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We recently upgraded our receiver to a VAST CERTIFIED SATKING 800 DECODER which enables us to record programs to watch the following night. We are fowls not owls after long days detecting.
After several phone calls to the supplier (East coast) clearly stating we travel remote and must have a unit which is 12V powered.
Deal sealed, unit arrived and you guessed it, a 240V/12V adaptor supplied. The audio leads were included the RCA were not. On the blower and was informed the 12V lead and RCA were optional extras (which there was no mention of during purchase) but with good will they would send them overnight express so we could be operational before leaving in a weeks time. Several calls during the week we left without being operational.
Arrived home 3 weeks later and the 12V lead had arrived with another set of audio leads?????
We now have the unit working with help from another business and we can not fault it.
It is the lack of customer care I'm really p****d off with.
This business has a quote on their homepage which I stress is far from the truth, do not think about dealing with them.

Our Business has grown over the years based on advertising but mostly through word of mouth as our main goals are to finish every job we start with the end user bragging to friends and family about how good his/her new equipment is .

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