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In this section, you will find the rules for this forum. Follow them, and there is nothing to worry about.

Forum Rules

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Please take the time to read the current rules on display below. When either signing up or already being a member, this forum needs to be a good environment, so read the rules!

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  • When signing up, please use an appropriate username. If it is not suitable, the forum staff will change it for you!
  • Keep obscene language to a minimal. We want to maintain our user-friendly environment.
  • For signatures, keep these at a reasonable size in data and measurements. (Around 450x200.) As for the content, it must be appropriate - IE. nothing adult or offensive. These will be removed.
  • Racism will not be tolerated in anyway. Being caught doing so will result in your account being removed without warning. Goemon International is what it says, a collection of cultures.
  • Flaming and Trolling will also not be tolerated. Anyone doing such acts will receive a warning. If acts pursue, suspension or even banning may occur.
  • At the end of the year, each member will be checked to see their number of posts. If they are still 0, they'll be taken off as it's just a waste of space.

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  • Do not request any ROMs or ISOs on this site, especially non-Goemon related titles! This is not a ROM/ISO trading forum.
  • Another thing which really gets us annoyed, DO NOT upload files that belong to Goemon International onto your own server/website and then offer the urls in the forum. A lot of hard work went into collecting and creating these files, and essentially they are not yours to give. Not only that, but a few files on the website have been given permission from other sources, therefore we'd be letting them down if we allowed this to happen.
  • No spamming is tolerated on this forum at all. Spam will be deleted without mercy, leading to the user's account being deleted as well. If for some reason you are to provide urls to another website, it must be for a valid reason, and not for promotion.
  • Please, no antagonizing on an Admin/Mod decission. There is nothing worse than back-stabbing members. Don't send messages arguing against Staff decisions on a member's status.
  • Due to the increase of Spambots, any accounts with suspicious names or material will be deleted without warning. To avoid this happening choose a sensible name and a valid email address. If for some reason your account is not approved by an admin, IE. Mistaken as a bot, please register as "I am not a bot", and when your account is approved send a Personal Message to an admin detailing what you want your forum name to be. Also, making an introduction post helps prove you are not a bot. We apologize for the inconvenience of this.

    Ranking System:

    As of January the 20th, 2009, the ranking system has been slightly upgraded. Here is the key:
  • = 30 posts or more
  • = 100 posts or more
  • = 200 posts or more
  • = 300 posts or more
  • = 500 posts or more
  • = 700 posts or more
  • = 1000 posts or more

    These are the current forum rules. These might be updated over time, so please take time and check periodicly. Thanks for reading and enjoy the forum!
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