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We like to keep things simple. Simple and fun. RPGs are fun. Let's find out how simple they are!

Notes: RPG = Role Playing Game, sometimes abbreviated further to RP.
GM = Game Master, the one running the RP.

Who can start an RP?
Anyone! There is not post count requirement, or site rank needed. If you have a good, unique idea for an rp, post about it in the RPG Discussions forum!

Who can join an RP?
Anyone can join an rp, as long as the GM allows it. Each RP is run by its creator (unless the creator hands it over to someone else). If you want to join an rp, the best thing to do is find its discussion topic, and see if it is still taking applications. If you are still not sure, you can pm the GM of the RP. Some GMs only want a certain amount of players in their rp, while others only want certain types of characters. Please respect the GM's rules for their RP.

How do I roll dice?
When you get to a point in which you need to roll dice, simply click on the "Roll" button. The format for rolling is:

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|Number of dice|d|number of sides on the dice+|mod of the roll
so for example, if I want to roll two d12's, and I have a +4 mod, I would type in 2d12+4

Manipulating dice rolls can result in bans from the RPs as determined by the GM of the RP.