Scout Ships : Sightings Of Adamski-Type Craft Between World War Two And 1954

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BASIL VAN DEN BERG World War II Unknown location

‘..I am not a person who believes in everything that I read without first weighing the pros and cons very carefully, and even then I reserve my judgment. I have learned through experience that it is unwise to judge my fellow beings without the necessary evidence to justify that judgment. Therefore, I did not judge Mr. Adamski off-hand as so many had done when I first read his book Flying Saucers Have Landed, since I had neither evidence nor proof that he was a joke, or that he was genuine.

Prior to my reading his book, my interest in flying saucers was nil, since I had never heard, or read, of them before. I was therefore in no position to take sides either for or against. What did arouse my interest was the amazing similarity between Mr. Adamski’s photograph of a scoutship published in his book and a strange object that had trailed my bomber for three hours during the last war. This incident we reported to Intelligence on arrival at base, and subsequently learned that sightings of these strange phenomena had been reported before, but no explanation of what they were could be given.

On coming to the conclusion that there may be some connection between Adamski’s story and my war-time sighting, I took a keen interest in the photograph of the symbolic message dropped to George Adamski by Venusians from just such a craft…’

[Basil Van den Berg ‘My discovery will prove Adamski’s claim’, in Flying Saucer Review, Vol.8 No.6, Nov. - Dec.1962... More on Mr. Van den Berg also in FSR Vol.8 No.5, p.28 + Lou Zinsstag & Timothy Good ‘George Adamski - The Untold Story,’ pgs. 14-16 (1983)]

HOWARD MENGER June 1946 High Bridge, New Jersey, U.S.A.

‘..Above the vast western section of the field a huge fireball moved at tremendous speed.

It looked like a huge spinning sun, shining, pulsating and changing colors. It hovered over the field, as I stood watching it, seemingly transfixed.

The pulsating color changes diminished and the fireball turned into a metallic-looking craft, surrounded by portholes.

It descended slowly to the ground. When it was almost on the ground I could make out the form clearly. It appeared to be bell-shaped and reflected the sunlight like a mirror.

I realized this was not a machine built by anyone in this world.

I didn’t know whether to run back to the truck and get my small camera, drop flat on the ground, or get out of there entirely. Suddenly encountering such a thing after my quiet life back at home was frightening…’

[Howard Menger From Outer Space To You, Chapter 6 p.50 (1959)]

CHIEF FRANK BUCKSHOT STANDING HORSE May 15 or 16 1947 near Sapulpa, Oklahoma, U.S.A.

“..When I was a child and looked up into the heavens --- I had my dreams about heaven, the stars, moon, different things that took place in shapes of clouds, and wondered about those things. I am still wondering and still searching --- I began to learn things as time went on --- I was studying my Bible near Sapulpa - May 16 I saw what I thought was an illuminated airplane --- I saw what amazed me - it was round. I thought it would land on an island I have there --- it was about 3 feet off the ground. This thing was around 110 feet in diameter and seemingly it had a power of some kind in the center of it and had three great big balls in the underneath part of it. I watched it for about 2½ minutes. I saw people in it. As I watched it, it took on an orange color. Up it went just about that direction and almost before you could say scat, it was out of sight. I never heard of flying saucers or disks --- it startled me, rather frightened me because I never saw any such thing with such swiftness as that…”

[From transcript of address by Chief Standing Horse at Buck Nelson Spacecraft Convention 1959 (late-June), in Bob Young Flying Saucers Are Book Two, pg. 33 (Mr. Young states, at the end of his foreword to F.S.A. Book Two: ‘The author of this booklet was personally at the convention and has on record in tape form recordings of all the speakers.’)]

‘..Chief Standing Horse recalled an early memory of a story told to him by his aged grandmother, White Fawn. She said that when she was thirteen she saw something round flying in the sky and called it a flying canoe. She saw people in it as it flew quite low. It had beautiful colors. As near as the Chief could figure out, White Fawn must have seen this in 1794, because his grandmother was 130 when she passed on.

The Chief’s first contact with a Flying Saucer came on May 15, 1947. He was reading his Bible under a Blackjack Oak tree at his 12-acre Christian Camp near Sapulpa, Oklahoma.

Here are his words of explanation:
“I happened to look up into the Eastern sky, and I saw what I thought to be an illumined airplane on a split second. I looked at my Bible verse, and looked up again, saying to myself, that’s no airplane. What in thunderation is that thing? It’s round like a tire - can that be what White Fawn saw when she was 13 years old? I had an island in the loop of the creek and the thing came down slowly and landed. I saw a man get out and he walked around it as if to examine the thing and then hurried back in. I got up to look at so curious a thing, and walked toward it, when all of a sudden I was frozen in my tracks. It tipped up and started for the West and was out of sight before you could hardly say scat. It trembled so that my whole frame quaked. I ran to the Snell brothers who were living at the Camp at that time, and told them what I saw. They said, “Oh, Chief, you’re working too hard. There just ain’t no such thing. You’ll be going to Vinita to the crazy house the first thing you know.” I just said, “Well, boys, what I saw, I saw”…’

[Winfield S.Brownell UFOs Key To Earth’s Destiny, pgs.63-64 (Legion of Light, 1980)]


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JOHN BLEASDALE July 1947 Morecambe Golf Course, Lancashire, U.K.

One evening in July 1947, John Bleasdale observed a bell-shaped craft that closely resembled the ‘Venusian Scout Ship’ that was to be brought to wide public attention, years later, by George Adamski. It came into view from a (seemingly) hidden position on Morecambe Golf Course, and flew to and over Marine Road, maintaining an altitude of about 30-40 feet.

Mr.Bleasdale wrote an illustrated account of this experience, on May 12th 1972.

His report includes some details of a male occupant, whom he very briefly caught sight of, moving within the craft.

[John Bleasdale document on both sides of 14.8 x 20.8 cm sheet of paper, kept with reports of other sightings by himself and others, in copy of Flying Saucers Have Landed, 6th Impression/December 1953, purchased by Mr.Bleasdale from Boots, in Lancaster]

CALVIN GIRVIN pre-July 1952 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

‘..But what was operating the saucer? Were there people inside it? If so, what would they look like? Not like human beings I was certain, because no earth man could dash about in the sky at such terrific speed and live to tell about it

As though my mind had telegraphed reassurance to the object, it seemed to be gliding toward the earth. But before it reached it, the direction turned to northward, then it hung swinging like a pendulum for an instant, swerved to the south, from where it came back to its old position over my head. It was now only several thousand feet above the surface of the earth, and I could see its tremendous size, which was incredible.

The center of its exterior was glowing brighter than any other part of it and the reflection of this glow was on the three ball-like objects attached to its bottom. I could plainly see that the general outliner of this saucer was like the pictures of the bell-shaped type I had seen in newspapers and magazines…’

[Calvin C.Girvin The Night Has A Thousand Saucers, Chapter II (1958).. Above text is part of a much longer description of the sighting. No date is given, and I don‘t know what to make of the statement of comparison to pictures of ‘bell-shaped type’ craft ‘in newspapers and magazines’, already, before July 1952. Mr.Girvin writes (pg.39) that other sightings of the same craft, made that evening, were reported in the next morning’s newspaper, in small print, on page five, headlined: ‘Flying saucer sighted in Lancaster County last evening’]

CALVIN GIRVIN September 16th 1952 Between Baltimore and Washington D.C., Maryland, U.S.A.

‘..I approached the object timidly. It was so big it awed me. At least twenty-five feet high and sixty feet wide. I halted as a man emerged from it, the saucer tilting just enough to allow him to leap to Earth. But the saucer itself hung in midair as if suspended by a wire from above…

…The ship was still at an angle and I saw three ball-like structures on its bottom, evidently to be used as landing gear, but Cryxtan said they were used to filter static or electrical currents back into the atmosphere, the amount no longer usable by them…’

[Calvin C.Girvin The Night Has A Thousand Saucers, Chapter IV (1958)]


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GEORGE ADAMSKI and (distantly) four to six others November 20th 1952 10.2 miles from Desert Center, California, U.S.A.

First sighting of Scout Ship, before encounter with Venusian:

‘..My attention was attracted by a flash in the sky and almost instantly a beautiful small craft appeared to be drifting through a saddle between two of the mountain peaks and settling silently into one of the coves about half a mile from me. It did not lower itself entirely below the crest of the mountain. Only the lower portion settled below the crest, while the upper, or dome section, remained above the crest and in full sight of the rest of my party who were back there watching. Yet it was in such a position that I could see the entire ship as it hovered in the cove ahead of me…’

Later close view of ship after communicating with the Venusian:

‘..It was a beautiful small craft, shaped more like a heavy glass bell than a saucer. Yet I could not see through it any more than one can see through the glass bricks that are popular in some of the newer office buildings and homes, which permit more light to enter than would solid walls.

It was translucent and of exquisite colour…

…The ship was hovering above the ground, about a foot or two at the far side from me, and very near to the bank of the hill. But the slope of the hill was such that the front, or that part of it closest to me, was a good six feet above the earth. The three-ball landing gear was half lowered below the edge of the flange that covered them, and I had the feeling this was a precautionary act just in case they had definitely to land. Some of the gusts of wind were pretty strong and caused the ship to wobble at times. When this took place, the sun reflecting on the surface of the ship caused beautiful prismatic rays of light to reflect out from it, as from a smoky diamond.

This was observed, too, by the six others who maintained a steady watch from a distance…’

[Desmond Leslie & George Adamski Flying Saucers Have Landed, Book Two Chapter 2 and Plates 12, 13 (1953)]

Note: Six men and women - George H. Williamson; Betty J. Williamson; Alfred C. Bailey; Betty Bailey; Alice K. Wells, and Lucy McGinnis - signed notarised affidavits stating that they were ‘party to and witness to the event as.. recounted..’ by George Adamski. Alfred Bailey subsequently denied that he could see either the Scout Ship or the Venusian, and this may (I suppose) have been the case both for himself and for his wife, Betty. The other four witnesses, however, either continued to assert having seen, or did not deny having seen the basic elements of the event, including the Scout Ship, from a distance.

GEORGE ADAMSKI December 13th 1952 Palomar Gardens, California, U.S.A.

At about 9.10am, George Adamski, who had set up his 6-inch telescope to take photographs, observed ‘ iridescent glass-like craft flashing its brilliant colours in the morning sun…’ gliding towards him, without sound. It seemed to stop and hover at a distance of about 2,000 to 3,000 feet:

‘..With utmost will power I restrained my excitement in an effort to get a really good picture this time. Quickly I took two shots. Then realising that the ship being that near was too large to get the whole thing in the picture with the camera in that position, I turned the camera on my eyepiece and took another shot while it was still hovering. I shot the fourth picture just as the ship was beginning to move again.

Later, upon being finished, the first three of these pictures proved to show good detail, while the fourth - taken in motion - turned out fuzzy, but is still good…’

George Adamski then estimated the proportions of the craft to be 35-36 feet in diameter and between 15 and 20 feet in height. As it approached much closer, a hand was extended through a porthole that appeared to wave, and a holder was dropped to the ground:

‘..Carefully, I picked it up with a handkerchief from my pocket and wrapped it so that if there was anything inside, or if there were fingerprints on the outside, I would not damage them.

The plate identified the craft as being the same one I had seen on the desert, and the waving hand indicated to me that the one who dropped the holder was the man whom I had met…’

George Adamski further states (among much else) that the craft moved on to another part of Palomar Gardens, where it ‘..was seen and photographed by others whom I had previously alerted…’

[Desmond Leslie & George Adamski Flying Saucers Have Landed, Book Two Chapter 3 and Plates: Frontispiece, 5, 6, 8]

JERROLD BAKER December 13th 1952 Palomar Gardens, California, U.S.A.

‘..On Saturday morning, while I was sawing wood for the fireplace, Adamski called me and said that he saw what he thought to be a saucer coming from the coast. I hurried up the hill to the water pump and stood by a large tree… For about ten minutes I watched and waited but nothing happened. Suddenly in the corner of my eyes, I saw a circular object skim over the treetops from the general area where Adamski was located. It was a flying saucer - of that I was sure. I seriously thought it was going to land in the small clearing because of its extremely low altitude. I waited momentarily, mostly because of shock I guess, as it continued coming closer. It then hung in the air not over twelve feet high, and about twenty-five feet from where I was standing. It seemed as if it did this knowing I was there waiting to photograph it. I quickly snapped a picture and as I did it tilted slightly and zoomed upwards over the tree faster than anyone can imagine. I ran out from behind the tree hoping to catch another picture but I could only see a small object speeding towards Palomar Mountain - then it was gone completely…’

[From Jerrold Baker’s sworn statement in Gray Barker Book of Adamski / Photo is Plate 7 of Flying Saucers Have Landed]


(I, the undersigned, am in possession of the original of this statement, notarised here in Phoenix, Arizona)

In a recent book published by Werner-Laurie, London, England, “FLYING SAUCERS HAVE LANDED,” by Messrs. Desmond Leslie and George Adamski, an alleged photograph of a flying saucer was credited to Sgt. Jerrold E. Baker.

To wit, I, the undersigned, am the said party. Although I was an aid to Mr. Adamski during the period commencing November 12, 1952 and ending January 12, 1953, I make this statement in hopes of separating fact from fiction; deceit from lies; and the real from the unreal.

(a) I did not take the alleged photograph credited to me Sgt. Jerrold E. Baker/Jerrold E. Baker.

(b) The alleged photograph was taken along with four similar snapshots by Mr. George Adamski, with a brownie camera on the morning of December 12, 1952 not December 13, 1952.

(c) I am not now, nor was I then a Sgt. as indicated.

(d) I was discharged from the USAF in the rank of Staff Sergeant, October 29, 1952.

Jerrold E. Baker 6548 North 7th Avenue Phoenix Arizona’

[Mystic No.9, April 1955 pgs.127 & 128]

‘Regarding Jerrold Baker - Desmond Leslie is as puzzled as anyone else, since he has letters - and a tape recording of Baker, telling how he took the photo!’

[Flying Saucer News No.8, Spring 1955 page 4]

‘We must apologise for dropping something of a “clanger” in page 4 of last issue, with regard to the Adamski Controversy. Apparently Mr. Leslie has not a tape recording of Jerrold Baker - and has not, in fact, met him. The tape your editor heard was of the voice of Ric Williamson (one of the Desert Contact witnesses) affirming that Baker took the photo in question. Mr. Leslie has got letters from Baker saying he took it, but then we have also seen letters from Baker saying that he was not telling the truth in those earlier letters!…’

[Flying Saucer News No.9, Summer 1955 page 2]

‘..According to the veteran researcher James Moseley, Baker repudiated (his) statement in a letter dated 29 June 1954, saying: “I did not take the alleged photograph accredited to me.” I do not believe this. Most probably, Baker was pressurized by the Air Force into retracting his sworn statement. The photograph, of course, has been denounced as a fake by some, although others disagree. Certainly the saucer looks blurred, but Baker was using a Kodak Brownie camera which had only a very slow shutter speed…’

[Lou Zinsstag & Timothy Good George Adamski - The Untold Story, p.13 (Ceti, 1983)]

UNKNOWN WITNESS(ES) February 9th 1953 Franklin, Virginia, U.S.A.

‘..a small fleet of ‘Scout Ships’, identical in appearance to the one that landed at Desert Center, were seen over Franklin.. They were reported as being 35-38 ft. in diameter, and of a silvery material that occasionally threw off a red glow. Their cabins had round windows that cast a bluish colour. They were chased by jet planes which were soon outdistanced and left to chase empty air.’

[Desmond Leslie in Flying Saucers Have Landed, revised edition, 1970]

GEORGE ADAMSKI February 18th 1953 California, U.S.A.

‘..We passed no cars on this road, along which we drove for about fifteen minutes. Then, with mounting excitement, I saw in the distance a soft white glowing object. We stopped within about fifty feet of it. I estimated it to be some fifteen to twenty feet in height and I recognised its close resemblance to the Saucer, or Scout, of my first meeting almost three months earlier…

As I have stated, the Scout rested solidly on the ground and only a small step up was required to enter the craft…

We went directly into the one-room cabin compartment through a door high enough to permit.. The tall Saturnian to enter without stooping. As he, the last to go in, placed his foot on the cabin floor, the door silently closed. I was aware of a very slight hum that seemed to come equally from beneath the floor and from a heavy coil that appeared to be built into the top of the circular wall…

Everything had seemed to take place simultaneously - the door closing, the soft hum as of a swarm of bees, the glow of the upper coil and the increase of light within the craft…’

[George Adamski Inside The Space Ships, Chapter 1 ‘Return of the Venusian’ & Chapter 2 ‘Inside a Venusian Scout Ship’ (1955)]

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SALVADOR VILLANUEVA MEDINA August 17th-20th 1953 (past Cuidad Valleys) on Laredo Road, Mexico

‘..Then they asked if he would like to see their machine. Still faintly hoping to find a conventional aircraft with wings and propellers, Villanueva agreed to follow them…

…Suddenly they came out into a kind of clearing. There it stood, a great shiny craft unlike anything the simple Mexican had ever seen. In form it had the shape of two huge soup plates joined at the rim. Above it was a shallow dome with portholes. The entire structure, about forty feet across, rested on three giant metal spheres or landing balls…

…When I showed him the photos of the Adamski saucer he said that though it was similar to his ship there were several major differences: for example, the double convex hull and the curved underside. He did not believe his visitors were Venusians. They were small and clad in this one-piece grey garment covering the feet as well as the body. He had the impression from their talk, though they did not name any planet, that they had come from somewhere much farther than Venus, maybe from worlds beyond our vision entirely…’

[Desmond Leslie ‘Mexican Taxi Driver Meets Saucer Crew?,’ article in Flying Saucer Review Vo.2 No.2, March 1956... See also: Bryant & Helen Reeve Flying Saucer Pilgrimage, Chapters IX-XI + page 297 photos, and Leonard G. Cramp Piece for a jigsaw, pages 173-177]

FRANK W. POTTER; MRS. POTTER, and other members of Norwich Astronomical Society & British Astronomical Association October 6th 1953 Norwich, Norfolk, U.K.

Waveney Girvan: ‘..On 8th October, the editor of the Norwich paper the Eastern Evening News telephoned my office to advise me to get a copy of the issue which contained an account of a sighting over Norwich the night before.. observed through (a) 3½-in. refractor telescope.. which appeared in the south-west as a yellow light of great size…’

Frank Potter: “I focused upon it and found the light given from the object was not reflected sunlight, as I first believed, but an internal light being sent out from a fixed apparatus situated round a dome.. and attached beneath it was a much larger and flattened dome with a protruding band running in a circumference around its edge.

This was clearly seen in the telescope by the rays of light thrown out from the aperture in the top dome. The underneath of the large flattened bottom dome was hollow and appeared to be glowing red, but there were no vapour trails or gases to be seen.

It did not rotate but kept the same portion of the dome towards the telescope until it changed its angular course. Then it gave me a chance to visualise another of the apertures that previously had been hidden from view.”

A drawing of the craft, ‘..with one of Adamski’s photographs were reproduced in the paper side by side and the resemblance is very striking indeed. In fact the structure of the two objects would appear to be identical except for the fact that the three “globes” which hang from Adamski’s saucer appear to be missing. These “globes” were said by Adamski to be landing-gear and retractable: as Mr. Potter’s saucer was seen in flight the absence of these three appendages can, in the circumstances, be taken as further confirmation of George Adamski’s story…’ (WG)

[Waveney Girvan Flying Saucers and Common Sense, Chapter Eight (1955) / Frank Potter (quotes from) Eastern Evening News, October 8th 1953... Other sources of information about this sighting include - The Observer, October 11th 1953 (letter from Mr. Potter); Leonard G. Cramp Space, Gravity and the Flying Saucer (book, 1954); Daily Mail, February 11th 1954 (article); John Hanson & Dawn Holloway Haunted Skies Volume 1 (book, 2010)]

AL COMO and (more distantly) ALBERT LAW December 20th 1953 near Warren, Ohio, U.S.A.

Driving from Warren, Ohio towards Pennsylvania, Al Como saw a glowing ball, that he thought was a plane on fire, cross the sky and fall into woodland. Mr. Como left his car and went on foot to find the crash scene. His search ended at a clearing, where a black bell-shaped craft was hovering close to the ground:

‘..It had three ball-like structures on its underside and a rectangular glass-like enclosure hung from between them.. lit by a violet hue.. The outline of the craft was plainly seen in the light of the full moon…’

Mr. Como couldn’t get closer than about 20 feet to the craft, as it was encircled by an invisible force field. After ten minutes observation, he returned to the road to find his car missing. He then went back to the craft and watched it for about fifteen minutes.

Returning a second time to the road, Al Como, this time, found his car, facing back to Warren. He then drove back there and picked up his brother-in-law, Albert Law, who accompanied him to the clearing in the forest. The bell-shaped aircraft wasn’t there, near to the ground; but they did both observe it hovering high in the sky, where it then tilted upward and soundlessly vanished.

Investigator, Tom Comella, Jr. (picture below), stated at the close of his report on the event:

‘..This writer feels that the people involved are of the highest and most reputable type. He has confidence in the story they tell.’

[Mystic No.9, April 1955 page 71]

BILL MCKNIGHT pre-February 1954 near Palomar Mountain, California, U.S.A.

‘Bill McKnight, Hermosa Beach. Saw Saucer near Palomar Mtn. Resembling adamski picture.’

[Page of notes in Truman Bethurum Personal Scrapbook (1982)… First sentence is part of typed page of information. Other two sentences were added in Mr. Bethurum’s handwriting (there are other handwritten additions to page)]


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STEPHEN DARBISHIRE and ADRIAN MEYER February 15th 1954 Coniston, Lancashire, U.K.

‘Adrian and I were walking on the fell (looking for some birds and some good scenes to photograph) when suddenly Adrian slapped me on the back and told me to look at a queer spherical object which was gliding down slowly from a gap in the clouds. The object was shining a silvery white as the sunshine caught it. I quickly pulled out my camera and took one photo, turned the film and took another photograph. Just as I had finished the flying saucer (which I now thought it must be) shot off up into the clouds at an alarming rate and disappeared. As it flew off it went out of the sun’s rays and I could see through it. It had three landing wheels or domes and a cabin.. with portholes in. The bottom came nearly to a point. Adrian and I were down in a small hill valley so the rising in foreground of photo is due to the position we were in. Some grass is shown under the saucer. It also made no sound whatever except for a swish as it went away.’

[Statement by Stephen Darbishire, aged 13, in Leonard G. Cramp Space, Gravity and the Flying Saucer, Chapter 15 (1954). Introduction of this book, written by Desmond Leslie, is also about this event]


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LAURA MUNDO February 1954 Dearborn, Michigan, U.S.A.

‘..a month after getting into saucer research (February 1954), while promoting Adamski’s lecture, the Visitors came over my home, in their saucers, sending a beam of neutronic energy of the Father Frequency to my brain, re-activating brain cells that had been “put to sleep” when I had also been demoted from more advanced planets. Returning greater universal understanding to me.. as I became “one with the Universe”, which I later discovered they had been doing through the past when coming upon Edmund Bucke’s book, Cosmic Consciousness.. although apparently not to the degree the recipient realized it had been done by scientific instrumentation, considering it a psychic experience, erroneously, instead…’

[Laura Mundo Flying-Saucers and The Father’s Plan, page 15 (September 1962)]

‘..She told about how a saucer like George Adamski’s came over her home.. in February 1954, to confirm what she was doing when she struggled trying to promote Adamski’s lecture.. as the communication media only laughed at her…’

[The Mundo Monitor, November 1975 report on LM lecture at ESP-Psychic Fair]

‘..In February 1954, while she was promoting the public flying saucer lecture for George Adamski, FS pioneer, a saucer came over her home in Dearborn, Michigan, and raised her in universal consciousness.. (becoming at one with the universe).. to give her courage and strength to carry on in such pioneering work, and leaving her with obvious profound understanding and an original concept of living atomic being that explains why the space people, people just like us, only their negative electrons, positive protons, higher balanced, neutral neutrons better balanced, and thus more advanced people…’

[The Mundo Monitor, December 1975]

‘..In February 1954, when I was trying to promote George Adamski’s first lecture in Detroit, I met only with opposition. One night I was awakened about two o’clock, when the light in my bedroom ceiling went on. The bulb had burnt out months before!

A saucer, whose electric dynamo I could hear humming just above the rooftop, was apparently sending a beam of warm protonic energy to me…

My body felt as though I was standing naked outdoors in the snow with golden sunshine being poured over me. I felt at one consciously with all of living atomic energy being or the Universe.. As though I knew everything for the few seconds that it probably lasted…

The next day I had tremendous energies, with my invisible electronic-positronic outer force field apparently expanded as I went about to continue to promote Adamski’s Detroit lecture.

Everything fell into place as I moved ahead in the days to come. 5,000 people showed up at the Masonic Temple in Detroit on the night of the lecture…’

[Laura Mundo The Mundo UFO Report, page 71 (October 1978 edition)]

‘..When I attempted to promote Adamski’s lecture, the newspaper editors, tv and radio people laughed at me, since the word “Flying Saucers” was hardly known at that time.. And they kicked us out of their offices. But by some miracle five thousand people came out to the Detroit Masonic Temple to hear him lecture in March, 1954.

And while I continued to try to promote his lecture under such difficult, pioneering, discouraging circumstances, a saucer like the one Adamski photographed over his home in Mt. Palomar, California.. from Venus he said, in 1952, came over my home in Dearborn, Michigan in February 1954, confirming my efforts!

My home automatically became a public information bureau since the people who had sightings and had no official to tell it to, became very frightened in some instances…’

[Laura Mundo How To Contact A Space Person (1981 or 1982)]

GEORGE TYLER and two others March 11th 1954 Palomar Gardens, California, U.S.A.

“On the eleventh of March, at 9.15 p.m., I and two others in Palomar Gardens, near the observatory, saw a big ship in the sky.

She was built like a whaler, about 600 feet long. The ship stopped in its course. The bottom opened. Out came a flying saucer - really a scout ship. It was about 30 feet across, 17 feet high. It was built like a bell. I could see the force that propelled it playing outside the perimeter.

The saucer circled the mother ship and disappeared to the west over Los Angeles. The mother ship did a sort of shudder and went south at unbelievable speed - so fast it almost seemed to vanish in thin air.”

[Los Angeles Herald-Express, June 5th 1954 report on International Flying Saucer Convention, that had been held in the Carthay Circle Theater]

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Carl Anderson, accompanied by his wife, Stella; his children, Bobby and Betty, and his two brothers-in-law and their wives, started out ‘..on April 3rd, 1954, for a quiet and peaceful camping trip in the great Mojave desert of California…’

As he was driving, Mr. Anderson felt himself to be influenced and guided by ‘..someone outside of the boundaries of this earth…’

When stopped at a small roadside café, the group listened to a young lady relate a sighting of flying saucers she had recently experienced with her boyfriend. Others in the café reacted with ridicule and laughter.

Mr. Anderson and the other members of his family finally reached a place that seemed to be on the bottom of an ancient dry lake-bed: ‘..The surface of the desert was hard and smooth.. We seemed to be hemmed in from all sides by mountains, and the lake-bed on which we were was level and devoid of cactus or Joshua trees. In fact, it almost looked like a small air strip or landing field…’ Talking around a campfire, past midnight, they wondered about extraterrestrial life and the chances of seeing a flying saucer.

Carl and Stella Anderson and their children then slept in a tent, while the other two couples bedded down in their cars.

After some time sleeping, Carl, Stella and Bettyann woke up, at about, or before 3 a.m., to witness their tent slowly begin to disappear, until it became absolutely invisible:

‘..looking out across the desert, I beheld a very privileged sight.. apparently hovering a few inches off the ground, was a large, shining disc…

The diameter of this craft from outer space was about sixty feet, and it was about twenty-five or thirty feet in height. Five windows, or portholes, were visible from where we were. The unearthly vehicle glowed all over with a dull fluorescent light. A sort of halo seemed to surround the entire craft…’

Carl, Stella and Bettyann found themselves paralysed, while they continued to watch and listen, eventually hearing a droning, pulsating hum:

‘..The dim glow surrounding the Saucer slowly took on an orange cast, then a bright red color.. like a huge ball of red fire. Then it started to rise straight up, very slowly at first, then faster and faster as it got higher and higher. The red light changed to a brilliant bluish white. Then slowly the tent began to reappear.. As the tent became a reality we were once more free to move about…

Harold and Eleanor had had the same.. experience. They had also been paralysed and the car in which they were had become invisible. But strangely enough Jim and Terry, being farther away in their car, had not been awakened…’

[Carl Anderson Two Nights To Remember (1956)]

Note: Four separate affidavits from Stella and Bettyann Anderson, as well as Harold and Eleanor Stewart, are included in Carl Anderson’s book, supporting the veracity of his account of the primary event. A later multiple-witness sighting of an A-TC, on October 2nd 1955, is also detailed in the book, and implied to be of a similar craft to that witnessed on this first night.

GEORGE ADAMSKI April 21st 1954 California, U.S.A.

‘..This ship was at least four times the diameter of the Venusian Scout and about twice as high - possibly a little more. The door closed in the same silent way behind Firkon. Instantly the light within increased and the low humming became audible as the machinery started. I felt a slight tug or jerk, not enough to unbalance me, and I guessed that we had left the Earth. As I gazed around, trying to take stock of my new surroundings, the Saturnian pilot explained that this ship was not only larger than the little Scout, but differed in other respects. It had not been hovering above the ground, but was set down firmly on its huge three-ball undercarriage. What I had felt was the jerk necessary to make the break with Earth. Zuhl gave, as an analogy, a piece of iron clinging to a magnet. A jerk takes place at the instant of separation…’

[George Adamski Inside The Space Ships, Chapter 7 ‘The Scout from Saturn’ + Plate 9 (1955)]

NIGEL FRAPPLE; HENRY TOOGOOD (and, possibly, at another time, in another location Doreen Heffer) May 20th 1954 near Wincanton, Somerset, U.K.

Nigel Frapple was walking home, at night, when he saw what he thought was a farm or house on fire. Not far away, he was able to view a dome-shaped object hovering above a field. It had a central cockpit and three portholes and glowed in violet. There was also a separate, airborne orange ball of light.

After about five minutes, the craft “..tilted and shot off across the sky..”

Mr. Frapple reported “..the incident to the police.. (and) was besieged by reporters from local and national newspapers, including the BBC…”

Later, he was able to find another witness: ‘..Mr. Henry Toogood, who lived in a cottage lower down the hill. He confirmed having also seen the ‘craft’ that evening, but from underneath: “It looked like a huge dinner plate, with something resembling metal balls set into the underneath.”…’

The object left a “blackened circle of grass” behind it. About a week after the event, Mr. Frapple was also visited by two strange men, one of whom told him:

“If you persist in telling these silly stories, we’ll have to take you somewhere where you can’t tell them anymore.”

[John Hanson & Dawn Holloway Haunted Skies Volume 1, pages 124-126 (2010)]

ERIC JONES and others August 6th 1954 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, U.K.

‘..two silver, circular objects were seen over Cheltenham at 7.15 pm, by a number of people. One was Eric Jones who had seen them through his binoculars. He noted that, “ of the objects was tilted and showed a conical tower, similar to the Adamski-type ‘saucer’ illustrations..” then in vogue.. The other was smaller in appearance and constantly moving up and down in the air almost as if ‘playing tag’, at a height estimated to be between 6-20,000 ft…’

[John Hanson & Dawn Holloway Haunted Skies Volume 1, page 134 (2010)]

GEORGE ADAMSKI August 23rd 1954 California, U.S.A.

‘..Inasmuch as I have already described in detail a journey in the same Scout, I shall state only that I found Orthon awaiting us with the little ship hovering slightly above the ground, ready for an immediate take-off… As we entered the Venusian carrier, this time I was entirely free of any dropping sensation in the pit of my stomach…’

[George Adamski Inside The Space Ships, Chapter 14 (1955)]

BOB CHAPEK; LAURA MUNDO, and HER SON JOHN, and ‘A NEIGHBOUR, A Woman who made her home with..’ Laura Mundo at the time September 1954 (?) Birmingham to Dearborn, Michigan, U.S,A.

‘..The public information bureau returned to my little home in Dearborn, just outside of Detroit.. where it had been, all along. The Visitors denoting their recognition of it, also, when a saucer came over it, in the daytime, in the late fall of 1955 when I was presenting the movie, The Day The Earth Stood Still.. On a lecture tour. The young man working with me, Bob Chapek.. handling the promotional work, came to the house one afternoon to keep an appointment with me, informing me a saucer was up over the house. He had noted it, in the skies, when leaving his home in Birmingham, Michigan, a good 20 miles away; moving along with him (like the Star of Bethlehem!).

There it was.. as my younger son, John, a neighbour, a woman who made her home with me, at the time, caring for my boys, as I had to be away, Bob and myself, watched it, hanging along side a low-hanging cloud.. as jets screamed through the air, apparently picking it up on radar, trying to locate it. It was so low we could see the “portholes”, or the circular openings actually, through which the monitoring discs are dispatched into the atmosphere. It was gray metallic, in color, glistening as the sun was shining on it. Slowly it began to rise.. colors coming up, in its force-field, running up the rainbow spectrum, as it did.. and finally swerving up in the sky, it disappeared rapidly from view.. the jets still streaking through the skies.. looking for it!…’

[Laura Mundo Flying-Saucers and The Father’s Plan, pages 23-24 (September 1962)]

‘…Now in this 3rd slide we show a flying saucer that those of you who have read George Adamski’s books or heard him lecture have seen.. since it was taken by him.. over his home in Mt. Palomar. The reason I show it is one like that was over my own home in Dearborn in September, 1954... and low enough for us to see “the portholes”.. that actually are only openings through which scientific disks are sent out into the atmosphere.. since these ships are flown by graph.. and the occupants don’t need to see where they are going. These three round objects or spheres are apparently storage places for energy. A coil has been seen running around the top of the flange.. which as you can see appears fuzzy, as though the electricity was running through it. There appears to be a magnetic lens at the top.

I was working with a young man at the time by name of Bob Chapek, taking the movie The Day The Earth Stood Still about the country and answering questions following it.. when he came to my home one afternoon, on business.. and said.. “Laura.. there’s a flying saucer over your home.” We went out.. including other people who were in the house at the time.. and sure enough there was a saucer.. hanging along-side a low hanging cloud. He had first noticed it when he left his home, at least 20 miles away.. and it had followed him to my house. It was gray metallic, hanging motionlessly.. while jets screamed through the air, apparently having picked it up on radar. Then quietly.. colors began to come up.. on the decelerated force-field about it (or we could not have seen, or even photographed through it, had we had a camera).. running up the spectrum from red.. to blue, then lavender, then white.. as it slowly lifted up in a graceful arc.. and then shot straight up into the sky out of sight. This same ship has been photographed by others in other countries, as well as this one, as I said…’

[Laura Mundo Flying Saucers, page 13 (transcript of September 24th 1964 lecture)]

‘..Later, in September 1954, the same type of scout ship or flying saucer that Adamski photographed in California (although he has photographed other types) appeared over my home in Dearborn, Michigan (a suburb of Detroit) to which I had witnesses (who, interestingly enough, have all scattered and their whereabouts unknown) and which, of course, could be laid up to mass hysteria, or pre-suggestion by those who need THEIR kind of proof.. AND MAY GET IT. LET’S HOPE THEY CAN TAKE IT WHEN THE TIME COMES!…’

[Laura Mundo Flying Saucer Up-Day! (1974)]


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Evidence for the existence of craft of the type photographed by contactee George Adamski in the 1950s

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