A Thesis on Dark Psynergy... sorta

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A Quick Thesis on Psynergy

It’s nearing 1am and my mind is dulling, so please forgive any nonsense or spelling errors.

Anyways, with the introduction of ‘dark psynergy’ in Dark Dawn, it opens up a whole can of worms as to the exploration and study of psynergy as a whole. Just what exactly is ‘dark psynergy’? And if there’s ‘dark psynergy’, is there also ‘light psynergy’? What exactly makes it different from standard psynergy? Is standard psynergy ‘light psynergy’?
While I admit there are many issues with Dark Dawn storywise, I do think that this expansion on psynergy could be quite fun to explore if not taken too seriously. I have a few ideas as to what the divergent psynergies could be, but the one I’ll be explaining here is by far my most favorite. Since I’m not too knowledgeable on GS lore, there is potential for many mistakes. For those I apologize, and feel free to add your own thoughts and corrections to the discussion.

My own personal theory is that ‘dark psynergy’ is just warped psynergy. And as a person who believes in middles, I also like to think there is a corruption for ‘light energy’ as well. In DD we learn that the Jenei attempt to control light and dark through the Apollo Lens and Grave Eclipses, but both are failures that result in catastrophic events. Thus ends the study on light and dark, correct? False. After the Golden Sun event (which we will touch on in a bit) we know that the Tuaparang arrive within the thirty year absence of gameplay in an advanced airship. They are claimed to be descendants of a previously undiscussed clan of adepts called the Umbra Clan. As the book in Sana states, this clan was wiped out, before returning as the Zenith Clan, hinting that only Jupiter adepts survived whatever it was that wiped out their ancestors (see Zenith Strike, a Jupiter weapon unleash). However, Blados and Chalis are not Jupiter Adepts. Chalis is Mars based, and Blados is Mercury (the wiki says they have the elemental weaknesses to back this up). So, on the admittedly flimsy assumption that only Jupiter Adepts survive the Umbra tragedy, how on earth would a Mars and Mercury adept get their hands on Dark Psynergy? We don’t know how long ago the tragedy was, so while it’s possible they’d be able to recruit other adepts into their own during the 30 year span, what were they doing while they were considered ‘wiped out’? No one seems to have heard of a Luna adept, so even if it was natural it’d be extremely recessive, and the very few dark adepts would not be able to carry on the lineage enough to create a assumably large populace. And since no one seems to have heard of either clan, it’s quite obvious they didn’t get out much. They seem to live on an airship as well, so it’s unlikely that a psynergy stone has any say in it either. The only conclusion that makes sense to my sleep deprived mind is that unlike Stellar Psynergy (or standard psynergy), Lunar Psynergy (Umbra/Dark psynergy) is taught, not inherited. Note how the Jenei attempted to control light and dark. Unless the elements were also tamed and I missed that part of lore, I’m under the assumption that natural inclination for stellar psynergy is naturally gifted through either inheritance or psynergy stone radiation. If the previous statement is true, then that means that Lunar and Solar psynergy are not natural, therefore making them warped and corrupted versions of Stellar psynergy. Even the Luna Adepts had Stellar specialties, as mentioned before. That’s also why we’ve never seen any Luna or Sol djinn, unless the eternally longed for GS4 was to introduce them as well as Luna and Sol psynergy.
So, in sleepy conclusion! I personally feel like Luna and Sol psynergy are warped versions of Stella psynergy due to the lack of previous appearance before the Tuaparang, the Zenith/Umbra Clan being in isolation for several years and being unable to procreate with other adepts outside of Jupiter until they started recruiting people, and whatever else I tried to make confusing points up there with!

As for the Golden Sun event I mentioned earlier, I think I just wanted to say that it was the sealing of Stella Psynergy, the Apollo Lense was the sealing of Sol Psynergy, and the Luna Tower was sealing Luna Psynergy. Crap keeps hitting the fan since now that Luna and Sol exist, it’s messing up Weyward’s fung shui and causing the decay of the world and the vortexes. The three need to come to balance (and not in the sealed up way since psynergy seems to be a natural part of the Weyward ecosystem), so… everyone keeps misunderstanding I suppose? I’m guessing the Stella psynergy was locked up because the people thought it was the cause of the damage Luna and Sol were doing…? I don’t know at this point… Well, any input is appreciated! Feel free to discuss or whatever down below =w= Haven’s off to work on profiles now.

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Well, here is my theories about psynergy, related to DD :
"Normal" psynergy and "Dark" psynergy are dual uses of alchemy.

Remember the (trippy) dream realms in DD ?
(Fantasmal bog and the alternate Border Town)
My hypothesis is that those planes are spirit/mental planes,
acting like a dual world to Standard Weyard.

Following this assumption,
I think that psynergy tap into the concepts and energies lying into these realms :
The mind channels concepts into the psysical plane.

I think that Normal/Light psynergy put more of an emphasis into
"acting on the physical plane"
while the Dark psynergy emphasis on "Tapping from the mind realm".

In a word, DD made me think that Weyard might be based,
on a balance between two astral planes (Spiritual and material).

As a conclusion note :
I think that the elemental stars room is our first trip into the mind realm.

That is to say :
The puzzle with sol and Luna, in sol sanctum,
is actually activating a portal between the two planes,
for people to access the elemental stars,
that were hidden from the material world, in the mind world.

That all for my theories.

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Welcome back. Theory looks good, now we just need to try and pin down some suspects.

I'm willing to suspect part of the Umbra Clan was based either in mountains or on the far side of Mars Lighthouse from Prox, two locations we both know exist and were unable to investigate. They could also be in orbit like Anemos or possibly had their homelands buried alive like what happened to partially bury that pharaoh statue in one of the deserts. All of these situations are those in which large airships like the Umbra Clan fortress would be useful both to transport from that location and surviving whatever purge went after them initially, since levitation and flight are two very rare things for Adepts. Possibly that set of ruins the dwarves were extracting in Loho, since we know nothing about them beyond their use of technology like cannons and their aesthetic choices of grey bluish stone and dark metals with yellow accents?

(....like Charlescomm, people are capable of changing their aesthetics over a few generations....)

On second thought, given GS' tendency to steal names and Tuaparang being derivative of Tsaparang being derivative of Guge in Tibet related to Shangri-La, Angaran mountains close to Xian seem like a good idea.

I think the seal on standard elemental psynergies was related to whatever wars occurred in the wake of trying to use the Eclipse Tower and Apollo Lens: both of those incidents appear localized to Angara, and while the big shadow reaches to the point Mercury and maybe Venus are at risk, I'm preeetty sure Mars and maybe Jupiter are out of the blast radius? We are not given any clear reason why Tuaparang was genocided off the earth in what records we get in Sana. We get limited snapshots in their motives for sealing it as to why the people want to stop it from being unsealed, but we don't know what actual weapons were involved besides maybe some alchemy machines and whatnot.

Alex alludes to Tuaparang either being a ship above Sol Sanctum, or a location cut off from Weyard via Gaia Falls shenanigans according to the wiki's guessing.

...Urge to TESlore intensifies.
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