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March 19th, 2017, 2:55 am #1

So, as we all know, Watsuki did some more work on his original RK time line, with a two chapter manga, called The Ex-Con Ashitarou. While Ashitarou and his friend Aran are rather forgettable themselves, it's really good to see Kenshin in action one more time and to see him at the dojo with Kaoru and Kenji. It's also funny to watch Yahiko being a hard-ass drill instructor to his two newest pupils.

Watsuki is also working on the long-awaited Hokkaido Arc, which will start publishing in Shonen Jump and Viz next month. We will probably get to see Saitou, Soujiro, Anji, Fuji and Mumyoi in this arc. I wonder if Kenshin himself will play much of a role in it, or perhaps Yahiko will make the journey north and team up with Saitou. That would be cool too.

And of course, my main reason for liking these new chapters is that they completely invalidate Seisouhen as a legit ending for RK. :-D