Eyes over ball - parallax effect

Eyes over ball - parallax effect

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From reading posts it seems like you recommend eyes over the ball line.

I am learning about potential parallax effect with seeing the line in my setup.

I have been eyes over the ball. Doing simple test of having another ball in line with my ball at setup and the hole several feet away that is first covered up by a helper, I aim my putter behind my ball at the hole. then my helper uncovers the second ball which we know from behind is in line but with eyes over the ball it seems out of line. When I experiment with my setup by allowing my eyes to be inside the ball line we eventually find a spot where the line looks straight.

Do you think this effect is real?

Are the eyes over the ball line a starting point then adjust based on the line test?

Appreciate your insight.

Thank you.


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Dear John,

The test is interesting but you are a bit iff in what you are trying to do with your eyes.

First, POINTING the putter at the hole is not done well from beside the ball, and is best done by standing behind the ball and getting the exact line straight and then get the start of the line near the ball very clear, THEN point thd putter thru the ball over the start line accurately.

The beside-the-ball problem is really "how do you drive the laser beam if eyesight in a straight line sideways" and make that line the "same line where the POINTED putterface aims".

That is not pointing the putter but finding out where it actualky aums.

When you see the putter "seems" not to point at the middle ball, that's because you're not doing those two tasks accurately.

Basically, the gaze or line of eyeball axis out if face and head has to be set PERPENDICULAR to the vertical head axis (center if neck out top if skull). This, combined with an "apple in a stick" spin of the head,face and eyes down the line, is the SKILL for driving the eyes in a straight line along the ground.

Starting that line the same direction any pointed putterface aims is just setup.

None of this requires "eye over ball". A perpendicular gaze plus head soin works whether the eyeballs are above, inside, or outsude the ball.

What your test did was get a weird combo if gaze plus head turn tgat seemed to wirk. So? Well, it's a bandaid that is not well understoodcompared to the "regular" way to dobthis skill. And it might work only at soecific distances and not ithers.

Btw, stop using terms like paralax. Nothing to do with the geometery if the skill. Visual accuity and eye dominance don't either.


Geoff Mangum


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Thank you very much.

I am trying to determine where my eyes should be at setup - over the ball line, inside, or outside and if inside by how much.

Do you recommend no matter what eyes should be over the ball line at setup?

i think i understand the aiming recommendation from behind the ball then align face to that small line through the ball versus the hole that is far away. It sounds sort of like spot aiming that I do with my full swing if I heard it right.

Having said that it doesn't address where my eyes should be at setup. I found that test to do first so you setup either on the line or inside the line and by how much until you see the straight line to the hole.

Trying to first fix my setup and eye position at setup.

thank you very much.