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Have you played or do you have any of these games?
Castlevania is one of my all time favourite video game series. I have played pretty much all CV's, and I have Portrait of Ruin on my DS, and Curse of Darkness on PS2. Symphony of the night is my favourite CV game, just soo AWESOME! Im going to buy it from Xbox Live Arcade, when I get more points.
Any opinions about the series?
(I haz Simon and Alucard figures, yaaayy! :)

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Wow no replies? Is there no other Castlevania fans here? well anyway Castlevania is one of my favorite franchises next to Goemon and Mega Man. My favorite game in the whole series is the arrange mode on Castlevania Chronicles. Its hard but really fun.

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Castlevania is one of the kings of NES. The games are really challenging, and they have great graphics and excellent soundtracks, nonetheless.

I recently played Simon's Quest, the second Castlevania title on NES. The gameplay changes from the predecessor, it seems it comes from a different franchise. I find this trend very similar to what happened on NES about the Legend of Zelda. The first one is a masterpiece, the absolute adventure game, and whatever. But the sequel changed the rules, so much that it's the only Zelda game, after 20 years, that has a arguable value among the fan world. The same thing happened with Simon's Quest, and many aspects are comparable to Zelda II:

_ Zelda II takes from the predecessor the map and the adventure spirit, but turns the gameplay into a 2D scroller. Simon's Quest takes from the predecessor the 2D scrolling mechanics, and substitute the linear story with a map and adventure typical elements.
_ The necessity of speaking with people, and they often lie you, moreover.
_ The world divided into travel phases, town phases and castle phases.
_ The town phases are necessary in order to heal the hero and to collect informations. While Simon can buy weapons and crystals, Link can learn spells, but they both do this in secret dungeons under houses.
_ Anyway, there are also several phases of "What in the world should I do now?!?"
_ Traps everywhere!
_ Link can level up during the adventure. Simon does a similar thing improving the power of his whip.
_ Link has to collect the pieces of the Triforce, Simon has to collect the pieces of Dracula's corpse. Pretty the same thing :-)
_ Both the games concern the incoming resurrection of a dark prince of evil.

What do you think? The comparison is a bit forced, or there are really similarities in most aspects?