Cliff Richard : The Tangled Webb

Cliff Richard : The Tangled Webb

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'..In India kite-flying was taken much more seriously than it is here.

You took your cotton string and rubbed in a mixture of white of egg and finely powdered ground glass, so that it was like a cutting edge. The important thing was to wear leather gloves so that you didn't cut yourself, of course.

The kites were diamond-shaped, in all colours, with the shortest tails. Those are best for flying. The aim was to fly your kite across your opponent's, and then quickly slacken your string so that it cut through his. Then the trick was to play with the wind so that you caught his kite and 'tangled' it. If you did that you could claim it as your prize.

It was fascinating...'

Cliff Richard, quoted in the book 'Cliff Richard in his own words'

Cliff Richard: Peter Pan of Pop ... &Itemid=74

Sir Cliff Richard OBE Wikipedia

Cliff Richard IMDb

The missed chances to get Jimmy Savile

Jimmy Savile Wikipedia

Cliff Richard in his own words by Kevin St. John (Omnibus Press, 1991)

Cliff Richard : The Biography by Steve Turner (BCA, 1993)

Cliff Richard : The Complete Chronicle by Mike Read, Nigel Goodall and Peter Lewry (Hamlyn re-print, 1994)

In Plain Sight - The Life and Lies of Jimmy Savile by Dan Davies (Quercus, 2014)


Dorothy Edith Bridgwater is born, in India, with a club foot.


December 23rd

Rodger Oscar Webb is born in Rangoon, Burma.

His father, Frederick William Webb…

‘…was a tough disciplinarian who caned the boys and took the attitude that if girls misbehaved while boys were present it was the boys’ fault for letting it happen. He kept his servants in order… He was also deeply religious, reading the Bible regularly….’



Dorothy Edith’s father, William Brock Bridgwater returns to his family in India, as a cripple, after breaking his spinal cord in the second battle of Ypres, in France.


Dorothy Marie Dazely is born in Lahore, to William Edward Dazely and Dorothy Edith Bridgwater.


William Dazely leaves his wife and two daughters and effectively disappears from their lives.


October 31st

James Wilson Vincent Savile is born, in Leeds.

1926 - 1927

‘Dorothy Edith had found a new love in Richard Dickson, an Anglo-Indian who claimed Indian royal blood… their first daughter, Edna was born…’


‘Dorothy Edith ruled her family with a rod of iron and had a fierce temper.’


Jimmy Savile suffers a life-threatening fall and goes into a coma:

Michael Aspel - You didn’t actually think he was going to last that long originally, did you?

Mary, Jimmy’s older sister - No, no.. er.. When he was a baby, about four months old he fell out of his pram, and he was unconscious for the best part of three months.. And Mother used to go to St. Anne’s Cathedral on a regular basis to pray for his recovery.

Jimmy Savile - Eh, is that me?

Mary - Yes, you.

Savile - Oh, I was I weh I weh I was allowed another chance.

Mary - You were allowed another chance.

Savile - Thank God Thank God | Aspel - Your mother must have thought it was a miracle.

Mary - Oh, mother definitely thought it was a miracle. Well, we all did.

Aspel - Yes

Mary - We all did, I mean, look what we’ve been landed with.


Aspel - Thank you, Mary Timm….

(Sir James Savile ‘This Is Your Life’ TV tribute, 12.12.1990)

‘Perhaps Jimmy's trauma as an infant (falling out his pram) damaged his brain and led to his sociopathic nature.’

(Dendiol, YouTube, 2014)

‘Falling out of his pram and the concussion must have been what turned him into a demented pedophilic psychopath’

(Danny 1997, YouTube, 2015)

‘00:48 - omg, this might explain why he became such an evil pervert. I wonder how he would've turned out, if the accident hadn't have happened.’

(rob16248, YouTube, 2016)


Derek McCulloch aka Uncle Mac of the BBC is running something - or two associated things - called the Children’s Ring and the Nignog Club.


October 14th

Harry Rodger Webb is born in Lucknow, India to parents Rodger Oscar Webb and Dorothy Marie Dazely.


June 10th

Harry Webb’s brother, Frederick William (named after his father’s father) is born.

As a ‘blue baby’, who is unremittingly afflicted with illness, he lives (according to one source) for fewer than three weeks.


Harry Webb’s sister, Donella Eugenie Webb is born.

‘..We also had a green parrot which we kept in a cage. He didn’t talk, but he used to whistle. Anyway, one day I put a cloth toy parrot in his cage for him to play with. Well, he started to attack it. And by the time Dad came home, he was dead! He’d tried to fight the toy one, and collapsed with exhaustion.

My mother says I was pretty vicious with animals….’

(CR, CRihow)


November 21st

Harry Webb’s second sister, Jacqueline Ann is born.


Unknown date this year

A film is made showing Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, accompanied by Derek McCulloch and others, on a visit to Queen Elizabeth's Foundation for Disabled People, a disability charity based in Surrey:

‘This film was narrated by Derek McCulloch OBE who was a BBC Radio presenter. He was known as "Uncle Mac" in Children's Favourites and Children's Hour, and the voice of "Larry the Lamb" in Toytown. QEF is aware of allegations made against him after his death, but a decision was taken to present this film in its entirety as it is a historical artefact’

(YT ‘Adversis Major - 1948 Queen Mum visit to QEF’, posted 01.12.2015)

August 24th

Harry Webb leaves India, with his parents and two sisters, on a passenger liner bound for England.


Harry Webb’s third sister, Joan is born.

‘The values that the Webbs brought with them from India seemed strangely out of place in a world that was frantically trying to rid itself of Victorianism. Rodger didn’t like the new air of informality He was determined that in his family, at least, the old values of honesty, courtesy and diligence would be upheld…

Rodger Webb had a firm belief… that the Bible was the supreme guide for living, and he would regularly read chapters of it to the children…

This moral code was rigid and enforced quite severely at times. He demanded unquestioning obedience… The children would be punished for being five minutes late. Harry would get a slap…’

(Steve Turner, CR:TB)

1950s [?]

Uncle Mac’s Pied Piper Club is operating, seemingly either: otherwise known as, or aligned with the News Chronicle Children’s Club.


‘Sir Harold Haywood… For almost twenty years he occupied one of the top positions at the National Association of Youth Clubs, first leading as Education and Training Director, and then Director of Youth Work. Under his Directorship from 1955-1974, Sir Angus Ogilvy, husband of Princess Alexandra was appointed President, with Jimmy Savile as Vice-President; a slew of celebrity attended fundraising events were organized, new headquarters were built on premises at Devonshire Street and membership swelled to 600,000.…’



“His father could be unyielding… Cliff would never argue with him. He set the law and that was it.”

(Norman Mitham, CR:TB)

“He respected his father but I think that it was respect out of fear rather than respect out of love.”

(Pete Bush, CR:TB)

“He was a mummy’s boy. Mrs. Webb had a real hold over him. I never saw him out at all.”

(Ivy Clare, CR:TB)

Harry Webb is stripped of his school prefect’s badge for having played truant, obtaining tickets to see Bill Haley and the Comets in concert.

PHAB (Physically Handicapped and Able Bodied) is set up following a National Association of Youth Clubs members' annual conference in 1957 to support clubs with disabled and able bodied members. It was run by the NAYC with the Central Council for the Disabled, and was based at NAYC's headquarters in Devonshire Street, London.


Cliff joins a skiffle group:

“Skiffle was just a vehicle to take me where I wanted to go. I didn’t find it very exciting but I liked being able to sing in front of an audience. There wasn’t another skiffle singer who looked like Elvis. I unashamedly used it to further my own ends.”



‘For Harry Webb, 1958 was to be the last year of normal life…

He began the year as a shy young office clerk playing skiffle in Hertfordshire village halls, and ended it under another name as a national celebrity who girls wanted to paw and their boyfriends wanted to punch…’


April - May 3rd

He shifts from being known as Harry Webb, singer in The Drifters, to being Cliff Richard of Cliff Richard and The Drifters - first show with the new name is at Regal Ballroom, Ripley.


The group playing a Saturday morning show at the Gaumont Theatre, Shepherd’s Bush, experience ‘a wave of frenzied screaming from the audience’:

“It didn’t make sense and it felt unreal but I loved it. In those days the sound of girls screaming was the gauge of success.”


Cliff ditches his girlfriend:

“I wanted a career, I didn’t want a girlfriend. So I got rid of the girlfriend. That’s as brutal as I can put it. It didn’t mean that I liked her less but I just made the cold-blooded choice to go for that. That’s what I wanted.”



The group have met Norrie Paramour, who has then gone on holiday (with family) to Tangier, Morocco. On his return, he signs Cliff up to the Columbia record label.

For years to come, Mr. Paramour will be (as Steve Turner puts it) Cliff’s ‘..producer, arranger and father figure’.

September 12th

‘Move It’, the first single by Cliff Richard & The Drifters enters the UK chart.

Unknown date this year

‘..Jimmy Savile, a former professional wrestler, ran the Mecca Locarno Ballroom nightclub in his hometown of Leeds.

This was his domain and Savile, then aged 32, ruled it with a terrifying rod of iron. But that evening Savile was perturbed.

“He came in and just ignored us all, walked straight past us,” recalled Dennis Lemmon, one of the club’s bouncers but also Savile’s de facto personal bodyguard, “I remember saying: 'what’s up with him?’ and someone in the club replied: 'He’s up in court tomorrow – interfering with young girls. He’s worried’.”

Lemmon, now aged 80, saw Savile again three days later. He was back to his irrepressible self, the swagger restored. “He was really worried but everything was dropped. I was told he had paid them [the police] off. And apparently that wasn’t the first time either but I don’t know about that. He had a lot of friends though.”…

Mr Lemmon, tracked down by The Sunday Telegraph last week, said everyone who worked at the club knew Savile preferred young girls – the 14- and 15-year-olds who hung around the club. When asked why nobody did anything, Mr Lemmon said: “I suppose because it was Jimmy.”…’

(Robert Mendick, Jasper Copping and Patrick Sawer, The Telegraph, 13.10.2012)


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Unknown date this year

Cliff Richard:

“I used to go out of my way to make kids scream. Now they scream when they hear my name.”


Unknown date, possibly 26/10 this year

Cliff Richard is photographed with Jimmy Savile, in Radio Luxembourg Studios, by Harry Hammond.


First appearance by Cliff Richard with his new Drifters line-up, at Manchester’s Free Trade Hall, is compered by Jimmy Tarbuck.

January 25th

Cliff Richard performs in a two-hour stage show of the ITV show ‘Oh Boy’ held at the Commodore Cinema, Hammersmith, London.

Among those in the audience are:

Elfrida Eden (Sir Anthony Eden’s niece), two young Lloyd’s brokers (Michael Barlow and Raymond Mackender), and Lady Jellicoe, chairman of Save The Children.

February & March

Cliff and The Drifters tour the ‘Granada Circuit’ as part of a package, compered by Jimmy Tarbuck.

Cliff rents a three-bedroom flat at 100 Marylebone High Street, where Jimmy Tarbuck often stays in the spare bedroom.

“Cliff was always a mystery to me. He kept himself to himself. He wasn’t part of the gang. Often, when all the others were on the coach, Cliff would be in a car with his manager Tito Burns. It was very difficult to get close to him.”

(Royston Ellis, CR:TB)

“From the moment I met him women were of no interest to Cliff.”

(Tito Burns, CR:TB)


In ‘Serious Charge’, a film version of a play ‘about a vicar who helps a juvenile delinquent who then tries to frame him on a charge of indecent assault’, Cliff takes the part of the delinquent’s younger brother.

Jess Conrad’s role in the film is ‘..the leader of a local gang which disrupts the vicar’s youth club…’


June 23rd

Cliff Richard is on the list of artists for the Royal Variety performance on this date, in the presence of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, according to an item in The Times (20/6).

‘CLIFF RICHARD… now there is a name that conjures with the youngsters nowadays.

How exciting it was to watch the 19-year-old rock ‘n’ roller last night on the commercial network, talking to Daniel Farson about being a celebrity.

It is easy to understand Cliff Richard’s success. He has a warm, confiding, “cuddly” personality that must appeal to young people of his own age both as a brother and as an easy-to-get-to-know friend.

Yet the emptiness of his life as revealed to Farson is staggering….’

….Nancy Spain, Daily Express, October 1st 1959.…

October 26th

Cliff broadcasts live from Radio Luxembourg, with DJs Barry Alldis, Don Moss and Ted King.

November 20th

Premiere of ‘Expresso Bongo’ at Carlton Cinema, London is attended by Sir Winston Churchill.


Unknown date in this year

“I wish somehow I could be Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up. I’m going to stay young for as long as I can.”

(Cliff Richard)

Harry Hammond photographs Cliff Richard with Jet Harris, Tony Meehan, Bruce Welch, Hank Marvin (The Shadows), Barry Alldis and Jimmy Savile (Disc Jockeys) in Radio Luxembourg Studios.

January 17th

Cliff Richard and The Shadows top the bill of ‘Sunday Night At The London Palladium’, attracting a television audience of 19 million, the most people that have ever watched a light entertainment show, in Britain.

March 28th

Royal Film Performance at the Leicester Square Odeon, in the presence of Philip, Duke of Edinburgh; Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent and her daughter, Princess Alexandra. Stars present at the event include Noel Coward, Leslie Caron, Kim Novak, Lionel Blair and Cliff Richard.

March 31st

Cliff appears on BBC TV children’s programme ‘Crackerjack’ with presenter Eamonn Andrews.

April 21st

‘..A shadow

FOLLOWING Cinderella like a typhoon follows a calm day came Cliff Richard in Me And My Shadow, a short programme displaying the art of sending ridiculous girls screaming into the aisles.

I regard Richard as one of Britain’s most outstanding artists but I cannot take him and his screaming girls at the same time.

After fifteen minutes of what I can only describe as DEMENTED NOISE I felt like throwing a rock at my set.

While this type of audience is part and parcel of a pop singer’s art producer Diana Thetford should have had greater control over them. I does help to hear an artist!’

(Guy Taylor / The Stage)

April - May

Cliff Richard and Anthony meet the Duke of Edinburgh (?).

Moves into a semi-detached corner house in Winchmore Hill (cost £7,000) with his parents and three sisters:

‘By the side of his bed is a reading lamp presented by the 59 Teenage Club of the Eton Mission in Hackney Wick.’


May 16th

Cliff Richard performs at the Royal Variety Show at the Victoria Palace, London, in the presence of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh:

“When I was chosen for the last Royal Variety in Manchester I felt that I had then reached a peak, so I’m completely knocked out at being selected again!…”



Six months at the London Palladium. David Kossof, who appeared every night on stage with Cliff and The Shadows:

“Almost nothing I said could be heard because of the screaming. This was to me an entirely new and frightening experience in that I was working with someone who, ever time he moved his body, had the audience screaming in orgasmic delight.”


Cliff has a brief affair with Jet Harris’s wife. His parents find out:

“..his mother and father talked to him all night about the evils of sin and I think that was what broke it off…”

(Mike Conlin, CR:TB)

“.my dad would have been seeing it from a spiritual point of view.

He wouldn’t have been so concerned about the effect on Cliff’s career or what the neighbours might think but the fact that what he’d done went against God’s commandments…”

(Jacqui Webb, CR:TB)

“I suppose in my naivety I thought no one would either know about it or believe it. It didn’t seem to matter at the time. It went against my principles but when you are experiencing these things your principles become unimportant…”


July 21st

Cliff will appear in a Little Lord Fauntleroy suit at the Actors’ Orphanage midnight revue, Night of a Hundred Stars, on this date, according to Daily Mirror (7/7).

August 28th

‘Last Sunday, Cliff played another unusual concert date - at Wakefield Gaol, where he entertained prisoners.’

October 11th

Cliff Richard is photographed with Lord Boothby and Vic Oliver at a Variety Club lunch.
October 26th

‘This is what Cliff has to say about other people and subjects:

* PRINCESS ALEXANDRA: “The prettiest, coolest looking lady I have ever seen.”…..’

October 30th

‘CLIFF RICHARD and the Shadows will appear again this autumn in the annual concert organised by his old school at Cheshunt, in aid of the town’s youth club building.

But because capacity in the school hall where the concert has been held for the last two years is hopelessly inadequate, the venue is being changed to the huge Regal Cinema, Edmonton….’

December 1st

Cliff Richard performs, in front of the Queen Mother, at the London Palladium, in a Royal version of ‘Stars In Your Eyes’ with Judy Garland, Bruce Forsyth, The Shadows and the Norrie Paramor Orchestra.


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‘David Hockney produced several works in the early 1960s that refer to his crush on Cliff Richard, including ‘ECR (Cliff Richard)’ circa 1960–2. The painting ‘We Two Boys Together Clinging’ (Arts Council, London), inspired by a poem by Walt Whitman (1819–92), is also linked to a newspaper headline about a mountaineering incident that caught Hockney’s eye ‘Two Boys Cling to Cliff All Night’, which suggested to him an allusion to the singer...’


January 19th

Another guest spot for Cliff on children’s TV show ‘Crackerjack’.

May 11th

Cliff Richard and The Shadows appear at ‘NSPCC Pied Piper Ball’. Princess Margaret, who attends with her husband requested Cliff’s appearance.

May 15th

Cliff’s father dies, aged 57:

“He was a dominant character right to the end.”


May 26th

Cliff presents awards at the Methodist Association of Youth Clubs’ annual get-together at the Royal Albert Hall, London. He sings ‘Living Doll’.


Two winners of the National Deaf Children’s Society film script competition win a visit to Elstree to meet Cliff Richard on the set of ‘The Young Ones’, and to watch filming.

Unknown dates in this year

Cliff Richard goes to the ‘Variety Club Awards’ dinner at the Dorchester, London.

Cliff Richard and The Shadows attend a special gala event with 300 stars organized by the ‘Variety Club’ (the eighth of its kind), at the Festival Gardens, London.

Jess Conrad and Jimmy Savile photographed together in Radio Luxembourg Studios by Harry Hammond.

“We used to go for drives in the country and I would visit him at his home. On Sundays he’d sometimes hire the whole swimming pool at Dolphin Square and Mike Conlin, Cliff’s mum and his sisters would come.”

(Delia Wicks, CR:TB)

October 14th

Cliff and The Shadows leave London for a tour of Australia, preceded by shows in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

October 26th

Delia Wicks receives a letter from Cliff ending their relationship:

“He had obviously wanted to get involved with me but then he got frightened and that was it. It was all so confusing. I’ve never got to the bottom of it.”

(Delia Wicks, CR:TB)

December 13th

Premiere of ‘The Young Ones’ at Warner Theatre, London. Cliff stars as the leader of a youth club that is threatened with being torn down by a company owned by his father.

December 20th (or 19th)

Cliff Richard appears at a Cheshunt Boys Club charity show at the Edmonton Royal.


February 26th

Royal Film Performance (‘West Side Story’) at Odeon, Leicester Square, in the presence of the Queen, Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon - before the film began the Queen met sixteen stars - among them: Yul Brynner, Peter Finch, Pat Boone, Peter Sellers, Dany Robin, Claudia Cardinale, Richard Attenborough and Cliff Richard.

March 13th

VARIETY CLUB Show Business Awards For 1961, Savoy Hotel, London

Deborah Kerr, Dirk Bogarde, Vanessa Redgrave, Cliff Richard and Albert Finney.

March 20th

Piece in Daily Express about Rev. John Oates, ‘the swingin’ vicar of Hackney Wick’, who runs the ’59 Club:

‘..Nine hundred have flocked to his youth club, intended for 70 members. Cliff Richard is vice-president; Adam Faith looks in. And Princess Margaret will be there on Thursday…’

March 22nd

Cliff Richard and The Shadows performs at the ‘Eton College Mission Youth Club’ aka the ’59 Club, Hackney Wick, watched by Princess Margaret and the Earl of Snowdon.

Afterwards, Cliff joins the Royal couple for tea, cakes and a chat. The princess tells him that she is going to see ‘The Young Ones’ at the weekend. Her husband and Cliff talk about their cars:

“They’re marvellously friendly people” (CR)


Cliff Richard gets Laryngitis and takes medicine recommended by Princess Margaret.

The Shadows have written music for a film called ‘The Boys’, which stars Jess Conrad and Wilfred Brambell, among others.

April 6th

Copy of ‘The Young Ones’ is sent to Princess Margaret, at Clarence House.

May 18th

‘Mr. Tom Mboya, Kenya's Minister of Labour, flew into Britain on May 18th in a new role - show business promoter. And at the end of his first day he had talked top American singing star, Eartha Kitt, into performing in Kenya in August and British “Hit Parade” singer, Cliff Richard, in October… both without fees. The reason behind Mr. Mboya’s show business trip is to enlist aid for the Kenya “Youth Helps Youth” campaign to ease the plight of the thousands of destitute children in his country….’


October 29th

Royal Variety Performance at the London Palladium has Cliff Richard and the Shadows on the bill, performing in front of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.

‘..Seats were sold for up to 20 guineas each, and a record total of £40,000 was taken in aid of the Variety Artistes Benevolent Fund…’, according to The Illustrated London News.


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‘The earliest known complaint about Savile dates from 1963 and it is one of eight complaints that were never registered at the time they were made. This one occurred just as his television career was really beginning to take off. A male victim told his local police officer in Cheshire that Savile had raped him. He made the complaint the day after the assault. The officer told the victim to “forget about it” and that they should “move on”.

The officer did not record a report of what the victim had said - and so there was no investigation into the DJ.’

(Dominic Casciani /

‘..He has met the Queen Mother, been presented to the Queen, shaken hands with the Duke of Edinburgh and several time chatted most cordially with Princess Margaret…..’

….Donald Zec on CR, Daily Mirror, January 7th 1963.…

February 11th

During their South African tour, Cliff Richard and The Shadows perform in a charity concert [organised by Tom Mboya], for delinquent children in Nairobi, Kenya.

Cliff visits The Starehe Boys’ Centre:

‘..The high and mighty have visited Starehe including Cliff Richard, Pele, Indira Gandhi, Robert Kennedy, Queen Beatrix, Princess Anne and Muhammad Ali to name but a few….’

(British Movietone |

February 23rd

ABC-TV. Thank Your Lucky Stars: Brian Matthew (host) with The Beatles, Billie Davis, Carol Deene, Billy Fury, Jet Harris, Tony Meehan, Duffy Power, and Jimmy Savile.



In the cast of the British film ‘Just For Fun’ are (among others):

Alan Freeman, David Jacobs, Jimmy Savile, Jet Harris, Tony Meehan.


John Lennon:

“We’ve always hated Cliff. He was everything we hated in pop. But when we met him we didn’t mind him at all. He was very nice. Now when people ask us if he’s a bit soft we say no. We still hate his records but he’s really very nice.”

May 7th

‘Lord Snowdon Arrives At The National Association Of Youth Clubs For A Lecture. . Rexmailpix. ’

Early-Summer (?)

The Royal Academy holds a preview of its Summer Exhibition, which includes (among many other works) a painting of Cliff Richard by Ruskin Spear, as well as portraits of The Queen and Princess Alexandra.


Two consecutive pages of Star Pictorial magazine feature Cliff Richard (‘CLIFF - The Inside Story’), Jimmy Savile and Alan Freeman.

Cliff is hanging out with Jehovah’s Witnesses, including Brian Locking, who had joined The Shadows (playing bass) in April 1962.

August 23rd

Pop Weekly magazine has an article about Cliff Richard and The Shadows’ worldwide chart success, and another article on Tony Meehan and Jet Harris, as well as a photograph of the duo with Jimmy Savile.



Cliff Tele-records a guest appearance for the ATV Midlands children’s ‘Tingha and Tucker’, he is seen in non singing role as Uncle Cliff on the Blackpool Beach.
October 14th

‘..Every birthday sees Cliff deluged with more and more greetings from his countless fans. This year, he has asked them to send donations for the Kenyan orphans the fan club has adopted….’

(British Pathé, ‘Cliff Richard Meets New Lady’)


Filming ‘Wonderful Life’ on the Canary Islands:

“By that time Cliff was keeping very much to himself and was very into discussing religion with Una Stubbs and Hank Marvin. That was when a lot of us became aware that Cliff had got religion and word got out.”

(Royston Ellis, CR:TB)

Unknown date

“I knew girls who would fantasise over the Cliffs of this world but would be quite happy to go and get a bit of leg over with their boyfriend. I was sitting with Cliff once in his dressing room and this kid walked in, lamped him and walked out again… There was a perfectly logical explanation: his girlfriend was besotted with Cliff and he had to sit with her while she was doing all this carrying on. So before he left the theatre he decided he was going to go back stage and give him a clump…”

(Jimmy Savile, IPS)


Unknown date this year

Cliff Richard is photographed with members of Tarvin Youth Club, Chester.

(University of Birmingham - collections)

‘…In the 1960s, police records and intelligence systems were somewhat ad hoc. Forces used different approaches depending on what worked for them. The Metropolitan Police's then paedophile unit used a paper ledger system for recording intelligence on suspects and lines of inquiry.

In 1964, an officer with the unit recorded information in this ledger about the DJ - information which the HMIC says could have been further investigated.

This is what the record said:

"BATTERSEA BRIDGE ROAD... - 4 older girls & youth [name redacted] (? Homosexual) live at - Jimmy SAVILLE (sic) well known disc jockey frequents - used by absconders from DUNCROFT APP SCHOOL"

So the Metropolitan Police had a record of the DJ which connected him with a location that officers suspected was used to commit sexual offences. Critically, the ledger names the Duncroft Approved School in Surrey which events have now shown became one of his main targets for victims.

The author of the intelligence entry knew of concerns about organised offenders targeting the school:

"DUNCROFT APP SCHOOL - Absconders - Vice Ring. [Name] on (sic) immoral earnings of [names of two females identified as DUNCROFT girls]."

The HMIC found no evidence to suggest that the Met acted on this intelligence to get to the bottom of whether Savile was either a suspect working on his own or linked to an organised group of offenders. Crucially, the ledger entry was not recorded in a way that made it accessible to other forces or investigators as police later modernised their approach to sharing intelligence…’

(Dominic Casciani /

January 1st

First edition of Top of The Pops, presented by Jimmy Savile, includes Cliff Richard & The Shadows ‘Don’t Talk To Him’, from the film set of ‘Wonderful Life’ in The Canaries.

‘VR/64/11 Top of the Pops 1 January 1964

"But the greatest number of objections was aimed at Jimmy Saville, mainly because of his appearance. 'What an odd looking individual' said a Solicitor; and others expanded this to call him 'a cross between a Beatle and an Aldwych farce curate', 'like a Presbyterian minister', 'like something from Doctor Who', 'mutton dressed as lamb', 'Really horrific. It ought to have an X certificate. And there was Mr. Saville presiding over the orgy like a Puritan clergyman resurrected from his own churchyard' (Retired Naval Officer)."’

(BBC TV Audience Research Report / drunkennessofthingsbeingvarious.blogspot, 21.01.2011)


CR buys a holiday home in Albufeira, Portugal, where Frank Ifield, Bruce Welch and Cliff’s manager, Peter Gormley already have houses.

February 25th

Cliff attends the Royal Film performance (‘Move Over Darling’) at the Leicester Square Odeon, London where he is introduced to the Duke of Edinburgh.


Cliff Richard’s former girlfriend, Jackie Irving joins the Lionel Blair dancers:

“I think that for Cliff it was a very platonic relationship. I don’t know what Jackie would have called it. It wasn’t physical. She was just the girl that he would take to things.”

(Friend of CR, CR:TB)

April 26th [? no more info, possibly May 3rd]

The Shadows are photographed with Jimmy Savile.

May 3rd

The New Musical Express Pollwinners Concert at Empire Pool, Wembley, with hosts David Jacobs and Jimmy Savile. Savile introduces The Beatles to the audience, and tells them: “Nowhere in the whole world has such a concert been assembled.”

Among the leading pop acts on the bill are Cliff and The Shadows, who receive awards from David Jacobs.

July 2nd

‘Wonderful Life’ premiered at the Leicester Square Empire in London, in aid of the National Association of Youth Clubs Expansion Fund. Attending, in addition to Cliff Richard / The Shadows and Robert Morley, were Princess Alexandra and her husband, Angus Ogilvy.

November 2nd

Royal Variety Performance at the London Palladium. Among the acts performing in front of the Queen are Jimmy Tarbuck, Cilla Black and Cliff Richard and The Shadows.


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For eight days, Cliff Richard holidays on the Norfolk Broads with the Young Crusaders group from Finchley. He is (allegedly) treated as just another crew member.

September 14th

Cliff Richard and Jimmy Savile are among winners presented with awards at a Variety Club luncheon, at the Savoy Hotel, London. They pose together, and with Savile’s mother, smiling for the cameras.

October 24th

National Association of Youth Clubs Awards at the London Palladium, attended by Cliff Richard in his capacity as president of the NAYC National Members’ Council. Awards were presented by Angus Ogilvy.

‘ATV broadcast The New London Palladium Show with The Bachelors and Cliff Richard (unannounced appearance) – with Jimmy Tarbuck: Standing In The Corner….’

October 28th

Cliff and The Shadows take part in French film industry’s Gala concert, in Paris, in the presence of Princess Grace of Monaco.

November 21st

ATV The New London Palladium Show with host Jimmy Tarbuck and…

Cliff Richard - Fly Me To The Moon

The Shadows – The Warlord

Cliff Richard & The Shadows – Memories are Made of This, Fall In Love With You, Wind Me Up (Let Me Go), hits medley

November 24th

“I now arrange my work to have weekends free for youth activities. All my closest friends are teachers.”

(CR, Daily Express)

“I think that one of the things that attracted him to our group was the fact that there were no girls to bother him. We were an all-male group. If girls did join us they were on the fringe.”

(Peter Graves, CR:TB)

December 4th

Another Cheshunt Boys’ School charity show is undertaken by Cliff and The Shadows.


Two of Cliff Richard’s sisters have become Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Unknown date c.1964 - 1966

A ‘crack team of reporters’ at British tabloid newspaper, The People carry out an investigation into Jimmy Savile that highlights his preference for underage girls:

“..It was specific. They had names. The standard practice with The People… was everything had to be evidenced with statements that needed to be agreed by lawyers and so on. That was the standard drill.”

The reason that editor Sam Campbell spiked the expose was that:

“..Jimmy Savile wrote a weekly column for the paper.”

(George Tremlett, IPS)


March 12th

‘…His dark brown eyes lit up, and his voice bubbled with enthusiasm when he told me about the Christian Youth Movement of which he is a keen member.

“It’s a way of life, really, a moral way. When I’ve got the time, I help out. Most weekends I take a load of the younger members to the zoo or something like that - it’s great fun.”….’

(Frankie McGowan / Petticoat)


Having worked in Kenya, where he’d been posted by British Forces Network, Chris Denning returned to the U.K., where he:

‘…became the first announcer on the new BBC-2 television channel. Radio Luxembourg offered him a job.. and he was with the “station of the stars” for nearly two years. In March 1966 he came back to Britain and, after meeting Ed Stewart in a club, was invited to join Radio London….’


April 3rd

Cliff and The Shadows head the line-up at the Daily Express Record Star Show, Empire Pool, Wembley, in aid of Stars Organisation for Spastics. Rolf Harris is among the other artists on the bill.


“I plan to go camping in Cornwall for a fortnight with the Crusader Union, and then I hope to have two or three weeks at my villa in Portugal… It’s perfectly true that I would like to take up teaching at some time in the future…”



New Musical Express Poll Winners’ Concert takes place, presented by Jimmy Savile, who is also voted ‘Top Disc Jockey’. Cliff Richard is ‘Best Male Singer’ and ‘British Vocal personality’.


May 26th

‘..At the village of Albufeira, in Portugal, I saw the three villas owned by Cliff Richard, Frank Ifield and the Shadows. The locals like these entertainers. “Seen-yor Cleef” and “Seen-yor Frank” are big favourites….’

(Gordon Irving / The Stage)

June 16th

Cliff Richard talks to the crowd, accompanied by Billy Graham, at Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre, London, both during and after Graham’s crusade meeting at the venue:

‘..It was at a Billy Graham ‘crusade’ event, in front of 27,000 people at Earls Court in London, that the star announced his newfound faith.

Word of his conversion had spread to Graham’s organisers, who invited him to be a special guest…

Dressed in a jacket and tie and wearing glasses, Sir Cliff spoke from the lectern, crediting his parents for bringing him up on the Bible.

“I can only say to people who are not Christians that until you have taken the step of asking Christ into your life, your life is not worthwhile..”…’

(Mail Online, 08.2014)

“..Some people don’t like Billy Graham because of his dogma, but you have got to be dogmatic with religion. You have got to say black or white. He does that and some people take umbrage….’

(CR / Record Mirror 02.07.1966)

June 18th

Cliff Richard’s mother, Dorothy marries their former chauffeur, Derek Bodkin (who is younger than her son), at Epping Register Office:

“When my mother married I knew I could do what I wanted - which I did. I moved in with Bill and his mother. I wanted a different scene.”



“I did a Billy Graham study course of about five weeks…”


July 2nd

‘..When he has finished filming, Cliff will be considering flying off to Portugal for a holiday in his own villa. A regular visitor to that part of the world, Cliff told me how he came to “discover” the country.

“Muriel Young told me all about Portugal five years ago,” he revealed. “You can live there for almost nothing. Melons cost ninepence and fish are practically nothing. The Portuguese government won’t allow people to build within a certain distance of the beach, so you have a lot of unspoiled coastline.”….’

(Record Mirror /

September 10th

“..I believe there’s only one way to live and that is by the Bible. It’s the only source which is completely reliable and I set my own life on this…”

(CR, Fabulous 208)

September 20th

While working for Caroline North, Mick Luvzit ‘..met Janet Terrett, the sister of former Caroline DJ Ray Teret. They began dating and there was talk of marriage. Tony Prince suggested that Mick should have the ceremony performed at sea, on the Caroline ship. This would be both romantic and, of course, very good promotion for the station. Broadcast live on Caroline North, this unique wedding (was) performed by the ship's Captain, Martin Gips, with a live commentary from Graham Webb. Unfortunately thick fog caused transport problems for the guests and the bride's parents weren't able to make it out to the ship. As a result, Janet was given away by her brother Ray instead of her father.’

(The Pirate Radio Hall Of Fame - Mick Luvzit)

October 22nd

Cliff Richard performs two gospel songs at the Lee Abbey rally in the Albert Hall, watched by ‘a bevy of bishops’ (the Archbishop of York was one); ‘representatives of various missionary societies,.. and Mr. Jeremy Thorpe, Liberal MP for North Devon…’

Cliff reportedly held the position of ‘assistant leader of the Finchley Crusaders’ at the time, and had been invited to take part in the event by the Bishop of Coventry.

(Church Times, 28.10.1966)

November 13th

CR is to be confirmed as a member of the Church of England and recently lunched with Canon Frederic Hood, Chancellor of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

(Sunday Express)

November 24th

BBC1 ‘I’m Going To Ask You To Get Up Out Of Your Seats’ (9:30 - 10:30 pm) - a documentary of Billy Graham in London with Cliff Richard at Empire Pool, Wembley.

December 6th

‘..It was of course the Billy Graham appearance that hit the headlines. But a few months later.. he was quietly confirmed by the Bishop of Willesden in his own church, the church where he helps with the youth fellowship: “Defend, Oh Lord, this thy child, Cliff.”….’

(Church Times, 13.10.1967)


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Unknown date this year

‘PHAB Weekend Reunion 1967: Meeting Angus Ogilvy'

Photographs of a party for members of the first PHAB training course at Devonshire Street House, attended by Angus Ogilvy.’

(University of Birmingham - collections)

January 14th

“..When I give up this life, it’s not going to be a complete break; I don’t think people realise that I’ll still be making records. I just want to be an ordinary teacher in an ordinary secondary school. I don’t care if some people do think I’m a phoney, they’re entitled to their opinions.”

(CR, New Musical Express)

May 7th

Cliff Richard takes part in NME Poll Winners’ Concert at Wembley’s Empire Pool, having been voted ‘Britain’s Top Singer’ - the show’s presenter is Jimmy Savile.


June 1st

Death of Derek McCulloch aka Uncle Mac of BBC Radio’s ‘Children’s Hour’.

June 20th

Cliff Richard and Billy Graham are photographed together on the set of the film ‘Two A Penny’, at Goldhawk Studios:

‘..Pop star has his first major dramatic role in the film, with Dora Bryan playing as his mother. Billy Graham will make a guest appearance in a sequence filmed during his 1966 Greater London Crusade at Earl’s Court’ (Press Association)

June 27th

‘Cliff Richard, the singer, will tonight take part in the Billy Graham crusade in London which is being relayed by closed circuit television all over the country…’

(Glasgow Herald)

July 9th

Cliff Richard and Billy Graham appear on ABC TV’s religious program ‘Looking For An Answer’.

July 16th

Cliff Richard and Paul Jones appear on ABC TV’s religious program ‘Looking For An Answer’.

August 19th

Cliff’s ex-girlfriend, Jackie Irving marries Adam Faith at Caxton Hall. The reception at Upper Court, Cobham, Surrey is attended by Cliff’s manager Peter Gormley; TV producer Mike Mansfield, and Lionel Blair.

September 7th

On BBC1 Top Of The Pops (7:30 - 8:00 pm), with host Jimmy Savile, Cliff Richard performs ‘The Day I Met Marie’, and is mobbed by fans.

October 7th

On ‘The Val Doonican Show’ (BBC 1), Cliff performs two songs solo, and one in a duet with Rolf Harris.

October 13th

‘WHEN a girl gets herself boxed up in a crate and delivered to your dressing-room at the theatre, you know that you have arrived. This is just one of the fan-antics that have been Cliff Richard’s happy lot since he hit the big time. But Cliff is kind to his fans. He likes signing autographs. “He is amused,” says his biographer, “at the tricks some girls get up to in order to see him or touch him.”….’

(Alan Shadwick / Church Times)

October 29th

“People who sleep around make the most unhappy marriages - pre-marital sex is unhealthy to the mind.”

(CR, Daily Mirror)


‘Cliff Richard, seen here with the Bishop of Willesden and Prebendary Donald Lynch, Chief Secretary of the Church Army, recently attended a Church Army rally at Copland School, Wembley, where he witnessed to his Christian faith and sang three songs’ (Church Times, 24.11.1967)

November 30th

On BBC1 Top Of The Pops (7:30 - 8:00 pm), hosted by Jimmy Savile and Tony Blackburn, Cliff Richard performs ‘All My Love’.

December 6th

He is confirmed as a member of Church of England by the Bishop of Willesden, Graham Leonard, at St. Paul’s Church, Finchley, North London.

December 26th

A Top of The Pops edition (5:35 - 6:10 pm), presented by Jimmy Savile, Pete Murray and Alan Freeman includes Cliff Richard performing ‘All My Love’.


‘…his lifestyle wasn’t extravagant. His biggest luxuries were the houses, a six-berth boat on the Norfolk Broads and his two cars…

His holidays were now taken in August with his Crusader friends. The group was always exclusively male and bachelor, and became known as the ‘holiday gang’…’


January 28th

“I’ve lived for years with people saying that I’m a poof but I don’t give a damn what they say. My best friends know me, and that’s all that matters…”

(CR, Sunday Times)

March 12th

Performing this year’s British entry for ‘Song For Europe’ - ‘Congratulations’ - on the TV show ‘Cilla’, Cliff Richard makes what has been called a ‘Satanic Hand Sign’ (after singing “..I used to think that happiness hadn’t been invented…”).

March 14th

BBC1 Top Of The Pops (7:30 - 8:00 pm), hosted by Jimmy Savile and Tom Edwards includes Cliff Richard performing his Eurovision entry ‘Congratulations’ (also, Cilla Black ‘Step Inside Love’).

March 29th

It is reported that Cliff Richard is one of the sponsors, along with Andrew Cruickshank and the Bishops of Liverpool and Southwell, of ‘..the Generation Club, a group of Christian students at Durham University who want to stimulate an interest in the Christian message among other young people both in the University and outside…’ (Church Times)

March 30th

At the end of the last programme in the series of 'The Rolf Harris Show', Rolf sings 'Congratulations' in an ensemble performance, then wishes Cliff good luck for the next week’s event at the Albert Hall, before finishing the show with 'Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport'.

April 1st

Rediffusion Playhouse: A Matter Of Diamonds (8:30 - 9:30 pm) -

Cliff Richard plays Riley Walker, a smooth con-man out to steal diamond necklace.

April 11th

BBC1 Top Of The Pops (7:30 - 8:00 pm); hosts: Jimmy Savile and Lulu, includes
Cliff Richard ‘Congratulations’.


Cliff holidays on the Norfolk Broads with the Crusader Union. Days are spent boating, evenings devoted to Bible classes and discussions.


Roger Moore is the presenter this year at the NME Poll Winners’ Concert, held at Wembley.

Cliff Richard wins the ‘British Vocal Personality’ category, and Jimmy Savile is ‘Top Disc Jockey’, again.


June 20th

Premiere of Billy Graham’s production ‘Two A Penny’ at the Prince Charles Cinema, London.

June 27th

Review of ‘Evangelism Inc.’ by G.W. Target published in The Listener:

‘..Believing that Christianity is either a religion of freedom and free will, or nothing, Mr Target quarrels with evangelists.. on these grounds: they use commercial techniques to win, convert and count souls; they exploit ignorance and trust; they attempt ‘psychoseduction’ of the young…

And so to Dr Billy, whom some call the ‘Lord’s Anointed’, the scourge of ‘pinks, lavenders and reds’, with his free Fords and Hilton credit card. If one has not already seen his methods taken apart, the revelations of how crowds are softened up, how ‘inquirers’ are marked down by ‘counsellors’ with Personal Commitment Kits are surprising enough. Perhaps it is a shade un-Christian of the author to keep quoting from the sales instructions of the Fuller brush company for which Dr Graham was once a door-knocker (‘It is not what you say but the sincerity with which you say it’, ‘Never sell one brush if you can land the Gift Set’) but the temptation was obviously enormous….’

(E.S. Turner)

July 22nd

Cliff flies to U.S. for 6 week stay, including one week of discussions with film companies, and time spent (maybe 4-5 weeks) in California with four members of his ‘holiday gang’.


He is living with teacher Bill Latham and Bill’s mother.

‘On Sunday afternoons, Cliff is the assistant leader in the Crusaders Union - an inter-denominational religious group that teaches boys of 8-18’.

October 19th

Jimmy Savile participates in the TV chat show ‘Frost On Saturday’, seated between David Frost and Mary Whitehouse.



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Unknown date this year

William Edward Dazely dies of coronary thrombosis ‘..never knowing that Cliff Richard was his grandson and never having told his family about his wife and daughters that he had left behind in Ambala in 1924.…’



‘…In another error-strewn letter written from the jail to Mr Pearson in January 1969, Ronnie reveals his pleasure at receiving a letter from singer Cliff Richard.

He wrote: "John, I had a verry nice letter from Cliff Ritchards. I thought it was marvoulas of him to write to me at a time like this.

"He must be a wonderfull person to go to the trouble at a time like this. Their are still a lot of nice people left around."….’

(‘Kray twins memorabilia sold at auction’, The Telegraph, 20.10.2010)

February 8th

‘..agrees to take part in a 12-minute colour film titled ‘Give Us This Day’ - a documentary about the John Groom Children’s Homes in Kent. Cliff is to sing a song called ‘Thank you’ in the picture, which is to be available free of charge to schools, clubs and voluntary organisations…’




Locked In and Out.- Young people were queuing in freezing weather to hear Cliff Richard, Cindy Kent and David Winter take part in a youth guest night service at Holy Trinity, West Bromwich, on Sunday. After eight hundred had been packed into the seven hundred-seater building, the police locked the doors - leaving one hundred outside’ (Church Times, 21.02.1969)

March 8th

BBC1 The Rolf Harris Show features Cliff Richard singing ‘Good Times’ and ‘We Kiss In A Shadow’ (pre-recorded).

April 7th

‘CLIFF RICHARD took his Bible reading to the water yesterday when he led an armada of five motor cruisers along the Norfolk Broads.

Last night, with 27 boys from the Crusaders’ Union on a secret quest for peace and quiet, he prayed.

In his six-berth boat Pomander it was the end to a blissful long weekend for Cliff after two years fraught with worry as rival forces fought for his mind and body.

On one hand the permissive world of pop; on the other the world of spiritual regeneration….’

(Adella Lithman, Daily Express, 08.04.1969)

May 2nd

‘Cliff Richard Enjoys Holiday On Norfolk Broads In His Motor Cruiser’ - short film clip made by Anglia Television.


May 11th

Cliff takes part in the NME Poll Winners’ Concert:

‘Despite a list of winners not appearing in the mag, the Poll Winners concert went ahead as planned. Held again at Wembley's Empire Pool, 10,000 music fans crammed in to the venue.. and did a lot of hollering, so much so that Cliff Richard described them as "the world's greatest audience."

Hosted by Jimmy Savile ("in yellow jacket") and Tony Blackburn who does a very showbiz turn as co-host. Our man says: "Blackburn bounces back on stage carrying a larger than usual 'Tony Blackburn Joke Book', telling us now they've just built a lock on the River Thames and isn't that ridiculous...who'd steal the River Thames?!"

Wow. Cliff Richard caused: "more excitement, more sheer hysteria, scream and adulation than any one before him." Bee Gee Robin Gibb makes a surprise appearance, joining Cliff for a run through of 'Congratulations'….’


May 24th

CR flies to U.S.A. for discussions on forthcoming Billy Graham film that he is helping to write the music for.

June 5th

BBC1 Top Of The Pops (7:30 - 8:00 pm), with host Jimmy Savile includes Cliff Richard performing ‘Big Ship’.

“Much of the credit for Cliff’s staying power must go to the way his career has been guided by Pete Gormley, his manager, who stays so much in the shadows…”

(Hank Marvin, The Shadows)

‘Peter Gormley… A friend and father figure to Cliff…’

(Steve Turner, CR:TB)

August 6th

Cliff appears on ‘The Sooty Show’ (a popular children’s TV show).

August 14th

‘Series for Cliff

CLIFF RICHARD is to have a new BBC series in the New Year. His immediate plans include a tour of Japan and a holiday in Portugal.’

(The Stage)

August 29th

DJ Jimmy Savile attends PHAB Dance - London.

August / September

CR holidays in Portugal and then with the Crusader camp on Herm in the Channel Islands.

December 23rd

Cliff goes carol-singing with the Crusaders to raise money for Fegan’s Homes.

December 31st

BBC1 Pop Go The Sixties! (10:35 - 11:50 pm), with hosts Jimmy Savile and Elfi von Kalckreuth (ZDF-TV, West Germany), includes among others:

Cilla Black – Anyone Had A Heart

The Shadows - Apache

Cliff Richard & The Shadows – Bachelor Boy

Cliff Richard - Congratulations


Unknown date this year

‘Photographs of PHAB members, Princess Alexandra, Angus Ogilvy and others outside Thatched Lodge in Richmond Park, London, the home of Princess Alexandra and Angus Ogilvy. Eighty members of the PHAB club at Devonshire Street House met outside the lodge for a sponsored walk around Richmond Park to raise money for their PHAB club.’

(University of Birmingham - collections)

Prince Philip Centre PHAB Club, Scott Hall, Leeds 7 opened by Prince Philip (1969?), for weekly meetings.

March 3rd

Cliff Richard attends a party at No.10 Downing Street, given by the Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, in honour of West Germany Chancellor Willy Brandt. (Also there are Una Stubbs and Sandie Shaw)

March 12th

Top of The Pops, hosted by Jimmy Savile, features Cliff Richard and Hank Marvin’s ‘Joy of Living’.

March 15th

BBC 1 TV 7.20pm

An appeal by Cliff Richard
President of Members' Council of National Association of Youth Clubs

PHAB (pronounced ' fab ') - a word coined by the young people themselves to describe the integration, through shared experiences, of young Physically-Handicapped and their Able-Bodied contemporaries - needs funds to expand its vital work in the community.

Donations, preferably by crossed p.o. or cheque, to: [address removed].

‘Photographs of a visit to Devonshire Street House by Cliff Richard following his appeal on television for donations to help the development of PHAB clubs and courses.’

(University of Birmingham - collections)

March 31st

Cliff Richard Arrives For A Week's Holiday On Broads - a short film clip.

Synopsis text: With boys from a North London Youth Club. GVs Cliff Richard and boys arriving and preparing to board cruiser. CU Name in cruiser 'Pamander'. CU Cliff Richard. GV Cliff and party on the boat.

Administrator: Anglia Television


May 4th

‘PHAB Party - Jimmy Savile tries on the outfit designed by Miss Jenny Jordan (second left) aged 16 from Tisley, Manchester, and made by Miss Madge McGhie aged 22 from London, after it had been presented to him by Mr Angus Ogilvy (l).’

(Press Association)

Date uncertain

‘Photographs of Jimmy Savile and Angus Ogilvy with young people at an event relating to PHAB. One photograph is dated to 1970 (showing Jimmy Savile signing the visitor book at Devonshire Street House), but it is not clear whether this photograph is the same date as the other photographs.’

(University of Birmingham - collections)

May 11th

Cliff begins in the role of Clive Harrington in Peter Shaffer’s ‘Fine Finger Exercise’, at New Theatre, Bromley. It is…

‘..about the ‘deep friendship’ between an artistic student and a tutor.

Controversial when first produced in 1958 because of its veiled treatment of homosexual affection, it was a strange choice of subject matter for Cliff’s stage debut in a dramatic role…’


May 25th

On BBC 1, Cliff Richard introduces ‘Disney Time’ (7.30pm), followed by ‘The Rolf Harris Show’ (8.15pm).

June 21st

‘..Cliff is married to Christ. And he wants his marriage to last.

“I’m in dire need of Christ,” he says.

“We’re all basically bad - all men are similar. You can be the Pope or the Queen, but as it says in the Bible, all men are sinners.”…

If anyone suggests that worldly goods are at odds with his Christian ideals, Cliff invokes Solomon.

“There’s nothing wrong with having worldly goods, it’s the worldly goods having you, and I don’t believe my worldly goods own me at all,” he says. “Solomon was rich and he was God’s big man at the time.”….’

(David Bentley / The Sydney Morning Herald)


Cliff visits South Africa, invited to speak and sing in Durban at a series of meetings sponsored by Christian businessmen, aimed at the country’s youth.


Herm, the Channel Islands.

VS of man looking over herd of cows in farmyard. Shots of him walking in countryside. Shots of three girls drinking at a table overlooking a beach. VS of people on beach. SV of man looking out to sea. VS of small church. Goods and people are loaded onto a boat. VS from boat sailing out. Goods and passengers offloaded. Various good shots pop star Cliff Richard playing a rough game of cricket at a campsite. GV of Camp. MS of boy getting water, water bucket has 'Crusader Camp' on the side. VS of Cliff helping with the washing up. Shots of Herm Harbour. Goods driven up the quay on tractor. Travel shots coming in to dock. Ext. The Ship restaurant. VS man takes a look at a Bull being led down a lane.


‘..At a reception in London to launch the record the guests were told that Cliff had just returned from spending two weeks at a Christian Crusader camp. Earlier he had flown to Durban at the invitation of the Bishop of Natal to lead a ten-day series of talks directed at young audiences.

In his spare time Cliff has entertained many young people on a boat that he moors on the Norfolk Broads. Once, when I was interviewing him and choosing a picture, he said: “I like this one myself, it shows my Crusader badge.”….’

(Pennyfields, Church Times, 21.08.1970)

September 18th

‘NEW vice-presidents of the Boys Brigade are Sir Cyril Black, formerly its treasurer; Mr. Cliff Richard, the singer; and Mr. Terry Neill, a former member, now team manager of Hull City Football Club’ (Church Times)

September 20th

‘Cliff Richard is to appear at St. Jude’s Church, Southsea, on September 20, when he is to sing and give an address at a youth service.’

(The Stage, 27.08.1970)

September 24th

Cliff Richard’s ‘I Ain't Got Time Anymore’ features on an edition of Top of The Pops presented by Jimmy Savile.

‘..He spoke out against homosexual practice and began to identify himself more with Mary Whitehouse, who, as president of the Viewers and Listeners Association, had been fighting a long battle against what she saw as declining moral standards in the media…’


October 9th

Cliff Richard receives an annual award for ‘Outstanding Contribution to Religious Broadcasting and Light Entertainment’ from the National Viewers’ and Listeners’ Association. He is photographed with television personality Malcolm Muggeridge and Mary Whitehouse, the Association's General Secretary.

November 8th

Cliff Richard, Cat Stevens and Peter Noone are featured guests on Dave Lee Travis’s Radio 1 show.

November 11th

Receives a cheque for £61 that has been presented for the physically handicapped to the pop star by three members of the Monkseaton Ranger Guides.

Cliff visits and is photographed in hospital with a ‘..little girl, Matilda Mwale, from Zambia’ who has been flown ‘ London for hospital treatment’ paid for by ‘TEAR Fund of the Evangelical Alliance’….’ (Church Times, 20.11.1970)


‘..It was through study that his belief had eventually evolved, and it came when those helping him were able to persuade him that Christ definitely did exist. He then saw Christianity as the true relationship with God and was ready to say: “Alright, Jesus, come on in. If you are real, take over.”

He said his role as an evangelist was superficial, in that what was really important was what happened after he had talked to groups of young people. A problem today among them was that it was a distortion of the truth by which they judged Christianity.’

(Norman Hare, Church Times, 24.12.1970)

December 19th

Artwork with depictions of Jimmy Savile; Cliff Richard; Tom Jones; Mick Jagger and Elvis Presley are on the cover of the Christmas edition of New Musical Express.


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‘..There were other clues perhaps the BBC should have spotted then and which will no doubt form part of its own inquiry now. A News of the World investigation in 1971 accused Top of the Pops’ official photographer Harry Goodwin, a close friend of Savile’s, of taking pornographic photos of girls backstage and of even showing pornographic movies. Mr Goodwin carried on working on Top of the Pops until 1973. Asked about the newspaper’s allegations, Mr Goodwin, 88, from Manchester, said: “I don’t know what you are talking about. I don’t want anything to do with this.” His agent threatened The Sunday Telegraph with a libel action if his name was mentioned. There is no suggestion Mr Goodwin was involved in the sexual abuse of under age girls.

Savile’s years of abuse at the BBC were prolific….’

(Robert Mendick, Jasper Copping and Patrick Sawer, The Telegraph, 13.10.2012)

Cliff visits a co-educational grammar school in London:

‘..I was a member of the current affairs society at Woodhouse Grammar School in the north London suburb of Finchley. The Christian union suggested that we invite Cliff to speak at a joint meeting of the two school clubs.

To our delight, he agreed to come and there was a fantastic turnout. Certainly, never before had so many Jewish pupils attended a Christian union meeting. He was a very entertaining speaker and came across as a genuinely nice guy…..’

(Marian Lebor / Esra Magazine)

January 24th

As part of ‘The World About Us’, CR provides commentary for ‘Lollipop Tree’, which is about a home for 800 children at the foot of the Himalayas.


The sermon at Stanmore Baptist Church, North London is replaced by Cliff answering questions from Bill Latham, friend and Educational Officer of the Evangelical Alliance Relief Fund:

‘The topics range from ‘Did Una Stubbs wear a wig?’ through to ‘Drug taking and suicides in show business’ and ‘Cliff possibly being seen as a “Jeckyl and Hyde” figure’…’


CR buys a house in Essex for the Christian Arts Centre.

April 11th

Cliff is, again, one of the guests on Dave Lee Travis’s Radio 1 show.

April - May

Jimmy Savile spends a week ‘touring the country for the National Association of Youth Clubs…’



It is reported that ‘Churchmen’ are ‘to study pornography’. Among those who have ‘signified their willingness to be associated with a study of pornography being sponsored by the Earl of Longford and some of his friends’ are:

The Archbishop of York; the Bishops of Blackburn, Leicester and Stepney; Right Rev. Christopher Butler; Professor Norman Anderson; Lord Soper; Sir Frederick Catherwood; Lord Shawcross; Mr. Malcolm Muggeridge and Mr. Cliff Richard’

(Church Times, 28.05.1971)

August 12th

BBC1 Top Of The Pops (7:25 - 8:00 pm), presented by Jimmy Savile includes Cliff Richard performing ‘Flying Machine’.

September 19th

‘Jimmy Savile takes part in a treasure trail race from the Post Office tower. Jumping down some stairs in a sack in aid of the National Association of Youth Clubs.’

‘NAYC Diamond Jubilee Celebrations - Dynomania Treasure Trail - Post Office Tower - London - 1971

Radio One DJ Jimmy Savile talks to one of the organisers of the National Association of Youth Hostel's "Dynomania Treasure Trail", a race for charity that started from the Post Office Tower in London.’

‘Radio One DJ Jimmy Savile with a team of young ladies taking part in the "Dynomania Treasure Trail" organised by the Youth Hostel Association, that started from the Post Office Tower, and lasts for 150 miles, including obstacles to overcome, and is completed using any and all means except cars.’

(Press Association)

September 20th

‘NAYC - Dynomania Treasure Trail - Leicester Square - London - 1971

Radio One DJ Jimmy with the winners of the National Association of Youth Clubs' "Dynomania Treasure Trail". Team "Alma Lyn Ro", from Slough in Buckinghamshire were presented with HI-Fi equipment worth 130 each as their first prize by Mr Savile at the ceremony "Bumpers" disco in Leicester Square, London.’

(Press Association)

September 25th

‘Nearly 45,000 people gathered in London's Trafalgar square today for the anti-pornography "Festival of Light" rally organised by Malcolm Muggeridge and pop singer Cliff Richard. The crowd came from all parts of Britain for the fight against what they called "moral pollution". Bus loads of police stood by during the demonstration following earlier threats of disruption by the homosexual Gay Liberation Front and London's underground radicals. But the festival proceeded without trouble, except for a stink bomb and a small group of counter-demonstrators. The crowd heard speeches from Mr. Muggeridge and Mrs. Mary Whitehouse before joining with their campaign leaders in songs.’


November 1st-5th

Cliff features on Dave Lee Travis’s show, again (BBC Radio 1).

November 4th

BBC1 Top Of The Pops (7:25 - 8:00 pm), presented by Jimmy Savile includes Cliff Richard’s ‘Sing A Song Of Freedom’.

November 6th

Cliff Richard and Jimmy Tarbuck are guests of Cilla Black on her BBC 1 show ‘Cilla’.



In the first instalment of a UK Sunday tabloid newspaper series on Jimmy Savile’s life, he reminisces about his early days and marvels at how far he has come.

Apparently, he had never imagined in his “super, starving days” that he would one day sit on the throne at St. James’s Palace and, on another drop cigar ash on the Queen Mother’s carpet.

Nor, referring to Angus Ogilvy did he envisage early on:

“..that perfect Princess Alexandra’s husband would bash his head on a cupboard in the infamous Savile’s Travels caravan…”

(IPS / The People, 16.01.1972)

March 11th

Cliff Richard gives a religious concert for Tear Fund at Manchester’s new Century Hall.

March 25th

The Metropolitan Police promotion of a national young people’s ‘Help the Police’ competition is assisted by Cliff Richard; Olivia Newton-John; Tony Blackburn, and Emperor Rosko.

April 3rd

‘Afloat Again

Cliff Richard and 27 boys from the London Crusaders Club of Finchley were on the Norfolk Broads yesterday for their fifth holiday afloat.’

(Daily Express, 04.04.1972)

April 4th

Administrator: Anglia Television

Clip title: Cliff Richard Sets Out For Broads Holiday

Synopsis text: With twenty seven boys from a London Youth Club. MS Cliff arriving at Broads and walking to cruiser. MCU FINEWIND name in stern. MS Cliff loading boat.


April 13th

“It depends of course, but over the past year or so, I'd estimate Cliff's been averaging two or three meetings a week. About one-fourth of his week is spent on specifically Christian work. He goes to some church nearly every Sunday and maybe you'll hear about it, probably you won't ... and then Cliff will talk to a school meeting of 20 people and no one ever will know about it except those 20 people. Cliff doesn't like to give this aspect of his life too much publicity…

When Cliff and I sit down to figure which invitations he can accept, it's just a matter of selecting which ones can make the best use of what Cliff has to offer: his facility to communicate with people. We generally prefer going to a church that is 'live,' has some switched-on people, than to a church that's dead. Or maybe we'll decide on a church because of its strategic location or symbolic significance.”

(Bill Latham, Rolling Stone)

May 10th

‘Cliff’s rough passage

Pop singing star CLIFF RICHARD had a rough passage when he gave a concert in Lancaster University Great Hall, arranged by Industrial Chaplain MARTIN HIGGINBOTHAM, on May 10, in aid of Outreach to Industry and the Christian relief project TEAR.

The disturbances were caused by members of the LANCASTER GAY LIBERATION FRONT, who challenged Cliff Richard’s religious beliefs, and held up the proceedings by shouting and stamping.

Eventually they agreed to allow the concert to go on, to the relief of a thousand strong audience.

Support was given by a Sussex singing duo ISMAIL and ANDY and the TRUSTY FOLK, Liverpool.

Afterwards Cliff Richard spoke to representatives of the Gay Liberation and before this gave an extra show to some 800 clamouring fans who could not get in to the first concert.’

(The Stage, 18.05.1972)


Cliff Richard and his holiday gang spend some time in Israel.
September 20th


…The survey is the result of sixteen months’ work by Lord Longford’s 52-strong commission, which included clergymen, lawyers and psychiatrists - as well as pop singer Cliff Richard and disc jockey Jimmy Savile.

The team say in their report - expected to be a best-seller - that they are not prudes or killjoys.

But they warn that children’s imaginations could be poisoned by some of the publications circulating in schools….’

(Daily Mirror front page)

The paperback book ‘Pornography: The Longford Report’ has a Final List Of Members on pages 5 and 6 (preceding the Acknowledgements), which includes the names of Cliff Richard and Jimmy Savile.

Chapter Seventeen: Broadcasting, on pages 214-236, is attributed to:

Malcolm Muggeridge - Chairman
Sara Binney
Dennis Delderfield
Jeremy Murray-Brown
Cliff Richard
Jimmy Savile
Peregrine Worsthorne

Cliff Richard:

“..Where there’s dishonesty and immorality, that’s where Christians ought to be. But I don’t believe that show business is more corrupt than other walks of life; it’s just that we get more publicity. You’ll find immorality among bankers, politicians, teachers, all the ‘respectable’ professions, but perhaps they cover it up better!….”



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Unknown date this year

Cliff Richard proffers his thoughts on David Bowie:

“Here’s a genuine, married man dressing up as a woman. The impact is not on people like myself, or those in my age group, but on youngsters who will be tomorrow’s people. What will those ten- and eleven-year-olds think of someone who’s a man dressing up as a woman at a pop show? Danny La Rue is different. He’s a female impersonator, getting laughs.

But what is this Bowie man/woman image on the stage doing to young people? He upsets me as a man. There’s a great responsibility all of us singers have to the ten-year-olds and some of us aren’t living up to it.”


‘Rolf Harris was today linked to Jimmy Savile as it emerged he joined the paedophile on a sick visit to the psychiatric hospital where the DJ habitually abused patients.

One of Savile's victims said Harris ogled vulnerable women as they undressed at Broadmoor in 1973, where the former Top of the Pops star attacked scores of people.

Alison Pink remembered the pair suddenly turning up on a women's ward just as patients were preparing to strip in the corridor and said they were 'birds of a feather'….’

(MailOnline, 01.07.2014)

January 19th

Cardiff Young Nazarenes present an evening ‘Dinner in aid of T.E.A.R. Fund’, at the City Hall, Cardiff. Special guests are Cliff Richard and Bill Latham.


A very controversial documentary about Andy Warhol is to be broadcast on British television, about which Cliff Richard has some thoughts:

“I haven’t seen any of Warhol’s films, but as far as I’m concerned they stink of titillation. I saw a film recently about a child rapist, The Offence. It was violent and showed a man being beaten to death, but it was far more valid because of the impression it made. I can still remember the scenes vividly.

As far as I can see it’s better to learn about sex from parents or by personal experience. Mary Whitehouse and Norris McWhirter had every right to stop that film. Mrs. Whitehouse is ten years ahead of her time. The cinema medium is being wasted. Morally, something has got to be done about it. There’s a need for censorship.”

(CRihow / CR: TCC)

March 7th

An advertisement is published in Church Times, prominently employing a picture of Cliff, which invites people to ‘..write today for your free record on which Cliff Richard introduces the information about Spre-e ’73...’

In addition to this advert (and, possibly others), 500,000 promotional postcards are sent out, with the offer of the free flexi disc on which Cliff Richard will ‘..tell you all about Spre-e…’

On the reverse side of the record, are seven minutes of Billy Graham preaching an ‘evangelistic sermon…’

Spre-e is a major Christian festival to take place in Britain, later in the year, organised by the Billy Graham organisation. 54,000+ of the free records are requested.

March 8th

Cliff performs his Eurovision entry, ‘Power To All Our Friends’ on Top of The Pops, on an edition presented by Jimmy Savile.

March 31st

Cliff Richard attends the wedding of musical arranger, Dave Mackay and Brenda Challis at St. James’s Church, Piccadilly.

The married couple are photographed with Cliff and disc jockey, Alan Freeman on either side of them.

Jimmy Savile has been interviewed by James Thomas for the Daily Express as publicity for his new BBC chat show:

‘…He was adamant that he won’t do anything in his new show against what he calls “the social code.” He said: “Say what you like about the pop scene, but I have never done anything which I believe would corrupt anyone.”

May 11th

At the Sun Television Awards, Freddie Starr ‘..sings Twistin' the Night Away and performs stand up comedy and impressions of Jimmy Savile, Cliff Richard, Adam Faith, and Mick Jagger… Pete Murray (presenter).. announces the award for the top male personality, the award is presented by Diana Dors (who is on crutches) to Michael Parkinson. Pete introduces the award for the top pop act, this is presented by Gary Glitter to The New Seekers - they are not present but the award is received on their behalf by Keith Potger. Pete introduces the award for top female personality, the award is presented by Rolf Harris to Cilla Black (includes clips of Cilla interviewing members of the public about European food)…’



Cliff Richard’s holiday gang spend time in Madeira.

July 15th

‘Photographs featuring Jimmy Savile. Includes photographs showing Jimmy Savile at: 'PHAB: BBC Radio One Speakeasy' on 15 July 1973; meeting with Lord Hunt on 30 June 1971 to plan a tour to meet handicapped and other members of the Association; at the start of a sponsored walk in Jersey; on a walk in Northern Ireland in 1973; and at various unidentified events and locations. Most photographs are not dated.’

(University of Birmingham - collections)


At a press conference held in the Connaught Rooms, London to promote Spre-e ’73, Billy Graham says:

“Christ is going to come riding on a white horse, the armies of heaven behind him, and a sword in His mouth, an authoritarian power to rule the world.”

August 31st

Cliff Richard appears at Wembley Stadium, as part of Spre-e '73 (the name is derived from SPiritual REEmphasis):

‘Friday night is Cliff Richard night, so it’s not surprising it’s the biggest turnout of the week - 25,000 plus…’

Cliff performs (and otherwise addresses the crowd) for 40 minutes, before Billy Graham takes over. He proceeds to tell the captive throng:

“The end is coming. Jesus Christ predicted it 318 times in the New Testament. I don’t mean the end of the earth or the human race, but the end of the world system. I believe His coming is near and we are going to enter a kingdom like Utopia…

Are you able to stand up like Cliff Richard does and say “I’m a Christian”? Tonight, present your bodies a living sacrifice..”

(David Coomes ‘SPRE-E ’73’)

October 4th

BBC1 Top Of The Pops 500th Birthday Edition (7:00 - 8:00 pm), hosts - Jimmy Savile, Tony Blackburn, Noel Edmonds, Kenny Everett - includes Cliff Richard’s ‘Take Me High’.


To experience Tear Fund’s work first hand, Cliff travels to Bangladesh…

‘..the independent republic created in the aftermath of the Indo-Pakistan War, where refugees (are) flooding in from North India to avoid persecution. The camps.. overcrowded and filthy, the refugees sick and undernourished…’


Cliff Richard:

“..It was at a clinic and a group of them were being washed…

..somebody accidentally trod on the finger of a little boy aged about three, who was sitting naked by my left elbow. He just screamed out like any kid would. It was so natural. I’ve got a niece and nephew and I’m used to humping kids around and the next thing I just grabbed the little boy and he stopped crying instantly and just buried himself in my shoulder.

It was fantastic. I felt such a feeling of warmth, and forgot about the fact he was all sore-ridden. He was a little piece of humanity clinging to me. He stopped crying because all he wanted was a bit of affection and love.

The incident made such a deep impression on me that I have a blown-up picture of me and the lad on the wall here in my home. No one sees it except me, because it’s on the way to the loo. Every time I go by it reminds me of that situation out there….’


November 2nd

‘POP singer Olivia Newton-John has been chosen to represent Britain in the Eurovision Song Contest next year.

Olivia, 24, who is currently on tour in Australia, said last night: “I’m really knocked out by the news.”

On tour with her is pop star Cliff Richard, who gained third place for Britain in this year’s contest…

Olivia will sing her six “Songs for Europe” - from which TV viewers will select Britain’s entry - on Jimmy Savile’s “Clunk-Click” show in the New Year….’

(Daily Mirror)

November 5th

‘SPRE-E ’73’ by David Coomes is published:

“..I believe the time we have for evangelism is short. The day of vengeance of our God is soon to be hurled upon this world….”

(Quote in the book from Eric Delve, a young evangelist on Spre-e’s planning committee)

November 6th

‘Jimmy Savile Hands Over The Evening News Bus To The First Group Of Youth Club Members From The National Association Of Youth Clubs.’


November 22nd

Cliff Richard performs ‘Take Me High’ as a new release on Top of The Pops, on an edition presented by Jimmy Savile. Gary Glitter is at number 1 this week, and follows Cliff as the last act on the show.

November 26th

The Royal Variety Performance, at the London Palladium includes Cliff Richard.

December 7th

LWT Russell Harty Plus with:

Asha Puthli – Lies

Cliff Richard - Take me high


Unknown date this year

PHAB becomes an independent charity.

NAYC Tea-rific Fun and Happiness Week with Jimmy Savile, OBE, Vice President.

Chris Denning is sacked by Jonathan King’s UK Records following his conviction for ‘..offences related to having sex with young boys or producing child pornography…’, at the Old Bailey, London. (The Telegraph)

‘@InnaMood and my New Scotland Yard g/f told me in '74 Cliff Richard had been cautioned by police many years earlier.’

I Put LNP Last!! @johndory49

January 1st

Cliff takes part in a football match playing for the Buzz All Stars XI (Buzz is a British Christian Youth monthly journal) versus Choralerna (a Swedish Christian choir).

January 26th

Olivia Newton-John is ‘Close-Up Of The Week’ in the Daily Mirror:

‘..Livvy, as she is known to her friends, has the world at her feet. And she is very much a career girl.

She has been chosen to represent Britain in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest at Brighton on April 6. Her records sell consistently and she is always in demand for cabaret.

On February 2 she starts a five-week run in Jimmy Savile’s “Clunk-Click” show on BBC, when viewers will be given the chance to choose the song to represent Britain in the song contest…

“I can only do my best,” said Livvy. “I don’t think it upsets one’s career if you don’t win in these international song contests.

Look at Cliff Richard - he’s been entered in the Eurovision contest twice and been beaten both times.”…’

(Ken Irwin)

February 5th

The Nolan Sisters make their television debut on ‘It’s Cliff Richard’. Coleen Nolan - just short of nine years old - is in their line-up for this appearance.


Cliff Richard is awarded the Silver Clef trophy, presented by the Duchess of Gloucester, at the Second Annual Music Therapy Committee lunch.


During Cliff’s season at the London Palladium, Rolf Harris deputises for three nights, while he is suffering from ‘throat and chest problems’.

May 16th

BBC1 Top Of The Pops (7:25 - 8:00 pm), hosted by Dave Lee Travis includes Cliff Richard’s ‘(You Keep Me) Hangin' On’.


Cliff Richard plays the part of Bottom in his old school’s production of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.

Jimmy Savile and Princess Alexandra meet at a Duncroft Approved School for Girls Garden Party:

‘…The Queen’s cousin was a patron of mental health charity MIND, and on that occasion she greeted Jimmy Savile with a level of enthusiasm and familiarity that is said to have shocked the school’s main governor, Lady Montague Norman….’



In aid of Tear Fund, Cliff’s “Help It Along” (EMA 768) album is released.

Cliff Richard speaks on BBC Radio 2 program ‘Pause For Thought’.

August 28th

Cliff Richard appears in a special concert at the ‘New Gallery’, Regent Street, London for the Crusaders.

September 4th

Cliff meets and chats with Lady Mountbatten, lending his support to the Romsey Abbey Appeal.


Jimmy Savile’s autobiography ‘As It Happens’ is published:

‘..With Angus Ogilvy and his super missus Princess Alexandra one feels a great friendship from the off. I am the vice-president to his Presidency of the National Association of Youth Clubs and he is often down with us at headquarters in Devonshire Street, wanting to know what’s happening. Princess Alex is a patron of a hostel for girls in care. At this place I’m a cross between a termtime boyfriend and a fixer of special trips out. The Princess is a natural for such a place. Girls in care don’t take kindly to royal rules, protocol and the like, but Alex just steams in, captures them and anyone else that’s around, and steams out….’


Jimmy Savile is photographed at a PHAB presentation holding a copy of the Cliff Richard album ‘Take Me High’.


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Unknown date this year

‘Photographs of the NAYC Football Final sponsored by Thorn, held at Crystal Palace. Includes photographs of a supporting match between the Top Ten XI and International XI with celebrity players including Jess Conrad, Ed Stewart and Gareth Edwards.’

(University of Birmingham - collections)

April 14th

‘English dj and television presenter Jimmy Savile makes a call from the Wren House International Telephone Exchange in London. Savile is visiting as part of a 'Fun And Happiness Weekend', organized by the National Association of Youth Clubs. He is calling exchange worker and children's charity worker Kathy Day in Pittsburgh, USA.’

(Photo by Keystone Features / Hulton Archive / Getty Images)

April 19th

Cliff performs two songs and talks about his Christian faith at the ‘Way To Life’ rally, at Wembley’s Empire Pool.

May 3rd

Prior to their broadcasting of the F.A. Cup Final, ITV provide entertainment ‘ attract young viewers before the match starts..’ from Ed Stewart, Gary Glitter, Bill Oddie and Freddie Starr.

June 19th

Psychiatrist and children’s author, Catherine Storr describes ‘Jim’ll Fix It’ as:

‘..intolerably patronising… an insult to the dignity possessed by a child in his natural environment.’

(IPS / The Listener)

July 12th

On BBC TV’s ‘Jim’ll Fix It’ show, presented by Jimmy Savile, Cliff sings “Run Billy Run”. Other guests are Alvin Stardust, Patrick Moore and Zandra Rhodes.

July 19th

Cliff and The Shadows feature on ‘Jim’ll Fix It’, hosted by Jimmy Savile.

July 22nd

A Variety Club luncheon in tribute to Dame Vera Lynn, at the Savoy Hotel is attended
by - among others - Harold Wilson (Prime Minister) and his wife; Jeremy Thorpe (M.P.); Sir Robert Mark (Metropolitan Police Commissioner); Russ Conway, and Cliff Richard.

(The Stage, 24.07.1975)

September 12th

‘The Cliff Richard Story’ by George Tremlett is published.

October 10th

LWT Russell Harty has:

Richard O’Brien

Cliff Richard - Love On

Date not known

LWT Russell Harty - Cliff talks about withdrawal of his ‘Honky Tonk Angel’ single.

Late in the year

Interview with Tony Prince (disc jockey), published in January 1976 in the Eurald Tribune, the school paper of the European School in Luxembourg:

“…Now we make it downstairs into a big games room, recreation room, television room and party room. We gonna take the pool table down, I have a football game and table tennis and it's gonna be one of those rooms. We got six bedrooms, we always have a lot of guests staying here, so we got six bedrooms which are good for that. We're gonna have a lot of fun in this house, that's why we came to live here. In summer we're gonna have a lot of parties. We have people like Alvin Stardust and Gary Glitter coming to stay with us. They stay here from time to time when they come to be interviewed on Radio Luxembourg. We think it's nicer for them to come and stay here with us than to stay at the Holiday Inn or somewhere. We're looking out for 1976...”


‘Radio DJs in Britain in the early to mid-’70s had become godlike. If it wasn’t young children they were abusing, they were definitely abusing something, because their power became overwhelming and dictatorial. And they would propagate themselves there on BBC Radio as the purveyors of good taste, and careers could hinge on their negative impact….’

(John Lydon ‘Anger Is An Energy’, 09.10.2014)


Unknown date this year

Cliff Richard:

“..Jesus was a man, and in those days they did tend to have longish hair and beards. I doubt if He was a pretty man or an ugly man, but an ordinary man. He’d have been physically right, maybe a great athlete. He wouldn’t have been skinny like me, or fat like Cyril Smith, just an average man. The epitome of what man is meant to be….”


Visit by Prince Philip to the Prince Philip Centre PHAB Club, Leeds when the building was presented to the City of Leeds by the Leeds Union of Youth Club Organisations.

Cliff Richard:

“Crumbs, we all know homosexuals, don’t we, nowadays? It’s incredible, but we do. But homosexuality in my mind will never be normality, because I can see what normality means is man and woman procreating….”

“The Gay Liberation Front picketed the inaugural meeting of Mary Whitehouse’s anti-porn movement…

They were dressed up like nuns and screaming like banshees. They need a birching.”

“Crikey, you have to be one of the boys and swear and sleep around before you’re considered anything today, our society has become so twisted. And it worries me that the police are held in such scorn these days.

Again, it all comes back to the home. It’d be interesting to take a survey on the families that work and the families that don’t and find out which ones have the discipline and the rod.”


Ed Stewart makes a short educational film, with his young daughter Francesca, warning children about danger from strangers.

Cliff Richard looks back to the time he had moved in with Bill Latham and his mother, while making the film ‘Finders Keepers’, and then on to share another home with them:

“..we found a nice house in Totteridge, North London, two roads away from Frankie Vaughan. We’ve lived there ever since. Bill’s mother has virtually adopted me; it’s like having a second mother.”



AJ Nebber is banned by Cliff Richard from singing a song called ‘Dear Auntie Vera’ on his TV show. The song is about a girl who asks an agony aunt how she can increase the size of her bust.

April 23rd

UK release of ‘Devil Woman’ hit single. It had…

‘..started off as a riff which Terry Britten couldn’t find words for and then he linked up with Christine Holmes, a singer and children’s television presenter… and she gave it a title and wrote the story of a seductive fortune teller…’


“..My whole thing was to convey that women can be very spooky and clever when they try to snare a guy. They can force a guy into doing things he wouldn’t normally do. They can be witches when they want to be…”

(Christine Holmes, CR:TB)

June - August

‘Devil Woman’ is issued as a single in the United States by Rocket Records. Cliff does a lot of promotion there and hangs out with Peter Hebbes [Gormley Management]; Sharon Lawrence [Publicist]; Tony King [‘Rocket’s Executive Vice President in America.. a flamboyant English bachelor…’], as well as on occasions: Elton John [founder of The Rocket Record Company]; John Reid [Elton’s manager], Olivia Newton-John [old friend and musical collaborator].

‘Devil Woman’ is eventually a top 10 hit in the U.S.A.



Cliff Richard begins a gospel tour in aid of ‘Tear Fund’.

November 12th

While in town for a show, Cliff makes a surprise visit to Binley Park School, Coventry.

November 25th

BBC1 Top Of The Pops (7:10 - 7:40 pm), hosted by Jimmy Savile includes Cliff Richard’s ‘Hey Mr. Dream Maker’. It is on this edition of the show that Savile gropes a teenage girl, on camera:

‘SHOCKING footage has emerged of British television icon Jimmy Savile groping a young woman live on air, while an Australian man is thought to be among 300 victims abused by the presenter.

Disturbing YouTube footage taken from Top of the Pops in 1976 shows a teenage Sylvia Edwards wriggling away from Savile who had his hand up her skirt and was groping her bottom with one hand while he calmly introduces the next act to the camera.

The 19-year-old jumps about and shrieks in reaction to Savile's wandering hands during live filming for the popular music show.. at the BBC's West London TV centre.

She has told British newspaper The Sun that when she complained to a BBC employee she was told to "get lost" as Savile was only "messing about".

"I felt his fingers go towards my bottom. It was disgusting," the now 55-year-old told The Sun.

"He just laughed and carried on mauling me while talking to the camera."

In the clip Savile says to the camera: "I tell you something, a fella could get used to this, as it happens, he really could get used to it."

Ms Edwards said the experience damaged her and later contributed to the collapse of her marriage….’

(, 28.10.2012)


Cliff Richard meets Mother Teresa in Calcutta, India and visits the homes for the destitute and dying.

Cliff Richard performs in two concerts at Kalamandir Auditorium in New Delhi, India.

Cliff Richard visits Tear Fund projects in Bangladesh.

December 25th

BBC1 Top Of The Pops (2:10 - 3:00 pm), hosted by Dave Lee Travis and Noel Edmonds includes Cliff Richard’s hit ‘Devil Woman’.