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Goemon Chain Novel

Stranger in Oedo
Stranger in Oedo
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February 15th, 2011, 10:22 am #1

While I haven't been much coming here (but now cleared Ganbare Goemon: Kira Kira Dochuu and try to get into Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon), I've browsed through my story ideas, and here's one based on Goemon. Kinda thought doing this as a crossover with Pocky & Rocky-series.

But then I thought of doing this idea for you as a chain novel we can do together.
Shortly, I or someone else start this and write at least 4 sentences of story, and next one posting here would continue it.

The theme is based on creepypastas I've readed recently, like Pokemon-ones, suchas that "creepy black" and "lost silver". I thought of parodying these things with a Goemon-twist, and eventually I evolved it into an actual story idea.

The plot could be something those usually seen in Goemon-series'- A baddy, this time a fella who might be love horrifying stuff, is causing up chaos in Oedo, by giving a scare on everyone and making them fear usual everyda things by telling exaggaretly horrifying facts and stories about them.


Only rule. Everything else can be thought up yourself. But let's wish this doesn't turn into something out of context... much?

I might start, but not now. I'll edit this first post when I do. But if anyone's interested to start, be my quest. Also any ideas or changes on the theme is welcome.