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Obligatory Album Ranking Thread

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28 Feb 2012, 00:14 #1

So, just to get some other discussion in here, how would you rank the GO!GO! albums in terms of your personal preference?

I'm not counting either Tora no Ana because it's not fair, really. Both are really, really good, but both are only six and seven songs each. It doesn't make sense to compare them to full albums.

5. Go!!GO!GO!Go!!
7. 569

The top four were tough, but I had to give it to Tategami. Gyotaku and Ryuzetsuran were really close, DH and 5x4 are really close too. Depending on how I'm feeling, they could be switched actually. But even though DH has one of my least favorite GO!GO! songs (Nukarumi), I gotta give it to DH just for the classic-ness of it. Koi no Uta and Jetto Ninjin might be overplayed, but you still gotta love them. Plus, Punk, Yukue Fumei and Kanajo to Watashi are just too awesome.

Parade, 569 and Antenna are pretty appropriately placed. I like more songs off of Parade than I do 569 even though I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Aoi no Yoru and A-SHI-NO-KE!!!! And it's not that Antenna is really a bad album, it's just not as good as anything else, I think. Like I said, basically any of the songs could be used as an Anime theme song. That's not really a bad thing (Kataomoi Fighter WAS an Anime theme, and it's one of my favorite songs off the album), but I'd say it's the furthest from the GO!GO! style. The production is too sterile.

So yeah, how about you?

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28 Feb 2012, 03:01 #2

5. 569
6. GO!!GO!GO!GO!!


Sorry.. I couldn't not list it thinking which one of them has the best songs xD ;_; I just couldn't ... So I ranked in the order of best album as a whole, the concept, the mood I like the best and how I feel when I listen to the tracks from this album.... and I just LOVE Ryuuzetsuran dark mood, the time when I played Sonic listening to this album in repeat was awesome... it makes me remember of Sonic ;_; but again, this album contains some of the songs I hate the most in GO!GO!'s discography!

Gyotaku makes me think of old school GO!GO! <3 it's very good and it has the best GO!GO! songs IMO! Sakurajima, Dotanba, Honnefuusen, Koibito = LOVE.

Parade is another album that, for me makes a very solid concept. And means very much to me because I got to know GO!GO! around the time it was released .... Ferragamo, Louis Vuiton, Hermes, Dior!! So gay :wub:

Tategami for me sounds like a 50 minutes long track... I love the Naimononedari-Nanashi-Knife flow.

I love every song in 569 (except Chain after the chorus), if I could rank the albums for the best songs in it, that would be probably #1.

Go!!GO!GO!Go!! Sounds like a best hit album to me! All the songs are really good, but I'm not sure if they work well together. Maybe that was the idea, making a compilation? Since they picked Ballad, an old song. Mimitabu2gou, sequel do tokage(?), and Nothing2, sequel to an unreleased demo (called Nothing).

ANYTHING THAT HAS "ROCK" IN IT MUST BURN IN HELL. I don't like Taiyou that much either. What about koganemushi? boring. Nukarumi is okay, but live is so much better. It's not that I don't really like Dasoku Hokou, but just to think I'll have to pass through these songs, makes me want to keep distance of it. But there are some nice songs too <3 punk <3

Antenna is okay, has the best first song of the albums. -_- tobihane march makes me wanna punch them. dont like mayuge either... kuwazugirai and communication gap are good, but that isnt enough to make a good album for me. What makes this album worst than dasoku for me, is the loss of old GO!GO! sound and lack of an awesomely good song like Punk.
Part 2:18~2:31 of hamori everyday makes me happy :D

I started saying I couldn't rank because of the songs, but ended up doing it >_> maybe because the last albums doesn't work for me, as a whole.

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28 Feb 2012, 03:49 #3

That's solid reasoning. I didn't mention it, but how the album sounds as an album played a big part in my list too. Like you said, Tategami flows together nicely, and all of the songs on Parade fit together nicely.

But, I think the songs on 5555 sound somewhat similar too. Maybe it's just me, but listening to it now, it feels like they knew it was going to be their last album. The chords just have that kind of sound to them.

I really don't understand your HATE for Rock. But I will agree with you on Taiyou. When the '98 version was uploaded, that was the first time I had listened to that song in a while. The cover on the Tribute album was probably my least favorite too. I'm alright on Koganeimushi too, kind of a bizarre way to close the album, though.

Ame no Hi Dake no Koi is probably my favorite song on Antenna followed by Kataomoi Fighter. Chikyuu Saigo no Hi, Kawazugirai, Manten no Hoshi (it reminds me of Rainbow Road) and Chintonshan aren't terrible either, but certainly far from classics. I don't have much of a problem with Tobihane March, but I probably like FLOWER COMPANYZ cover better. Even though on the MAYUGE was the start of my GO!GO! translations, I have to say, I don't listen to it too much on its own. It's kind of a fun gimmick. Especially when they bring it out live with the Les Paul and the Flying V. It probably would have been better as a B-Side on K-Fighter.

I will say this though, my absolute least favorite song by GO!GO! is Futashika Tashika. It doesn't invoke Yahiko/ROCK rage, but I really don't like it. For one, why is it seven minutes? Usually songs over 6 minutes need some sort of epicness to justify being that long. Like Weezer's Only In Dreams. Futashika Tashika, however, does not have an epic Yuu jam session, but rather has Yuu and Akko playing the same notes until the end of time. There's not even a solo at all! It's by far the most boring song for me. If there's a radio or single mix shortened to 3 or 4 minutes, it'd be better. But, damn! I don't know why Yuu thought it was a good idea to make this song 7 minutes long. Also, WHY DANI CALIFORNIA?

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28 Feb 2012, 04:33 #4

Finally find myself making a post on here...I couldn't resist this ranking! Mine is track-based, though, since that's what generally brings me back to the albums themselves.

1. Ryuzetsuran
2. Gyotaku
3. Go!!GO!GO!Go!!
4. Dasoku Houkou
5. 569
6. Tategami
7. Antenna
8. Parade

Ryuzetsuran is the album with the most amount of all-time faves, like Taxi, Tokyo, Kangaegoto, Aoi Kiretsu, Akai Tsuki ni Hoeru Yoru. Gyotaku is right behind it with Koibito, Aa Seishun, Honne Fuusen, Sakurajima...

GGGG placed so high because the whole album is such a ride and I love noise, songs like Ee ja Nai ka, Sugar&Spice, Doku Ringo. DH is a total classic, I have a lot of good memories listening to that album and the Punk+Rock duo, as well as replaying Yukue Fumei on a roadtrip years ago. Koi no Uta and Jet Ninjin are absolute classics.

When 569 was released, Nemuri no Asase and Rock Star ni Natta Nara were the songs that got me into the band. I also really like how they were adventurous style-wise with that release. Tategami doesn't have too many of my favourites, but I definitely think it's a solid release. Ame Nochi Ame Nochi Ame alone trumps most of the discography for me.

Antenna has some favourite tracks like Chikyuu Saigo no Hi and On the Mayuge, but is one of my least favourite overall albums. I actually like the theme song sound of it, though, and I was pumped that Katamoi Fighter would be the ending of a show I had wanted to watch anyway.

Parade is my least-played album, and actually the only album that doesn't have an ultimate song, interestingly enough...I guess you could say it's in my least favourite style, too.

Guess it's just me, but I really like Futashika Tashika. It's definitely nowhere near the epicness that is Only in Dreams, though. Have an urge to blast The Blue Album now...

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03 Mar 2012, 22:27 #5

1. Gyotaku
2. Tategami
3. 569
4. Go!!GO!GO!Go!!
5. Ryuuzetsuran
6. Parade
7. Dasoku Hokou
8. Antenna

Although I have developed a small fondness for Antenna, it's still the lowest in the ranking because there just aren't many good songs on the album, and most of the songs that I think are good only stick out because the rest is just plain mediocre or I like it for nostalgic reasons (cause I used to listen to the album a lot during my second year at high school).
as for Futashika Tashika, isn't the song seven minutes long because the bass line is actually so long? the guitar part is all the same in the instrumental part but I think the bass is unique until the end. It's actually a nice song, perfect for relaxing.

admittedly, when 5555 came out I don't think I ever listened to the album as a whole. I only gave it another chance after GO!GO!'s breakup and that's really sad. but if I didn't give it a complete listen, it would be ranked much lower. I really like every single track on the album now (even turkey's bonus track), but i agree with Yahiko that they don't work well together. the songs are all over the place and I felt they really wanted to give their absolute best and cram every power they got into one album, as if foreshadowing that this was gonna be their last record... at first I thought, "they're trying too hard" but now I like the raw energy.

I think I listened to 569 more than any other album, but Gyotaku and Tategami still rank higher because they have all the songs that remind me of the time when I started listeniing to GO!GO!, especially C7, Aa Seishun, AM 7:30, Dotanba de Cancel, Ukifune, Ame nochi Ame nochi Ame and Tsuki to Koura.

The same raging hate Yahiko has for ROCK, I have for Tobihane March and Sennichikou. TM has such terrible song writing, and Sennichikou is just boring.

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17 Apr 2012, 21:18 #6

Futashika Tashika is awesome live, because it keeps going and they jam out the end of the song. Its actually secretly probably the best song on Antenna:

My quick list for albums:


after this i don't even care, at least as complete albums go. Gyotaku's production is wildly inconsistent, so most of the songs on there that I do like, I actually like way better live. Even Tategami has a couple of songs that could have used more work in production.

Parade has solid production but half the songs are too poppy and saccharin. Also, if you watch the live show for the Parade album, all of the songs are way better live. Its like Gogo didn't put their full efort into it. the song "Parade" is amazing in that video. (although whoever mixed that concert video, clipped off the low frequencies, so Akko's bass doesn't sound right).

I love Dasoku Hokou, but its not in my favorites.

Antenna: We've all been all over that thing. Its a mess. I have a soft spot for Chintonshyan, though. I LOVE Yome Toshite 2009 or whatever its called. I also love the song where they sing with Turkey. Its actually a REALLY good song.

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09 May 2012, 21:19 #7

Ok, i spend some time thinking about this. And because i have a very diffucult time figuring out wich album is best, is so hard, depends on mood and such.

So my OCD mind had to do a make a good thorough ranking to find out.
And i have to say, i got a bit suprised with the results, i was pretty sure Gyotaku was my favourite, but no i was wrong :rolleyes:

I went through all songs on all albums and gave them a score from 1-10
Then i added together and dived by number of songs to find the average score.

Sorted from best to worst album:

Dasoku Hokou

Jetto Ninjin 5
Yuge 6
Yukuefumei 6.5
Taiyou 9
Kanojo to watashi 8
Koi no uta 6.5
Seibu 7.5
Nukarumi 7
Rock 8
Punk 9
Koganemushi-curry rice 3

75,5 / 11 = average 6,863636363636364


Umashika Mono 7
Ukifune 7.5
Otona no kusuri 5
Naimono Nedari 7
Nanashi 8
Knife 5
Ame Nochi.. 7.5
Mugenai 7
Tsuki to koura 5
Polaroid 5
Thunder Girl 8
Tane 9.5

I dont want to add Ukifune Special becasue its really just a first press only
song and it would totally ruin the average as i would rate it a 2

81,5 / 12 = average 6,791666666666667


Bungu 5
C7 9
Aa seishun 8
A.M. 7.30 7
Honne Fuusen 9
Sakurajima 7
Dotanba de Cancel 7
Koi no dokuyaku 7
Me mimi hana kuchi 4
Tokage 3gou 3
Koibito 7

73 / 11 = average 6,636363636363636


Akai tsuki ni hoeru yoru 4
Aoi Kiretsu 6
Voilet no sora 4
Futatsu no ashioto 7
Sennichikou 5.5
Kunoichi 6
Taxi 8.5
Tokyo 8
Uni no uma 4
Shoshu 8.5
Kangaegoto 7.5
Otono no Himitsu 5.5

74,5 / 12 = average 6,208333333333333


Kinkyori renai 6
Ameagari Asphalt.... 7.5
Ska 5.5
Shangri-la 6
Parade 7
Yuki ga Furanai Machi 6
Lullaby Countdown 7.5
Fat na kare 3
Ran ran ran 4
Eiga to Amefuri no Asa 6
Hitoritabi 8

66,5 / 11 = average 6,045454545454545


Chikyuu Saigo no H 7
Chintonshan 5
Antenna 6.5
Futashika Tashika 6
Tobihane March 5.5
Kuwazugirai 9.5
Kataomoi Fighter 6
On the mayuge 3.5
Communication Gap 5.5
Manten no Hoshi Haru no Niwa 4.5
Hamori Everyday 5.5
Ame no Hi Dake no Koi 5.5

70 / 12 = average 5,833333333333333


Eoeo 4
Refrain refrain 5.5
Mayakashii no Sekai 7.5
Saigo no Bansan 5.5
Doku Ringo 6.5
Ballad 5
Rakuen no Ohanashi 5
Kutsu Shita no Ana..... 2
Mimitabu 2go 7.5
Suger & Spice 4.5
Ee ja nai ka 5
Kyo no uta 6
Nothing2 6
365 Renkyu boogie 2.5

72,5 / 14 = average 5,178571428571429


Ashinoke 7
Nounai Traveler 6.5
Manatsu no dance hall 7
Sannin no boogie man 4.5
Sekai no Shasou Kara 7.5
Nemuri no Asase 5.5
Rock Star ni Natta Nara 3.5
Chain 3.5
I'm a lucky girl 5
Manhole 5.5
Chiisa na Tsumeato 3.5
Aoi Yoru 5.5
Esoragoto 5

62,5 / 13 = average 4,807692307692308

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14 May 2012, 21:18 #8

well, the average works for the top spots for me (#1 2 and 3) dasoku hokou is and has always been my favorite. and 2 and 3 seem to be accurate also. not so sure i agree with the average overall as i like go go go go better than parade and Ryuzetsuran and would probably say it is better than antenna and even with 569

without all the math my final rankings would be

dasoku hakou
go go go go

may have to say that parade and Ryuzetsuran might be higher but the others came out while i was a fan so might be more endearing due to that. hard to remove yourself from the equation when giving your opinion...

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16 May 2012, 17:37 #9

Judging by the tracks I listen to throughout the week, I'd probably put my favourites as Go!! Go!Go! Go!!, the acoustic live set, Ryuzetsuran and Tategami as my top 4 (in no particular order).

But ask me tomorrow and I'll have changed my mind. (I figured that including "Best of" would be cheating...)

Anybody want to name their favourite DVD?

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24 Aug 2014, 08:27 #10

Reading over this again, there's only two things we definitely all agree on.

"Gyotaku is a very good album."

"Antenna is not."

It's kind of a crap shoot from there.

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04 Sep 2014, 06:28 #11

Weird... I was thinking about this today and for some reason decided to see how things were going on here and found this thread which I have not replied to so... why not?

5. GO!!GO!GO!GO!!
8. 569

Now, I like all of them... really. But, I've been listening to a lot of Go!Go! recently, and noticed that the ones I still listen the most are the ones from Ryuuzetsuran, in special Kunoichi and Kangaegoto. Also, always liked to listen to the trio Taxi -> Tokyo -> Umi no Uma in order, it fits so well for some reason.

Tategami is close with Ame Nochi, Ukifune and Tsuki to Koura, but overall I still like Ryuuzetsuran more.

Antenna and 569 are kind of a tie for me as the worst ones.. but Antenna has Kuazu Girai that I really enjoy, so point goes to Antenna!

Not much to explain about the rest...

It's kinda sad that Go!!Go!Go!Go!! is one of the best, so much potential there :(

Oh well... they're all good, I still listen to all of them today, with preferences changing from time to time so that list could change.