SCU bosses, clans and murders

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SCU bosses, clans and murders

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Nicola D’ Ambrogio “Tro Tro”
Nicola D’Ambrogio “Tro Tro” and his nephew Francesco “mimmo la luna”Strisciuglio,

Bari district San Paolo family Strisciuglio
Brothers Domenico “mimmo la luna”Strisciuglio , Franco Strisciuglio (killed 13 august 2003) and Sigismondo Strisciuglio

Bari family Strisciuglio allies the De Felice family
Giovanni De Felice and Giuseppe De Felice

Bari family Strisciuglio ally Nicola Piccolino
Nicola Piccolino

Bari district San Paolo family Telegrafo (Strisciuglio ally)
Strisciuglio family supporter Nicola Telegrafo (his father is Donato Telegrafo).
Telegrafo family bosses Lorenzo Valerio (40) and Carlo Iacobbe (38)

Bari district Enziteto boss Piperis (Strisciuglio ally)
Run by Bari family Strisciuglio ally Carmine Piperis

Domenico Capriati (son of Sabino Capriati) feud with Domenico Strisciuglio
during the “Borgo Antico”trial the boss Domenico Capriati insulted the boss Domenico Strisciuglio (his boss is Domenico Monti “Mimmo u biondo”)

Bari boss Domenico Strisciuglio orders murder of Giuseppe Capriati
26 February 1997 the boss Domenico Strisciuglio his men killed Giuseppe Capriati the brother of Domenico Capriati and a war broke out between the Capriati family and the Strisciuglio family about who rules Bari’s district.

Domenico “mimmo la luna”Strisciuglio – Nicola D’ Ambrogio “Tro Tro”order murder
22 October 1998 was in Bari the big hasjdealer Antonio Caporusso killed by Nicola D’Ambrogio “Tro Tro”, his nephew Francesco “mimmo la luna”Strisciuglio, Domenico Stris??, Antonio Romito and Antonio De Antonis.

San Valentino (Valentine’s day) massacre of Strisciuglio clan members by Diomede clan
14 February 2000 were Angelo Caricola (28), Nicola Cassano (45) and Vito Marzulli (48) shot and killed while wounded were Tommaso Montaruli (47), Francesco Abbrescia (39) and Nicola Colangiuli (35) who belong to the Strisciuglio clan. Police arrest as a suspect Giovanni Vitellaro (30) the brother of the sought boss Umberto Vitellaro who hides in Montenegro and is a member of the Diomede clan.

Bari district San Paolo family Telegrafo (Strisciuglio ally)
Nicola Telegrafo (24) and Michele Tesauro (26) were accused of the murder of Vincenzo Caruso who was killed 14 february 2000 as revenge for the St Valentine’s massacre a few hours earlier .

Bari family Diomede
23 February 2000 were in Bari members of the families Mercante, Catacchio and Diomede arrested for the 2 murders at Valentine's day.

Bari clans meeting
From a police check carried out in September 2000, for example, 25 important members of Bari-based clans were identified in a restaurant; this meeting could be seen as an attempt at finding a truce between the fighting clans, an attempt at subdividing their interests. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!very interested if somebody could tell me some names or knows an article about the meeting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Strisciuglio war with Diomede family
In November 2000 were Diomede clan members Cosimo De Simone “Il Buco”and Antonio Mari killed

Strisciuglio war with Diomede family
Also they killed Diomede clan member Luigi delle Foglie “Giamburrasca” the godfather?? Of killed Antonio Mari

13 february 2001 were of the Strisciuglio arrested: Carlo Alberto Baresi (27), Sergio Di Rella (41), Luca Marinelli (21), Nicola Telegrafo (24) and Michele Tesauro (26).

29 march 2001 was in Bari killed Giovanni Passaquindici (39), he himself was the suspect in the double murder of Nicola Cassano (45) and Tommaso Montarulli (48).

Bari murdercase Tonino Capriati
29 June 2001 was in Bari Tonino Capriati killed, he was a nephew of the boss.

Police operations that affected and weakened the STRISCIUGLIO group (Operation S. Anna) led the members of the CAPRIATI clan who were not incarcerated, to attempt to take their revenge against the opposite clan’ survivors. In this context, a fire group was detected – it consisted of very young members and had organised several bloody attacks.

Strisciuglio war with Capriati family
12 july 2001 was the innocent Michele fazio (15) killed by Leonardo Ungredda (himself killed 19 august 2003), Raffaele Capriati (18) and Francesco Annoscia (19) when they want to murder Strisciuglio man Marino Catacchio and Vito De Felice (his wife is Lucrezia Morelli, ?? Giuseppe De Felice). The Capriati family wanted to avenge the murder of Francesco Capriati who was killed 29 june 2001 by the Strisciuglio man Marino Catacchio

Bari district Enziteto boss Piperis
19 september 2001 was Nicola Piperis (18) shot and wounded

Bari district Enziteto boss Piperis
15 may 2002 was Michele Muschitiello (39) killed by Gianfranco Nuovo (29) and suspect is the Piperis clan.

Bari district San Paolo boss Nicola Telegrafo
Nicola Telegrafo was arrested 18 april 2003 and he was at war with the Diomede family and his clan had killed 21 april 2003 Diomede man Michele De Santis (22)

Bari district San Paolo boss Nicola Telegrafo
Nicola Telegrafo’s men did the ambush at Nicola Vavalle 11 august 2003

Domenico “mimmo la luna”Strisciuglio’s brother Franco Strisciuglio killed
Domenico “mimmo la luna”Strisciuglio’s brother Franco Strisciuglio (33) was killed 13 august 2003 in Via van Westerhout in Bari district San Girolamo.

Andrea Montani
18 august 2003 was Antonio Piemonte (19) shot and wounded. He is the brother of Bari district San paolo boss Nicola Piemonte and godson of Andrea Montani.

2 october 2003 was the innocent Gaetano Marchitelli (15) killed in Carbonara when the killers wanted to murder the nephews Raffaele and Michele Abbinante. For the murder got Domenico Masciopinto (a nephew of the boss Antonio Di Cosola whose brother is Cosimo Di Cosola) a life sentence and the other shooters were Luigi Frasca, Giovanni Partipilo, Francesco Costa and the brothers Luigi and Vincenzo Guglielmi.

Bari district San Paolo boss Nicola Telegrafo
11 october 2003 was Nicola Telegrafo’s righthand Pietro Scintilla (36) shot and wounded he was in company of Telegrafo’s other righthand Carlo Contini. Pentito Nicola Stella had told police that Scintilla was a nephew of boss Matteo Biancoli “dado”

Bari district San Paolo boss Nicola Telegrafo dies
Bari district San Paolo boss Nicola Telegrafo (35) died in june 2004 in prison of heart failure

Giuseppe Mercante his brother Amleto (Amodeo) Mercante killed
Giuseppe Mercante his brother Amleto (Amodeo) Mercante was 28 september 2005 shot and killed.

Boss Francesco Santolla and son Romualdo Santolla (18 when killed in may 1996)

Veglie boss Francesco Santolla’s son Romualdo Santolla killed
Im may 1996 was in Veglie Romualdo Santolla (18) killed to hurt his father Francesco Santolla the boss of Veglie. He was killed by Luigi Vergine from Squinzano, Giuseppe Ricciardi from Squinzano (himself killed in 1999). This was later told by Campi Salentina boss Dario Toma who became a pentito.

Santolla family and Operation Tulipano
Operation Tulipano was aimed at a drugline from Albania into western europe. 28 November 1997 police arrested 24 persons. Boss of the drugline was Francesco Santolla capoclan from Veglie. Arrested were Massimiliano Arnesano from Veglie who got 4 years and 10 months; Alessio Belloni from Lecce who got 5 years and 4 months; Salvatore Capoccia from Veglie who got 8 years; Luigi Desiderio from Copertino who got 4 years and 10 months; Antonio Filieri from Veglie who got 5 years and 8 months; Francesco Muia from Veglie who got 9 years and 6 months; Mauro Pepe from Lecce who got 4 years and 10 months; Andrea Pizzuto from Arnesano who got 4 years and 10 months; Orazio Pizzuto from Arnesano who got 9 years and 6 months; Salvatore Saponaro from Carmiano who got 5 years and 9 months; Marcello Spedicato from Arnesano who got 5 years and 9 months, Arben Teneqexhiu and albanian who had lived for years in Monteroni and got 3 years and 6 months. Spoken free were Mauro Pepe and Francesco Campa from Veglie. Still sought was Francesco Santolla. Cannabis from Albania was send to Italy after which it had been send to Holland, where it was paid with coca pasta which then was refined in 2 cokelabs in Albania. Also they got coca pasta from the curdish PKK.

Cesario- Martera- Cianciaruso
9 november 1997 in Taranto and Puglia 97 people get arrested under whom the bosses of the Cesario- Martera- Cianciaruso clan for crimes they committed between 1989 and 1995.

Operation “Cuore” and Cesario- Martera- cianciaruso
18 july 2000 police end operation “Cuore” which was against a drugorganization that provided the area Taranto bari. At the head were the brothers Giuseppe and Cosimo Cesario from Taranto who had already been imprisoned because of operation “Due Mari” and the Fago family. Also indicted were albanians, people from Napoli and from Bari.
Angelo Fago got 14 years. Cosimo Cesario got 7 years and 6 months, Agostino Stella got 5 years and 2 months, Nicola Cianciaruso got 5 years and 6 months, Luca Fago got 12 years, Vincenzo Fago got 11 years and Pietro Cantoro got 4 years and 4 months. There had been found a kilo of heroin with the albanian Hamit Hyseni who is also involved in a drugsmuggling investigation on Sicily.

Bari district Liberta boss Lorenzo Caldarola

Bari district San Nicola
In Bari`s district San Nicola the families Manzari and Capriati war each other.

Bari district San Paolo
In Bari’s district San Paolo the families Diomede and Montani war each other. Montani clan in war with Capriati

Bari district San Paolo family Diomede
Antonio “Tete”Diomede (disappeared in December 1990) and his brothers Biagio Diomede “Biagu u lengh”(his sons are Cesare Diomede, Giuseppe Diomede and Nicola Diomede) and Giuseppe Diomede “Pinuccio il cantante”

Diomede ally Giuseppe Mercante
Giuseppe Mercante his brother Amleto (Amodeo) Mercante (28 september 2005 killed).

Giuseppe Mercante – Giuseppe Diomede clan suffered the expansion of its rival group, headed by Vito Manzari, close to the “historic” MONTANI clan,

Diomede ally Catacchio
Nicola Catacchio and his son Lorenzo Catacchio

Bari district San Paolo family Montani
Andrea Montani

Bari district Enziteto
the boss Antonio Scaglioso

Bari district Enziteto
Giovanni Petrosino and wife Anna Ruggiero. 18 march 2005 was Piperis man Giovanni Petrosino (41) shot and wounded.

Bari district Enziteto
Giovanni DiCosmo

Bari district San Paolo family Manzari
Vito Manzari (killed 16 March 1991 by Capriati family)

Bari district San Paolo family Capriati
Boss Sabino Capriati (47) and his sons Giuseppe Capriati, Domenico Capriati and Filippo Capriati. brothers Antonio Capriati and Mario Capriati who belong to the clan of Luigi Svezia.

Capriati clan members
Matteo Abbrescia, Sergio Abbrescia, Francesco Annoscia, Francesco Capriati -2003, Francesco Capriati, Raffaele Capriati, Tonino Capriati, Antonio Cardinale, Nicola Casilino, Michele Ladisa, Michele Mallardi, Giorgio Martiradonna, Luigi Martiradonna, Gaetano Marzulli, Domenico Monte, Leonardo Ungredda

11 September 1997 was Francesco Martiradonna killed

Davide Francesco Rizzo “u Siciliano”boss of Rizzo- Capriati clan was sought since july 2007 and is an enemy of the Striscuiglio clan and was reputed one of the killers of the 23 february 2004 double murder in San Girolamo of Antonio Colella and matteo Cuccumazzo who belong tot the Striscuiglio clan

Bari district Borgo Antico
Brothers Donato Laraspata, Raffaele Laraspata and Tommaso Laraspata are at war with the Biancoli clan (Parisi allies) and the Laraspata family rules the district Borgo Antico in Bari and their topkiller is Saverio Finocchio and they support the Montani clan in their war with Capriati. Also Laraspata men are Roberto Prudentino and Francesco Prudentino.

Laraspata ally Loseto

Nicola Vavalle and families Altamura, Mangone

Bari district Carbonara
affiliates of the Strisciuglio clan have settled down after the brothers Antonio Di Cosola and Cosimo Di Cosola weakened. Di Cosola nephew Domenico Masciopinto. Brothers Di Cosola nephew Domenico Masciopinto

Bari district Carrassi
The Strisciuglio, the Diomede and the Parisi clans still hold the area under control. The last one now replaces members of the Anemolo clan. (Anemolo ally the Mangione- Loglisci clan uit Puglia: Giovanni and Safino Loglisci)

Raffael Anemolo (47) was shot at 15 january 2010

Bari district Liberta
the Strisciuglio and the Mercante clan still control the area and act as reference points for members of the Abbaticchio, the Biancoli (Parisi allies) and the Ottomano clans:

Bari district San Pasquale
the Lafirenze-Fiore clan

Franco Biancoli was the former boss of Savino Parisi.Matteo Biancoli

Bari district Iapiga
Savino Parisi rules the borough Japiga and his underboss is Pietro Losurdo.
Parisi members Luigi Cardinale, Michele Gallo, Eugenip Palermiti vice boss, Vito Parisi

Bari district Japiga boss Savino Parisi arrested
12 January 1992 Savino Parisi gets arrested in Milan.

Barletta based
Barletta based Damiano Cannito- Ruggiero Lattanzio clan

Barletta based Pastore- Campanale – Pistillo family
Brothers Antonio and Francesco Pistillo. Boss Michele Pistillo

Barletta based Pastore- Campanale – Pistillo family
Raffaele Pignataro disappeared December 1992 and his son is Antonio Pignataro who works for boss Michele Pistillo. 12 october 1999 was Benito Pistillo (married with Maria Capogna) killed, he is the son of Filomena Di Tacchio. Boss Agostino Pastore was shot and killed in september 2000 (was with the Pistillo- Pesce???) clan. his underboss is Giuseppe Posto. 2 march 2011 police confiscated properties from the brothers Emanuele Lapenna (39 and son in law of Riccardo Campanale of the Pastore clan) and Giuseppe Lapenna (38). 28 december 2001 was Michele Pistillo killed. ?? Boss Michele Pistillo ordered Antonio Pignataro (his father Raffaele Pignataro disappeared December 1992) to murder Pastore member Giuseppe Fortunato (51) who was wounded 20 october 2005.

Fasano clan Giuseppe D’Onofrio- Sabatelli
Fasano boss Giacomo Sabatelli (his son Leonardo “Leo”Sabatelli and their nephew Giovanni Sabatelli) and brother Vito Sabatelli

Fasano boss Giacomo Sabatelli had contacts with the sicilian mafia and was killed by them. Pietro Vernengo had been hiding in Fasano. Giovanni Sabatelli whose bar “Skipper”was confiscated.

War started when Giuseppe Zingaro disappeared and 13 october 2000 were also his mother Teresa Lopetuso “La papa nera”(46) and his brother Pietro Zingaro (26) killed?? And wounded was their brother Antonio Zingaro (27).

Cesare Luigi Coletta (girlfriend Rosa Giordano)- Massimiliano “Massimo”Ridente

gruppi Colagrande/Colella, collegato al clan Parisi (Polignano);
gruppo Lacatena (Fasano);
clan Libergolis/Primosa, Alfieri/Basta E Romito (Foggia);
clan Capriati/Maisto/Giammaria/Casucci (Bari nord);
clan Schino/Zaccaria/Marzulli (Bari);
Enrico Rispoli (Bari nord, Trani);

gruppi Giovanni Rosato, Pietro Susca, Buongiorno, Grassi, Cofano, Carsomo

clan De Pace (Brindisi, Lecce).

Michele Giammaria (43) and his underboss Vincenzo Scardicchio (49)

in the Murgia area, there were accomplished several operations that weakened the group headed by Andria boss Eligio Asseliti (born 5 april 1958 and operating in the Alta Murgia area) and the group headed by Franco CHIMENTI – BACCELLIERI (operating in Sannicandro di Bari) respectively.

Andria boss Eligio Asseliti (45) was arrested 23 february 2004 with Luigi rosa (35). His brother is Salvatore Asseliti

Eligio Asseliti was arrested 5 may 2001 with Antonio Buttiglione

the Operation “MEDIANA” led to the arrest of 164 individuals allegedly involved in smuggling activities;

Diomede man Luigi Nicola Navarra “Ginetto il Gatto nero”

Francesco lalario, Natale lalario, Giovanni lalario “il bello”

Bari district San Paolo boss Antonio “Tete”Diomede disappears
Antonio “Tete”Diomede disappeared in December 1990.

Bari boss Vito Manzari killed by Capriati family
16 March 1991 in Bari`s borough San Nicola the boss Vito Manzari (30) gets shot to death and for the murder stand later trial the boss Sabino Capriati (47) and his sons Giuseppe Capriati, Domenico Capriati and Filippo Capriati.

Bari based Capriati family
23 March 1992 police do in Bari 41 arrests under whom the brothers Antonio Capriati and Mario Capriati, the sicilian boss Antonello Lazzarotto (36) from Messina, the brothers Sebastiano Giorgi, Bruno Giorgi and Vincenzo Giorgi from San Luca and Lazzarotto's wife Chiara Picca. The next day Lazzarotto gets found dead in his cell.

Bari based Capriati family
In may 1992 police arrest Filippo Capriati (21) and Massimiliano Ladisa (23) when they go out to ambush a member of the Manzari family.

Diomede family
16 july 1992 was Domenico Cassano (17 and son of Lorenzo Cassano) shot and killed and Giuseppe Ruggiero (17 and family of the Diomede family) wounded.

Bari district Enziteto boss Piperis
22 september 1992 was Giovanni Gaudioso (20) killed in Gravina for the murder were convicted the boss Carmine Piperis (born 1960) and his brother in law Graziano Lombardo (born 1951 and his son is Donato Lombardo). Carmine Piperis other brother in law is Michele Vispo.

Bari double murdercase Manzari and Casadibari
2 October 1992 agent Antonio Carrozzo (30) arrests the dealers Maurizio Manzari (20) and Domenico Casadibari (23) of the Diomede clan, he doesn't bring them to police station but to their enemies from the Montani clan who murder them.

9 April 1993 some 41 members of the warring Diomede, Montani, Capriati and Manzari families get convicted for the 20 killings and 30 wounded that fell in the 2 year during war.

Bari boss Raffaele Laraspata
In august 1994 Laraspata orders his men to wipe out the Capriati family. Laraspata's men also kill Lello Costanzo, Nicola Solazzo and Antonio Carlucci "Mayer".

Bari boss Raffaele Laraspata orders murder of Pietro Morelli
3 April 1995 Laraspata's men kill Pietro Morelli.

Bari boss Raffaele Laraspata orders murder of Giuseppe morelli
13 February 1996 Laraspata's men kill Giuseppe Morelli.

Bari boss Raffaele Laraspata orders murder of Antonio De Marzo
6 August 1996 Laraspata's men kill Antonio De Marzo.

Boss Ciro Biancoli killed by Telegrafo clan
26 september 1996 was Ciro Biancoli killed and Saverio Fumai wounded and suspect is Nicola Telegrafo’s righthand Domenico Putignani who was arrested 1 june 2003 and he was sought for operation “Marte”and trial “mayer

Bari boss Raffaele Laraspata orders murder of Sebastiano Novelli
22 January 1997 Sebastiano Novelli was killed by laraspata's men because they didn't find their target Vito Romito a member of the Biancoli clan. Novelli's brother in law Mario Centanni was a pentito.

Bari boss Raffaele Laraspata orders murder of Antonio Sciannimanico
5 April 1997 Laraspata's men kill Antonio Sciannimanico (37).

6 august 1996 was Antonio De Marzo killed at the orders of boss Giuseppe Annoscia

Bari boss Raffaele Laraspata arrested
10 december 1997 in Napels Raffaele Laraspata gets arrested, he is a boss in Bari where he ordered about 12 murders. The same day police arrest near Bari 6 members of the clan of the family Menunno, who support the Montani clan.

Bari murdercase Pietro Cantalice
16 December 1997 was in Bari Pietro Cantalice (25) killed, he is suspected of being a member of the Capriati clan who wars already for 5 years with the Laraspata clan for dominance in Borgo Vecchio, Bari.

The Montani and Laraspata families support each other and war the Biancoli family and killed Antonio Sciannimanico

3 April 1998 in Bari members of the families Montani and Laraspata get arrested, they are at war with the Biancoli clan. During the police operation 3 Albanians got killed when they drove through a police control post. Under the arrested is Andrea Montani

23 October 1998 was in Bari the man Savino Barbetta killed

Greece murdercase Saverio Benvenuto
In august 2000 was in greece Saverio Benvenuto killed, he had worked for the SCU boss Francesco Prudentino. Prudentino and his brother worked for the brothers Donato Laraspata, Raffaele Laraspata and Tommaso Laraspata from Bari district Borgo Antico

24 april 2006 was Giovanni Cellammare (45) arrested

Giacomo quaranta was arrested 16 may 2007

In august 2008 was Martino Salatino killed in Adelfia. Suspect is Antonio Foggetti

7 january 2009 was Pasquale Vallario (40) killed, he was close with the boss Lilino Mansueto

In 2009 was the boss Michelangelo Stramaglia killed

Nel capoluogo barese è in atto la contrapposizione tra il gruppo dominante "Strisciuglio - De Felice - Lo Surdo" ed il neo costituito cartello composto dai clan Abbaticchio, Capriati, Catacchio e Diomede, alleatisi tra di loro per contendere al gruppo avversario il predominio nel campo del contrabbando dei t.l.e..

Francavilla clan
Murder of leonardo Soccio who was killed 13 august 2003
Murder of Marcello Consales was killed 23 july 2003

Abbaticchio at war with Coletta family (Or Colella) family (Parisi ally) from Polignano

Bari district Liberta family Abbaticchio
Antonio Abbaticchio and brother Sandro Abbaticchio

Antonio Abbaticchio man Francesco Signorile (30) was shot and killed 8 january 2002.

San Severo
Severino Palumbo

Lucera, Tedesco family
Boss Antonio Tedesco is married with Giuseppina Ferrante and his brother is Nicola tedesco.

Cerignola district San Samuele
the DI TOMMASO clan operates mainly in the San Samuele district.

Cerignola districts Stornara and Stornarella controlled by the CAPUTO-PIARULLI-FERRARO:
Brothers Angelo and Giuseppe Caputo
Giovanni Ferraro
Brothers Michele and Mario Piarulli

Foggia based Societa boss Roberto Sinesi
In Foggia is the organisation "Societa" of which Roberto Sinesi is a boss. Members are Michele Mansueto and Federico Trisciuoglio. In province Foggia are the big bosses Giosue Rizzi and Giuseppe Iannelli. In Cerignola (Foggia) the big bosses are Cosimo Cappellari and Giuseppe Caputo (Caputo- Piarulli- ferraro clan, their man is Rosario Giordano).

Foggia drugmarket fought between Roberto Sinesi and son Francesco Sinesi- Antonello Francavilla – Pellegrino families and Federico Trisciuoglio- Michele Mansueto- Prencipe

Pellegrino family
Antonio Pellegrino

Foggia family Sinesi
Roberto Sinesi and his wife Anna Dei (37) and their son Francesco Sinesi (his brother in law is Pasquale moretti)
, Roberto Sinesi’s sister Giovanna Sinesi (53)

Francavilla family
Antonello Francavilla (25) and brother Emiliano Francavilla (23), their nephew Giuseppe Francavilla (24) (who is the son of Leonarda Francavilla? The sister of brothers Ciro and Pino Francavilla. Leonarda Francavilla’s husband is Flavio Lo Mele

Trisciuoglio family
Federico Trisciuoglio (49) “Polpetta” aka “U Zuppe”, his wife Eugenia Raimondi (46 anni) and their children Giuseppe (25)

Mansueto family
Michele Mansueto

Prencipe family
Libero Matteo Prencipe

Murdercase Prencipe
18 september 2003 was Libero Matteo Prencipe (59) killed.

13 october 2003 was Bruno Silvano (44) of the Sinesi- Francavilla clan killed by Claudio Russo (42) of the Trisciuoglio- Prencipe- Mansueto clan..

Foggia murdercase Leonardo Biagini
25 October 2004 was politician Leonardo Biagini (38 and his brother was Ferdinando Biagini) killed and the criminal Antonio Catalano (42 and the brother of the killed Marcello Catalano) wounded. by Claudio Russo

Murdercase Giovanni Panunzio (Roberto Sinesi)
6 november 1992 Giovanni Panunzio was killed by Sinesi's nephew Donato Delli carri.

Operation “double edge”
Police ended operation “double edge” 24 june 2002 with 31 indictments against people from Foggia. Cesare Antoniello (42) “Cesarone”; Savino Ariostini (33) “Ninuccio”; Antonio Bernardo (55) “Pernacchia”; Antonio Catalano (40); Paolo Ciccorelli (53); Claudio D'Angelo (40); Franco D'Angelo (44); Federico Trisciuoglio (49) “Polpetta” or “U Zuppe”; his wife Eugenia Raimondi (46); their son Giuseppe (25) and Rossana (28); Agostino De Gregorio (31) fuiance of Rossana Trisciuoglio; Roberto Sinesi (40); his wife Anna Dei (37); his sister Giovanna Sinesi (53); Felice Di Rese (33) “Capacchione”; Claudio Di Donna (49); Raffaele Tolonese (43) “Rafanille”; his wife Marina Ferrandino (40); Antonello Francavilla (25); his brother Emiliano Francavilla (23); his nephew Giuseppe Francavilla (24); Angelo Gallucci (41) “Pilota” or “Cicillott”; Matteo Gramazio (53); Ciro Imperio (35) “Pisciata”: Vito Lanza (49) “U' Lepre”; Michele Mansueto (48); Luigi Mazzola (34) “Pascalone”; Vincenzo Melfitano (54) “Cicill”; Giovanni Micucci (41) “Barabba” or “Trenta chili” from San Severo; Stefano Mucciarone (31) “Magnaccett”; Claudio Nacchiero (46); Antonio Vincenzo Pellegrino (50) “Capantica” or “Nanette”; Rodolphe Pinto (40) from San Salvo; Salvatore Prencipe (38) “Piede veloce”; his wife Anna Maria Regola (33) ; Aldo Ragone (49); Teseo Ranucci (46); Franco Spiritoso (43) “Capone”; Vincenzo Vallario (57); Giuseppe Zucchini (48) “Pezzarill”.
!!!They were accused of 14 murders and two attempted murders in 1998 and 1999 when there broke out a war between the groups Trisciuoglio-Prencipe-Mansueto on one side while on the other side was the family Pellegrino

Foggia murdercase Michele Quinto
19 april 2003 was in Foggia Michele Quinto killed, he was seen as an associate of Sinesi.

Foggia murdercase Francesco De Luca
the same day, 19 april 2003, was criminal Francesco De Luca killed and Luigi Perdono wounded, they were part of a rivalling clan of Sinesi.

Foggia murdercase Francesco Selicato
15 May 2003 was in Foggia the criminal Francesco Selicato killed. Police said it was the war between Roberto Sinesi and the Trisciuglio family.

Foggia murdercase Angelo Cardone (36)
19 May 2003 was in Foggia Angelo Cardone (36) shot and killed. He was suspected of being a killer of Marcello Catalano and Viscillo in 1999.

Foggia Leonarda Francavilla arrested
28 may 2003 was Leonarda Francavilla (34) arrested. She was the sister of the already arrested Ciro and Pino Francavilla. Police want to know if she ordered after the murder of Quinto the murder of De Luca as retaliation.

Foggia murdercase Giuseppe Francavilla
30 august 2003 was in Foggia then Giuseppe Francavilla killed. He was a nephew of Emiliano and Antonello Francavilla. It would about the feud the families Sinesi and Francavilla have with the families Trisciuoglio- Mansueto and Prencipe.

Lucera (Foggia) murdercase Nicola Tedesco
24 september 2003 was Nicola Tedesco, brother of the presumed boss Antonio Tedesco killed.

Franco Vitalgliani, recentemente condannato all’ergastolo per un duplice omicidio.
Franco Vitigliani, Vitagliani

in Foggia, the so-called “Società foggiana” formed by the RIZZI-SINESI-MORETTI groups;

27 maggio 2003
'Quando uscirà mio padre non ci fermerà neppure Bin Laden'. E´ una delle frasi che gli investigatori hanno intercettato durante le indagini sulla guerra tra clan in atto a Foggia che tra il 23 maggio scorso ad oggi ha portato all'arresto di 17 persone, mentre altre quattro sono ricercate. L'operazione, chiamata ´Araba Fenice´, è stata condotta dalle squadre mobili di Foggia e Bari, dai carabinieri di Foggia e dai militari del Ros di Bari.La frase - a quanto si è saputo - è stata detta da Francesco Sinesi, di 18 anni, figlio e presunto erede del capoclan, Roberto, alleato - secondo l'accusa - con il clan egemone dei Francavilla. E' questa secondo gli inquirenti, una delle prove raccolte sulla ferocia del clan Sinesi-Francavilla. Francesco Sinesi, dopo il fermo, è stato rimesso in libertà dal gip per mancanza dei gravi indizi di colpevolezza assieme ad un altro fermato, Edmondo Gelormini, di 30. Restano invece in carcere le altre cinque persone che furono catturate il 23 maggio scorso: Loredana Febbranetti, di 33 anni, Ciro e Emiliano Francavilla, di 29 e 24, Michele Gelormini, di 27, e Patrizio Villani, di 25, di Foggia. Sono invece stati arrestati in base a ordinanze di custodia cautelare emesse ieri sera: Luigi Biscotti, di 27, Giuseppe e Antonello Francavilla, di 35 e 26, Alessandro e Pasquale Moffa, di 23 e 21, Roberto Sinesi, di 31, Ciro Caione, di 23, Alfonso Delli Carri, di 24, Roberto Di Sibbio, di 19, e Franco Vitagliani, di 39. Gli inquirenti della Dda di Bari ritengono di aver ricostruito la struttura dell'organizzazione criminale: capo e promotore sarebbe Roberto Sinesi; organizzatori Giuseppe, Antonello e Ciro Francavilla; appartenenti al gruppo di fuoco Caione, Delli Carri, Di Sibbio, Vitagliani, Michele Gelormini, Alessandro e Pasquale Moffa, Biscotti e Villani; Febbranetti sarebbe partecipe del sodalizio. Nei provvedimenti restrittivi, oltre all'associazione mafiosa e al traffico di sostanze stupefacenti, vengono contestati l'omicidio di Francesco De Luca e il contestuale tentativo di omicidio di Luigi Perdonò (avvenuto a Foggia il 19 aprile 2003) e i tentativi di omicidio di Angelo Gallucci dello scorso 10 maggio, Gianfranco e Rodolfo Bruno e il ferimento di Giulio Garofalo (primo aprile 2003) e quello (sventato dagli investigatori) di Donato Angelo Pinto. Alcune contestazioni riguardano una serie di estorsioni (per molte altre sono in corso indagini) compiute ai danni di commercianti e imprenditori. Nell'ambito dell'inchiesta gli inquirenti ritengono di aver trovato la pistola calibro 7.65 con la quale fu ucciso De Luca e recuperato un arsenale a disposizione di alcuni indagati.

Operation « double Edge II »against « Societa « members
Antonio Bernardo (tre anni), Felice Direse (quattro anni), Michele Mansueto (tre anni), Vincenzo Melfitano (tre anni e otto mesi), Antonio Vincenzo Pellegrino (tre anni), Salvatore Prencipe (tre anni), Franco Spiritoso (tre anni) e Federico Strisciuoglio (quattro anni). Tuttavia, per Franco Spiritoso e Antonio Bernardo il giudice ha escluso la qualità di dirigenti dell’ associazione mafiosa, qualità contestata dal pm anche al presunto boss Roberto Sinesi, che è stato assolto. Per gli altri ha escluso la qualità di promotori e organizzatori. Gli otto imputati sono stati anche condannati a versare 250mila euro di risarcimento danni al Comune di Foggia, costituitosi parte civile nel processo. Tra le numerose persone assolte ci sono: Matteo Gramazio, Claudio Nacchiero, Aldo Ragone e Teseo Ranucci, ritenuti dall’ accusa affiliati ai clan capeggiati da Franco Spiritoso e a Antonio Bernardo; Giovanna Sinesi e Anna Dei, ritenute vicine a Roberto Sinesi. Il gup ha inoltre riqualificato il contestato reato di associazione mafiosa in procurata inosservanza della pena (art.390 cp) e ha per questo condannato a due anni di reclusione Luigi Mazzola.

Police operations « Iscaro », Saburo and « Free Valley »

Cigarette smuggling is one of the "historic" occupations of the Italian Mafia group Sacra Corona Unita. The route of the cigarettes began in Montenegro, passed through Romania, (where the cigarettes were hidden under trucks), and then it went on to Italy; from there the cigarettes went shipped to several Western nations.

SCU boss Giuseppe Rogoli
Giuseppe Rogoli's wife is Domenica Biondi.

Scu underboss Salvatore Buccarella
Tuturano (near Brindisi) boss Salvatore Buccarella's wife is Antonia Caliandro, Salvatore Buccarella’s sister is Maria Rosario Buccarella.

30 March 1998 in Bari Saverio Carella, his son Giovanni Carella (27) and bystander Riccardo Di Gioia (51) get killed by Giuseppe Annoscia, Giandonato Sciacovelli and Giovanni Sardella.

Bari murdercase pentito Gennaro Carella
26 April 1998 was the murdered pentito Gennaro Carella (30) found near Bari, a year earlier he had testified against the Carbonara clan.

De Tommasi clan pentiti Luigi Cirfeta, Pietro Manca and Maurizio Cagnazzo

Manfredonia (Foggia province) family Romito
Francesco “Franco” Romito is a partner of Pasquale Libergolis.

Monte Sant Angelo (Puglia province)
Pasquale Libergolis (his brother in law Matteo Miucci whose brother is Antonio Miucci)

feud with

brothers Peppino and Pietro Alfieri and their sister Antonia Alfieri who is married with Raffaele Primosa and have as son Nicolino Primosa

Murdercase Lorenzo Ricucci
The feud between the cattle breeding families Libergolis and Alfieri-Primosa starts in 1978 when Lorenzo Ricucci was killed.

Squinzano (Lecce province)
Brothers Antonio Pellegrino and Patrizio Pellegrino

Trepuzzi (Lecce province)
Angelo Perrone

Cerignola (Foggia province)
boss Leonardo Di Tommaso (killed 21 october 2004) and his brother Stefano Di Tommaso

Gregorio Bellocco and Varese murdercase Franco Girardi
Gregorio Bellocco ordered the murder of Franco Girardi, a criminal from Puglia with ties to the ndrangheta, who was killed in Varese 9 july 1982.

Bari based La Rosa (the Rose) boss Oronzo Romano
5 october 1983 the heroindealer and later pentito Vittorio Curci attended in a house in Acquaviva delle Fonti (near Bari) a ceremony led by Oronzo Romano and present were Vittorio Curci (later pentito) and Giovanni Dalena.

Lecce prison inmate Giuseppe Rogoli
Giuseppe Rogoli who was imprisoned in Lecce for murder got inducted in the n’drangheta by Umberto Bellocco of Rosarno.

Lecce prison inmate Sacra Corona Unita boss Giuseppe Rogoli
Giuseppe Rogoli then surrects at Christmas night, 25 december 1983 Sacra Corona Unita (SCU) in jail in Lecce. In the group take place Giuseppe Iannelli, Giosue Rizzi and Cosimo Capellari.

Bari based La Rosa (the Rose) boss Oronzo Romano
La Rosa (the Rose) operates in Bari and maintains from 1987 relations with the sicilian Fidanzati family with blessings of SCU boss Rogoli. SCU family Romano supervised La Rosa for Rogoli. Romano family from Acquaviva delle Fonti.

Trani boss Salvatore Annacondia
In 1989 Calabrian boss Michele Rizzi made Annacondia into his n’drangheta clan.

Trani boss Salvatore Annacondia
Annacondia is the boss of Trani and an important drugdealer for the SCU in the area Bari-Milan. Annacondia had contacts with Trovato, Antonio Schettini “O scugnizzo”, Michele Rizzi, Domenico and Santo Paviglianiti and Santapaola. Riccardo Petruzzelli worked close with the gang of Trani boss Salvatore Annacondia.

Camorista Antonio Schettini “O scugnizzo”
Antonio Schettini “O scugnizzo” camorista tied to Ascione clan from Portici.

Foggia double murdercase brothrs Vittorio and Francesco Carbonelli
5 October 1990 in Foggia the brothers Vittorio (16) and Francesco Carbonelli (19) get killed near their car, their brother Raffaele Carbonelli (23) escapes.

15 December 1990 police find a SCU cemetery with the bodies of Cosimo Moccia (19), Maurizio Musio (20), Gaetano Morleo (25) and the brothers Antonio (25) and Giancarlo Stridi (22).

13 March 1991 eight SCU capos get arrested: Tonino Screti (48), Vito Valente (25), Cosimo Pascariello (27), Filippo Locorotondo (34), Aldo Pelle, Raffaele Brandi (36), Angelo Pagliara (28).

6 April 1991 in Bari Vito Colonna (46) gets killed.

SCU capo Raffaele Riezzo killed
23 April 1991 many of the accused at the SCU trial get convicted. 30 April in Rimini there is an ambush at 3 carabinieri who get wounded. During the trial SCU capo Raffaele Riezzo had his men commit several attacks at carabinieri to intimidate the state but after the trial his friends kill him and let his body disappear.

SCU boss Marino Pulito
Marino Pulito is an important member of the SCU and tells about the murder in 1991? of judge Scopellitti by the Calabrian brothers Antonio, Antonino and Giuseppe Garonfalo at the order of the sicilian Cupola.

Veglie murdercase Colombo
Enrico Colombo was in 1991 in Veglie killed.

3 September 1991 Raffaele Monopoli and Angelo Di Nuzzu get killed in Bari.

Trani boss Salvatore Annacondia arrested in Milan
4 october 1991 was the boss Salvatore Annacondia (34) arrested in Milan with some of his men, they were suspected in about 30 murders under which those in 1990 of Nicola Corda, Francesco Sorte and Giacomo Salerno.

After the arrests of boss Salvatore Annacondia (his brother Leonardo Annacondia) and underboss Nicola Regano became Trani boss Michele Sfregola .
Trani boss Michele Sfregola

In december 1991 Cataldo Catapano gets convicted.

In february and march 1992 police confiscate in total 462 kgs of heroin and arrest the turkish residents Genger Mustaza (36) and Efraim Ozodogan (29).

Cuomo and former RJR sales executive Franco Gabriele
Another taped conversation in 1996 revealed Gabriele trying to sell containers of Marlboros to Cuomo for shipment out of either Aruba or Canada to warehouses in Cyprus or Antwerp, even though Philip Morris already manufacturers Marlboros in Europe and Italy's Tobacco Monopoly manufactures them under license for sale in Italy. In a third conversation, Gabriele talked to Cuomo and his nephew Sandro Cuomo about shipping RJRs Winstons to Spain from Aruba.

Montenegro, Cuomo and Santo Vantaggiato tapped phonecall
In 1996, Italy's Anti-mafia Investigative Agency taped a telephone conversation between Cuomo and Santo Vantaggiato, a fugitive from Italian law hiding in Montenegro. The two men were discussing the election in Montenegro, and Cuomo boasted that he was close to senior Montenegrin politicians. He mentioned that if his "friends" got in, he would be "much stronger." Vantaggiato was murdered in Montenegro two years later in a mafia war.

SCU underboss Benedetto Stano arrested and becomes pentito
10 November 1996 Pagano’s underboss Benedetto Stano (33) was also arrested , he was wanted for 2 murders and had fled to Yugoslavia but came back to visit his family. Santo Vantaggiato was reputed to be close with the "clan" of Adriano Benedetto Stano, "boss" in the "Scu" and 10 november 1996 arrested in Perugia after which he became a pentito. To the same group belonged Giuseppe Cellamare, reputed later to be the topboss in Bari but when arrested he also became pentito. All have their base in Bari.

Luperti brothers
Antonio Luperti (who got free in the first months off 1997) and his brother Salvatore Luperti, try to take over from Santo Vantaggiato, they did some dynamite attacks at houses of relatives of the in Montenegro living Vantaggiato , trying him to return this way so they could kill him ot police could arrest him. The attempts of the Luperti brothers did not produce the hoped outcome and indeed it triggered the reaction of Santo Vantaggiato whom with the aid of his affiliates of Salvatore Buccarella’s group did a dynamite attack at the villa of Antonio Luperti.

Brindisi murdercase Salvatore Luperti
In june 1998 was in Brindisi Salvatore Luperti killed. He is the brother of Antonio Luperti.

Bar (Montenegro) murdercase Santino “Santo” Vantaggiato
16 september 1998 phoned Francesco Volpe his boss Vito di Emidio in Bar (Montenegro) who is with Giuseppe Giordano and Lorenzo De Giorgi in the company of ' Santino' Vantaggiato. While Volpe and di Emidio talk on the phone, De Giorgo and Giordano shoot and kill Santo Vantaggiato. This was later told by pentiti Vito Di Emidio, Maurizio Coffa ed Erminio Cavaliere.

Montenegro murdercase Francesco Volpe
11 May 1999 was in Montenegro Francesco Volpe shot and killed. He was one of the killers of Vantaggiato.

A 146-page classified report, prepared in 2000 for the Guardia di Finanza by the head of its organized crime unit, identified Cuomo as "fiduciario," or trustee, of Philip Morris. The report, which examined the key figures in Italy's cigarette smuggling operation, did not elaborate on that relationship.

Zurich arrest of Neapolitan Gerardo Cuomo
Cuomo was arrested on May 10, 2000, in Zurich on an Italian warrant for cigarette smuggling out of Montenegro and for being a member of a mafia-like organization. The investigation implicates more than 80 people, including Italian Mafiosi and Swiss bankers. Cuomo, 54, is in a Swiss jail, fighting extradition.

murdercase Antonio Luperti
12 July 2000 was Antonio Luperti (45) shot and killed in a car while Giovanni Lonoce (38) was wounded. He is the brother of killed Salvatore Luperti.

SCU boss Antonio Rienzo arrested in Munchen (Germany)
11 September 1992 in Munchen the SCU boss Antonio Rienzo gets arrested, he deals in drugs there for the SCU.

1 Januari 1993 in Bari Nicola Cara Damiani (46) gets arrested.

Salvatore Rizzo
1 January 1993 police arrest SCU member Salvatore Rizzo.

18 Februari 1993 police arrest 90 men and l 14 were already imprisoned, they held the cocaine and heroinemarket in Romagna (Rimini, Riccione and Cattolica). Cattolica is ruled by the Napolitan Antonio Pero and the brothers Domenico and Armando Esposito (before connected to a coca connection) and Luigi Angi who worked for camorraboss Cutolo, Rimini got ruled by Angelo Basile from Taranto who works for the SCU. The Lombardia area was ruled by camorraboss Ciro Tortora and Riccione by the criminal Antonio Petrone who got his drugs from Holland and Giuseppe Cioffi who worked with Salvatore Badalamenti and was a suspect in the murder of Tosi.

11 May 1993 the in 1990 disappeared women Antonella Oronza Maggio and Anna Forcignano get found in a SCU cemetery with the SCU members Giuseppe Fantastico and Giancarlo Romano.

SCU pentito Michele Scarcella
Michele Scarcella and Luigi DeMatteis kill from 1988 till 1991 Biagio DeSalve (son of Giuseppe De Salve “Pippinazza”), Salvatore Rizzello and Donato Montefusco. SCU boss Luigi Giannelli had his men kill Paola Rizzella and her daughter Angelica Pirtoli (killed 10 january 1991) and one of the killers is Donato Mercuri. In december 1995 SCU man Michele Scarcella goes to prison and becomes pentito later and thanks to him 30 october years later were arrested for the murders Luigi Giannelli, Donato Mercuri and Cosimo DeDonatis.

13 september 2008 was Giorgio Romano (61) killed by Vincenzo de Salve and Giuseppe De Salve “pippinazza”

23 January 1997 Donato Natali (33), the boss of Lecce for the SCU gets arrested.

Piarulli-Ferraro clan in Foggia
18 February 1997 police confiscate in Bari for 10 billion lire of goods from Trifone (50) and Savino (28) Cellamare of the Piarulli-Ferraro clan in Foggia.

8 April 1997 in Bari Andrea Guerra (25) gets killed and later that day Angelo Pavone (39). Pavone got shot to death in his car by a biker.

Bari family Capriati
11 September 1997 dies in Bari an earlier wounded boy (17) who belonged to the Capriati clan.

27 December 1997 in Bari the child N G (17) gets killed and E M (15) gets wounded when they are punished for pushing drugs in a clan ruled borough.

14 October 1997 in Bari get wounded by an ambush Matteo Cucumazzo (24) and Rita Greco (19). 20 october in Bari Giuseppe Viatore (42) gets killed and later that day Francesco Reca (23) gets wounded.

Rizziconi holdup gone bad
18 november 1997 gasstation owner Vincenzo Surace (59) shoots to death the robbers Vincenzo Maio (32) and Michele Papsidero (22) in Rizziconi.

Family Caputo

10 November 1993 dugdealer Sergio Alfarano gets arrested, he is a customer of Vincenzo Caputo (28) who works from his Milanflor shop. The coke came from Holland and Caputo's partners were his familymember Antonio Ciuffi (32) ad his namesake nephew (33). Also connected was Emanuele Caputo (63). Caputo's large family came from Canosa di Puglia.

Operation Cartagine
November december 1997 For operation "Cartagine" police issue 83 arrestwarrants thanks to pentito Salvatore Annacondia (the boss of Trani) for 40 murders (under which the 3 murdered men in Cerignola) most are members of the clan of Cerignola, the Piarulli family in Milan and the Ferraro Caputo family in Foggia.

26 January 1998 in Bari Andrea Milloni, a member of a gang in the borough Borgo Antico gets arrested. 4 February in the province Bari the criminal Marino Di Fonte (29) gets killed.

Foggia murdercase Mario Francavilla
Mario Francavilla was killed 22 januari 1998. at his funeral was Flavio Lo Mele who is married with Leonarda Francavilla whose brothers are Ciro and Pino Francavilla, the cousins of killed Mario.

SCU boss Giuseppe Cellamare
Before 1998, Cellamare's presence in Romania and Bulgaria was noted. At that time the Italian magistrates asked their Romanian colleagues to gather information about his activity in the international cigarette and arms traffic led by Sacra Corona Unita.

Montenegro arrest of SCU boss Giuseppe Cellamare
Giuseppe Cellamare prepared the launch of the Raimond cigarette smuggling ring in Romania. He is an important member of Sacra Corona Unita, a Mafia boss from Bari, arrested in 1998 in Montenegro.

Family Leo
2 December 1992 SCU man Ciro Leo (28) gets arrested at the home of his brother in law Umberto Sergi (39).

rebel bosses Massimo D'Amico, Massimo Pasimeni, Antonio Vitale
Rogoli and Buccarella get into war with the new bosses Massimo D'Amico, Massimo Pasimeni, Antonio Vitale and Massimo Cinieri.

D’Amico- Pasimeni- Vitale
In this period Giuseppe Rogoli looses his importance and the new bosses became Massimo D’Amico, Massimo Pasimeni and Antonio Vitale from Mesagna. Francesco Trane also becomes a big boss because of the smuggling of cigarettes.

SCU boss Eugenio Carbone killed
Mid september 2000 was the SCU boss Eugenio Carbone (33) killed. He came from Mesagne and his old friend was Giuseppe leo whose brother Cosimo Leo was recently arrested. At the murdersite were Cosimo Leo and Carbone righthand Luigi Girardo (33). Their bosses were Antonio Vitale and Massimo Pasimeni. They work a lot from Greece and Emanuele Belfiore (32) was arrested at Milan's airport when he came from Greece, he is also from Mesagne (Brindisi), and a boss of Sacra Corona Unita and has become more important after the murder of Carbone.

D’Amico- Pasimeni- Vitale
The boss Massimo D'Amico has become pentito.

Foggia double murdercase Marcello Catalano and Francesco Viscillo
10 May 1999 were Marcello Catalano (his brother is Antonio Catalano) and Francesco Viscillo in Foggia killed. A suspect of the murders is Angelo Cardone.

Trisciuoglio and murder of Matteo di Candia (Federico Trisciuoglio)
21 September 1999 bystander Matteo di Candia was killed when they try to kill Federico Trisciuoglio.

Foggia “societa”boss Leonardo Piserchia Killed
In Foggia was "Societa" boss Leonardo Piserchia killed in october 1999. He had already escaped 2 times from ambushes the last had been 21 september 1999 in which a bystander had been killed. (strange 21 sep said Federico Trisciuoglio, both there?) or revenge??

Ottaviano Mura
Ottaviano Mura had been convicted in Italy of using uncovered checks and fraud and of having ties with Sacra Corona Unita. (Now he is a pentito).

Foggia murdercase Palumbo and Labella
21 Decembre 1999 in Foggia Alfonso Palumbo (32),and Nicola Labella (30) were shot to death from a car in their car and Stefano Mucciarone (31) got wounded.

Foggia murdercase Flavio Lo Mele (Francavilla)
28 december 1999 Flavio Lo Mele (33) was shot to death. He had attended a year earlier the funeral of Mario Francavilla who had been killed 22 januari 1998.

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Carovigno boss Bruno Rillo and Brindisi double murdercase agents De Falco and Sottile
On the night of Feb. 23, 2000, as a full moon drifted in and out of scattered clouds, revenue agents with Italy's Guardia di Finanza drove along a highway near the Adriatic port of Brindisi. They were hunting tobacco smugglers. Suddenly, out of the darkness, a Range Rover with reinforced front bumpers and its headlights off swung across the highway and deliberately crashed into the agents' tiny Fiat Punto. Alberto De Falco, 33, and Antonio Sottile, 29, were killed. Two others sitting in the back seat were seriously injured. Driving in the Range Rover, which was crammed full of contraband Marlboro and Merit cigarettes, were Giuseppe Contestabile and Adolfo Bungaro, two soldiers of local crime boss Bruno Rillo. Rillo, who was not in the Range Rover, was arrested and convicted of smuggling. Contestabile and Bungaro were convicted of smuggling and still face murder charges. For the murder of the 2 agents was also convicted Damiano Coffa.

Italian Pierino Longhi
The smuggling ring was discovered by chance in April 2000, when the Italian police were chasing traffickers in stolen cars. The investigations led to the warehouses of a car service in Piedmont, owned by Italian Pierino Longhi, 50. The police realized that, apart from stolen cars, there were also huge amounts of smuggled cigarettes in the warehouses. The investigation grew and was taken over by the DIA in Turin.

Rome (Italy) murdercase islamic school leader Shawky Hamed Mohamed
Hamed Mohamed's brother, Shawky Hamed Mohamed was the leader of the Islamic school in Italy. He was found dead on 13 April 2000 in Rome. The investigations conducted by the Italian prosecution and police suggested that he was strangled. The perpetrator has not been found, but the investigation continues. It is suspected that Shawky Mohamed was in contact with the Egyptian intelligence services.

Greece arrest of Francesco Prudentino
22 December 2000, Italian police arrested Francesco Prudentino, 52, while he was Christmas shopping in Greece. Prudentino, who operated out of Montenegro, is named in a 1999 report by Italian investigators as a key mob-connected international tobacco smuggler and was on Italy's list of the 30 most-wanted fugitives. Prudentino was charged with smuggling, being a member of a mafia-like organization and murder. He was extradited to Italy in February. After almost two years of surveillance and telephone wiretapping, they discovered that this was an international organized crime ring, led by a Swiss: Patrick Roger Monnier, nicknamed Raimond, 49, born in France and living in Switzerland. Monnier's name surfaced in investigations conducted in 1995 and 1999 on smuggling rings controlled by Mafia boss Francesco Prudentino of the SCU, one of the most powerful Mafia organizations in Italy. Prudentino, 52, nicknamed the "king" of international cigarette smuggling, controlled the trafficking in cigarettes in Montenegro and Italy along the old maritime route. On 22 December 2000, Prudentino was arrested in Thessalonica, Greece and extradited to Italy. Monnier has been sought for a long time for his contacts with the Mafia.

blitz "Torre" 14 february 2001

Prencipe and Murdercase Giovanni Impagnatiello
Giovanni Prencipe and Ivan La Fratta were accused of the murder of Giovanni Impagnatiello (31) from Manfredonia on 27 july 2001.

Tomaiuolo family
Luigi Tomaiuolo was shot and killed 5 may 2002. Luigi Tomaiuolo his nephew Giuseppe Tomaiuolo “Peppu u banchir”(31) was arrested 15 october 2004

Brindisi based boss Gianfranco Pugliese

Tuturano (Brindisi province) based boss Salvatore Buccarella

(Brindisi province) based boss Umberto D'Oria

Latiano (Brindisi province) based bosses Giuseppe Gagliardi and Cosimo Capodieci

Mesagne (Brindisi province ) based boss Giovanni Donatiello (SCU bosses Giovanni Donatiello- Salvatore buccarella)
10 July 1996 in Montenegro (former Yugoslavia) the in 1994 escapes convict Antonio Vitale gets arrested, he is a member of the Donatiello-Buccarella clan which is part of the SCU.

Nardo (Lecce province??) based SCU boss Marcello Dell Anna
16 August 1993 police send out a warrant in Lecce for Marcello Dell Anna (26) the boss of Nardo and member of the SCU.

Matino (Lecce province??) based SCU boss Vittorio De Luca (killed??)

Taurisano (Lecce province) based SCU families Padovano- Scarlino- Giannelli
Padovano-Scarlino-Giannelli led by Luigi Giannelli? And Salvatore Padovano. 28 October 1996 SCU boss Cosimo Rizzo (29) from Taurisano gets arrested when he wants to flee to Tunesia. He is an important member of the Scarlino clan. (Salvatore Rizzo?). Padovano-Scarlino-Giannelli was hurt by the testimonies of pentito Vito Di Emidio

Puglia based SCU boss Antonino Pagano
Giuseppe Rogoli man Antonio Pagano and Pagano’s underboss Benedetto Stano. 9 November 1996 SCU boss of Puglia Antonino Pagano (44) gets arrested.

Monteroni di Lecce based SCU family Tornese
Boss Mario Tornese and brother Angelo Tornese. Member Corrado Cucurachi. Brothers Salvatore and Claudio Martella. Salvatore Martella who was a Tornese pentito.

Rimini based SCU boss Angelo Basile (from Taranto)

Trani based SCU boss Salvatore Annacondia with his underboss Nicola Regano
Salvatore Annacondia (born 31 october 1957 in Trani) went in 1976 to Milan. In 1978 was Salvatore Annacondia for the first time arrested. In 1981 he became part of the gang of Trani boss Nicola Delisanti. Trani boss Nicola Delisanti was arrested in 1983 for murder. the new boss became Salvatore Annacondia (his brother Leonardo Annacondia) and underboss Nicola Regano.

Taranto based SCU boss Basile

Lecce based SCU family Morello
Boss Remo Morello (beginning 80ties killed by camoristi) and his brother Romolo Morello. 16 July 1991 Romolo Morello (36) gets shot to death at home and he had just left prison, he is the 4th accused at the SCU trial that got killed. Two were killed in an ambush and the third had disappeared.

SCU pentito Francesco Trane
18 August 1997 the criminal Antonio Cigliola gets wounded when he gets shot down from his motorbike with a kalashnikov (he is a brother in law of pentito Franco Trane of the Sacra Corona Unita) also 4 innocents under whom 3 children get wounded. 22 March 1998 police finish the gang of the pentito Francesco Trane who worked for the SCU.

SCU family Troisi (Troise)
Vito Paolo Troisi who got life for the murder of the boss Avverso. His son is Francesco Troisi. 27 May 1997 thirteen members of the Troisi clan get arrested under whom the boss Francesco Troisi and the son of Vito Paolo. Vito Paolo got life for the murder of the boss Avverso. ??

San Donato di Lecce boss Antonio Dodaro and wife Cosima Cazzella killed
17 December 1988 were the boss Antonio Dodaro, his wife Cosima Cazzella and her father Oronzo Cazzella killed in San Donato di Lecce by Angelo Tornese (21) and Roberto Persano (23) at the orders of Salvatore Padovano (28) and Mario Tornese (26) a brother of Angelo Tornese. The first two were the killers and the last two had the murder ordered, they became big bosses. Giuseppe Rogoli's friend Antonio Dodaro was killed at the orders of his men Giovanni De Tommasi, Cosimo Cirfeta and Mario Tornese.

SCU murdercase Antonio Antonica
13 February 1989 Antonio Antonica gets killed in hospital after being wounded at an earlier ambush, he is a capo of the SCU.

In june 1989 police try to dismantle the SCU with arrests and they get help from the pentiti Gaetano Leone and Romolo Morello, the last became a witness after the murder of his brother. Under the accused are Giuseppe Rogoli, his underboss Giovanni De Tommasi, Maurizio Cagnazzo, Massimo Guerrieri, Mario Tornese, Angelo Vincenti, Pasquale Zolina, Salvatore Buccarella (De Tommasi trustee), Cosimo Prinari. The 134 accused are suspected of the murders of the brothers Pietro Vaglio and Cosimo Vaglio and Matino’s SCU boss Vittorio De Luca.

Giovanni De Tommasi clan dissidents brothers Tornese
In november 1989 the brothers Tornese left the clan of Giovanni De Tommasi what results in 2 murders that month when they fight over control of Copertino.

Veglie murdercase Giovanni Corigliano
5 November 1989 disappeared in Veglie then Giovanni Corigliano. Police suspect Cosimo Cirfeta an important member of the De Tommasi clan of ordering the murder. While the brothers Cosimo D’Agostino and Tonio D’Agostino had killed Corigliano. The order of the murder would have come from De Tommasi, Antonio Pulli and Cosimo D’Agostino. Pulli’s trustee is Cosimo Cirfeta.

Lecce prison, Rosa dei Venti boss Giovanni De Tommasi
11 September 1990 in prison of lecce a new organization gets known as Rosa dei Venti of which Giovanni De Tommasi is the boss and Vincenzo Stranieri is a member. De Tommasi works with the Strafile clan in the area Lecce and with Vincenzo Stranieri in the area of the province Taranto. Also members Cosimo Cirfeta, Maurizio Cagnazzo, Alessandro Macchia, Antonio Pulli and Claudio Conte.

Monteroni di Lecce bosses the brothers Mario Tornese and Angelo Tornese
10 July 1997 police arrest in Germany a SCU boss in Geislingen an der Steige, he is a member of the Tornese clan in Lecce and was suspected of drugsmuggling. 5 Billion lire of goods get confiscated from SCU from 5 members of Mario (35) Tornese's clan from Monteroni di Lecce.

Salvatore Martella his brother Claudio Martella escaped from a bomb attack

Surbo (Lecce province) family Vincenti
Boss Angelo Vincenti. Carlo Vincenti (killed 16 august 1990) and his son William Vincenti (killed 2004). Fabio Pisa (22 and killed 1 january 1993) a nephew of Angelo Vincenti.

Surbo (Lecce province) familyboss Vincenzo Presta
clan Vincenti - Presta with later killed boss Carlo De Santis

Vincenti family is supported by Pellegrino family from Squinzano and the Perrone family from Trepuzzi

Vincenti-Presta war with DeTommasi- Toma

Campi Salentina (Lecce province) family Toma
Cosimo Toma and son Fabrizio Toma (both killed 18 may 2000) and daughter Barbara Toma who married Fernando D’Aquino (both were 5 march 1998 killed). boss Dario Toma became pentito

Campi Salentina (Lecce province)
Boss Giovanni De Tommasi
underboss Filippo Cerfeda and his brother Simone Cerfeda
boss Gianni De Tommasi his wife is Ilde Saponaro "Gilda"

De Tommasi members
Raffaele Capone, Massimiliano Dell’Anna, Tiziano Greco,Omar Marchello, Giuseppe Matarrelli, Marino Mungelli, Andrea Pagliata

dichiarazioni dell’ex capo clan, Filippo Cerfeda, nonché dall’ex numero due delle cosche, Pierpaolo De Siena «Pit», ed ancora degli altri due personaggi di spicco dell’organizzazione Franco Vincenti, di Surbo ed Adriano Palazzo, di Campi Salentina, per non dire dell’altro prezioso pentito, Dario Toma, pure lui di Campi e pure lui ex uomo al vertice della Scu.

Surbo (Lecce) boss Angelo Vincenti’s nephew Carlo Vincenti killed
Carlo Vincenti was shot and killed 16 august 1990 just before he would be tried in the first maxitrial against the clans of Salento, he was family of the capoclan Angelo Vincenti and his son is William Vincenti.

Surbo murdercase Leone
In 1991 was Giuseppe Leone in Surbo killed.

Campi Salentina (Lecce province) family Toma
The Toma family had helped Brindisi boss Salvatore Buccarella in 1991 to hide when he was sought by police and were also close with Vito Di Emidio who they had helped to hide in their territory.

Surbo boss Angelo Vincenti
2 january 1992 a bomb was found on a train on the line Lecce-Milano . Later was for this convicted Surbo boss Angelo Vincenti.

Surbo murdercase Tamborino
Antonio Tamborino was in 1992 in Surbo killed.

In Brindisi were killed between april 1992 and august 1992 (Teodoro) Rino Carratta, Umberto DeNuccio, Francesco Marrazza. Of the 22 suspects of the murders were also killed later Santino “Santo” Vantaggiato and Giuliano Maglie. Arrested were Salvatore Buccarella, Cosimo Nigro (pagliara and Pugliese).

12 april 1992 was Franco Incantalupo (36) strangled by Francesco Sparacio and Giuseppe Massaro

Francesco Marrazza killed
20 August 1992 was Francesco Marrazza killed after which the killers burned the body

Surbo boss Angelo Vincenti’s nephew Fabio Pisa killed
1 January 1993 Fabio Pisa (22) a nephew of Angelo Vincenti from the SCU gets killed.

Vincenzo Stranieri arrested
26 January 1993 SCU man Vincenzo Stranieri gets arrested in Salento.

SCU pentito Cosimo Cirfeta
8 February 1993 thanks to pentito Cosimo Cirfeta the SCU members Pietro Leo (27), Salvatore Maceri (28), Missimiliano Pagliara (23) get arrested they worked for De Tommasi.

Tuturano boss Salvatore Buccarella
17 December 1997 Maria Rosaria Buccarella (42) gets arrested (she is the sister of the imprisoned boss Salvatore Buccarella) and had taken his seat as a capo of the SCU to run their lucrative smuggleroutes from Montenegro.

Casarano double murdercase D'Aquino and Toma
5 March 1998 were Fernando D'Aquino and his wife Barbara Toma killed in Casarano. Her father is Cosimo Toma and her brother is Fabrizio Toma.

boss Carlo De Santis ??
11 February 1999 were in bar “Mille foglie”in Surbo killed Fabrice Negro and Antonio Dalla Bona by Andrea De Santis and Andrea Paladini

Giovanni De Tommasi men Cosimo Conversano (48) and Gianfranco Fantastico (37) killed
19 May 1999 were in restaurant “Duca d’Este “the Giovanni De Tommasi men Cosimo Conversano (48) and Gianfranco Fantastico (37) killed and wounded were their friends Ezio Immorlano (38), Giuseppe Ricciardi (25) and Ivan Cipponi (26).

Boss Di Emilio and murder of Tuturano clan affiliate Giovanni Maniglio
In september 1999 was Giovanni Maniglio (Maniglio is an affiliate of Tuturano boss Salvatore Buccarella) kidnapped and 2 weeks later was his body found. Later pentito Di Emidio confessed he ordered the murder.

Vito di Emidio and Copertino holdup massacre
6 December 1999 were near Copertino 2 armored moneycars attacked in which died 3 guards (Luigi Pulli, Rodolfo Patera and Raffaele Arsano) from Velialpol and 3 were wounded. The robbers went off with 2 billion lires. One of the first suspects of police is Vito Di Emidio. Also tried were the sardinian brother in laws Pierluigi Congiu and Gianluigi De Pau who were accused by pentito Salvatore Lovaglio from Andria. Furthermore, statements made by Di Emidio allowed investigators to identify the criminals who committed the bloody robbery against the SVEVIAPOL company, i.e. a company tasked with valuables transfer, in December 1999 at Copertino. The robbery was committed by criminals from Apulia and Sardinia, including a prominent fugitive named Marcello Ladu from Nuoro.

Toma family
1 March 2000 Cosimo Toma and his son Fabrizio Toma were attacked and wounded, they survived because caraninieri arrived who were going to control capofamiglia Cosimo Toma.

Vito Di Emidio orders murder of Cosimo Toma and Fabrizio Toma
18 May 2000 were Cosimo Toma and his son Fabrizio Toma shot and killed with a Kalashnikov. The Toma family were close with Vito Di Emidio who they had helped to hide in their territory. But their relation with Vito Di Emidio soured and he had them killed. But police think it had also to do that after the internal war in 1999 in de Tommasi clan, Gianni De Tommasi’s clan was now led by Dario Toma who now was a big concurrent for Vito di Emidio.

Pentito Dario Toma his testimonies broke up the group of Gianni De Tommasi who got a life sentence

Di Emidio and murdercase Antonio Potenza
2 November 2000 was Antonio Potenza (52) killed by boss Di Emidio.

Surbo (Lecce province)
In march 2001 were in Surbo Fabrizio Negro (29), just free from prison for 15 days, and Antonio Bella Bona shot and killed.

Tuturano murdercase Giuseppe Scarcia
16 May 2001 was in Tuturano then Giuseppe Scarcia killed, he was a trustee of the boss Salvatore Buccarella. Scarcia was killed by the Brindisi boss Vito Di Emidio; Pasquale Tanisi from Ruffano, Antonio Tarantini from Copertino and the sought sardinian criminal Marcello Ladu from Nuoro.

Brindisi boss Vito di Emidio arrested
29 May 2001 was Vito di Emidio arrested

SCU boss Filippo Cerfeda (Cerfeda-Giovanni de Tommasi clan)
SCU boss Filippo Cerfeda imported coke from Brasil to the Netherlands which he send then to Lecce in Italy. He had ordered 7 murders in Italy and 5 murders in the Netherlands.

SCU boss Filippo Cerfeda (Cerfeda-Giovanni de Tommasi clan)
19 July 2001 tried Cerfeda's men to kill Bruno Oliviero from Surbo, but they only wound him and the girl Aurora Calogiuri (2). He was of Surbo’s Vincenti clan who is at war with the De Tommasi clan

Vincenti- Presta war with De Tommasi- Toma
18 August 2001 Vincenzo Presta was attacked.

SCU boss Filippo Cerfeda (Cerfeda-Giovanni de Tommasi clan) orders murders clan boss Carlo De Santis
Cerfeda had ordered the double murder of Francesco Cillo and Carlo De Santis in Surbo on 24 august 2001. Carlo De Santis had now been leading the Vincenti - Presta clan from Surbo.

blitz "Torre blindata" 18 settembre 2001

SCU boss Filippo Cerfeda (Cerfeda-Giovanni de Tommasi clan) in Amsterdam
(19 november 2001??) In october 2001 was in Amsterdam the boss Giuseppe Lezzi shot dead by the sought Fabio Franco with a pistol caliber 7.65 at the orders of SCU boss Filippo Cerfeda, his body was then buried in a forest.
Giuseppe Lezzi and operation Santa Rosa

SCU boss Filippo Cerfeda (Cerfeda-Giovanni de Tommasi clan) in Woerden
In februari 2002 were the brasilian drugdealers Paulo Roberto De Avila Garrido (53) and Jose Paulo Davi (54) shot dead along the highway A12 near Woerden by Adriano Palazzo who was accompanied by Tiziano Greco (he used the same pistol caliber 7.65) at the orders of SCU boss Filippo Cerfeda.

SCU boss Filippo Cerfeda (Cerfeda-Giovanni de Tommasi clan)
6 May 2002 was Mario Caroppo killed at the orders of Cerfeda.

Surbo (lecce province) murdercase William Vincenti
9 November 2002 dies in Lecce hospital the young William Vincenti, who had been wounded 8 may 2002 in an attack in Surbo. He was the son of Carlo Vincenti, who had been shot and killed 16 august 1990 just before he would be tried in the first maxitrial against the clans of Salento, he was family of the capoclan Angelo Vincenti, who is imprisoned for the attack at the train Lecce-Zurich, which happened in 1992.

SCU boss Filippo Cerfeda (Cerfeda-Giovanni de Tommasi clan)
22 December 2002 killed Cerfeda's men the innocent Giuseppe Guido in Lecce when they try to kill his brother Fabio Guido. 28 December 2002 was in Lecce Antonio Stampete killed at the orders of Cerfeda.

SCU boss Filippo Cerfeda (Cerfeda-Giovanni de Tommasi clan)
22 January 2003 was near Nardo the burned body of Pompeo Vitale (37) found he was killed at the orders of Cerfeda.

Salvatore Fiorentino killed
16 October 2001 was Salvatore Fiorentino killed

SCU boss Filippo Cerfeda (Cerfeda-Giovanni de Tommasi clan)
6 March 2003 was at the orders of Cerfeda in Lecce than Antonio Fiorentino killed.

SCU boss Filippo Cerfeda arrested (Cerfeda-Giovanni de Tommasi clan) in Ridderkerk,
In march 2003 was SCU boss Filippo Cerfeda (35) arrested in Ridderkerk and extradited in july to Italy where he confessed and became a pentito.

operation “Pit 1”
Because of the 7 murders starting with Oliviero Bruno in july 2001 and ending with the murder of Antonio Fiorentino, police started operation “Pit 1” 14 april 2003

operation “Pit 2”
operation “Pit 2” 31 july 2003.

SCU boss Filippo Cerfeda becomes a pentito
6 August 2003 Filippo Cerfeda becomes a pentito

Operation “Pit 3”
7 Novembre 2003 police arrest then Enzo Biasco (31) from Lecce; Antonio Chiriatti (26) from Campi Salentina but living in Cellino San Marco; Ivano Chironi (28) from Lecce; Roberto Corpus (38) from Lecce; Vito Mario Delle Rose aka «banana» (35) from Lecce; Santo Gagliardi aka «gemello» (38) from Lecce; Sandro Greco (38) from Lecce; Annunziato Salvatore Leo aka «squino» (51) from Trepuzzi; Andrea Lorio (27) from Lecce; Simona Malinconico (31) from Lecce; Christian Palazzo (25) from Lecce; Antonio Pepe aka «baffo» or «Tonino Cerezo» (54) from Lecce; Fernando Persano aka «pezzetto» or «bubbù» (45) from Surbo; Stefano Podo (31) from Lecce; Massimo Ricercato (29) from Lecce; Cristian Rizzo (23) from Lecce but living in Surbo; Stefano Salierno aka “Stefanenko” (27) from Lecce; Andrea Tredici (24) from Lecce arrested in Milan; Pompeo Vitale (23) born in Germany but living in Lecce. Already in jail but also indicted were Alessandro Albano aka «mister Bean» (29) born in Galatina but living in Veglie; Pasquale Briganti aka «Maurizio» (34) from Lecce; Salvatore Caramuscio aka «scaramao» or «petit» (35) from Surbo; Stefano Carlino (27) from Surbo; Massimo Caroppo (35) from Lecce; Mirko Castelluzzo (25) from Lecce; Simone Cerfeda (30) from Lecce; Mauro De Filippi (38) from Lecce; Gianfranco and Massimiliano Elia (31) and (27) from Lecce; Massimiliano Galiulo (36) from Lecce; Luigi Grassi aka “topo” or “surge” (34) born in Turbigo (Milan) but living in Surbo; Nicola Greco aka «Nico» (33) from Lecce; Tiziano Greco (32) from Lecce; Andrea Leo (33) from Vernole; Paolo Lo Deserto aka «Tom» (31) from Lecce; Giampaolo Monaco aka «Gianni coda» (26) from Lecce; Simone Monaco (28) from Lecce; Antonio Pepe aka «Totti» (42) from Lecce; Cristian Pepe aka «Moet» (29) from Lecce; Andrea Rosafio (26) from Lecce but living in Trepuzzi; Mario Rosafio (24) from Lecce; Massimo Signore aka «Virdis» (44) from Lecce but living in Merine; Stefano Soldato (25) from Lecce; Massimo Spagnolo aka «io sono» or «io ma» (29) from Lecce; Fabio Tolentino aka «residence» (34) from Lecce; Alessandro Verardi aka «figlio di Virdis» (25) from Lizzanello; Claudio Vitale (33) from Surbo; Nicola Ivan Vitale (23) born in Germany but living in Lecce. Still at large were Corrado Cucurachi aka «giaguaro» (39) born in Lecce but living in Cavallino; Fabio Franco aka «Fritz» or «nano» (38) from Surbo, Luigi Santoro aka «pea» or «quadro antico» (33) from Melendugno. Corrado Cucurachi was seen as the new boss of the group and Fabio Franco was an important member. In operation “Pit 3” police was helped by pentito Filippo Cerfeda (35) from Lecce. Also police use the filmed testimony of the in 2002 in San Cataldo killed pentito Antonio Stampete.

Pentito Filippo Cerfeda
5 october 2004 police confiscated for 1,2 million Euro of possesions from Giovanni dell'Anna from Surbo. Police had been helped by the testimony of pentito Filippo Cerfeda.

Operation Arpia sentences
Operation Arpia was done by police with help of pentiti to solve the murders of Fabio Beato, Giuseppe Rollo, Cosimo Conversano, Gianfranco Fantastico, ex carabinieri Antonio Albanese and Giuseppe Ricciardi and the lupara biancas of Giovanni De Tommasi men Andrea Maletesta and Antonio Russo. 2 June 2005 the judges sentences. A life sentence for Antonio Giannone from Trepuzzi for the murder of former carabinieri Antonio Albanese killed in Torchiarolo, a life sentence for Antonio Tafuro from Surbo, life sentences for Paolo Tomasi and Emanuele Versienti from Campi. A lifesentence for Antonio Palazzo from Campi for the murder of Giuseppe Rollo, who was killed 5 march 1999 in Squinzano. Pentito Giancarlo Mazzei got 20 years; pentito Adriano Palazzo got 18 years. Pentito Simone Cerfeda got 7 years 8 months. Spoken free was Massimo Nisi from Lecce. Also spoken free was Antonio Scalinci from Campi. Spoken free was Antonio Pellegrino from Squinzano. 5 years for Fabio Schiavone. 9 years for Gianfranco Levante; Camillo Lorio 9 years; Nicola Alessandro Luperto 16 years; Fabio Schiavone 6 years, Cesare Vetrugno 6 years, Maxime Negro 8 years. Angelo Maci from Campi 8 years.

In operation Arpia also indicted:
Oliviero Bruno, nato a Surbo il 2 agosto 1956, ivi residente in via Gramsci n. 56;
Mario Martella, nato a Lecce il 28 giugno 1978, residente a Surbo, di fatto domiciliato in provincia di Pavia;
Massimiliano Taurino, nato a Campi Salentina il 12 febbraio 1970, ivi residente in via Trento.

Pentiti Filippo Cerfeda and Dario Toma accuse each other of ordering the murder of Fabio Beato

Squinzano (Lecce province) murdercase Giuseppe Rollo
5 March 1999 was in Squinzano Giuseppe Rollo killed by Antonio Palazzo (Cosimo Palazzo “Tonio Culozza”) from Campi.

Dopo gli omicidi di Russo e di Maletesta, venne a trovarmi Beato facendomi intendere che, in risposta, sarebbero stati uccisi due "leccesi" ed io pensai a me e a mio fratello. Ne parlai con Toma, ma non assunse alcuna decisione. Dopo il ferimento di un suo caro amico, un pizzaiolo di Surbo, decretò la morte di Beato perchè lui ribatteva colpo su colpo». Cerfeda, poi, ha smentito l’esistenza di debiti di droga con Beato.

Venezuela capital Caracas, murdercase Lilo Rosario Lauricella
Lilo Rosario Lauricella was 31 october 2002 (having just arrived from Rome) in the Venezuela capital Caracas shot dead. Police had difficulty to indentify him because he had had plastic surgery and a false passport. Lauricella was a bookkeeper for Santapaola.

Tedesco family and Lucera murdercase Mauro di Bello
In february 2004 disappeared Mauro di Bello (40) and his killed body was later that year found. Di Bello was close with the Tedesco family from Lucera.

Tedesco family and Lucera double murdercase Ricciardi and D’Atri
8 march 2004 were Daniel Ricciardi (30) and Maurizio D’Atri (40) shot and killed, D’Atri was a trustee of the Tedesco family in Lucera and Ricciardi was killed because he was at the wrong time at the wrong place.

San Severo (Foggia) boss Agostino Campanaro killed
21 May 2004 was in San Severo the local boss Agostino Campanaro (39) shot and killed. Police arrest as a suspect of the murder Giuliano Iannuzzi (54) from San Severo. Campanaro had been indicted in operation “Day Bifore” which police did in june 1995 in Foggia province.

Brindisi Mafioso Vito Fioretti “Tappa Tappa”

Cerignola boss Leonardo Di Tommaso killed
21 October 2004 was in Cerignola capofamiglia Leonardo Di Tommaso (31) shot and killed by carsales entrepeneur Antonio Sorrenti (41) who he tried to extort 1000 euros a month. Police arrest Sorrenti and Di Tommaso’s brother in law Antonio De Feudis (27) who accompanied the boss.

Manfredonia family Romito
Francesco Romito “Ciccillo il Mattinatese” had as sons Mario Luciano Romito and Manfredonia boss Franco Romito (41 when killed 21 april 2009 with his chauffeur Giuseppe Trotta) and Franco Romito’s son Michele Romito (23 when killed 28 june 2010)

Monte Sant Angelo family Libergolis
Brothers Francesco “Ciccillo”Libergolis (born 8 february 1943 and 67 when killed 26 october 2009 and his son is Matteo Libergolis who was killed 2 march 1992), Giuseppe Libergolis (killed in 1980) and Pasquale Libergolis (killed 16 june 1995)

Libergolis brother in laws Matteo and Antonio Ciucci who were killed respectively 14 january 1993 and 14 august 1993

Michele Libergolis “Calcarulacchio” and his brother Giuseppe Libergolis (At the end of 1989 killed)

Monte Sant Angelo families Alfieri- Primosa- Basta
brothers Peppino Alfieri and Pietro Alfieri (both killed 1 March 1989) and their sister Antonia Alfieri married Raffaele Primosa (paralyzed after 1979 attack) and they had as sons Nicolino Primosa (22 when killed 16 september 1992) and Michele Primosa (wounded august 1992) and daughter Rosa Primosa

Sannicandro Garganico (Puglia) family Ciaravella
Brothers Marco and Matteo Ciavarrella their father Antonio Ciaravella was killed

Sannicandro Garganico (Puglia) family Tarantino
Brothers Giuseppe Tarantino (life sentence and his son Michele Tarantino was 23 when killed 30 march 2001), Leonardo Tarantino (born in 1960 and 27 when killed 22 August 1987), Sebastiano Tarantino (born in 1961 and 31 when killed 22 December 1992), Giovanni Tarantino (34 when killed 25 march 2002), Carmine Tarantino (33 when killed 5 december 2002) , Luigi Tarantino (39 when killed 3 September 2003), Antonio tarantino (41 when killed 1 november 2003) and Pietro Tarantino. Pentita Rosa di Fiore was first married to Pietro Tarantino and had with him 3 children, when he went to prison for drugs she became the wife of his enemy matteo Ciaravella and had also a child with him.

Monte feud between Libergolis and Alfieri- Primosa
Their feud starts 30 december 1978 when Alfieri- Primosa man Lorenzo Ricucci was killed. In 1979 was Raffaele Primosa attacked by Francesco “Ciccillo”Libergolis and became paralyzed. In august 1980 were Raffaele Primosa and Francesco “Ciccillo”Libergolis in a firefight with each other. In sepember 1980 Raffael Primosa attacked Michele Libergolis “Calcarulacchio”. Giuseppe Libergolis was killed in 1980 and is a brother of Francesco “Ciccillo” Libergolis and Pasquale Libergolis

Sannicandro Garganico (Puglia) feud between Ciaravella and Tarantino families
In this city there was a vendetta between the families Ciaravella and Tarantino and it starts 28 march 1981 when Matteo Ciaravella (57) and his wife Incoronata Gualano (55) and their children Nicola Ciaravella (17), Giuseppe Ciaravella (16) and Caterina Ciaravella (5) were killed after which the killers made the bodies disappear, according to rumours they had been fed to pigs. Giuseppe Tarantino (21) was that year jailed , serving life for the murders.

Monte feud between Libergolis and Alfieri- Primosa
In 1982 were Libero Vergura, Luciano Stipulante and Giuseppe Quitadamo kidnapped and killed by the Alfieri – Primosa clan. In may 1985 was Alfieri primosa man Angelo di Bari killed.

Sannicandro Garganico (Puglia) feud between Ciaravella and Tarantino families
22 August 1987 was Leonardo Tarantino (27 and born in 1960) killed.

Monte feud between Libergolis and Alfieri- Primosa
In January 1989 survives Pasquale Libergolis an attack. 3 weeks later was Luciano Stipulante killed. 10 days later there was an attack at Pasquale Libergolis and his son matteo Libergolis who escapes.

Monte feud between Libergolis and Alfieri- Primosa
1 March 1989 Pasquale Libergolis had his enemies the brothers Peppino Alfieri and Pietro Alfieri killed, this happened about a month after an unsuccesfull attempt at the life of Pasquale Libergolis. At the end of 1989 was Giuseppe Libergolis killed (he is the brother of Michele Libergolis “Calcarulacchio”). In april 1990 were Vittorio and Francesco Carbonelli killed. In November 1990 was Antonio Del Nobile killed.

Monte feud between Libergolis and Alfieri- Primosa
2 march 1992 was Matteo Libergolis ( a nephew) shot and killed by Michele Alfieri (15). In july 1992 was Pasquale Libergolis wounded. Soon was Alfieri- primosa man Matteo Scirpoli killed. Then there was an attack at Raffaele Primosa’s son Michele primosa and an attack against bartolomeo La Torre. 18 August 1992 escapes Antonio Miucci from an ambush when he sits in his car. Francesco “Ciccillo”Libergolis is his brother in law. He had recognized his attackers from the Alfieri Primosa clan.

Pasquale Libergolis arrested
Pasquale Libergolis was arrested in august 1992 on the accusation that he had ordered the murders of the brothers Alfieri: he got a sentence of 25 years but was spoken free in 1995 by the High Court in Bari.

Monte feud between Libergolis and Alfieri- Primosa
16 september 1992 was in Nova Milanese (Milan) killed Nicolino Primosa (22), son of Antonia Alfieri and Raffaele Primosa, reputed to be the head of the clan Alfieri- Primosa now according to police. For the murder of Nicolino Primosa were 26 october 1992 six supporters of the Libergolis clan arrested, they were later all acquitted.

As revenge were Libergolis men Raffaele Palena and Raffaele Carbonelli killed.

Sannicandro Garganico (Puglia) feud between Ciaravella and Tarantino families
22 December 1992 was Sebastiano Tarantino (31 and born in 1961) shot and killed when he did a holdup, also his brother Giovanni Tarantino was wounded.

Pasquale Libergolis brother in law Matteo Miucci killed
14 January 1993 was Matteo Miucci, the brother in law of Pasquale Libergolis, shot and killed by 2 killers wearing carnaval masks. His brother Antonio Miucci went to the police and told them about the earlier attack on himself. Six men were arrested of the Alfieri Primosa clan and all were acquitted by lack of evidence.

Libergolis partner Francesco Romito orders murders of Terracciano and Anastasio
16 February 1993 were camoristi Antello Anastasio (35) and Raffaele Terracciano killed at the orders of Francesco Romito the partner of Libergolis family.

Monte feud between Libergolis and Alfieri- Primosa
In 1993 shot Matteo Libergolis and matteo Rinaldi at each other

Libergolis man Antonio Miucci killed
Antonio Miucci was shot and killed on the public square in Monte Sant Angelo on 14 august 1993 by a man wearing a carnaval mask.

Monte Sant Angelo murdercase Pasquale Libergolis
After Pasquale Libergolis was acquitted in 1995 of the double murdercase of the brothers Alfieri. 16 june 1995 were pasquale Libergolis and matteo Ciuffreda killed and Armando Libergolis wounded. Shooters were Francesco Prencipe and Michele Primosa

Alfieri- Primoso- Libergolis
In Foggia are the Alfieri (Antonia Alfieri)- Primosa clans at war with Francesco LiBergolis. 19 August 1996?? was in this killed Raffaele Fischetti. and shooters were Matteo Lombardi and Pasquale Ricucci

In 1997 was Michele Brigida killed

In 1998 they try to kill Armando Libergolis

31 august 1998 was Biagio Silvestri (34) killed and spoke free was Ciccillo Libergolis and his nephew Armando Libergolis got a life sentence

13 october 1999 were Vincenzo Fania (66) and his son Angelo Fania (30) killed and for this got Gennaro Giovanditto a life sentence

Alfieri- primosa
In may 2000 was near Monte Sant Angelo the man Pasquale Silvestri (52) killed, it is part of the Alfieri Primosa feud with Libergolis.

27 november 2000 was Francesco Vodola (32) killed. Of the murder was accused Raffaele Tolonese

Sannicandro Garganico (Puglia) feud between families Ciaravella and Tarantino
30 march 2001 was Michele Tarantino (23 and born in 1978 and the son of to life sentenced Giuseppe Tarantino) killed.

Monte feud between Libergolis and Alfieri- Primosa
13 april 2001 were in Sannicandro Garganico (Foggia) Giuseppe Quitadamo (40 and his father and brother were already killed), Francesco Prencipe (33) and Daniele De Nittis (25) killed, the first 2 belonged to the Alfieri- Primosa clan and Armando Libergolis got a life sentence. According to police the triple murdercase is part of the feud between the families Libergolis and Alfieri-Primosa from Monte Sant Angelo. Since the start of the feud there have been 33 murders and 2 disappearances. The Alfieri-Primosa clan is led by Antonia Alfieri after the murders of her 2 brothers and her son and they are at war with Francesco Libergolis.

26 july 2001 was fish trader Giovanni Impagnatiello (35) killed because he refused to be extorted

Manfredonia murdercase Lorenzo Ferrandino
In march 2000 was Lorenzo Ferrandino (23) shot dead. His brother is Matteo Ferrandino. 29 october 2000 was Mangini man Matteo Ferrandino shot and killed. His brother is Lorenzo Ferrandino.

Monte Sant Angelo feud between Libergolis and Alfieri- Primosa
2 september 2001 was in Manfredonia in a bar Matteo Mangini (20) killed, he was a friend of the brothers Ferrandino who had been killed in 2000, for his murder got Franco Libergolis and Matteo Libergolis a life sentence while spoken free was Armando Libergolis

Sannicandro Garganico (Puglia) feud between families Ciaravella and Tarantino
25 march 2002 was Giovanni Tarantino (34 and born in 1968) killed.

Sannicandro Garganico (Puglia) feud between families Ciaravella and Tarantino
22 april 2002 was Giovanni Tarantino’s friend Nicandro Antonio Siciliano (45) killed.

Manfredonia murdercase Matteo Quitadamo
2 August 2002 was Matteo Quitadamo shot and killed, police later arrested his wife Carmela Fiore (41) who had ordered the murder and police also arrest Giuseppe Pacilli (32) and Armando Libergolis (29).

6 january 2009 was Gianluigi Quitadamo (31) shot and killed

Sannicandro Garganico (Puglia) feud between families Ciaravella and Tarantino
28 November 2002 was Antonio Ciavarella killed, he is the brother of Matteo who disappeared with his family.

Sannicandro Garganico (Puglia) feud between families Ciaravella and Tarantino
5 december 2002 was Carmine Tarantino (33 and born in 1969) killed , brother of killed Giovanni Tarantino. For this murder got Matteo Ciavarrella and Gennaro Giovanditto a life sentence.

Sannicandro Garganico (Puglia) feud between families Ciaravella and Tarantino
16 march 2003 was Daniele Scanzano (40) killed he was close with the Tarantino family.

Sannicandro Garganico (Puglia) feud between families Ciaravella and Tarantino
25 april 2003 was Luigi Bisceglia (36 and hiself a suspect in the 1994 murder of Giovanni Ricucci whose body was found in may 2000) killed of which was accused Matteo Ciaravella

Sannicandro Garganico (Puglia) feud between families Ciaravella and Tarantino
4 may 2003 was Antonio Daniele Graziano (a friend of the killed Daniele Scanzano) killed.

Sannicandro Garganico (Puglia) feud between families Ciaravella and Tarantino
11 june 2003 were Giuseppe Limosani (71) and his son Franco Limosani (28) killed they were supporters of the Ciavarella family

Sannicandro Garganico (Puglia) feud between families Ciaravella and Tarantino
16 july 2003 were Michele Mangiacotti and Maria Rinaldi killed of which was accused Matteo Ciaravella

Sannicandro Garganico (Puglia) feud between families Ciaravella and Tarantino
3 september 2003 was Antonino Vocino killed what seems to have to do with the feud between the families Tarantino and Ciavarella. Life sentence got carmine Grimaldi

Sannicandro Garganico (Puglia) feud between families Ciaravella and Tarantino
The same day 3 september 2003 was also Luigi Tarantino (38 and born in 1964) killed.

25 september 2003 was Michele Santoro (56) killed he was a trustee of Libergolis and had already escped from attacks in October 2000 and august 2002

Sannicandro Garganico (Puglia) feud between families Ciaravella and Tarantino
Antonio Tarantino (41) was killed 1 november 2003 with 3 shots outside a bar in Sannicandro Garganico. Of the 8 Tarantino brothers Antonio was the 6th to be killed and his brother Giuseppe Tarantino is still jailed and the other brother still alive is Pietro Tarantino. Police later arrest then for Antonio’s murder the brothers Matteo (24) and Marco Ciavarella (22) with Pietro Centonze (24) and Antonio Pizzarelli (27). The brothers were the sons of the killed Antonio Ciavarella and nephews of the disappeared Matteo and his family.

Francesco Libergolis “Ciccillo”arrested
20 may 2005 was Francesco Libergolis “Ciccillo”arrested, he was sought since 23 june 2004 in a police operation of 123 men affiliated with the clans mafiosi Romito-Li Bergolis and Ciavarella-Tarantino

Sannicandro Garganico (Puglia) feud between families Ciaravella and Tarantino
12 september 2007 was Tarantino clan member Michele Di Monte killed.

Manfredonia boss Franco Romito killed
21 april 2009 were Manfredonia boss Franco Romito and his chauffeur Giuseppe Trotta killed and his son Michele Romito (23) was killed 28 june 2010

25 may 2009 was Romito man Andrea Barbarino (28) killed. Romito man Andrea Barbarino escaped 2 october 2000 with Michele Santoro from an attack

In june 2009 a bomb attack at Ivan and Mario Luciano Romito who survive

26 october 2009 was the boss Francesco “Ciccillo” Libergolis (photo at the net) killed. (his son Matteo Libergolis was killed in march 1992 by Michele Alfieri who revenged this way the murder of his father)

boss Michele Alfieri killed
13 janaury 2010 was the boss Michele Alfieri shot and killed

Libergolis family
27 June 2010 was Leonardo clemente killed he is a nephew of the Libergolis family

16 july 2010 was Raffaele Pirro (73) shot and killed.

Boss Giuseppe Pacilli
Boss Giuseppe Pacilli supports Libergolis family