling energized and/or microcrystalline psynergetic and alchemical forces into glyph-casts for golem construction, maintenance, and control. The mechanical appendages above and golems below begin ravenously laboring over the chunk of mythril, several golems and arms raising toolboxes concealed among the sand with glyph-motions for various identification, guidance, lifting/telekinetic, and other esoterica psynergies.

Glaring at the unstable passage of time and tense and thus at nothing in particular, Ayanda noted that "This is actually a fairly simple test to ensure item creation consistency, failure in being able to tell what they're making being a notorious habit of some more...artisanal smiths. We're still working on custom operations for the less technically inclined, but as it was originally based off conscious caster frameworks, it is responsive to a coordinated caster. Watch this."

As the golems completed their work, one delivering the newly minted psychic circlet to another platform by the operation djinni, some dispersing back into the sand and others returning assorted tools before entering an inactive state burrowed among the mandala, Ayanda strode over, whispered something to the operating djinn, and flipped a large switch labeled "MANUAL OVERRIDE - EXPERIENCED CASTERS ONLY."

Ayanda waved her hands, her body ringed with psynergetic waves of light, the sand rising into golems that approximated people but made of colored sand and stone, like a surprisingly detailed sculpture different only in texture. They resembled a few famous blacksmiths and other craftspeople throughout the history of the world and its close alternate buddies. Sunshine. Obaba. Ivaldi and the Sons of Ivaldi. The Disciples of Hephaestus. Athena and the Pallas-es. The Fates. The Norns. Ariadne. The Elven Ringbearers. Lots of people this memospore does not feel the need to list. There may have been some dramatic posing involved.

"Oberon Trading has managed to gain the collective expertise of innumerable creators and creatrixes throughout the span of history and alternative history, through revolutionary past-scrying technology and necromantic associates, viewing and contact purposes only respectively I assure you, and managed to create THIS. With no less than the personal intervention of multiple divinities and honestly far more work put in by all of us, divine included, we have developed a rudimentary sense of their intuition and ours into the mechanical nigh-perfection of the Auto Crafter, allowing for the replication and even mass production of countless formerly irreproducible artifacts given the appropriate materials to recreate the processes that made them the first time around. While the true works are a work in progress, with our current skills and resources we have managed to create a mass production facility capable of remaking some of the finest in supposedly lost creations from the age of the Clan Wars. Up and coming is a modification to this assembly with the rudimentary ability to take what the user is visualizing and actualize it through a high-level mind and spirit reading operation given available materials, by automating the complex casting processes as are shown here with the ability to guess at the interim function. Proof of concept is HERE!"

Thunderous applause, albeit confused applause, as the sand golems were dismissed back into the mandala.

Summary: the Auto-Crafter is an assembly created by Oberon Trading for the purposes of recreating and mass-producing several lost and/or very powerful artifacts by past-scrying their creation process and mimicking the actions on provided similar-enough materials.

Memospore complete. View further? Y/N


Concluding assembly, ending psionic contact.
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Archives of Greater and Lesser Knowledge
Entry #854
Climate Regulation Machine
Importance Rank: High Medium
Detail Rank: High Lesser
Location Encountered: Drougover, a small village bordering a desert

Description :
The Climate Regulation Alchemy Machine is a massive device I have found while approaching an extremely arid desert. It was described to me as a machine the entire village helped in obtaining, but was far beyond their knowledge. As such, I do not know the details for the fabrication of one. What I do know, however, is that it was created by Alchemy scholars from the flourishing city of Orimine at the request of that village following a particularly bad drought that left them with a horrible harvest and issues feeding themselves during a good period of time. The idea had been brought by one of their own who had been travelling and seen other Alchemy machines with her own eyes. According to them, there have been a few other models built in other locations afterwards, but their exact positions are unknown to them. [To be modified as other locations are found or become known from speaking to Orimine scholars who know them]

The machine is very large, larger than their village’s square, in fact, and looks to be extremely complex. It is composed of four areas, three of which serve as containment and refinement areas for Alchemy, while the fourth is the machine itself. The three refineries, as they shall be referred to from this point, each contain power from a different element, respectively Jupiter, Mars and Mercury. Depending on the settings chosen by the village, the machine opens a channel from the different containers towards the main machine, which combines and releases the energy in order to create a small area of controlled climate. They do not use it extensively in order to keep it in working function with minimal maintenance, as they lack the knowledge to do such maintenance. Know possible and already used effects include creating light rain, very small storms, outwards winds strong enough to push back a sandstorm, as well as clearing the sky of clouds and making a moderate and pleasant weather. The result varies depending on the elements active within the machine. It is believed that the machine does not have the power to create powerful destructive storms or heat high enough to set crops ablaze even should it be set at maximum power with bad intentions.

From the looks of it, the machine has no control over Venus and could do nothing to protect itself or the area from earthquakes, as well as lacking the power to prevent large natural disasters stronger than the power it can create itself, although it may be able to mitigate the damage. Since it was never required in such a situation, the exact effect it would have in such a case are unknown. The area the machine covers includes the entire town as well as surrounding farmland, which is what they wished to protect in the first place.

Notes on appearance: Exact dimensions are unknown due to the visit being limited for previously mentioned lack of maintenance related knowledge and not wishing to mistakenly damage anything by stepping on seemingly normal tiles. The three refineries are located at equal distance from each other, surrounding the main body of the machine, which has the shape of a high tower in order to release alchemical energy at greater heights to be more effective.

[Further knowledge required in order to increase Detail Rank to match Importance Rank.]
[Entry for Orimine is required to complete this entry.]

-Wandering Sage Kana
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