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The International Cliff Richard Movement magazine “Dynamite” reports that Cliff’s Tear Fund concerts in 1976 raised over £37,000, providing six vehicles for Argentina, Yemen, Nigeria, Haiti and Burundi, also a generator for a hospital in India, a rural development center in Kenya and a training center in Zaire.

March 3rd

BBC1 Top Of The Pops (7:10 - 7:40 pm), presented by Jimmy Savile includes Cliff Richard’s ‘My Kinda Life’.

May 16th

‘He.. does 20 concerts a year for TEAR - The Evangelical Alliance Relief Fund.

Since he committed himself to the movement TEAR’s income has risen from $10,000 to $1,250,000 a year. This, he explained, was used to directly to help people in 40 countries. He visits regularly TEAR projects in Bangladesh, Nepal and Sudan….’

(The Sydney Morning Herald)

June 6th

Cliff Richard speaks at a Youth Rally, part of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee celebrations, in Windsor Great Park.


Cliff Richard and Dave Lee Travis are photographed standing close together, both wearing and holding glasses.

July 20th

Cliff Richard attends a reception at Buckingham Palace.

September 28th

On Radio 1, Cliff Richard talks to Dave Lee Travis and plays records, for an hour.


At an EMI sales conference dinner… ‘singer Roger Chapman makes loud and rude comments about Cliff’s self-imposed twelve-year celibacy.’


November 12th

CR appearance on children’s TV show ‘Tiswas’.

November 29th

Prince Charles is photographed sharing a joke with Madeline Bell and Cliff Richard at Circus Tavern, Purfleet, Essex.

Cliff had headed the bill (which also included Paul Daniels) of a Charity Gala in aid of The Prince’s Trust, to which the Prince had been invited as Guest of Honour.

December 17th

Cliff appears on BBC TV ‘Swap Shop Christmas Show’.



It is reported that Jimmy Savile had been ‘…presented with the National VALA Award together with a specially made silver medallion in recognition of his general social work…’, at a lunch held at the R.A.F. Club, Piccadilly, London:

“…This is the first time we have ever given a medallion, but Jim does so much good, we thought it appropriate.”

(Mary Whitehouse / The Viewer and Listener)

February 8th

A friend and collaborator to (Cliff Richard’s friend) Tim Rice and his musical partner, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Alan Doggett, is suspected of having sexually abusing boys:

‘..As with his leaving Colet Court, accounts differ of the actual events. Michael Walsh writes that ‘When one of the boys accused Doggett of molestation – apparently the accusation was false – the conductor was arrested and, as a condition of his bail, was forbidden to have any contact with his chorus’.. Stephen Citron, who.. reports the molestation at Colet Court as an established fact, says that on this occasion Doggett was again ‘accused of molestation – this time presumably falsely – he was forbidden to have any contact with his chorus’…

..Doggett was due to conduct a further performance of ‘Jason and the Golden Fleece’ at the Royal Albert Hall on February 23rd, with a choir of a thousand singers, entitled ‘The London Boy Singers And a Massed Choir of 1000’ who he had selected and coached, as well as many other children playing recorders and percussion, all from around 34 different schools; the performance was to be on behalf of Help the Aged. A few adult celebrities were also involved, including Ed Stewart, Ian Lavender, and Barney the Clown... An article from three years after his death… mentioned that according to some press reports, police had intended to interview every one of these thousand boys…

What is clear is that after Doggett was charged on February 8th, 1978 in West London and remanded on bail of £1000, hours after which, in a depressed state, he travelled back to his birthplace of Iver, and lay down on a railroad track so as to be run over by a train….’

(Ian Pace ‘Alan Doggett, first conductor of Joseph and Jesus Christ Superstar, and the Paedophile Information Exchange’ / Desiring Progress blog, 07.03.2014)

March 2nd

Mike Read interviews Cliff Richard at the London Palladium for Radio Luxembourg.

EMI Records host a special honorary dinner for Cliff Richard in London.


A Variety Club luncheon is held for Jimmy Savile at the Dorchester Hotel, London. Savile is seated between Lord Louis Mountbatten and Sir Billy Butlin.

Those paying tribute include: BBC 1 Controller, Bill Cotton and Angus Ogilvy, President of NAYC:

“He has done more than perhaps anyone else to make the lives of unfortunate people happier than they might ever have been.”

‘Savile talked of how he had felt “great friendship from the off” with Ogilvy and his wife, socialising with them at the NAYC headquarters on Devonshire Street in London and at any number of gala events…’



‘New centre: dedication

THE ARCHBISHOP of Canterbury has dedicated the new premises of the Arts Centre Group at Short Street, E1. Cliff Richard and David Winter took part in the service at the adjacent St. Andrew’s Church.’

(The Stage, 06.07.1978)

July 26th

‘HERE are three dancers creating a lot of Hot Gossip.

Versatile disc jockey Kenny Everett says they are “the official naughty bit” of his TV show.

Mrs Mary Whitehouse says they are “aggressively and deliberately seductive”.

She has protested to Thames Television over the troupe of nine’s appearance on the Kenny Everett Video Show

The clean-up TV campaigner said: “It is one of the most suggestive groups ever seen on television…”….’

(Daily Express)

August 7th

The sixth show of the first series of ‘The Kenny Everett Video Show’ (Thames TV) is broadcast, including some content from Cliff Richard.


Start of 5-part BBC Radio 1 series on Cliff Richard, narrated by Tim Rice.

During an interview recorded for BBC Radio 1, Johnny Rotten / John Lydon states:

“I’d like to kill Jimmy Savile; I think he’s a hypocrite. I bet he’s into all kinds of seediness that we all know about, but are not allowed to talk about. I know some rumours… I bet none of this will be allowed out.”

October 9th & 10th

Under the banner of ‘Help, Hope & Hallelujah’, Cliff gives two concerts to celebrate the 10th anniversary of ‘Tear Fund’.

He is on the board of the charity, and in addition to performing numerous concerts for them, has visited their projects in Sudan, Nepal and Bangladesh.

October 23rd

Cliff Richard was celebrating 21 years in show business, and a press conference is held at the Waldorf Hotel, London.

Daily Express quotes him the next day:

“Even if I were some shadowy homosexual, which I’m not, I’m hardly likely to say so. And any sexy skeletons that might be lurking in locked cupboards are going to stay put.”

November 12th

‘THERE is a formidable lady behind the runaway success of Hot Gossip, a group of ‘erotic’ dancers who specialise in acting out the darker fantasies.

It is not the group’s leader Arlene Phillips but none other than the Holy Purifier herself, Mary Whitehouse…

Understandably, Arlene Phillips thinks Mary Whitehouse is ‘amazing.’ For myself I’m perplexed. I caught Hot Gossip in action the other night putting on a parade of exotic whirls involving whips, schoolgirl prostitutes and transvestites and I’m sure I would have had more erotic thrills spending the evening slowly dipping my left elbow into a bowl of cold porridge.’

(The Observer)


Cliff Richard is ‘..the recipient of a special silver rat to celebrate his 20 years in show business and his world-wide work for charity..’ at the Water Rats Annual Ball in The Great Room of Grosvenor House, London. Among others in attendance are David Berglas [‘King Rat’]; Alan Freeman [‘Bait Rat’], and Paul Daniels [‘Illusionist’].

(The Stage, 30.11.1978)

Unknown year 1978-1991

From: Alan Francis (Head of Security, Mecca Leisure, 1978-1991) – and Jimmy Savile

Sir Jimmy Saville and charity

Over 40 years ago with several City Police colleagues, invited by the BBC, we went to the Paris Cinema to participate in a ‘Crime and punishment’ radio show ‘Speak Easy’ presented by Jimmy Savile, (JS). It was a good experience. His death has just been announced. JS was a prolific charity worker.

After retiring from the beloved City I went to work for Mecca Leisure, on the edge of show-business, where I met JS several times. At the Cafe de Paris , Coventry Street, the manageress Avril Matthews McClay, a singer, had been through a traumatic experience when her husband and child had been killed in a plane crash and she had been nursed by JS in Stoke Mandeville Hospital. At the Cafe de Paris there was a charity evening for the disabled. The Royal Marines turned up in uniform to carry the disabled inside and Jimmy Saville arrived with a Russian Princess. Paul Daniels also later arrived in support of Avril to give a free show of magic which was amazing. A lot of money was raised for the disabled-related charity PHAB (Physically Handicapped Able Bodies)……



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‘..Anyway my brother did work experience back in late 70's at a local radio station when Sir Jimbo came a'calling with his two full time marine bodyguards. Said he was the most unpleasant human being he had ever met up until that time.’

dogsled, 28.09.2012 /

“I always feel terrible when people are judged on their sexual behaviour in the 70s from the perspective of today’s knowledge, because, in fact, while we were going through the 70s, it was assumed that there would be no consequences for whatever your sexual actions may have been…”

Paul Gambaccini / BBC TV Freddie Mercury documentary

“I really like David Bowie. That album, ‘Ziggy Stardust’, I thought was great, but I can’t believe it didn’t have a bad effect on the kids. I mean, he was purveying homosexuality, that’s what it was all about. That sort of image and power is very dangerous.”

Cliff Richard

February 26th

The second programme in the second ITV series of ‘The Kenny Everett Video Show’, featuring Cliff Richard, is broadcast.

February 27th

Cliff Richard lunches at New Scotland Yard.

March 5th

Cliff is on another edition of ‘The Kenny Everett Video Show’ (?).

April 20th

CR participates in a youth festival at St. Alban’s Cathedral.

June 7th

‘God’ll Fix It’ by Jimmy Savile, a Mowbrays popular Christian paperback, is published:

‘Jimmy Savile is an enigma. His job forces him to clown, bamboozle, and pull the wool over our eyes. In this book he comes clean. He talks frankly about his relationship with God and his commitment as a Christian, showing what this demands of him in his day to day life, as a disc jockey, TV personality and, most dear to his heart, hospital visitor. His joy in being involved with other people, many of whom are seriously ill, shines through the book.

A strong faith (and sense of humour) makes him trust that, come what may, God’ll Fix It.’

June 12th

Cliff sings two songs on Dutch TV’s ‘Auro Gala Special’, to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Dutch Youth Hostel Organisation.



Ten famous celebrities pose for a photograph with Cliff to celebrate his 21 years in show business. The group includes:

Christopher Timothy, Joan Collins, Hank Marvin, Bruce Welch, Brian Bennett, Elaine Page, Patti Boulaye, Kenny Everett and Lionel Blair.

July 5th

At the Dorchester Hotel, Cliff Richard is the guest of honour at a Variety Club lunch to celebrate his 21 years in show business. Also in attendance.. The Duke of Kent, Kenny Everett, The Shadows etc.

Prior to this event, Cliff was scheduled to: ‘..present two sunshine coaches, one to Astley Park School, Lancs, and the other to Selworthy School, Taunton…’

(The Stage, 05.07.1979)

July 26th

BBC1 Top Of The Pops (7:20 - 8:00 pm), presented by Jimmy Savile includes Cliff Richard ‘We Don't Talk Anymore’.

August 23rd

On another Top of The Pops edition presented by Jimmy Savile, Cliff performs ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore’, again.

This single becomes the most successful Cliff Richard single of all time, selling millions.

September 18th

Attends a Filey Christian Holiday Crusade meeting.

October 16th

‘Kenny Everett claims - for the umpteenth time - that his ITV show leapt in popularity after I “went berserk and started shouting in public about how dreadful it was” (Mirror, Sept.20).

The facts are that we objected to the Hot Gossip dancers doing a sequence in Everett’s show in which one of the girls was dressed as a child prostitute.

We wrote a private letter to ITV expressing our concern and let the matter rest there.

But not Kenny Everett. Obviously feeling his programme was not going to make it on its merits he decided to cash in on the private correspondence.- Mary Whitehouse, Gen. Sec., National Viewers’ and Listeners’ Association, Ardleigh, Essex.’

(Daily Mirror)

December 2nd

Concert in aid of International Year of the Child, Camberley, Surrey.

December 16th

Cliff leads a large crowd (torchlight procession) from Trafalgar Square to Buckingham Palace, then performs carols on stage, facing the Palace, to mark the end of the Year of the Child.

After performing that role, he is ‘received’ in the palace.

December 18th

Cliff sings at a ‘special concert’ in aid of the International Year of the Child.

December 20th (?)

Coleen Nolan is at Top Of The Pops during the live broadcast, as her elder sisters are performing on the show:

‘..I stood next to Jimmy Savile and I was 14 and he was all over me.. You know, it was a bit like.. Uh, I don’t think I like it. But, it’s funny cos then you know it’s family cos I could see my sisters glaring like “you touch her and we’ll kill you”, and they would’ve y’know and that’s where family come into it….’

(Unknown TV documentary circa-2008)

December 31st

Cliff appears in a programme titled ‘The Will Kenny Everett Make It to 1980? Show’:

‘…The most outrageous costume he wears is his back-to-front outfit as Mr. Angry of Mayfair, which is really a cheeky parody of Mary Whitehouse.

As Mr. Angry, Everett wears a pin-stripe suit with the back cut away to reveal that he is wearing women’s underwear, black bra, suspender belt, and fishnet stockings…

When it comes to capturing the top rock stars for his shows, Everett never has any trouble. Cliff Richard and David Bowie both asked to be invited back after their first appearances earlier in the year.

“They don’t seem to care what I do to them when I get them on the programme,” says Everett….’

(Daily Mirror, 29.12.1979)


Unknown date in 1980 (stated as Jan. 1st)

Tyne Tees Television ‘Check It Out’ film about Phab, includes footage of Jimmy Savile at Phab club, Harrogate.

February 4th - 10th

The Duchess of Kent is photographed conversing with Cliff Richard after a musical tribute to Norrie Paramour, held at Fairfield Hall, Croydon. Cliff topped the bill at the event, which raised £7,000 for the Stars Organisation for Spastics.

(The Stage, 14.02.1980)

February 10th

Cliff takes part in an evangelical meeting in Cambridge with Dr. Billy Graham. The same evening he speaks at Great St. Mary's, the University Church.

February 20th

“Sex outside marriage is wrong…” (CR, Daily Star)

February 25th & March 3rd

Cliff appears in two more editions of the ITV series ‘The Kenny Everett Video Show’.

April 16th

An auction to have lunch with Cliff Richard forms part of Capital Radio’s regular ‘Help A London Child’ broadcasts, this year.

July 23rd

Cliff Richard speaks on Radio 1 Mike Read Breakfast Show before going to Buckingham Palace to collect his O.B.E. from The Queen.

“..I have always been a very firm Royalist and have followed the Royal Family since I was a kid…’ (CR, speaking at The Palace)

?July 25th or September?

Cliff Richard and Radio Luxemburg disc jockey, Tony Prince are photographed together, in front of some railings making weird limb movements: this is supposed to promote a keep-fit device called Star Disco Trimmer.

September 4th

BBC1 Top Of The Pops (7:20 - 7:55 pm), hosted by Dave Lee Travis and Kevin Keegan has Cliff Richard performing ‘Dreamin’.

October 2nd - 3rd

‘Britain’s first telethon - a marathon TV show in aid of charity - will go out in the London area next month…

The show will be presented at the Wembley Conference Centre by Jimmy Young, Rolf Harris and Joan Shenton. Stars who have agreed to appear include Cliff Richard, Frankie Vaughan, Frankie Howerd and Twiggy.

The funds raised by the telethon will be allocated by the Thames Help Trust, chaired by Baroness Pike.’

(The Observer, 07.09.1980)

‘..By the end, the people of the South-east region had pledged a total of £1,108,467 to.. a charity set up for the occasion to receive the money, then dispense it to projects designed to help children, from perinatal care and the handicapped to latchkey schemes and self-help projects….’

(The Guardian, 28.10.1980)

October 27th

Cliff guests once more on ‘Swap Shop’, BBCTV, with Noel Edmonds.

December 15th

Sponsored walk from London to Liverpool is undertaken by Lewis Collins and John Conteh, in aid of Phab.


Top London stores ‘Selfridges’ invites Cliff and other celebrities to design their own shop window. Cliff’s window is on the traditional religious theme ‘Christmas Through The Eyes Of A Child’.


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‘Everyone Is Phab’ documentary, sponsored by Phab to mark their Silver Jubilee, features Jimmy Savile:

‘Shows able bodied and disabled people working together, treating each other as equals. Intended for fund raising from corporations and individuals.’


January 16th

Cliff meets up with Billy Graham at the Royal Albert Hall.

Also, attends the 25th birthday celebrations of the evangelical magazine ‘Crusade’.

January 24th

‘More than £10,000 has been given by Daily Mirror readers to our PHAB Appeal.

“And that means 10,000 thank you’s from my handicapped friends,” says Jimmy Savile, President of the Physically Handicapped Able-Bodied organisation - PHAB - which links the handicapped with the able-bodied…

Most of the money has been raised in orders for the exclusive Lord Snowden black and white poster of Cliff Richard.

“The picture is unique. It’s a must for any Cliff Richard fan”, says Jimmy, who can be seen in JIM’LL FIX IT (BBC-1, 6.40 tonight).

For your Cliff Richard poster, send £1 to: PHAB Appeal, Daily Mirror….’


Cliff Richard attends a Christians in Sport Dinner in Watford.

February 10th

‘Cliff sings with a choir of 400 girls to raise money for St. Brendan’s School, Clevedon, Bristol. The school’s headmaster, John Davey had been Cliff’s teacher who helped him to pass his ‘O’ Level in religious studies in 1965.’


February 14th

Crusaders meeting at Central Hall, Westminster, London is attended by Cliff.

April 23rd

Cliff makes an appearance on ‘The Kenny Everett Video Cassette’ - fourth series, second show of the somewhat re-named ITV show he’s been on several times before.

May 4th

‘Princess fixes it for Jim

THE Princess and the showman kept a special date in London’s Hyde Park yesterday.

Princess Alexandra and Jimmy Savile met to launch a 10-mile sponsored walk around the Serpentine lake.

A thousand walkers on the “Heartbeat Hike” were expected to raise up to £25,000 for P.H.A.B., the charity which brings handicapped and able-bodied people together.

The Princess met many of the disabled people.’

(Daily Mirror, 05.05.1981)

May 7th

Another (possibly last) appearance by Cliff on ‘The Kenny Everett Video Cassette’.


Cliff is ‘..introduced to Sue Barker by sports commentator Gerald Williams, a personal friend of his and also a supporter of Christians in Sport…’

They watch The Shadows in concert at the Dominion, London, along with Bill Latham and Sue Mappin:

‘..After the show.. they eat together.. Cliff wanted to know why tennis was such a privileged sport in this country and what needed to be done to find the tennis stars of tomorrow. Out of this first meeting grew the idea of what, in ten years’ time would be the Cliff Richard Tennis Trail - a charity which helps school-age children to develop a love for the game.

At the time Cliff was not noted for his love of tennis…’


October 20th

‘Reception. The Earl of Snowdon, Patron of PHAB (physically handicapped and able bodied) and Mr Jimmy Savile (president) were hosts at a reception and dinner held at the Mount Royal Hotel yesterday to launch the charity’s silver jubilee celebration for 1982. Among the guests were: Mr Hugh Rossi, Minister of state for Social Security and the Disabled…’

( / The Times, 21.10.1981)

October 24th

CR presents awards to local children at Addlestone Police Station, in Surrey.

November 23rd

Royal Variety Performance at Drury Lane, London. The line-up includes, among others:

John Inman
Tim Rice
Andrew Lloyd Webber
Julian Lloyd Webber
Patrick Moore
Jimmy Tarbuck
Cliff Richard
The Shadows

Start of a four-part BBC 2 TV series ‘Cliff’. Among those that participate in the series are: Dave Lee Travis, Mike Read, Kenny Everett and Bill Latham.

November 28th

Another appearance by Cliff on the TV show ‘Tiswas’.


Re: Jimmy Saville

‘…In 1981/2 I was going out with a copper.. a nice chap.. a dog handler. He told me, back then, that all the police personnel had been made aware of and shown the 'Peadophile Exchange Information' list... Jimmy Savile's name was on it.. clear as a day, along with High Court judges, MPs, celebs.. as well as high ranking coppers!!

Everyone knew and chose to ignore it.. with the result , as far as JS was concerned, many, many young girls were abused by him... and the authorities turned a blind eye.. he was such a high earning charity worker! Tosh!!….’

(diosh, 16.10.2012 / Virtual Tourist - Miscellaneous Forum)

Unknown date in the year

Cliff Richard and disc jockey Tony Prince are once again photographed together, this time at the Nordoff Robins Annual Lunch.

A Silver Jubilee Luncheon for Phab held at the Porter Tun Room, Chiswell Street, London. Sir Peter Baldwin, Chairman of the charity (Physically Handicapped and Able Bodied) presides at the event:

‘..Among those present were: The Earl of Snowden, Baroness Stedman, Mr Alf Morris, MP, Lady Donaldson, Mr Cliff Richard, Mr Jimmy Savile, Mr Hugh Rossi (Minister for Social Security), Mr Christopher Benson, Mr Jeremy Brown, Mrs Claudia Flanders and Mrs Margaret Rymer.’

Crafty Muvva @craftymuvva / unknown

February 17th

‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat’ is the subject of a piece in the Daily Express:

‘..this was the show that struggled to survive when Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote it for a schools concert in London 15 years ago.

The story of the show’s early failure would make a script in itself…

Eventually, the modest Haymarket Theatre in Leicester decided to take it on a trial run and the show again began to slowly build in popularity.

It finally got another theatre in the West End and for the last two years has been on provincial tour, with former pop star Jess Conrad as Joseph….’


Cliff Richard tours to Bangkok, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Cliff Richard performs two concerts in Bangkok at ‘Hua Mark Indoor Stadium’.

Cliff Richard’s tour continues to Australia and New Zealand.

March 31st

‘Weetabix holds a press conference in the Derby & Queensbury Room at London’s Café Royal with Cliff, who is spearheading a campaign with them to raise money for underprivileged children.’


April 4th

CR visits Cranleigh School in Surrey.

April 10th

Cliff is involved with Capital Radio’s ‘Help A London Child’, again.

April 21st

‘PHAB is celebrating 25 years of integrating the physically handicapped and able bodied throughout its 350 clubs in the UK. A grand party for 800 people from as far away as Finland and New Zealand will be held in Manchester this weekend with celebrities Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris. Details from PHAB, 42 Devonshire Street, London W1.…’

(The Guardian)

May 9th - 15th

Cliff Richard and Bill Latham are in Kenya - a field trip on behalf of Tear Fund.

June 9th

Cliff Richard opens a new Dr Barnardo’s children’s home in Wokingham, Berkshire.

July 29th

BBC1 Top Of The Pops (7:35 - 8:10 pm), Hosted by Mike Read includes Cliff Richard’s ‘The Only Way Out Is The Only Way In’.


‘Lord Longford's Book of Accidents: Or - Hello Michael Foot’ is published. It includes among the 47 contributors:

The Archbishop of Canterbury; Dr. Henry Kissinger; Jeremy Thorpe; Patrick Moore; Cyril Smith; Jimmy Savile, and Cliff Richard.

December 16th

BBC1 Top Of The Pops (7:25 - 8:10 pm), presented by Jimmy Savile includes Cliff Richard’s ‘Little Town’.

December 25th

‘Little Town’ is also part of the Christmas Day TOTP edition hosted by Dave Lee Travis, John Peel, Peter Powell, Mike Read, Andy Peebles, Steve Wright, Tommy Vance, Mike Smith and Richard Skinner.


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Unknown date this year

Variety Club of Great Britain luncheon in honour of Cliff Richard, at the Hilton Hotel, London, marks his twenty-fifth year as an entertainer. The speakers included Tim Rice, Jimmy Tarbuck and, among others present are Mike Read and Bill Cotton.

(Crafty Muvva = @craftymuvva / unknown)


"Cliff In Kenya" documentary film is premiered in London:

‘Records a visit by Cliff Richard, one of the sponsor's two vice presidents, to Kenya in 1982, where he visited Tear Fund-supported projects at a number of places.’


January 28th

He presents a cheque ‘to the children of the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London’, as part of the Weetabix campaign.



Cliff Richard begins tours to Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines and Australia.

Cliff Richard performs two concerts in Bangkok.

June 6th

CR photographed at length by Lord Snowden, in London.

June 23rd

Attends retirement party for a Baptist minister in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey.

June 27th

At the Arts Centre Group, in London, Cliff Richard and Paul Gambaccini take part in a ‘rock seminar’.

July 18th

He visits the Netherlands for an International Conference with Billy Graham.


Cliff’s holiday gang spend some time in Bermuda.

October 10th

He co-hosts the Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Mike Read.

October 25th

Cliff attends a charity lunch at the Dorchester Hotel, held in the presence of Princess Anne.

October 29th

Guests on ‘The Saturday Show’.. a programme described as: ‘Saturday morning entertainment show designed for children.’


November 7th

Princess Alexandra and Angus Ogilvy watch Cliff perform at the Victoria Apollo, London.

‘Princess Alexandra will be present at the Cliff Richard silver jubilee concert, in aid of PHAB.. at the Apollo Victoria Theatre, London, on November 7.’

(Church Times, 24.09.1983)

November 11th

After his Victoria Apollo show, Cliff dines with Princess Anne and Tim Rice.

December 19th

The Cliff Richard Pro-Celebrity Tennis Tournament takes place at the Brighton Conference Centre. Mike Read is one of the participants.


April 1st - 15th

Cliff Richard and Bill Latham are on a field trip in Haiti, on behalf of Tear Fund.

“Of course I am sad not to have a family of my own. In a perfect world I would have liked to have had a boy and a girl. But I feel like I am a father to lots of children. I adopted Louismar and his mother when I went to Haiti five years ago. It is one of the poorest countries in the world, so £10 a week is enough to feed, educate and clothe a child. I never made a big thing about it because I hadn’t gone there to find out if I could adopt someone. It was one of those emotional, spur-of-the-moment things.”

(CR, 1990)

May 9th

Christian Heritage Year is ‘..formally opened in Westminster Abbey in the presence of the Prime Minister and leading notables of Church and State…’

Early on in the service, Cliff Richard performs the song ‘When I survey the wondrous Cross’.

(Illustrated London News, 01.09.1984)

July 6th

Billy Graham, American Christian evangelist, Mission England Crusade, Villa Park, Birmingham. Special Guest, singer, Cliff Richard.

October 13th

A negative review of Cliff’s Gospel concert at Hammersmith Odeon is published in New Musical Express. Cliff is so offended by it that he sues the paper for libel.

November 19th

Jimmy Savile plays a prominent role in the Royal Variety Performance this year, greeting the Queen Mother and Princess Diana, dressed as a theatre doorman.

Other celebrities involved this year include: Esther Rantzen and Paul Daniels.


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‘…He starts chugging to himself in the Rolf Harris manner. "Hehehehehehe, hehehehehe." If it wasn't Rolf, it would be a dirty laugh…

But there's always been more to Harris than the shtick. In 1985, he made Britain's first programme warning children about sex abuse. Years earlier he had seen a teacher friend who had told him that she had just given a talk to her pupils about abuse and, halfway through, a child ran out of the classroom and vomited up his past. Harris says he was naive, he didn't know that such things happened, and he became determined to address the subject on telly. He was told that it would be the death of his career. Typically, Harris not only made the programme, he managed to do it with a sing-song element. And he starts singing. "My body's no body's body but mine/You take care of your body/I'll look after mine."….’

( ‘The real Rolf’ / The Guardian, 03.12.2001)

Chris Denning is sentenced to 18 months in prison for ‘..offences related to having sex with young boys or producing child pornography…’ (The Telegraph)

February 11th

CR goes to a reception at 10 Downing Street.

March 30th

Cliff Richard is among celebrities attending the birthday party of Paul Gambaccini, in North London.

April 30th

CR films in Bath for ‘Jim’ll Fix It’ BBC TV show (presenter: Jimmy Savile).

May 1st

Launch of the board game ‘Mike Read’s Pop Quiz’ at Stringfellows night club, London. Among those present: Alvin Stardust, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Dave Lee Travis and Cliff Richard.

May 30th

Cliff Richard along with many other artists attends a ‘Guinness Book Of British Hit Singles’ presentation by Norris McWhirter at the Savoy Hotel for authors Tim Rice, Jo Rice, Paul Gambaccini and Mike Read.

May 27th

Cliff appears on the Bank Holiday Monday / 10th Anniversary edition of ‘Jim’ll Fix It’, presented by Jimmy Savile:

‘ far the most requested celebrity has been Cliff Richard.

“The mums love him, the daughters love him. He’s timeless,” says Jim.

And Cliff has always been keen to oblige. In the special 10th anniversary programme in 1985, he sprang a lovely surprise on one of the “mum” generation when her daughter, also a fan, brought Cliff home with her to sing a song in the front room….’

(Daily Express, 23.07.1994)

June 5th

CR wins libel action against publisher of NME:

‘Singer Cliff Richard was dismayed by a weekly newspaper article which implied that his expressions of religious belief were “sanctimonius and absurd,” a High Court Judge in London was told yesterday.

He sued IPC Magazines Ltd, publishers of the New Musical Express for libel over the review…

IPC Magazines had agreed to pay “appropriate damages for such a libel” and all his legal costs. Mr Richard, of Weybridge, Surrey would be giving the undisclosed damages to the Arts Centre Group, “a charitable organisation which assists Christian artists.”….’

(Glasgow Herald, 06.06.1985)

June 6th

‘Cliff’s fan club cash for youth

CLIFF RICHARD fans in Manchester have raised £7,500 to help young people in the North-West.

In just 18 months, members of the Manchester branch of the Cliff Richard Fan Club collected enough cash to buy a kidney machine for the renal unit at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.’

(The Stage)

June 25th

CR dines at the House of Commons.

July 2nd

‘Cliff Richard is cleaning up his act as far as apartheid is concerned.

Richard, who was blacklisted by the United Nations because of contacts with South Africa, has promised that he won’t sing commercially in the white minority-ruled nation.

Richard said he “gladly supports anti-apartheid. I (will) not go and do a commercial concert.

“I’ll go for one reason only - gospel concerts and to raise money for blacks.” ‘

(The Spokesman-Review)

July 16th

During a gospel tour of Britain and the Channel Islands…

‘While playing in Guernsey, Cliff and Bill Latham spend a day on the island of Herm renewing their friendship with Major and Mrs. Wood and their family, as they had camped on the island with the Crusaders in the late sixties’.



Andy Kershaw begins working as a disc jockey at BBC Radio 1:

‘Almost as soon as I joined Radio 1 in 1985, I was warned by John Walters, my producer at the station, to steer clear of Savile. And, just as quickly, I became familiar with the stories…’

(The Telegraph, 24.03.2013)

August 16th

Publication in Britain of the hardback book ‘Jimmy Savile Introduces Benjamin Rabbit and The Stranger Danger’. Other than the introduction by Savile, the book is written by Irene Keller and is illustrated by Dick Keller. It is described on the lower front cover as ‘What a child needs to know about strangers’.

August 24th

A Norwegian television show starring British stars, Cliff Richard & Shirley Bassey, was blacked out tonight because the two singers had appeared in South Africa and would not promise not to go back. They ran into anti-apartheid demonstrators as soon as they arrived in Norway.


August 31st

Polish Youth Conference in Warsaw is visited by Cliff Richard.

September 28th

He guests on ‘Saturday Superstore’ BBC TV show.

November 16th

TX: A new Saturday morning show for children presented by Alison Dowling, Sue Robbie and Tony Slattery in Manchester and Steve Blacknell in Birmingham, studio guests are Cliff Richard and Go West.


November 22nd

BBC1 Children In Need includes, among many others, Cliff Richard and Gary Glitter.

November or December

On the BBC TV ‘Saturday Superstore’ Pop Panel, with presenter Mike Read, the video of Cliff’s new single ‘It’s In Every One Of Us’ is shown, in part. Rolf Harris is one of the panel reviewing:

“I didn’t think there was a false note anywhere. The video was just enormously attractive. It was done with such security and simplicity and a cast of thousands and it was really.. Everything looked good and sounded good…”


‘Cliff Richard with Hank Marvin, Shakin Stevens and Mike Read, launching the years search for a young British Tennis Ace.’ (mirrorpix)

December 21st

Cliff makes an appearance, again, on the BBC TV programme, ‘Saturday Superstore’, hosted by Mike Read.

Paul Daniels, Princess and Russ Abbot are also guests on this show, and they review new pop videos, along with Cliff and his presenter friend.

Cliff Richard’s Third Annual Pro-Celebrity Tennis Tournament, Brighton takes place inc. Mike Read and others.

December 23rd

Terry Wogan’s guests on his BBC TV chat show are ‘..Cliff Richard, Loretta Swit from M.A.S.H, John Parr, and chief fixer Jimmy Savile’ (The Guardian)

December 24th

BBC TV show ‘A Song For Christmas’ - an annual children's Christmas Carol competition. The finalists perform their own carols in front of a panel of celebrity judges, one of whom is Cliff Richard.


January 29th & 30th

Cliff makes a radical re-recording of ‘Living Doll’ with actors from the comedy TV show ‘The Young Ones’, and then an accompanying promotional video. The single will be released in aid of the charity, Comic Relief.

February 22nd

Cliff attends a Crusader rally.


Release of the single ‘Living Doll’ by Cliff Richard and The Young Ones.

It goes on to make number 1 in the charts in Britain and other countries.

March 22nd

Cliff Richard is once more a guest on BBC TV show ‘Saturday Superstore’, hosted by Mike Read, where he talks about the Comic Relief version of ‘Living Doll’.

April 7th

Preview of ‘Time’ at the Dominion Theatre, London, in the presence of the Duchess of Kent.

April 19th

CR presents the National Viewers and Listeners Association Award to ‘Blue Peter’, at All Souls Church, Langham Place, London.

May 20th

Cliff Richard is photographed with potential young tennis stars at the Dominion Theatre, London to publicise his ‘Search For A Star’.

September 22nd - 24th

Cliff Richard is at Bisham Abbey with aspiring young tennis players as part of his ‘Search For A Star’ tennis project.

October 11th

Yet another appearance on BBC TV programme ‘Saturday Superstore’.

October 29th & 30th

‘The Cliff Richard File’ by Mike Read (with a foreword by Cliff Richard) is launched in Old Compton Street, London and published the next day.

November 27th

Cliff attends Westminster City Council’s Anti-Drugs Lunch at the Rock Garden, where he signs a ‘Say No To Drugs Plaque’ along with other celebrities.

Afterwards he lunches (again?) with Diana, The Princess of Wales, who had also attended the event.

December 8th

He opens Tear Fund Christmas Sale, at St. Peter’s Church, Vere St., London.


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‘Among those in on the secret of Jimmy Savile’s revolting behaviour… was Anthony Burgess, author of A Clockwork Orange. Interviewed in 1987 by a young journalist who now works on this paper, Burgess brought up Savile for no apparent reason, referring to him as “that disgusting man”. When challenged, Burgess replied that he’d heard (but couldn‘t prove) that Savile spends his time luring young girls into his caravan to have sex with them. Because of libel laws, the story never appeared…’

(Matthew Bell, The Independent On Sunday, 14.10.2012)

January 16th

Cliff records for ‘Jim’ll Fix It’ at the Dominion.

February 7th

BBC1 Jim'll Fix It, presented by Jimmy Savile with Cliff Richard & Dave Clark at the Dominion Theatre.

March 4th

Cliff Richard presents awards to the Metropolitan Police competition winners, and is featured on Thames News.

April 11th

The end of Cliff Richard’s year-long stretch as the rock star in ‘Time’ at the Dominion Theatre, London. 700,000 tickets for the musical have been sold during this year of performances.

June 15th

Cliff Richard participates in ‘It’s A Royal Knockout’ in Princess Anne’s team - one of the four teams captained by Royal family members that represent various charities in the competition. The show, filmed at Alton Towers, is hosted by Stuart Hall, Les Dawson and Su Pollard, with Paul Daniels as the chief referee.

July 3rd

Records the LWT show ‘The Dame Edna Experience’, also featuring Sean Connery and Mary Whitehouse.

July 20th

‘Appears on a local show from a school near his home, St. Maur’s Convent’.


July 31st - August 15th

Cliff Richard’s holiday gang stay in Brindisi, Italy and tour the Greek Islands on a yacht owned by London art dealer, David Mason.

September 5th

Cliff takes part in a UNICEF Gala in Germany.

September 12th

'The Dame Edna Experience' TV chat show with Cliff Richard, Mary Whitehouse and Sean Connery is broadcast.

October 14th

A filmed tribute from Cliff is shown on the (Thames TV) broadcast of Alan Freeman’s ‘This Is Your Life’…

Eamonn Andrews to Alan Freeman:

“..The star has never forgotten your influence on his lasting career in pop music - Cliff Richard…’

Alan Freeman’s fellow disc jockeys who appear on the show include:

Ed Stewart, Tony Prince, Mike Read, Dave Lee Travis, Jimmy Savile.


‘Esther Rantzen’s Childline Christmas Book [a collection of celebrity christmas cards]’ is published. Page 5 of the book features ‘best wishes’ sent by HRH Prince Edward; The Duke and Duchess of York; The Archbishop of Canterbury, and Margaret Thatcher (Prime Minister). Among the many other contributions in the book are:

A message from Cyril Smith M.B.E., M.P. (p.19)

A card design & message from Jimmy Tarbuck (p.29)

Card designs and messages from both Cliff Richard and Rolf Harris, facing each other on pages 40 & 41.

November 27th

‘Jim Fixes It For Children In Need

Dream-maker Jimmy Savile waves his wand to help a very special girl.’

(Daily Mirror TV listing)

Unknown dates this year

Cliff Richard:

“.I did have a girl send herself to me in a box once. It was at the Manchester Free Trade Hall and she’d got her boss to deliver it and I came into my dressing room and there was this big cardboard box with my name on it. And I thought I’d been sent a TV set. I was really thrilled. I was quite disappointed when this girl jumped out….”


Jerry Sadowitz LP ‘Gobshite’, recorded in Edinburgh, is released. It includes him saying this:

“There have been serious allegations of child abuse in Cleveland. To my mind there is only one way to find out whether this is true or not and that’s to . . . CALL IN JIMMY SAVILE! You can’t afford to f*** about! Bring in an expert! Am I right? A friend of mine reckons Jimmy Savile is a paedophile. Rubbish — he’s a child-bender! That’s why he does all the f****** charity work: it’s to gain public sympathy for when his f****** case comes up.’


‘Former Fleet Street editor Janet Street-Porter has revealed she was aware of rumours concerning Sir Jimmy Savile's alleged abuse of underage girls when she worked at the BBC during the late 1980s.

Speaking on Question Time, (Janet) Street-Porter, who joined the BBC as an executive in 1987, said: "I was aware of the rumours about Jimmy Savile, I was also aware of rumours about other people.

"There was a culture, and it was a generational thing, in areas of light entertainment behaviour was tolerated."…

Street-Porter also said that even if she had raised the rumours with senior BBC executives nobody would have taken any notice.

"A lot of people in the BBC knew what was going on," she said.

"I heard the rumours but I was working in an environment that was totally male.

"Do you really think that if I said to someone at the BBC higher up than me this was going on - they wouldn't have taken any notice of me whatsoever."’

(Evening Standard, 05.10.2012)

Unknown date this year

Jimmy Savile and Lionel Blair photographed standing next to each other in a group of four men, as well as in a larger group, on board the QE II.

Chris Denning is sentenced to three years in prison for ‘..offences related to having sex with young boys or producing child pornography…’ (The Telegraph)

March 23rd

Spring Ball held in aid of Phab, attended by Prince and Princess Michael Of Kent.

April 20th

‘British singer Cliff Richard, in Israel for Israel’s 40th anniversary celebrations, is seen here with Jerusalem mayor Teddy Kollek… The walls of the Old City can be seen in the background.’

(The Jewish Post & News, 11.05.1988)

May 31st

American evangelist Billy Graham is joined by pop star Cliff Richard at the Ministers and Leaders Meeting at Westminster Central Hall.

June 2nd

Cliff sings ‘When I Survey The Wondrous Cross’ in Ealing for BBC Schools TV programme.

June 13th

Royal Charity Tennis.

June 28th

Mike Read interviews CR for Singapore Airlines programme.

September 22nd

Cliff Richard presents ‘Search For A Star’ tennis awards at Bisham Abbey.

November 21st

Royal Variety Performance at the London Palladium, is held before the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret. Artistes that feature on the bill include:

Paul Daniels & Debbie McGee; Bob Monkhouse, and Cliff Richard, who performs two songs.

November 26th

Jimmy Savile is now on a task force at Broadmoor Hospital - a high-security psychiatric hospital in Crowthorne, Berkshire:

‘…Mrs Edwina Currie, the junior health minister… said last week: “Under Jimmy Savile’s guidance, shifts in attitude and pattern of delivery of service have already been achieved. He is an amazing man and has my full confidence.” ’

(British Medical Journal)

November 27th

Cliff Richard appears on the Jimmy Tarbuck Show and sings “Mistletoe And Wine”.

December 3rd

“Mistletoe And Wine” is Cliff’s twelfth No.1 single in the British charts.

Cliff Richard charity concert for the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children.

December 17th

Cliff Richard’s Pro-Celebrity Tennis Tournament - participants including Jimmy Tarbuck and Mike Read - raises £150,000 for his ‘Search for The Star’ scheme.

December 20th

Cliff Richard appears at the Save The Children concert in the Royal Albert Hall, London.


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Cliff Richard:

“Mother Teresa was a true example of humility. I’d give up all my meetings with celebrities, even being one myself, for that 10 minutes with her.”

“Now, at least, I can say with confidence, “Up yours, Jack!” because I helped start it all off! You can’t take anything away from me. What I’m doing is definitely right. I had the biggest-selling single in the country last year. I had a Number One album, Number One single, a Number One CD, a Number One video. I’m 48 and I’m in the charts with Madonna, George Michael and Michael Jackson. The things I did weren’t wrong.

Am I sticking up two fingers to my critics by having a big concert at Wembley? Not as much as two fingers, no. Maybe one finger. No, one finger’s worse than two, isn’t it?….”


‘I WORKED in BBC House Engineering in the 1980s and was told about Savile, with a warning that comments on his preference for young girls would be "dealt with" by his minders. To say it was common knowledge would be an understatement.’

Sean O'Farrell, N19
Letter to London Evening Standard, 19.03.2013

January 11th

Cliff Richard attends ‘Tear Fund’ meeting in Sydney.

Cliff Richard plays in pro-celebrity tennis tournament in Melbourne.

Cliff Richard attends ‘Tear Fund’ meeting in Auckland and Wellington.

Cliff Richard flies to Singapore and returns to Britain.

February 19th

Attends Rainbow Project at the House of Lords.

April 3rd

Promotional event with Mike Read and 2,000 fans at the London Palladium.

April 15th

At Marty Wilde’s 50th Birthday Party (in Hertfordshire), he gets up and sings ‘..loads of the old rock 'n' roll songs with various members of The Shadows, Tim Rice, Gary Glitter.’

Mrs. Wilde, their daughter Kim and Gary Glitter provide backing vocals for Marty.


April 19th

Discussions with authorities about CR receiving the freedom of the City of London.

May / May 4th

Interviewed for ‘Radio One’ special, also interviewed by Mike Read, discussing all his singles to date.

May 30th

Billy Graham dinner at Guildhall, London.

June 19th

At Foster's Classic charity tennis match in aid of the British Deaf Association, at the David Lloyd Club in South London, Cliff Richard and Mike Read compete, and meet Princess Diana.

June 21st [or 29th?]

Is in the audience of Billy Graham, Crystal Palace.

June 26th

Is in the audience of Billy Graham, Earl’s Court.

June 29th

Pop singer Cliff Richard joins evangelist Billy Graham at Crystal Palace athletics stadium in South London, where 29,000 people gathered to hear the preacher speak during his Mission 89 tour.

July 1st

Is in the audience of Billy Graham, Earl’s Court.

July 4th

‘Billy Graham lunches with Cliff at home’. (CR:TCC)

July 12th

Cliff Richard receives the 'Freedom Of The City Of London', at Guildhall, London.


Cliff and his holiday gang sail off the coast of Yugoslavia in a yacht owned by art dealer, David Mason.

September 2nd

Cliff presents prizes at St. George’s Hill Tennis Club Junior Tournament.

November 3rd - 5th

CR spends three days in Singapore.

December 14th

The book ‘My Most Embarrassing Moment’ is published by Knight Books, with a foreword by Rolf Harris. It is a collection of tales of embarrassing moments, with all royalties from it going to Phab.

Among the celebrities who contribute to the book are: Nicholas Parsons, Esther Rantzen, Joanna Lumley, Gyles Brandreth and Christopher Biggins.

December 16th

Cliff’s annual Tennis Tournament takes place at Brighton, with Mike Read and other celebrities competing.

December 19th

HM The Queen Is Escorted By Her Daughter HRH Princess Anne, The Princess Royal At the ‘Joy To The World’ Concert At The Royal Albert Hall, to mark the 70th Anniversary of the Save The Children Fund.

The Queen meets participants Cliff Richard and Leo Sayer there.


April 6th

Cliff attends the launch of ‘Search For A Star’ at Cottenham Park, Merton.

April 9th [or 6th?]

Cliff is photographed at Cottenham Park with The Young Tennis Stars Of The Future.


June 12th

Mike Read’s musical ‘Young Apollo’ is premiered at Thorndike Theatre,
Leatherhead, Surrey, with Cliff in attendance.

July 19th

Cliff Richard makes an appearance at the London Palladium for the Queen Mother’s 90th birthday concert. The event otherwise features a large cast of international stars from the worlds of music, theatre, film and television, including Lionel Blair.

July 22nd

An interview with Jimmy Savile conducted by Lynn Barber is published in The Independent On Sunday:

‘..The folder encloses the letter from the Prime Minister offering him a knighthood, the envelope it came in, some bumf about keeping it secret till the proper date and then – proudest of all – telegrams from Charles and Diana, from Prince Philip, a handwritten letter from Angus Ogilvy and a very sweet homemade card with a stuck-on snapshot of Princess Bea, from the Duchess of York. He is almost bursting with pride as he shows them off…

...There has been a persistent rumour about him for years, and journalists have often told me as a fact: "Jimmy Savile? Of course, you know he's into little girls." But if they know it, why haven't they published it? The Sun or the News of the World would hardly refuse the chance of featuring a Jimmy Savile sex scandal. It is very, very hard to prove a negative, but the fact that the tabloids have never come up with a scintilla of evidence against Jimmy Savile is as near proof as you can ever get.

I wasn't sure whether Sir James actually knew what the particular skeleton in his closet was supposed to be, though I notice that he told The Sun five years ago that he never allowed children into his flat. "Never in a million years would I dream of letting a kid, or five kids, past my front door. Never, ever. I'd feel very uncomfortable." Nor, he said, would he take children for a ride in his car unless they had their mum or dad with them: "You just can't take the risk."

Still, I was nervous when I told him: "What people say is that you like little girls." He reacted with a flurry of funny-voice Jimmy Savile patter, which is what he does when he's getting his bearings: “Ah now. Sure. Now then. Now then. First of all, I happen to be in the pop business, which is teenagers – that's No 1. So when I go anywhere it's the young ones that come round me. Now what the tabloids don't realise is that the young girls in question don't gather round me because of me – it's because I know the people they love, the stars, because they know I saw Bros last week or Wet Wet Wet. Now you, watching from afar, might say 'Look at those young girls throwing themselves at him', whereas in actual fact it's exactly the opposite. I am of no interest to them.

A lot of disc jockeys make the mistake of thinking that they're sex symbols and then they get a rude awakening. But I always realised that I was a service industry. Like, because I knew Cliff [Richard] before he'd even made a record, all the Cliff fans would bust a gut to meet me, so that I could tell them stories about their idol. But if I'd said, 'Come round, so that I can tell you stories about me' or 'Come round, so that you can fall into my arms' they'd have said: 'What! On yer bike!'…” ’

July 27th

Cliff Richard records for a Billy Graham video at Bray Studios.

August 4th

Among the artistes who appear in a Royal Gala at the London Palladium celebrating the Queen Mother's 90th birthday, are Lionel Blair, Anita Harris and Cliff Richard.

November 23rd

Cliff appears on ‘Children In Need’ BBC TV telethon.

December 12th

Jimmy Savile’s second ‘This Is Your Life’ TV tribute is broadcast : it includes a letter of praise from Margaret Thatcher, which is shown and read out.

Paul Daniels, Peter Jaconelli and Eric Morley are among the well-known participants who are there to applaud and endorse Savile.

December 16th

Paul Daniels is one of the competitors in Cliff’s Pro-Celebrity Tennis Tournament, held this year in Brighton.

December 22nd

Cliff performs seven songs, one of which features a children’s choir, on the TV show ‘Going Live!’.


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January 4th

Opens the Harrods Sale. Mohammed Al Fayed donates Cliff’s £50,000 fee to the Daily Express Children of Chernobyl Appeal.

January 7th

Daily Express Children of Chernobyl Appeal:

‘…Pop Superstar Cliff Richard is helping us towards our £250,000 target by donating the proceeds of a concert at Wembley Arena on January 7th - Christmas Day in the Ukraine….’

(Daily Express, 18.12.1990)

March 21st

‘ROCK 4 Romania, a Live-Aid style event hopes to raise more than 2.5 million to help poor and starving orphans and families in Romania. Top pop stars such as Cliff Richard and Paul McCartney will appear. Competitions will be held to find the best local band. The show will kick off in June in London and then tour 33 other cities.’

(The Stage, 21.03.1991)

April 24th

Cliff Richard and Ed Stewart attend (take part in?) the Chris Lane Tennis and Health Club Tournament, at Woking, Surrey in aid of Sarah Brown Body Scanner Appeal for St. Peter’s Hospital.

May 8th

Cliff Richard attends a reception at No.10 Downing Street.

May 25th

Watches Billy Graham in Edinburgh.

June 3rd

CR is interviewed by Tim Rice at EMI’s Abbey Road Studios.

June 4th

Cliff Richard goes to see Billy Graham in Glasgow.

June 21st

Pro-celebrity tennis event at the Royal Albert Hall, London with Frank Bruno and Cliff Richard among the participants.

July 21st

Nottingham: The Princess of Wales is seated between Virginia Wade and Cliff Richard at the opening ceremony of the 1991 Federation Cup. Prior to this, Cliff had joined disc jockey Mike Read on the Radio One Roadshow.

July 23rd

Cliff plays tennis at Federation Cup Children’s Day, Nottingham.

August 28th

At Chilston Park Country House Hotel, Kent, Cliff sees Mike Read’s new musical ‘Oscar’.


The new Cliff Richard single ‘More To Life’ is co-written by Mike Read & Simon May.

September 13th

Dinner with the managing director of EMI in Maidstone, Kent.

September 28th

Interviewed by Mike Read for BBC Radio 2 Christmas Special.


The Princess of Wales meets Cliff Richard again at London's Royal School of Music after she had attended the annual 'Joy to the World' Christmas spectacular at the nearby Royal Albert Hall.

He founds the Cliff Richard Tennis Foundation:

‘..the UK-based charity has a team of coaches, is on the road throughout the year, taking tennis into state primary schools. So far over 200,000 children have had the chance to try their hand at playing tennis.’


December 14th

Players at Cliff’s Pro-Celebrity Tennis Tournament, Brighton Centre include Mike Read and Bill Roache.

Unknown date this year

“..I haven’t slept well in years. Sometimes I wake up four or five times on the hour…”



Unknown date this year

Video of Rolf Harris and Jimmy Savile together is made this year:

‘…a video emerged today showing Harris and Savile laughing about how 'we go back a long time' in 1992.

The Australian then sketched Savile smoking a trademark cigar, which was sold for £4,500 at a charity auction after his death in 2012......

(MailOnline, 01.07.2014)

January 1st

Tim Rice makes an appearance on Gary Glitter’s ‘This Is Your Life’.

Gary Glitter had sung one of the parts on the 1970 album release of Rice & Lloyd Webber’s ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ rock musical. At that time, he was still known as Paul Raven.

January 16th

Cliff records a BBC appeal for P.H.A.B. (aka Phab).

February 12th

‘..Visits Kingston School, Manor Hospital in Epsom and Beacon School in Banstead…’


February 13th

Attends premiere of ‘Star Trek VI’ (also in the audience: Jim Davidson, Boy George etc.)

February 18th

He is in Dorking for a Dr. Barnardos photoshoot.

February 20th

Lunch at the House of Commons, and he stays for Question Time.

February 25th

Cliff Richard photographed with a group of children promoting 'Tennis Trail' in London. (Rex)

Launched at the All England Tennis Club, Wimbledon, with Paul Daniels, Debbie McGee and Mike Read among others in attendance.

March 12th

Dinner in Paris with EMI executives.

March 21st

‘Bishop Wand School event in Staines, Middlesex’.


March 24th

An edition in the Forty Minutes documentary series entitled ‘Farewell, Fab 208’ goes out on BBC2:

‘..The documentary shows us the closer look on Radio Luxembourg, featuring the interviews with the former jocks of Luxy and its listeners… The programme follows the entire history of Luxy from the earliest DJs and pioneering commercials.. to the final closedown of the medium wave service on December 29th 1991.

Among the people we see, remembering their wonderful memories of "The Station Of The Stars", are Sir Cliff Richard, Sir Tim Rice and Lord David Sutch aka "Screaming Lord Sutch".

Also, there are legendary jocks like David Jacobs, Pete Murray and Sir Jimmy Saville, Radio One jock Noel Edmonds, David "Kid" Jensen and.. Paul Burnett on Capital Gold….’ (wikia)

At one point in the film, we briefly see fellow disc jockeys, Tony Prince and convicted sex offender, Chris Denning close-up, facing each other.

April 5th

A performance of Mike Read’s ‘Poetry In Motion’ at the Richmond Theatre is attended by Cliff.

April 20th

‘Soulful music, waterfalls, mountains, and then the tag-line “Made by God”. Lichfield diocese invented that, experimentally, ready for January when religious TV advertising becomes legal…

Lichfield has contacted two London ad agencies and helped Thames TV film dummy ads for recent programme. “For the church to ignore advertising would be like St Paul ignoring the boat or Caxton ignoring the printing press,” says communications officer Robert Ellis.

Another ad on his drawing board is “at the soft-sell side,” showing stars such as Cliff Richard and Jimmy Savile with the tag: “They’ll be in Church this Christmas with you.”….’

(Walter Schwartz / Media Guardian ‘Selling God on the box’)

April 25th

Visits Uganda with Bill Latham, for Tear Fund.

May 12th

Mike Read is among the guests on Gloria Hunniford’s TV show devoted to Cliff Richard.

May 14th

Cliff Richard’s presence in the Sunday Times Rich List is reported by The Stage newspaper. He is one of five men whose wealth is estimated at £50 million (the others being: Sean Connery, Robert Earl, Owen Oysten and the Earl of Pembroke).

Apparently, almost the entirety of Cliff’s fortune has been accumulated since 1974, when he had told us:

“..I’m not even worth a hundred thousand pounds tax free. To be honest, I don’t care what I’m worth… In any case I wouldn’t want to be a millionaire. For a Christian that would be a dangerous state to be in… The important thing about money is our attitude towards it. Whether we hoard it or whether we use it selfishly….”


May 21st

Cliff participates in a Crusader video.

May 28th

Meets a Children In Need auction winner at RG Jones Studios.

June 11th

Photographed ‘..with Joanna Lumley at the Theatre Royal for the Variety Club’.


June 18th

Is at Old Fire Station, Oxford to see the Mike Read musical ‘Oscar’.

June 25th

Cliff participates in a Crusader video.

October 26th

Forty years' reign by Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom, was celebrated at London's Earls Court arena.. The Queen, along with other members of the royal family, British Prime Minister John Major and several leaders of Commonwealth countries, were present to see a spectacular show called "Forty Glorious Years", which featured a cast of 5,000, two choirs and an orchestra…

Clip 1 of 1 (Copyright: REUTERS - SOURCE TO BE VERIFIED)



November 19th

All proceeds from this night’s Cliff Richard show at Wembley Arena goes to NSPCC.

November 20th

Cliff is photographed with National Choirboy of The Year, Gavin Moralee (12) and the National Choirgirl of The Year, Fiona Wright (14) at Wembley Arena during the launch of a carol singing campaign by Abbey National.

December 19th

Tenth Cliff Richard Tennis Tournament proceeds at Birmingham National Indoor Arena. Among those competing are Mike Read and Frank Bruno.


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Unknown date this year

Visit by Prince Philip to the Prince Philip Centre PHAB Club, Leeds.

January 7th

Cliff Richard interviewed about the launch of The Tear Fund African AIDS awareness campaign…

…at press conference says grateful doesn't have AIDS. Holds up video of Compassion. Extract from Compassion when Cliff went on a tour of Uganda and saw all sick people.



Cliff Richard, Tim Rice and director Frank Dunlop meet at London’s Langham Hilton to discuss the “Heathcliff” project.

June 13th

The Princess of Wales chats to Cliff Richard during the Stelle Artois Championships at Queen's Club (with them is a friend of the Princess, Kate Menzies).

Cliff Richard sits in the Royal Box at Wimbledon.

Cliff meets Princess Margarita of Romania and five children from Chernobyl.

September 1st

Publication of the 96-page paperback edition of ‘Cliff Richard's Favourite Bible Stories.’

September 3rd

‘Cliff Richard is to make his stage musical comeback starring in a new £4.5 million rock musical of Wuthering Heights, next year. It is being specially created for him by hit songwriter John Farrar… lyricist Tim Rice, and theatre director Frank Dunlop…

He has always wanted to play Heathcliff, the romantic hero and tormented lover of Emily Bronte’s novel…

Frank Dunlop:

“It is really about a man possessed by the devil and he only gets rid of it by dying.” ’

(Daily Express)

Cliff records at Central Hall Westminster for Tear Fund’s ‘Songs Of Praise’.

Cliff records for Cilla Black’s TV Anniversary Special.

Cilla Black’s TV show transmitted, Cliff Richard performs "Never Let Go" and duets with Cilla Black on "That’s What Friends Are For".

October 28th

Publication of ‘Cliff Richard: The Complete Chronicle’ by Mike Read, Nigel Goodall and Peter Lewry.


‘..Since the show started Jim’ll Fix It has received more than three million requests and granted over 1,500 of them.

When cigar-chomping Jimmy (Savile) first began fixing it, the most frequent request was from teeny boppers who wanted to meet The Osmonds.

But by far the most requested celebrity has been someone else who has defied the years - Cliff Richard.

“The mums love him, the daughters love him. He’s timeless,” said Jimmy…..’

(Daily Mirror, 29.12.1993)


Unknown date this year

‘Former Sunday Mirror editor Paul Connew has revealed that the paper did not expose Jimmy Savile as a serial child sex offender in 1994 because it could not afford to lose a libel trial.

Connew said the paper would have lost a defamation trial with Savile partly because the two victims who came to him, from Duncroft school, did not want to be named.

The editor, who believed their stories, also said the paper would have lost because, at the time, libel trials were overseen by juries who were likely to have been “starstruck” by Savile.

“In truth, at the time, post-Maxwell, the Sunday Mirror had limited resources [and] we were having to lose staff,” he said, at a Centre for Investigative Journalism lecture held at City University, London.

Connew pointed out that the paper did not have evidence of how widespread the allegations were at the time. “We just didn’t have the resources or the evidence to mount an investigation,” he said….’

(William Turvill, Press Gazette, 15.07.2013)

March 5th


Jim Davidson turns the traditional panto blue. With Charlie Drake and Jess Conrad. From Mar 7.…’

(Daily Express)

June 12th

‘Surprise Surprise’ presented by Cilla Black. Guests include Lionel Blair, Cliff Richard and Bruno Brookes.


Cliff Richard presents a Children In Need prize.


‘It must have been about twenty years ago, I was at a dinner party (unusual for me). One of the guests edited a teen mag. She got good and pissed and started to shock us all with tales of Savile, then Harris. “Everybody” knew. I was sceptical, as if it had been true I felt they’d have been less prominent or even banged up. Oh how naïve!

So who next?’

ZankFrappa / / 03.07.2014


Cliff Richard records for Children in Need.

November 25th

Ed Stewart, Mike Read and Tony Blackburn take part in a Gary Glitter tribute on BBC TV during the Children In Need telethon.


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Cliff Richard visits with children at the Aboim Ascencao Orphanage in Faro, Portugal.

January 26th

‘Singapore, Wednesday

SINGER Cliff Richard favours strict discipline, including Singapore-style caning, he told The Straits Times newspaper in an interview published today.

The pop singer, 54, who was born in India, said his upbringing during
British colonial rule gave him a deep appreciation for the law, even if
enforcement included caning.

''If something is against the law, there must be some punishment. Otherwise, don't have laws,'' the paper quoted him as saying.

''My father was a strict man. I remember coming home from school once
and I told him my teacher caned me. And my father caned me again,'' he

May 1st

Audiobook of ‘Cliff Richard: The Biography’ by Steve Turner is released, read by Paul Gambaccini.

May 7th

VE Day Holiday / BBC1 Buckingham Palace : The Day Peace Broke Out :
Cliff Richard

“Singing at VE Day 50th Anniversary celebration was a very moving experience / Vera Lynn was an inspiration to people during the war, it touched my heart in a major way / when military aircraft flew overhead I had a lump in my throat even though I consider myself a pacifist / found myself wishing I had been a part of it (World War 2).”

(CR, 04.2006)


Cliff Richard celebrates his Knighthood with his sisters, mother and gave a party to the staff of ‘Cliff Richard Organization’ and close friends.

August 24th


ITN: Buckingham Palace sing along with Cliff Richard 'Congratulations', Vera Lynn 'White Cliffs of Dover', Harry Secombe seen. Flypast Lancaster, Boeing B17 Flying Fortress, B 25 Mitchell, Mosquito, B38 Lightning, Hawker Hurricane, Meteor jet, Red Arrows, mini parachute ...


October 25th

The formal investiture of Cliff Richard as Knight Bachelor took place at 10.30 a.m. in Buckingham Palace.

“My knighthood I would say was my best award, I didn't expect it / in the past I thought they went to actors, industry figures and so I quietly went round and got OBE which really pleased and then got letter saying would I like to accept a knighthood and I was like yes!! / because I'd been involved in charity work, this was wonderful and when I went to collect gong I got all dressed up, I bought green morning suit, its very emotional / so nervous, she came with the sword and then lean forward and then put medal on you, but didn’t say arise 'Sir Cliff' / I think her words were ' this was a long time coming' / I couldn’t get the words out / I was close to tears and it was a moving time, it was terrific experience….”

(CR, 04.2006)

November 19th

The Queen meets Cliff Richard at this evening's Royal Variety performance at the Dominion Theatre, London.

December 24th

Channel 4’s The Big Breakfast has as guests:

Gary Glitter, Cliff Richard (interviewed) and Neil Sedaka.


Unknown date [c.1996]

Sir Cliff Richard plays ‘The Young Ones’ with clarinettist, Julian Bliss, aged 7, on the TV Show ‘Record Breakers’.

February 26th

Stephanie Lush, a young girl who had both of her legs amputated due to meningitis is photographed with Cliff Richard.


Chris Denning sentenced to ten weeks in prison for publishing indecent photographs.

March 9th

‘ST ALBANS: Cliff Richard joined 1100 Crusaders at a service in the Abbey.. to celebrate the organisation’s 90th birthday.’

(Church Times, 29.03.1996)

March 25th

Princess Alice Hospice 10th Anniversary :

Queen Mother arrival. cs bad legs. Meets staff, Cliff Richard. vs chats with inmates. Strokes retriever blind dog. Cuts anniversary cake, presents portrait of herself to hospice official.


April 21st

‘Happy Birthday Ma’am’ documentary.

December 18th

Sir Cliff Richard is photographed with Midlands youngsters who are receiving coaching and funding from the Cliff Richard Tennis Development Trust. Sir Cliff joined them at Billesley Indoor Tennis Centre to limber up for his Pro-Celebrity Tennis Tournament which takes place at Birmingham NIA on Saturday (21st).


February 23rd

Sir Cliff Richard takes time out from the play "Heathcliff" to help in the assessment of 22 budding young tennis players at the David Lloyd Club, Raynes Park, Surrey… for the Development Trust.

September 6th

Cliff Richard attends the funeral service for Princess Diana.

September 19th

Lots of celebrities are honouring Diana at a fund-raising lunch in the West End which she had been due to host. Money raised from the event will help under privilege children and a Jamaican hospital.

LB; B 4036 0.20; arrivals; Joanna Lumley, Sir Cliff Richard, Naomi Campbell into bldg.

LB; LIVE LINK IV'S; 2.30 SEE ROT; Sir Cliff Richard and Joanna Lumley.


November 13th

PRINCE CHARLES: Prince Charles was at the Grosvenor House Hotel attending celebrations marking 50years of India independence.

NIGHT: (most men in dinner jackets & bow ties) ENGLAND EXT: indian, union jack & hotel flag; BARS; various arrivals London W1 - mostly indian couples; Int: sir david steele down step with Park Lane man; sir cliff richard seen arriving - only a brief shot; Grosvenor lord jeffrey archer & wife mary; cliff richard standing; House paddy ashdown shakes & hugs man; paddy's wife him paddy; Hotel sir edward heath arrives as thru door towards; jack straw thru door towards & shakes; william hague & ffion jenkins arrive as thru door towards; lord james callaghan & wife thru door towards; tony blair thru door towards & shakes; john & norma major thru door towards & shake; blair & john major chatting; prince charles shaking & chatting line-up; blair in bv chatting prince charles they all away: END OF FEED:


November 20th

ROYALTY: Queen and Prince Philip: Golden wedding anniversary:

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh have attended a thanksgiving service to mark their 50th wedding anniversary. They later mingled with crowds outside Westminster Abbey before travelling to Downing Street for a drinks with PM Tony Blair MP. They then attended a banquet at the Mansion House attended by others celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.

ENGLAND: London: Whitehall:
Sir Cliff Richard embraces singer Shirley Bassey
Sir Cliff Richard interviewed - Occasion was wonderful / Glad to be there
Jockey Walter Swinburn out and interviewed - Sat next to Queen / A great honour
Athlete Sally Gunnell along and interviewed - Honoured to be invited
Rowan Atkinson away


December 9th

Sir Cliff Richard performs and sings at the ‘Children At Crisis’ concert. 1000's of school children sing with many celebrities at the charity concert in front of the Duchess of York.

Cliff is interviewed about the Children's Christmas Carol Concert on ‘London Tonight’ TV show.

December 16th

Sir Cliff Richard joked with Princess Alexandra during the interval of the ‘Joy To The World’ concert at the Royal Albert Hall, London.

December 20th

Celebrities who take part in this year’s Cliff Richard Pro Celebrity Tennis Tournament at the National Indoor Arena, Birmingham include Sir Cliff Richard, Gloria Hunniford, Kevin Keegan, Bobby Davro, Ainsley Harriott and Rolf Harris.

Among the songs that Cliff performs onstage, is ‘Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport’, in a duet with Rolf Harris.