Gary Turner Making Bikes Again

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Gary Turner Making Bikes Again

Orange, California USA -- 03/02/2016
Gary Turner… The original GT of GT Bicycles? Yes that Gary Turner, has taken
up the torch again to make a limited run of reproduction Mono Shocks, his
original groundbreaking full suspension BMX design. Here’s one he made in 1974:

The reproductions are frame and forks only; sadly, the oddly braced 20″ wheels
above are not included. For $985 you’ll have a coil shock just like all the big boy
enduro racers, and can claim the smaller wheels are a higher bandwidth interface
for trail feedback. In all seriousness it’s probably not the bike for your Megavalanche
attempt, but if you’re a collector it’s a bit of bike history.

Gary is back in business with his son Craig, making various and typically
more conventional BMX race frames. They ship internationally, check them
out at *
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