Toe Up Putters

Toe Up Putters

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March 7th, 2016, 1:39 am #1


A second question.

I see that Odyssey are introducing Toe Up putters, presumably following in the path of Edel Torque Balanced putters.

(Instead the toe of the putter sticks straight up into the air when balanced on a single finger.)

What are your views.

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May 18th, 2016, 4:18 pm #2

Dear Philip,

Toe up, heel up, 45-degree hangers, face-balance, omni-balance -- who cares?

The whole idea of "balancing" is made up by bench repair guys and has nothing to do with how a putter balances when held on its lie angle and length at address and s swung back and thru a size and tempo and rhythm in a specific stroke-movement pattern.

What these twits are doing is "managing" the inertial properties of the putter head in the stroke FOR YOU because you are presumably not able to do it yourself. And these promises are always FALSE because these same people are not knowledgeable about what constitutes a good putting stroke -- ANY stroke that sends the ball exactly where the putter face SLAB aims at address. The ideas these goofs are basing their fiddling upon about what happens when YOU swing a putter are always bad and incorrect ideas and always making matters worse for you -- a BIG BOY -- and all you ought to be doing -- sending balls dead straight wherever the putter face has been aimed according to the "read" of the putt.

If you asked these folks simple questions about what the heck they think they are doing with these idiotic designs, you get completely stupid answers that have nothing to do with help[ing YOU swing any putter so it sends the ball dead straight. YOU can do that with ANY putter design managed with your grip pressure of hands connecting to handle. If you don't know that, and believe them instead of me, let me be the first to say you are a sucker and they are going to separate you from your money, and do the same again in about a year with a NEW and IMPROVED design.

Forget these putter-design promises and get skill. Skill works with almost any putter, and especially unadorned simple putters, far better than this designer making your strokes for you according to the latest idiotic notions like "balancing schemes" or "torque balancing" or whatever these untrained, ignorant designers call their gimmicks.


Geoff Mangum
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