Plans To Go In For Skate Park

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*** Plans To Go In For Skate Park ***

Stamford, UK -- 09/28/2010

Photo - Lui Carrasco, 13, who is raising funds for Stamford Skate Park.

Planning permission for a new skatepark in Stamford
could be submitted within the next few weeks.

On Monday last week Stamford Skatepark Committee met with
Stamford Town Council, which owns The Rec in Stamford where
the skatepark is due to be built.

There had been a question mark over whether planning permission
was needed because there had already been a skatepark on the site,
but the committee decided it would be best to apply.

Committee secretary Sally Jordan said: “The guidelines on whether
we need to apply are pretty vague so we are better just to apply.

“It will also give us a chance to hear
what the people who object have to say.”

She said final designs needed to be approved and the committee,
which is made up of volunteers, needs to get together to fill in the
paperwork before the planning permission will be sought from South
Kesteven District Council.

Once permission is granted, the committee can apply for grants.
It has already raised half of the £120,000 it estimates it will cost.

The news comes after renewed calls for a skatepark from 13-year-
old Lui Carrasco, of Sutherland Way, Stamford, who wrote.

In his letter he said: “The skatepark means a lot to me and my
friends simply because we have nowhere to ride our BMXs in town.

“I am simply writing this letter in support of Stamford Skatepark
Committee, my friends and parents to point out that it is time for
action and not words - we need the skatepark now!”

Lui, a pupil at Casterton Business and Enterprise College, said the
nearest decent place to BMX was in Corby, which is too far to travel.
He hopes to organise some fundraising events to help raise the money

The skatepark will replace one which was knocked
down in 2008 over health and safety concerns.
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