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April 16th, 2009, 7:32 am #21

I been trying to revise my characters.
The problem with Tasuke is one idea I applied to him. Ganbare Goemon meets the world ends wiith you. Ebi:sit
The only reason I did that was because of a game I played with other people. (take any character from any cartoon, anime, manga, video game, or something you made up, and have them do what ever, Adventure wise, the old version of the game, it was like the ultimate smash brothers free for all. )
I made the change, Tasuke has rabbit ears that make him powerful, instead of turning into a reaper. (And getting a rabbit noise form)
Noirsuke there are severals things I need to do with him.
1. I might change his hair and eye color.
2. I might try to slightly change his appearance.
3. What does he actually do in his spare time when not helping in fights/adventures? working on this one

I partly sprited out Tasuke's right hand man. (I refer to him as general G (no real name yet)) He leads Tasuke's army.

Tasuke facts:
Tasuke meets general magginesu and they get into a fight who has the biggest rabbit fetish. Ebi:sit
Tasuke takes control of general magginesu's robot rabbit army.

Cutting ya down to size!
My made up catch phase for Sasuke.