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Thursday December 26th, 2002

Previously on "general hospital" --
Jason: Everything's going to be ok.
Courtney: Not when you're arrested for no reason.
Sonny: I'm coming home.
Carly: What?
Michael: Daddy! Youe home!
Sonny: Hey!
Carly: Christmas wishes really do come true.
Doctor: It's a good thing you found here when you did. You literally saved her life.
Jax: What about skye?
Brenda: Would she send me to prison just to keep us apart?
Jax: Hey.
Brenda: I woke up, you weren't there.
Summer: Hey. What are you doing out here in the cold?
Luke: Oh, I'm waiting for you. Let's go get something to eat and discuss a job offer.
Summer: Well, I would be more than happy to keep your resume on file, but i don't have any positions available right now.
Luke: This is a serious offer -- unless you've found a new career overnight.
Summer: Thank you, i will find something on my own.
Luke: How are you going to pay the rent in the meantime, summer?
Summer: When did you decide to be in charge of my life?
Skye: Look, I am not a minor, ok? I don't need my father's signature to get checked out of the hospital. I just want my purse!
Alan: You know, if your friend hadn't pulled you out of the park, you'd have been dead. You were passed out in the freezing cold.
Skye: Yeah, and someone else helped me. If you don't like that, that's too bad. You weren't there. You never are, except, of course, at parties where brenda's the guest of honor.
Monica: Well, skye, you know, you're not the easiest person in the world to help.
Alan: You can condemn me all you want.
Skye: You know, from the moment i was born till this very day, the proud tradition continues. I'm not worth the time of day unless, of course, you want to accuse me of something.
Alan: You know what you're doing? You're justifying your next binge. You're not ready to leave this hospital, skye. I'm not going to write the discharge.
Skye: Well, you don't have to because I already signed myself out, ok? I just wanted to get my things.
Coleman: You ready to go?
Sonny: This new witness in the alcazar case is a fraud. Is this a news flash, or have you figured it out?
Felicia: I don't know. Why don't you tell me about it.
Sonny: Well, I think you've been set up. Somebody arranged for you to find that witness, the same person who paid her to lie.
Felicia: Well, I'm having a little trouble with ida's story as well, especially since she's so quick to pin everything on jason and brenda. I did actually check into her financial records, and she deposited $100,000, which tells me that she's telling the truth about one thing is that she's being paid off -- and whoever it was that paid her off wants to hurt jason and brenda. The question is, who hates jason enough to frame him?
Elizabeth: The specials are right here in the menu -- grilled pork chops, mashed potatoes, broccoli, homemade applesauce. Sound good?
A.J.: Hey. Where's courtney?
Elizabeth: Excuse me for a minute, A.J. I'm with a customer.
A.J.: Sorry.
Man: It's all right.
Ric: Well, you know, it looks like you're definitely right. At least half of that room has been sealed off.
Carly: Yeah, I don't understand why someone would brick up so much usable space.
Ric: Well, obviously to hide something.
Carly: Like what? Money? Valuables? Ooh, maybe someone's got a buried treasure down there.
Ric: Yeah, or a couple of dead bodies.
A.J.: You know where courtney is?
Elizabeth: No, but if you'd like to leave a message, I'll make sure she gets it.
A.J.: Fine. Tell her that if she'd stop by where she's supposed to live, she'd find out that her manager has been looking for her because a pipe burst, and they can't get in because she changed the locks.
Carly: Hey. What do want now, A.J.?
Courtney: Jason.
Jason: Yeah?
Courtney: Where are you going?
Jason: Sonny's expecting me. You looked so peaceful, I didn't want to wake you up.
Courtney: Well, I'd rather you wake me than -- than to wake up and find you gone. Just promise me that you'll always say good-bye.
Jason: I promise I'll always say good-bye.
Courtney: Jason, wait. Just don't leave. I don't -- i don't want you to go to jail again. I mean, we can just run. Let's just get out of here now.
Brenda: Are you thinking about what you left behind?
Jax: No, just thinking about how happy I am to have you with me.
Brenda: I'm happy to be with you, too. I'm just worried that because we left the way we did that somebody's going to get hurt. I think I should call jason.
Jax: No, that's a bad idea.
Brenda: I just want to make sure that no one's been arrested or anything like that.
Jax: Look, if they were, sonny's attorney will have them out by now. Look, scott baldwin needs you to implicate sonny and jason.
Brenda: I know.
Jax: So the last thing they would want is for the D.A. To pick up our ail. The best thing you can do is just leave the situation alone.
Brenda: Yeah, but what if jason needs me to --
jax: Don't worry about jason, all right? Jason can take care of himself.
Jax: Come here.
Courtney: I mean, you were going to disappear with brenda, who you don't even like. Why don't you disappear with me?
Jason: I know. That was just to get her away from prosecution.
Courtney: What about you?
Jason: I'm ok.
Courtney: Look, jason, let's just not take the risk. I mean, what do you have to lose? A murder trial, prison visits? You want to stare at each other through bulletproof glass? I mean, god, don't you think it would be better if we could just jump in the car with rosie and just take off across the border?
Jason: Yeah, it -- I can'T. I can'T.
Courtney: Jason, i don't even care where we go. I don'T. I just -- I don't want to lose you.
Jason: Courtney, I can'T. I can't go anywhere right now. And, you know, sonny's a suspect. He can't walk out on his life. I'll get out of this.
Courtney: How? I mean, it's your word against some grandma. Who do you think they're going to believe?
Jason: I will prove that she is lying, trust me.
Courtney: But what if something goes wrong?
Jason: I'll deal with it. I'm not going to run. Ok? I don't want to have to leave my life and I don't want you to have to leave your life here. You have people that care about you and you have people that you care about. Look, I know this is hard. Ok, you just got to hold on. It's ok. I know you're scared, but sonny and I know how to handle this. I just need you to believe in me.
Courtney: I do.
Jason: I know. I got to go.
Sonny: Well, A.J. Would shove his own mother in front of a moving train if he thought jason would be blamed for it.
Felicia: Ida swears she saw brenda kill alcazar. If a.J. Were to pay someone to lie for him, why would he incriminate brenda?
Sonny: If skye killed alcazar, a.J. Would blame brenda to cover for her.
Felicia: How does jason fit in?
Sonny: Well, that's a.J. Looking out for himself. He hates jason, and he wants me in prison so that way he can take michael back. Ida solves all his problems. So he paid ida to say she saw brenda kill alcazar. That covers for skye. Ida says that jason paid her to leave town. That incriminates jason and me. A.J. Gets three for one.
Felicia: Sounds like a good theory. How do you go about proving that?
Sonny: Well, that's where you come in. I need you to help me get this witness.
Felicia: Ida thinks you want to kill her. That's the reason why she's in protective custody.
Sonny: You thinks she needs protection from me?
Felicia: I don't know. Does she?
Sonny: I would not harm this woman. She is no danger for me or any of my associates.
Felicia: Hmm. I don't know what to believe when it comes down to a choice between keeping your word or getting what you want.
Sonny: All I want is to clear jason and brenda. Ida can't do that if she's hurt or dead. If you don't trust my honor, at least trust my intelligence. I cannot get what I want from ida if she's hurt, but I may be able to by talking to her.
Felicia: I don't know where the police are keeping her.
Sonny: Could you find out?
Carly: Oh, sonny's going to be real thrilled to know that you're harassing courtney.
A.J.: Well, you can't harass someone you can't find, carly.
Carly: Ok, not that it's any of your business, but courtney wanted to spend christmas with her family, so she's been at our place.
A.J.: Oh, so you can brainwash my wife and son at the same time.
Carly: Michael's not your son.
A.J.: Well, according to d.N.A., He is.
Elizabeth: In case you missed a beat, they used to be married.
Ric: Really? Doesn't seem like her type.
A.J.: Or you just telling him things that make him afraid of me?
Carly: Oh, like how you tried to terrorize your wife by hiring someone to stalk her so you could look like some big hero?
A.J.: Have you ever once mentioned to michael how much i want to be a part of his life but you won't let me?
Carly: You know what, a.J.? You had your chance. You were alone with michael over the summer --
A.J.: Oh, when he ran away from you and sonny?
Carly: And you know what happened? You told him that sonny was a killer.
A.J.: He is.
Carly: And you made him afraid of you, a.J.
You did that, ok? All he thinks of you is that you're some creepy weird guy who's angry, he comes around and makes no sense. He knows that sonny is his father and that sonny loves him. And you know what? He also knows now that he wants nothing to do with you, and you taught him that, I didn't.
A.J.: I'm not backing off. And you are living on borrowed time because sonny and jason are going down.
Carly: No, sonny and jason are going to flatten you.
A.J.: Oh, ok.
Carly: And until then, you're not welcome in this diner, so get out, a.J.
A.J.: You can't legally throw me out of here.
Carly: Oh, you know what? You're right, I probably can't legally throw you out, but let's see if this works. Five, four, three, two --
A.J.: Ok, carly, thank you!
[Ric claps]
ric: I am -- I'm impressed. Just remind me never to tick you off, especially when there's hot liquids around.
Coleman: Look, guys, with all due respect to the doctor who admitted skye, the chart's wrong. I mean, she was a little tipsy -- that was christmas eve -- but alcohol poisoning? Absolutely not.
Alan: I didn't realize you were a doctor.
Coleman: Mr. Quartermaine, I'm the one that brought skye to the hospital. Ok? I was supposed to meet her in the park the other night and I got there late. When i finally did show up, I mean, she was extremely cold.
Alan: Well, her alcohol level was twice above the legal limit.
Coleman: Well, all I can tell you is i spent most of the night with her last night and, you know, she might have had a few nightmares, but I've seen the D.T.S, sir, and I can assure you both she didn't have them.
Monica: I don't think you really want to have skye get the help that she needs. And why would that be? Because she's better off drunk to stay in business with you, hmm?
Coleman: You know, I was wondering where your folks were the other night when i found you, and now i'm really glad they didn't show up.
Alan: We didn't know about it until this morning. Can I speak to you alone, skye?
Monica: That's fine because I have to go to O.R.
Alan: Ok.
Skye: Sure.
Alan: If you want to leave, I can't force you to stay. Are you thinking clearly? Who is this man? You're always saying i'm never around. I'm here now. If you're in trouble, let me help you get out of it.
Skye: So, what, all of a sudden you want to rescue me?
Alan: You're my daughter. I've always loved you, skye. You know that. I got a bad feeling about this guy. What's it going to take to make him go away?
Skye: Lighten up, daddy. He's just a friend. That's all.
Luke: Brother? Uncle? Cousin? Father? No man in your life ever watched your back -- not because of the beautiful curves, but because he wanted you to be ok?
Summer: You know, just because i let you know a little about my life doesn't mean you're entitled to the whole saga.
Luke: Sorry. You're right. Well, let's move on to the job offer. First of all, it's got a title -- executive hostess. Chief executive hostess in charge. High holy hostess. Her serene high holy hostess. The divine serene high holy hostess in charge. Come on, if you hear anything at all you like, just -- just speak up.
Summer: Thank you, but, no, thank you.
Luke: What's the matter, you hate the blues? You don't like cheese fries? What, the ambiance of the club gets on your nerves? You don't like early turkish bazaar with a smattering of haitian voodoo?
Summer: The ambiance is fine.
Luke: What's the problem?
Summer: The problem's you.
Luke: Look, all I'm trying to do here is offer you a source of rent money until the nobel prize committee calls.
Summer: Oh, you really don't get it, do you?
Luke: I guess I don'T.
Summer: Oh. All right, look, i have been a registered nurse. I've been a stripper from vegas. I've been a french-canadian catholic nun, a fourth-grade teacher from denmark, a secretary -- I'm that one a lot. Oh, my favorite is the college coed who studied archeology and rides a blue motor scooter. Not motorcycle, motor scooter. See, when people think call girl or professional escort, they're thinking sex with a price tag, but most of the men are just like you.
Luke: They are not.
Summer: Oh, yeah. They're not looking for sex, they're looking for the fantasy -- the man whose wife died years ago, the guy looking for the girl that he never could find, the guy who let his first love slip through his fingers. I mean, I have been paid thousands and thousands of dollars to be somebody else. But I quit that job. I'm through playing fantasy girl for emotionally challenged men.
Lucky: Whoo.
Nikolas: Let me get it.
Gia: Oh, thank you.
Lucky: So, gia, did your scores -- are they high enough to get into law school?
Gia: Oh, I am so in law school.
Lucky: Really?
Gia: It's not official yet, but the dean said that if I make above 165 on the lsat, it's a slam dunk.
Lucky: Really? So your girlfriend here -- your fiancee, I'm sorry -- almost aces the lsat, and you take her to kelly's?
Nikolas: Ok, all right, listen, I promised i would take her to paris once they close this merger I've been working on, all right? Ok, so tell me, anything look good on the menu?
Lucky: They don't really have what i want.
Nikolas: What would that be, hmm?
Lucky: A life.
Courtney: So she actually threatened him with coffee?
Elizabeth: I think if he'd pushed it, she would have thrown it.
Courtney: Oh, god, i love carly. So what happened, anyway? I mean, what caused it?
Elizabeth: Well, she sort of threw it in his face where you spent christmas, which made him madder than he already was.
Courtney: She -- she told him?
Elizabeth: Well, yeah. What's wrong? Why shouldn't you spend christmas with carly and sonny?
Felicia: Thank you for meeting me here. I didn't want to talk about this in your office.
Mac: Maxie or georgie?
Felicia: Neither one. It's ida warren, the eyewitness.
Mac: Yeah, I know who she is.
Felicia: Mac, there's just something about her story that's not right. It just seems too convenient to me.
Mac: Oh, I wish you would have called me the second you found her.
Felicia: Alexis hired me to do this investigation.
Mac: I know, but since baldwin got to ida before i did --
felicia: And I want you to know that that wasn't my intention.
Mac: I understand that, but baldwin is still in control of the woman. He's buying her story because it strengthens his case against brenda.
Felicia: And sonny and jason.
Mac: I don't care about them, but I do care about brenda.
Felicia: Well, I don't want to see anyone who didn't kill alcazar pay for it.
Mac: I wouldn't care if jason or sonny got convicted for the murder. Even if they were innocent, it would balance out all the crimes that they've gotten away with. But the only way to get to them is to make brenda part of the package, so scott's railroading her.
Felicia: Can you intervene?
Mac: Look, the investigation is ongoing. I mean, m hoping to turn something up that clears brenda.
Felicia: I have an idea. You may not like it, but i need to speak with ida. Could you possibly make that happen?
Jax: The gold coast.
Brenda: Where's that?
Jax: It's in australia. Then bali, back to the gold coast, then bermuda. I mean, we could just go from beach to beach all winter long.
Brenda: Hmm.
Jax: What do you think?
Brenda: I think that sounds like the last four years of my life.
Jax: Don't you think it'll be a little different since you'd be doing it with me?
Brenda: Of course it will be different -- because you're very handsome. And I'll be happy this time, but --
jax: But?
Brenda: But I just -- I don't know, wouldn't you like to get a house together? Just be normal? Have everybody over for the holidays? I could cook.
Jax: You could learn to cook.
Brenda: I could learn to cook. We could buy a house together with a little guesthouse. We could turn it into an office. That way you'd never have to leave home, not even when you have to go to work.
Jax: You mean like the gatehouse?
Brenda: Ah. I never even got to see brooke lynn or lois. I barely got to see ned. I can't believe this is happening again. I just did this. For the last four years, I just did this. Why do i have to do this again?
Jax: You know, I was just thinking about this last night. I'm going to try to get ahold of ned and get him to hire some private investigators to find out why alcazar left the balcony and who helped him do it.
Brenda: Sonny and jason are taking care of that. I don't want you to --
jax: Yeah, and I'm sure they're working on it, but I'm going to work on it, as well. So the only thing we have to worry about is not being arrested and extradicted.
Brenda: I'm always trouble for you, huh?
Jax: Yeah, but you're worth it.
Brenda: I am?
Jax: In the meantime --
brenda: Yes?
Jax: We have got plenty of time --
brenda: Yes.
Jax: To teach you how to surf.
Brenda: Aw.
Jason: You talk to felicia?
Sonny: Yep. She's working on getting to the witness.
Jason: What happened?

Sonny: I think I know who set this up. See if this works -- skye gets drunk, shoves alcazar. Now, maybe it's an accident. Who knows. He's dead. She freaks. She goes to A.J., A.J. Says, "oh, you know, don't worry about it. I'll work it out." But before that can happen, you get arrested for the murder. So he's -- you know, he's happy, everything's worked out. Except your murder charge does not stick. Skye's scared and she's mad.
Jason: And she wants revenge on brenda.
Sonny: That's right. So she accuses brenda of killing alcazar, jax steps in -- like he always tries to be the hero -- and says he's the killer. Nobody believes him. The D.A. Wants to blame brenda, so a.J. Makes it possible. He hires an eyewitness to nail brenda and to claim that you paid her to leave town. That takes care of skye for brenda, you for A.J. With any luck, i get nailed as an accessory.
[Jason sighs]
sonny: It's a dream come true for A.J.
Jason: I know, it makes sense, but should we give A.J. --
Carly: You know what? Throw A.J. Back in that meat locker and make him tell the truth.
Luke: Well, if you refuse to work with, for, or around emotionally challenged men, that leaves an all-female gig. You'll have a female boss, female co-worker all-female clientele, and that will mean suspicion, angst, mood swings, and long lines at the bathroom.
Summer: You know, I'll figure something out.
Luke: If you're serious about giving up the life, summer, you will need some way to pay the rent.
Summer: I'll work it out on my own, thank you.
Luke: What's wrong with a little help?
Summer: Because I don't like the strings attached.
Luke: Look at me. Look. You see any strings here?
Summer: You know what? The more that a man wants to give you free help, the more you end up paying, and the more he insists that he wants nothing, the more you pay. I will figure this out on my own.
Luke: You know, it is possible to offer free help and mean it, that it's just free help.
Summer: You may believe that, but I have learned better. Seriously, thank you, but, no, thank you.
Lucky: You know, I'm starting to appreciate how easy mom made photography for me. Without the deception contract, 2/3 of it's hustling and marketing, and i'm discovering that that's really not my thing.
Nikolas: What would you do instead?
Lucky: I'm not sure.
Nikolas: You know what? You've always been great with computers. I'm serious, you have been.
Gia: Well, why don't you take some classes at P.C.U. And see what interests you?
Lucky: If you were joining the french foreign legion, would you try to talk me into that, too?
Nikolas: Now, wait a second. I agree with gia. I do. Isn't that the idea of college, to figure out what you want to do, right?
Gia: Well, what did you want to be when you were a kid?
Lucky: I wanted to be like my dad.
Carly: I should have known that twisted little weasel was behind this whole thing --
sonny: Carly, we have no proof that A.J. Bought this witness, so I don't know what you --
jason: Carly, we can't move against him until we know all the facts.
Carly: Oh, really? Ok, and then what? Then what happens? What are you going to do to him then? Listen, I was wrong, ok? When i told you that you needed to let courtney deal with a.J. In her own way and handle it, i was wrong.
Sonny: First of all, you shouldn't have been listening, ok?
Carly: I was -- ok, I came in through the kitchen because I brought home ice cream and I wanted to put it in the freezer so it didn't melt.
Sonny: The point is now you think you heard something. You're going to go do something about it you shouldn't do.
Carly: I have a right to be angry about this.
Sonny: You can be angry, but you can't make a mess out of it. We can't afford that. If a.J. Finds out that we suspect him, he's going to cover his tracks. You don't want that, do you?
Carly: No, I don't want that.
[Phone rings]
sonny: Take care of this, will you?
Jason: Yeah.
Sonny: Hey, you got to do me a favor, all right? You got to stay out of this. You concentrate on what you're doing with the club. Whatever you heard, forget about it. Put it out of your mind. I'm in between lawyers right now and jason's bail can be revoked. That's the last thing I want. Do you understand what i'm saying?
Carly: I do. I will just work on my club. But promise me that you will stop a.J.
Sonny: If a.J. Is involved in this, he won't be a problem.
Jason: We need to go.
Sonny: I know. Bye.
Carly: Bye.
Coleman: Pull up a chair. Make yourself at home.
Skye: I thought you were taking me back to my place.
Coleman: I will.
Skye: When? Why did we detour to this dive?
Coleman: Efficiency. I assume you're going to start drinking again, right? So this way when you pass out, I'll be here to drive you home. You won't freeze to death out in a park bench somewhere or, you know, run down innocent people out on the road.
Skye: Nice try, but reverse psychology's the oldest trick in the book.
Coleman: I've got other tricks. So what would you like to start with?
Skye: I'll call a cab.
Coleman: You're not even going to thank me for being so considerate? I mean, I bought you a witness, saved your life. I haven't even told anybody you killed alcazar.
Coleman: So your father thinks you're a drunken disaster. I got to admit, you know, I mean, the guy's got a point. But what he and that wife of his don't understand is that, under the circumstances, you're doing a hell of a lot better than most, skye. I mean, how are you supposed to relieve the pressure, huh? You can't even watch tv. Every 15 minutes there's an alcazar update. Same with the newspapers. And, hell, i mean, if I killed that guy, I'd be knocking back the booze, too. This one's ready, by the way. Very cold and very dry -- like you try to be.
Skye: Wow, you weren't kidding when you said you had some tricks, but this one's unique -- grabbing a woman's attention by accusing her of a murder she didn't commit.
Coleman: Yeah, well, if you weren't guilty, you'd have been out that door by now.
Skye: Yeah, well, when someone accuses me of murder, i tend to stick around to respond.
Coleman: Yeah, just drink your tonic while it's cold, ok?
Skye: Oh, what's that, another trick? Tell me, how does that work? I swill down a pitcher of martinis and then confe to killing alcazar? Is that it?
Coleman: I've been there, done that. You already confessed -- christmas eve.
Felicia: Hello.
Sonny: Hi. You get the address?
Felicia: Yes. Ida sees either one of you, she'll be terrified.
Sonny: Ok, all you need to do is trick her into running. When she steps away from protective custody, hopefully she'll go straight to whoever paid her off.
Felicia: Please don't let anything happen to her. If you do, you'll have to deal with the police department.
Sonny: Ida will not get hurt, ok? As soon as you give me that address, i'm going to put somebody in position. When ida leaves, somebody will follow her at a distance. Hopefully, she'll take us straight to the killer.
[Brenda screams]
brenda: No, no. I surfed. I thought I was pretty good, too.
Jax: What are you talking about? You didn't even get out past the surf.
Brenda: Well, you're my teacher, so --
jax: Well, you said that you could read the waves, so --
brenda: Well, I lied.
Jax: You know, I told you to wait till the third wave and then paddle straight out, but --
brenda: I did wait till the third wave.
Jax: Ok, but you didn't paddle out over it.
Brenda: I did paddle out over it.
Jax: You went sideways.
Brenda: Oh, well, obviously, you weren't paying attention because I never went sideways.
Jax: Oh. Oh, ok.
Brenda: I didn't. I went up -- didn't you see? -- And then i went over, and then i went under, and that's when my nostrils filled with damn saltwater.
Jax: That's right, that's when you got dumped. Welcome to learning how to surf.
Brenda: I did learn a lot today. I learned that i love to watch you surf.
Jax: Really? Hmm.
Brenda: But I won't be joining you again.
Jax: Aw, you'll do better next time.
Brenda: No, next time I'll be lying on the beach, drinking chichi --
jax: Oh, is that right?
Brenda: Waving at you while you surf your butt off. Don't look disappointed at me. I tried it. I didn't like it. I'm too little to surf.
Jax: Oh, you're too little to surf?
[Brenda laughs]
jax: Did you know little kids surf, like, little 5-year-olds that are out there on big waves?
Brenda: I know. Let's have one and then i'll watch him surf, too.
Jax: Oh, really? You know what?
Brenda: Let's start now. Oh!
Jax: It's just like riding a horse -- the sooner you get back on --
brenda: No, I never got a mouthful of saltwater riding a horse.
[Knock on door]
jax: Oops.
Brenda: Who's that?
Jax: I don't know.
Man: Jasper jacks?
Jax: Yes.
Man: I'm the local magistrate, and I have just received some urgent documents pertaining to you and mrs. Barrett.
lucky: I wouldn't take psychological implications of the modern novel, if i were you. Prof. Milenkovich -- he's a jerk.
Felicia: How are you holding up? I thought you might need some new magazines.
Ida: Is there any news? Have they found brenda barrett yet?
Felicia: Not that i'm aware.
Ida: What if they don't find her? What's going to happen to me then, huh?
Felicia: Ida, listen to me, you need to get out of here. You're not safe.
Ida: No, I have guards.
Felicia: One of them works for sonny corinthos. I don't know which one. It could be this shift, it could be the next shift, but sonny has decided that you're not going to live to testify against brenda or jason.
Ida: What am I going to do?
Felicia: Breathe. Wait for an opportunity and then run. Get out of port charles now.
Ida: Ok.
Jason: Is johnny in position?
Sonny: He'll follow ida, you follow a.J. Odds are they're going to connect at some point. When they do, you get it on film, we have proof a.J.'S behind the frame.
[Doorbell rings]
courtney: Hey.
Carly: Hey. Well, we must be psychically linked because i've been thinking about you nonstop.
Courtney: Well, I just came over to thank you for covering with a.J. At kelly's. You know, I can't believe he still thinks he has the right to keep tabs on me. Just --
carly: Well, A.J.'S a bloodsucking parasite who infects people and makes them sick. Listen, he can do a lot more harm than you think. Courtney, you got to be careful. You got to cover your tracks better.
Courtney: Yeah, I just -- what is it going to take to get a.J. Tsee that he doesn't stand a chance with me anymore?
Carly: A.J. Doesn't stop when he wants something, and what he wants is michael. That's why he tricked you into marrying him. It's why every chance that he gets, he tries to rip my family apart. Because he thinks if sonny's not around, then of course i'm not going to be strong enough to fight him off. That's why he is trying to frame jason and brenda, because he thinks --
courtney: Whoa, whoa, wait, wait.
Carly: Hmm.
Courtney: A.J.'S trying to frame jason? Are you sure?
Carly: Courtney, I promised sonny that i wouldn't say anything and that I would be quiet about this.
Courtney: God, carly --
carly: Apparently, I can'T.
Courtney: Carly, sonny's my brother, ok? I was married to a.J. I have a right to know what's going on.
Carly: Ok. Ok. You know that so-called eyewitness who claims that she saw brenda kill alcazar and jason paid her off? Well, A.J. Paid her to lie and accuse brenda and jason so they would go down and sonny would go down with them.
Courtney: A.J.'S not going to get away with this.
Carly: No, courtney, he could if we don't find some kind of proof that a.J. Was behind this setup.
Courtney: Ok, you know what? Don't worry, carly. I'll get the truth out of A.J.
Skye: Well, guess it just comes down to my word against yours. I mean, really, if i were going to confess to a murder, why would I confess to you?
Coleman: You don't remember?
Skye: Well, let's just say my recollection must differ from yours.
Coleman: Well, you said you were sorry and that you should have been the one that died. But you don't remember saying that, do you?
Skye: Ok, I admit it, all right? I don't remember everything that happened that night. I remember opening the bedroom door and seeing brenda charge alcazar with a knife. I remember sitting on his hotel bed and then going out to the living room after he was gone. I remember rushing out. But that's all i recall. Not that you would care. So how many millions of dollars do you want?
Coleman: I haven't asked you for anything.
Skye: No, you haven't made a specific demand yet, but I must admit your buildup to blackmail has been smoothly professional.
Coleman: I'm not blackmailing you. And I'm not going to turn you in, either. I mean, if i wanted you arrested, why would I set up the whole ida thing? You don't have to worry about me. I will keep your secret, skye. Yeah.
Skye: Why?
Brenda: This -- this -- this isn't --
jax: No.
Brenda: I don't --
jax: I arranged for the judge to expedite our respective divorces.
Brenda: Right now?
Jax: Yeah. You know, skye didn't realize when she gave me power of attorney for business she made it possible for me to end the marriage.
Judge: In your case, an annulment will suffice. Mr. Jacks has explained the special circumstances.
Brenda: Which special circumstances?
Jax: Well, you know, the fact that your marriage to jason was, you know --
brenda: Right.
Jax: There you go.
Judge: Sign there.
Brenda: I can't.
Stay tuned for scenes from the next "general hospital."
< On the next "general hospital" --
Lucky: I'm lucky.
Summer: My name is laura.
Woman: Come see me at my hotel room. I will make it worth your while.
Sonny: I just want to follow ida to whoever paid her to frame brenda and jason, and I got jason in position to get proof.
Jax: Jason doesn't matter to you b sonny does?
Brenda: Yes.
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Friday December 27th, 2002

Previously on "general hospital" --
Summer: I'm through playing fantasy girl for emotionally challenged men.
Jax: I arranged for the judge to expedite our respective divorces.
Courtney: A.J.'S trying to frame jason.
Carly: I promised sonny that i wouldn't say anything.
Sonny: When ida leaves, somebody will follow her. Hopefully, she'll take us straight to the killer.
Coleman: I bought you a witness, saved your life. I haven't even told anybody you killed alcazar.
lucky: Register at your own risk.
Summer: So, is prof. Milenkovich really that bad?
Lucky: Put it this way -- a friend of mine registered in one of his courses. He's in therapy now.
Summer: Oh. A professor who gives his students a hard time?
Lucky: Well, I guess it depends on what kind of student you are. Now,f you're female and beautiful and flirt back, I'm sure he's going to give you a high grade.
Summer: Ah, yes, i know the type.
Lucky: Hmm.
Summer: Thank you for the warning. You go here to p.C.U.?
Lucky: I was thinking about taking some courses. Actually, just trying to figure out what direction i'm going to go in.
Summer: Yeah. Me, too.
Lucky: I'm lucky.
Summer: Good to meet you.
Lucky: Nice meeting you.
Summer: My name is laura.
Skye: Why do you want to keep my secret?
Coleman: How about the goodness of my heart?
Skye: I might've killed alcazar and you want to keep my secret because you're some nice guy?
Coleman: I get nothing if you're arrested. On the other hand, helping you and A.J. Frame brenda and jason for alcazar's murder gets me one step closer to what i want, ok?
Skye: Which is?
Coleman: Courtney.
Skye: What if I did it?
Coleman: Doesn't matter.
Skye: I honestly don't remember pushing alcazar off the balcony.
Coleman: Well, then, stop worrying about it, skye.
Skye: But I confessed it to you during my d.T.S at the hospital. It could still come out.
Coleman: It won't. You just stick to your story that it was brenda, ok? And ida, the eyewitness I found, is going to say exactly the same thing. And she's a pro. She's going to see this thing through no matter what.
Sonny: How'd it go?
Felicia: I told ida that you were after her and she'd better run while she had the chance.
Sonny: She buy it?
Felicia: Yes, she was terrified.
Sonny: What about the police guards?
Felicia: I decoyed them so she could get away.
Sonny: So we're all set.
Felicia: We're all set if you protect her.
Sonny: I just want to follow a to whoever paid her to frame brenda and jason.
Felicia: A.J.
Sonny: That's my first bet. And I got jason in position to get proof.
Ned: I haven't heard from you in a while.
Faith: Have you been waiting by the phone?
Ned: The clock's ticking on my offer.
Faith: Well, I'm all for destroying sonny corinthos, but I like to know who i'm getting in bed with before i make a commitment.
Ned: What more do you need?
Faith: Let's just say i would like to continue negotiations. Come see me at my hotel room. I will make it worth your while.
A.J.: I didn't see you in the office all day, ned.
Ned: Did you get a promotion to hall monitor?
A.J.: Thought you wanted to use e.L.Q. To take sonny down, or was that just all talk, no action, as usual?
Ned: And your plans for sonny are right on target?
Courtney: There is no way that i'm letting a.J. Get away with this.
Carly: Courtney, stay out of it.
Courtney: Jason is being charged because A.J. Paid off that eyewitness. I mean, carly, i have to do something.
Carly: You know what, courtney? I have been there, i have done that, and you know what? I've learned to regret it. Sonny and jason are not going to let scotty railroad them. I'm sure they have a plan in place, and you need to do the smart thing -- just leave this one alone.
Courtney: Carly, A.J. Is doing this to get back at me. There has to be some way that i can fix it.
Carly: Listen to me. Listen to me. All right? Jason is out on bail and you don't want to do anything that's going to compromise that. Just -- don't blame yourself because this has nothing to do with you. This entire mess is caused by one person -- brenda.
Jax: Just sign on the dotted line right there and you'll no longer be mrs. Jason morgan.
Brenda: Uh -- I -- i can't.
Jax: Well, if you need to read through it, I mean, that's fine.
Brenda: That's not it, jax.
Jax: Then what is it?
Brenda: Um -- I'll tell you when we're alone. I just can't sign it right now.
Jax: All right, all right. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but the lady's not ready to sign, so --
man: I understand. If you have any questions --
jax: Yeah, ok, we'll -- we'll call you. Thanks very much for dropping by.
Man: Have a good day.
Jax: All right, so what's -- what's the problem?
[Brenda sighs]
jax: Your marriage to jason doesn't exactly mean anything, right?
Brenda: That's not the point.
Jax: Then what is it? Ok, jason doesn't matter to you, but sonny does. So this is about him, right?
Brenda: Yes.
summer: Did I say something wrong?
Lucky: No, no -- no, not at all. Just -- what courses are you taking, laura?
Summer: You know, I don't know. I thought I'd pick up a catalog, see if anything jumped out at me. Maybe one or two at first.
Lucky: Do you work?
Summer: I did. Somebody i know convinced me i needed a change. What about you?
Lucky: Actually, yeah, I'm a photographer. Also looking for a change.
Summer: Boy, look at all these courses. I don't even know where to begin.
Lucky: Can I suggest starting with something that you're good at?
Summer: Well, I'm great at being other people.
Lucky: You mean acting?
Summer: Well, I've never taken a class or done anything on stage, but my old job was -- yeah, acting sounds great. Let's see what they got in the theater department.
Lucky: Wait. You were talking about your job there a second.
Summer: No, I just had some experience pretending, that's all.
Lucky: You pretending to be someone right now?
Summer: No. This is me. Look, I got to get going. It was good to meet you.
Lucky: I don't mean to make you rush off here. It was just a joke, so i'm sorry about the third degree.
Summer: No, that's ok. It was good to meet a friendly face my first day here. So, if you decide to enroll, then i'll see you around.
Lucky: Yeah. Take care.
Ned: A month ago, you were on your knees, begging me for a job. Now you're gloating, puffing up right in front of myyes, as if I couldn't just throw you right back in the street.
A.J.: You won'T.
Ned: Why the bravado? Is it vengeance? A high over seeing jason accused for alcazar's murder?
A.J.: He's guilty. That's his fault, not mine.
Ned: What about brenda?
A.J.: I feel bad for her. I'm not going to be a hypocrite. What about you? Brenda's like a sister to you, ned. Now, if her guilt implicates sonny, you going to shed some tears?
Ned: Not as long as jax keeps her safely out of the country.
A.J.: What are you so prickly about? Brenda gets away. Sonny and jason end up in jail. Life is good.
Ned: Maybe. Maybe not. I'm not counting on anyone but myself.
A.J.: Meaning what? Sonny should be looking over his shoulder for you?
Ned: Damn straight.
Brenda: I've explained this to you a few times. You know that jason and I need to stay married right now so we can't testify against each other. I owe him.
Jax: No, you don'T.
Brenda: Yes, i do. He married me when i asked him to. Jason helped me lee the hotel the night that luis died.
Jax: Ok, so what does this have to do with sonny?
Brenda: Sonny has a wife and a son. That's all. I'm not going to let him go to prison for conspiracy in a murder that he had nothing to do with. That's all it's about.
Jax: There is --
brenda: It's not about anything other than that.
Jax: There is no conspiracy if you don't return to port charles. You can't --
brenda: Yeah, there is no conspiracy also if they find the real killer.
Jax: Yeah, but you know scott baldwin's not looking for anyone else.
Brenda: Well, jax, i don't understand. Do you just want to be on the run forever, for the rest of our lives?
Jax: No, I don'T. But that seems to be the only option that we have right now.
Brenda: I don't want to do that.
Jax: Why not?
Brenda: Because.
Jax: Because you can't forget sonny?
Brenda: Why are you saying that to me? You are the one who has been saying to me over and over that scott baldwin wants sonny and jason to be guilty so he's going to find any way he can to pin this murder on him. I can't ignore that. I can't just pretend like these people don't exist.
Jax: All right, ok. If you don't want to get an annulment right now, that's fine. I'm not going to push you. Does that mean that i can't ask you to be my girl?
Jax: You -- you haven't asked me to go steady, so i'm asking you.
Brenda: What are you doing?
Jax: I don't have a promise ring or an i.D. Bracelet --
[brenda laughs]
jax: But some men have all of those things and don't honor their commitments. See, i want to give you what truly matters -- my heart -- if you'll have it.
Brenda: Of course I will.
Jax: I pledge to love and honor u and not date other girls.
[Brenda laughs]
jax: So in my heart, from this day forward, you will be my girl.
Brenda: I pledge my heart to you, too. You can kiss me if you want.
Carly: Ok, let's stop for tonight because if i see one more bad location for my new club, I swear I'm going to sink into a deep, dark depression.
Ric: You know, that old, abandoned warehouse on river street had some possibilities.
Carly: As a rec room or a garage.
Ric: We could renovate.
Carly: You know, we'd have to end up tearing that whole thing down. You know, the only thing that even interests me right now is the basement at kelly'S. Look, it's just -- i don't understand why the blueprints don't match the space that's down there. You know, we should just sledgehammer through the wall and find out what the whole, big secret is.
Ric: Or we could buy the old bottling plant on 10th street.
Carly: Oh, forget it, ok? I want my club to be unique. I want it to have something interesting that people want to talk about.
Ric: Look, you're going to make it unique. Whatever -- whatever location you choose, you're going to bring your own individual style to it.
Carly: Yeah. Oh, thanks. You know, for a minute, I stopped worrying about sonny.
Ric: Maybe you're too distracted to make a decision.
Carly: Maybe. But, you know, i just don't think I've found the right place yet.
Ric: You know, you could -- could build the club from the ground up.
Carly: Yeah, if i had half a million just floating around --
ric: Oh, come on, look.
Carly: Extra. What?
Ric: Sonny's coffee warehouse is almost finished. He'll have -- he has plenty of money to afford it.
Carly: Ok, it's bad enough that sonny's just giving me this club like it's some piece of jewelry just because I want it. I at least want to make a return on his investment, and that means I have to be careful about the start-up costs.
Ric: Will sonny be able to afford it without using his offshore accounts?
Carly: I have no idea.
Ric: I'm sure any money that he invests is going to be clean. He would never use your club to launder illegal profits.
Carly: No, he wouldn'T.
Ric: You know, sonny's an amazing businessman. Has he ever considered turning all of his enterprises as legitimate as the coffee trade?
Carly: It can't happen.
Ric: Yes, it can.
[Phone rings]
sonny: Hello. Well, where'd she go? Damn it, johnny. You know what? All right, listen. See if you can pick up the trail.
[Phone rings]
sonny: Jason?
Jason: Yeah. What's up?
Sonny: Johnny called. This ida woman got away from him. Not something your average senior citizen could do.
Jason: She must have experience with this kind of thing.
Sonny: Yeah, she's probably on her way to the quartermaines' right now. You need to get that on film.
Jason: I got it covered. I'll be ready when ida shows up.
A.J.: Hey, skye, it's A.J. Dad told me you left thhospital with coleman. I know you're upset about brenda and jax. You have every reason to be. I just -- I don't want to see you hurt yourself, ok, so would you call me when you get in, please?
Courtney: Hi.
A.J.: What are you doing here?
Courtney: Did you mean what you've been telling me -- that you really are the person i thought I loved?
A.J.: Of course I meant it.
Courtney: Good. Because I'm going to give you the chance to prove it to me. Oprah: We're having a party
brenda: Jax?
Taggert: Freeze. That's her. Thanks for the tip. Me and ms. Barrett are going back to port charles to be charged.
Brenda: Jax, you ok?
Taggert: And you, mr. Jax, have been aiding and abetting a criminal suspect.
Brenda: Jax, no. No!
[Brenda screams]
jax: What's wrong? You all right?
Brenda: Yeah, I'm fine. It's just, you know, my stupid bad dreams. It's nothing. Look at you. You're all dressed up. Where are you going?
Jax: Well, I've been -- I've been busy.
Brenda: Oh.
Jax: Yeah. It's not quite ready yet, but --
brenda: What?
Jax: I think you'll still enjoy the surprise.
Brenda: It's a surprise?
Jax: Uh-huh.
Brenda: What is it?
Jax: Well, come here. I'll show you.
Brenda: Whats it? What's the surprise?
Jax: It's part one of our celebration.
Brenda: Ah -- ooh. What's part two?
Jax: Take you dancing.
Brenda: Oh, really? Where?
Jax: I'm not going to tell you.
Brenda: The beach? Restaurant? A club?
Jax: I'm not --
brenda: Outside?
Jax: I'm not going to tell you, ok? Now, i have a few more things to do, and can you be ready by the time I get back?
Brenda: Can I be ready?
Jax: All right.
Brenda: Ok.
Jax: I'll see you soon.

Ric: You know, your husband has extensive legitimate holdings.
Carly: I'm not real comfortable discussing sonny's business. And the truth is i don't even know that much about it.
Ric: Well, I know. That's not surprising. Sonny would be a fool to involve you in something illegal. What he may not realize is that there are certain strategies that could help him legitimize his entire business.
Carly: Ok. Don't -- don't even go there.
Ric: Why? Why? Why not?
Carly: Because sonny has tried to get out of the business before, and he can't. He is too far into it. I even tried to force him out, and it was a disaster. He can't get out.
Ric: Well, that's because he hasn't had somebody to structure the deal and help him transition away from this without repercussions from old associates.
Carly: , And you can do that?
Ric: Sonny's a challenge.
Carly: Yeah?
Ric: Yes, you know that look, I see -- i see what he could be worth and what i could be worth if I help manage to transition him into legitimate holdings and investments. You know, and what about you, huh? You said that you tried getting sonny out.
Carly: And I'm not making that mistake again.
Ric: Maybe it wasn't a mistake, carly.
Carly: Ok, the way I did it, it was a full-blown disaster.
Ric: Ok, so you like this life, hmm? You have a child, and you don't ever wonder what it would be like if sonny were the c.E.O. Of a perfectly legal corporation?
Carly: I know who sonny is. Ok, I know what he wants and how he lives, and I've made peace with that.
Ric: Ok. The tradeoff is worth it?
Carly: I grew up in florida in a trailer park. Ok, my mom was a secretary. I thought my fast track to success was being a physical therapist. I did a lot of things wrong, ric. I made a lot of mistakes, and then i met sonny. And he could have been all wrong, and he turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me. He's ruthless. I know this. He's controlling, and i certainly wouldn't want to be his enemy. But he loves me and I love him exactly the way that he is.
Ric: What if you could have more? What if you could have sonny and not be afraid?
Courtney: You used to say that i made you a better person.
A.J.: That's true.
Courtney: And all the things that your family did to you, they were in the past. And you learned how to be caring and considerate.
A.J.: I cared about a lot of things for the first time because of you.
Courtney: Well, when you tried to convince me to come back to you, you told me that you could be the kind of man who would do theight thing.
A.J.: For you, always.
Courtney: What about for other people?
A.J.: Like who?
Courtney: Sonny and jason.
A.J.: What a surprise.
Courtney: Scott baldwin is trying to blame them for alcazar's killing, and, a.J., Your testimony --
A.J.: Hey, i told the police -- I told baldwin what i saw, and that was jason behind the wheel of alcazar's limo, ok? It happened. I didn't make it up.
Courtney: Yeah, but you couldn't let it rest, could you?
A.J.: What exactly are you accusing me of?
Courtney: Skye's a wreck. Ok, everybody knows that she's lying, and you just won't let her admit it. You're pushing her to stick to her story, aren't you?
A.J.: What about the eyewitness? You know, the lady who saw everything from the window across the street?
Courtney: Well, you could pay her to change her story.
A.J.: Are you asking me to bribe this woman?
Courtney: You've done illegal things before, a.J. Ok, except this time, it would be for a good cause. You could get the eyewitness to claim that -- that she accused brenda and jason because she wanted publicity, her name in the paper or her face on the news. I mean, it's probably the truth anyhow.
A.J.: Maybe. There's something that you're going to have to do for me.
Luke: What a surprise.
Summer: I thought you agreed to stop following me.
Luke: I did and I'm not. I'm just passing through here.
Summer: If you say so.
Luke: What's that?
Summer: Well, I decided to go to p.C.U. And check out some of their classes.
Luke: Good. How'd it go?
Summer: All right, i guess. I didn't sign up for anything, but I'm definitely intrigued.
Luke: Did you get caught up in the collegiate spirit?
Summer: Maybe so. I met somebody there, treated me like a real person. I liked it. Kind of forgot how it felt just to be myself.
Luke: What kind of courses are you interested in?
Summer: Well, I don't know. I kind of thought maybe I'd stick close to home, so I was thinking maybe acting.
Luke: Acting? That means you don't enjoy being yourself.
Summer: No. The real me enjoys pretending sometimes.
Luke: Well, acting is a good way to hide.
Summer: You know, I'm really sorry if you don't like it, but you don't get to pick my classes.
Luke: Oh, I don't want to pick your classes. I didn't say i didn't like it. I'm just saying that a for acting is a good beginning, but there's a lot of interesting, you know, courses through the rest of the alphabet.
Summer: Ok. Try t -- for theater. Is that better? You know, the real me does enjoy pretending sometimes to get outside of myself, be other people.
Luke: I'd like to make a contribution to your education.
[Door opens]
carly: Hey.
Sonny: Hey.
Carly: How are things?
Sonny: No change, you know? Where were you?
Carly: Out saving you money.
Sonny: Wow, that's a first.
[Carly chuckles]
carly: So, ric and I were looking at club locations and came up empty-handed, and he suggested that you build me one. And I very responsibly said no, too -- too expensive.
Sonny: Good, good, since the warehouse is above budget and behind schedule.
Ric: Well, I've watched it go upand that extra space you put in for shipping and receiving should increase productivity at least by 30%. You'll be ahead in no time.
Carly: That was your idea, wasn't it, sonny?
Sonny: Yeah.
Carly: Ric's right.
Sonny: Yeah? About what?
Carly: He thinks you're an amazing businessman.
Ric: Indeed you are. You know, I think it's a good idea that you found an investment to go into that'll ultimately allow you to get away from the mob once and for all.
Sonny: I don't think I asked for your opinion. You see, my business is none of your business. Do you understand at i'm saying, ric?
Faith: You're early.
Ned: I'm right on time. No backup squad tonight?
Faith: They're -- they're really more decorative than useful. Most men are. Besides, i can handle myself.
Ned: That's good to know. I'm not looking for a partner i have to coddle.
Faith: Ned ashton. You have a very interesting past. You're a very powerful businessman, you created a stir in the music industry, and you've recently returned to the family corporation. You like to be in charge.
Ned: When i decide on a goal, I like to follow through.
Faith: So do I. Isn't it convenient that we have the very same goal?
Ned: Bringing down sonny corinthos.
Faith: I've been thinking about what you said before.
Ned: My position hasn't changed. I am willing to put up the money to compete with sonny and ultimately drive him out of business.
Faith: It won't come cheap.
Ned: You care about the money.
Faith: Who doesn't?
Ned: Well, a million dollars can't buy confidence or trust.
Faith: And partners should trust each other?
Ned: Yeah. It helps.
Faith: Well, I trust that you can do anything you set your mind to.
Ned: Well, then, let's get started, shall we?
Faith: Just be sure to take it slow and sweet. Don't get me wrong -- I want sonny gone. But I will need some additional perks and assurances to prove that you are trustworthy.
Ned: What exactly would it take to satisfy you?
Faith: You go first.
Ned: I think I will.
Ned: Here's to mutual satisfaction.
Enda: Hi. Can you connect me with the port charles police department? No, it's not an emergency.
[Phone rings]
taggert: Lt. Taggert.
Brenda: Hi, taggert. It's brenda. Don't bother with the phone trace.
Taggert: How's the weather where you and jax are?
Brenda: How's the investigation going? Any new suspects?
Taggert: We don't need one. You killed alcazar.
Brenda: Oh. So nothing new?
Taggert: We're making progress. You may have got away, but sonny and jason weren't so lucky.
Brenda: What does that mean?
Taggert: They've been arrested for conspiracy. Scott's requested --
[dial tone]
taggert: Hello?
Officer: She hung up too fast. We couldn't get it.
Taggert: That's ok. I think she heard enough.
A.J.: I tried to prove my love to you a thousand different ways, and the first chance you get, you go run to my brother, the big hero --
courtney: You know -- you know that isn't true, A.J. --
A.J.: It is true. How big a hero is he going to look when he's in prison? Because that's what's going to happen. And, courtney, there's nothing you can do about it.
Courtney: But there is something that you can do.
A.J.: You want me to save my brother? Hmm? Want me to clear him? Stop the divorce, come back to me, and never see him again.
summer: I do not want your charity.
Luke: This ain't charity, baby. I'm offering you a job.
Summer: And we've been through that, too. I don't want to hostess at your club.
Luke: I'm not talking about hostessing. Wait.
Luke: I want time with my wife. I mean, I carry her always in here, but that's not enough for me. I want to see her, talk to her, be with her.
Summer: You can'T.
Luke: I can pretend if you'll help me.
Summer: We tried that. It didn't work.
Luke: I know. Here's the deal -- go to college. Get a great life going for yourself. You deserve it. Take whatever classes you want. Date students, teachers, whatever.
Summer: Gee, thanks. That's very generous of you with my time.
Luke: Yeah, well, you -- it is your time, and it's really none of my business. You can be as suspicious and as secretive as you want.
Summer: So, what's the catch?
Luke: There's no catch. When you're with me, i pay you to keep the game going. It's an acting job. From now on, when you're with me, you're laura. My laura.
Sonny: Where do you get off filling my wife's head with this garbage?
Ric: You know, with all due respect, mr. Corinthos, I am going to be discussing a certain amount of business with your wife. Now, if I crossed some sort of line I wasn't aware of, i am sorry.
Sonny: Ok, you --
ric: I meant no disrespect.
Sonny: You do know that i keep my business separate from my family. So what do you do the first time you're alone with my wife? You start talking business.
Ric: I'm sorry. It was my mistake. It won't happen again.
Sonny: Well, it's not going to happen again, that's for sure. Now, i need you to leave. I need to spend time --
carly: Sonny --
sonny: What do you mean, "sonny"? I need to spend time with my wife.
Carly: Well, that was blunt.
Sonny: Well, he didn't get the message.
Carly: I think he does now.
Sonny: Do you understand he's working you, don't you? For whatever reason, which I don't know, he wants me to need him, so he's trying to sell you on some fantasy that his brilliant legal strategy can turn me into a law-abiding citizen. That's not going to happen in a million years.
Carly: What if he could? What if he could?
Sonny: "What if he could?" It's not going to happen. It's -- he's lying. He's only telling you what he thinks you want to hear. Unless maybe you said something. Maybe you brought up that you're trying to get me out of the business.
Carly: Oh, no, no, no, no. Ok, you know what? I have learned my lesson. I know how you live your life and I know what you're comfortable with, and I'm never going to try and change that again.
Sonny: What do you want?
Carly: What do I want?
Sonny: Yeah --
carly: If i had my choice?
Sonny: Yes, yes, yes.
Carly: Well, yeah, I'd want you out of the business. Come on, i want you to live a long, long life, ok? And I hate the fact that you're in danger and you're threatened because of your business and because that you have enemies. I hate that the pcpd is always breathing down your neck. But that's your life, and I accept it because I love you.
Courtney: Do you know what you're doing?
J.: You came to me, ask me to lie to cover for murder.
Courtney: I am asking you to help your brother, who helped you when you were in trouble, A.J.
A.J.: Don't you ever tell me i owe my brother for anything.
Courtney: Jason covered for you after you burned down the oasis.
A.J.: No, no, no, no. Hey, he didn't cover for me. He covered for you. You opened the door. He walked right in. And from then on, he was like a bad rash. I couldn't get rid of him. You turn to him for everything.
Courtney: God, a.J., I wouldn't have needed saving if you hadn't stalked me.
A.J.: You know what? He would have found some other way to save you because that's what he does. Don't you understand? And I'll bet that's what you wanted from the moment you first saw him. Isn't that right?
Courtney: I didn't even know him when i first saw him.
A.J.: You want to help my brother? You want to save him? Then you're going to stop right now and you're going to come clean. Tell me the truth. I want to know. When did you first want him? When did you look into his eyes and realize, "uh-oh, i married the wrong brother"?
Courtney: It didn't happen when i looked into jason's eyes, A.J. It happened when i looked into yours. The night that i found out that you stalked me and then you tried to lie your way out of it, the night that I realized that all your tenderness and concern, all the ways that you said that you loved me, all the times that you said you needed me -- it was all fake. God, you can turn it on anytime you want to cover up any hideous thing that you do.
A.J.: You don't like it when i lie? Then what are you doing here, huh? You're asking me to lie for my brother. I told you what it's going to cost -- you back with me.
Courtney: Why do you want me knowing that i hate you?
A.J.: You see, that's where the fun's going to come in. Because you're going to have to convince me you don't. Ok. You are going to be my sweet, affectionate, loving wife again.
Ida: Our deal is off.
Coleman: What are you doing here? You're supposed to be in police custody, ida.
Ida: When i agreed to frame brenda barrett, I didn't count on sonny corinthos trying to murder me to retaliate.
Coleman: Wait, wait, wait. What happened?
Ida: I'm running for my life here. That lady P.I. That tracked me down in canada warned me that sonny is closing in and I better skip town.
Coleman: You got out of police custody?
Ida: Yeah.
Coleman: How'd you do that?
Ida: I gave them the slip. If the p.I. Could find me, so could sonny.
Coleman: You're not going to quit now.
Ida: Like hell I'm not. I'm out of here. Wish i'd never been in that room across from the hotel the night of the murder. You. It was you.
Jax: I'm back! Brenda?
Jax: Brenda?
Woman: Welcome to flight 509. We'll be landing in port charles, new york, in just a few short hours.
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A.J.: How far you willing to go for the wonder boy?
Sonny: I know it costs you a lot to be with me.
Carly: It's worth it.
Scott: How was your trip?
Brenda: I am here to turn myself in.
Ida: You don't remember if you killed him or not, do you?
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