Accessing Wamex Data through Tengraph

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Accessing Wamex Data through Tengraph

start up Tengraph and open the area you are interested in, I have used Coolgardie area as an example.
once open and loaded click on the selections tab and then scroll down to WAMEX SCREEN and click it.

Your screen will now change, you will also get a highlight box explaining the colors.
all WAMEX tenements will be orange,

Select a tenement you wish to view and then click the I.... info Tab

a new screen will now pop up, it will show all reports available on the tenement in this example there is only 1
click on the file folder.

you will have a choice of files to view, i find the pdf are the best you can either view it or download it to your hard drive.
The zip files usually contain soil sampling data.

hope this helps getting around Wamex
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Hi Members,

You can get access to WAMEX & MINDEX directly without going through Tengraph by
using the GeoView W.A. program by going here:


NOTE: To use GeoVIEW.WA, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft’s Silverlight plugin are required.
..........It will not work with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
(Silverlight may take a few minutes to download, install and configure)..

GeoView.WA can be found here:


Silverlite can be found here:


(1)..When you open GeoView you will see an option button 'I Want To' in the top left hand corner of the main map view window.
(2)..Select this & it will display a series of options.
(3)..Select 'Perform a WAMEX search or a MINDEX search'

This will open up a window on the left side of the GeoView screen giving you all the options for acquiring reports on
the relevant tenements ect.
Just fill in the information you require in the relevant boxes to obtain the reports.
If there is a report on that tenement on file then it will be displayed when the search is completed.

With the MINDEX search option you will be required to narrow your search area by entering a tenement number
or a specific area.
Just follow the prompts in the drop down windows.

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