June 20th, 2004, 9:27 pm #1

P. Singletary bred the Andy Capp dog, she named him Ronald after the famous breeder. He was purchased from Boyles out of Yulee, at ten months of age while he still belong to Singletary. Two weeks after his purchase, he got into an confromtation with a 2x winner the got lose and went to his chain, Andy Capp killed her on the spot. Never before has a dog been wrecked the way that bitch was wrecked. It was thought at the time that the 2x winner being a bigger bitch must to have had spooked the puppy in order for him to have biten her so hard(it was said that her chest had parted at the clevage. The bitch was directly from the late Carl Winn, her topside was a double son of Sorrell's Red Jerry bred to a daugher of Wilkerson's"Chainey"(heavy Zeke).
16 months. The pup was a firecracker. He was sat down for the first time against two sons of Thurmond's Cracker Jack. The first one was called Troy's Buddy out of Man's"Red Gold", they picked up in five. The second, was out of Thurmond's Delta and was a brother to the 2x winner Flavor who won in over two hours. They called this dog Buster. Buster was suppose to have been the same size as Capp but in fact he was about six pounds heavier. A tremendously hard biting dog that had killed two in wrolles. I heard that those guys wasn't gonnna wroll Capp, but got pissed because they were betrayed. It was said that Capp got underneath Buster, deep inbetween his chest and stayed there. It went about 15, Buster turning and screaming,was picked up before he quit. That SOB was bit to the bone. Capp's craftyness kepted Buster from catching him right.
Dog Pound took him and wrolled him at 18 months against two dogs bred by Boyles, both in the same night. The first was a brother to Oiler Jr. ROM(Ch. Oiler out of Blackgold), they picked up in 3min with a terrible bleeder in the stifle. The second one was a heavy Ch.Bolt Actoin dog who later became a 4x winner for Von. Capp popped his jaw out of place on the send off, he was the smaller of the two, and that went 15, before they picked up.
This set the stage for the coming of the Festus show down.
Like Dibo. Gr.Ch.Andy Capp ROM was bred by an amature, who at the time had two of the best bloodlines of their times at their peak.
Capp's sire, Singgletary's Sugarfoot was wrolled as an old dog, he acted game but look like a peice of shit. His dam Penny Sue was an hard biting super game old bitch. Could have went far if taken in that direction.
The Fame does not take credit for the breeding of this dog, and the old dog has long since passed on. But, never think for one moment that this dog was not the real deal, he was, and he shall always be remember by the many who saw him, and by some who did not, for being the outstanding dog he truley was.
In his day the Mouth of the South ruled with an iron jaw, the deep deep south can claim this one as their own, truley one of the great ones, as Boyles once said, one of the greatest ever to look through a collar.

The Historian