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Bonanno capo Salvatore "Sal" Catalano marriage
7 Februari 1980 Salvatore "Sal" Catalano marries at Sicily.

Bonanno capo Salvatore "Sal" Catalano photographed at Sicily
14 Februari 1980 Catalano, Ganci, Filippo Ragusa, John Licata (the son of killed Knickerbocker Avenue capo Pietro) and Giorgio Muratore get photographed in Palermo by police (the picture is around).

Santa Maria del Gesu capomafia Bontate trustee Contorno meets Bonanno capo Salvatore "Sal" Catalano
Giorgio Muratore is a drugdealer from Bagheria who works for the boss Leonardo Greco. Contorno and his friend D'Agostino are there when they test a sample and also there are Salvatore Greco (the brother of Leonardo), Carlo Castronovo (a man of Greco), his nephew and brother in law Frank Castronovo, Ganci, Catalano, Gaetano Mazzara of the Noce cosca.

New Jersey’s “Cherry Hill” Gambinos
In march 1980 went Rolli to the Mille Luci Cafe and spoke there Emanuele Adamita and the brothers Rosario and Giuseppe Gambino who get him sofar that he will go to Milan to get a package of heroin. Rolli informed the police and was later that month arrested with Adamita while they are in the possession of 40,5 kgs of heroin. Adamita had with him the adresses of Catalano and Ganci.

John Gotti's son Frank Gotti dies in caraccident
18 March 1980 Frank Gotti (12) the son of John Gotti dies when their neighbour John Favara hits him with his car by accident when he runs into the street. John Favara then gets constantly threatened and when he arrives home 28 july 1980 he gets beaten and kidnapped by Ruggiero, Tarricone and Johnson?? , he disappears forever.

Colombo capo Panarella soldier Jilly Greca killed
As the mobster Giuliano “Jilly” Greca in 1980 drove in his car and stopped for a traffic light a biker stopped next to his car and shot him dead, he had worked under capo Panarella and had a shop from which he sold stolen goods. Greca was also the man who had unwittingly introduced undercoveragent Pistone into the mob.

Dentist Jesse hyman
In 1979 Rotondo arranged for contractor Ben Parness to introduce dentist Jesse Hyman to Teamster Local 804 secretary treasurer Long. Hyman proposed a dental plan for Long’s union. Long introduced Hyman to teamsters Local 808 secretary treasurer Mahoney. Hyman reported to rotondo and Rotondo’s boss John Riggi.

Buffalo boss Joseph Todaro sr orders murder of capo Carl Rizzo
Carl Rizzo had contacts with the Cleveland capo Curley Montana to do business with Cleveland bosses Chester and Anthony Liberatore and had also contact with John Riggi. It was about fraud in the medical world that made them large amounts of money. The Buffalo family was now led by Joseph Todaro who had his capo Carl Rizzo killed 6 march 1980 and he was found back 10 april 1980 in the trunk of a car in front of the door of Jesse Hyman a man who works for the Decavelcante family.

Dentist Jesse hyman
Dentist Jesse hyman was convicted of extortion and loansharking in 1985 and then became government witness.

7 march 1980 was William “billy the kid”M Sciolino killed.

Philadelphia boss Angelo Bruno killed
Commission member Angelo Bruno Annelore the boss of Philadelphia ruled Atlantic City via his capo Scarfo. Bruno often phoned from the law offices of his friend jacob Kossman. Bruno`s consiglieri Antonio Caponegro is unhappy and wants to take over Bruno's position with help of his brother in law Alfred Salerno and the capos John Simone and Frank Sindone. He spoke about this with Funzi Tieri and asks Tieri to get the okay from the Commission. Tieri told nobody about Caponegro's plans and told Caponegro that the Commission sanctioned the hit.

Philadelphia boss Angelo Bruno killed
When Angelo Bruno leaves 21 march 1980 restaurant Cous and sits down next to his driver John Stanfa he get driven home and Stanfa parked the car. Then possibly killer Caponigro appeared from behind a parked car and put a sawnof shotgun behind Bruno`s rightear and squeezes the trigger.

Bruno conspirators
24 March 1980 Stanfa was seen in company of the 3 suspects in the murder of Bruno: Sindone, Caponegro and Simone and they meet some members of the Genovese family.

Bruno consiglieri Antonino Caponigro killed in the Bronx
The Commission then commands Caponegro and his brother in law Salerno to appear for them and Caponegro gets to hear he did an unsanctioned hit and that Tieri had deceived him. Gigante was suspected of the murders of Angelo Bruno's killers at the command of Tieri. 18 april 1980 in New York Caponegro was found in the trunk of a stolen car, he had been tortured and stabbed with knives after which they shot him up. Around his body lay torn 20 dollar notes which told that he was killed because he had been to greedy. John Digilio and his crew probably killed Caponigro who he hated.

Bruno consiglieri Antonino Caponigro’s brother in law Salerno killed in the Bronx
The same day they find the naked body of his brother in law Salerno who was bound at hands and feet, it was in a bodybag in an alley, also he had been tortured and then killed with several shots.

The same month april 1980 Scarfo Genovese ?? consiglieri?? Bobby Manna who told him the commission had Caponigro and his brother in law Salerno killed because they had killed Bruno. Manna said that the commission had also determined that John “Johnny Keys”Simone was involved in the murder and that he would be killed. At an other meeting Manna told Scarfo the commission wanted him to be boss but Scarfo turned it down because he felt Philip Testa deserved it more. Later they also decided to kill Frank Sindone because of his involvement in the murder of Bruno.

Philadelphia boss Testa, underboss Casella and consiglieri Scarfo
3 Weeks after the murder of Caponigro (so may 1980?), mobster Martirano had to come with some other Philadelphia members to Cous before Genovese consiglieri Bobby Manna who tells them that the commission had appointed Testa as the new boss of the Philadelphia family. Testa takes as underboss Pete Casella and as consiglieri "Nicky" Scarfo.

Philadelphia family inductions
8 june 1980 Testa and Scarfo induct in the house of capo John Cappello then Phil Leonetti, Salvatore “Chuckie” Merlino, Salvatore “salvie”Testa, Anthony “blonde babe”Pungitore, Salvatore “Wayne”Grande, Frank Narducci jr., Anthony “Tony”Casella and Robert “Bobby” Lumio (Teamster??).

Gerard Papa (Genovese soldier and nephew of the killed Vincent Papa)
Tommy Spero’s father Ralph Spero was killed and his father's brother Thomas “Shorty” Spero said he would avenge him. Their nephew is Angelo Sepe the brother in law of Colombo associate Tony Rodriguez. In February 1980 (1979??) was Thomas “ Shorty” Spero killed by Jerry Pappa and buried in the fabric of Pete Savino.

Gerard Papa (Genovese soldier and nephew of the killed Vincent Papa) killed
Thursday morning, 10 july 1980 the masked gunmen Dominick “Dom”Cataldo and his nephews Nicholas and Joseph Cataldo jr (the sons of his brother Joseph Cataldo sr) shoot and kill Genovese member Gerard Papa (nephew of the killed Vincent Papa) in Dutchy’s Luncheonette at 69th Steet and 14 Avenue in Brooklyn at the orders of Gigante because he had killed somebody without permission. His son Jonathan Pappa became known in 1994 after 4 murders.

Gerald "Jerry" Pappa was a partner with Peter Savino in a window replacement business.Pappa was allegedly order killed {according to Savino} for the murder of 2 Colombo families mobsters "Shorty" Spero and Richard Scarcella. Their bodies were found in the foundation {floor} of Savino's business in Brooklyn. At Vincent Gigante's 1997 trial Savino testified that Pappa was ordered killed by Gigante because 1- the murder of the 2 men was not "authorized" and Pappa may have also been shaking down without permission; drug dealers.

Colombo soldier Gregory Scarpa sr “The grimreaper”
associate Dominick Somma complained against Greg Scarpa sr about screwups that Scarpa sr’s son Scarpa jr did during a bankrobbery. Scarpa pulled out a pistol and shot Somma dead in august 1980.

Philadelphia boss Phil Testa orders murder of Bruno murderer Simone (at orders of Salerno)
18 September 1980 underboss Phil Testa shows that he is the new boss when Bruno`s nephew the capo John Simone (70) was found with 3 bullets in the head at a garbagedump in New York. Simone was killed by Louie Milito in attendence of his boss Gravano and “Stymie” D’Angelo. The Gambino family supported Testa.

Philadelphia boss Phil Testa orders murder of Bruno murderer and loanshark Frank Sindone (at orders of Salerno)
29 october 1980 the capo Frank Sindone (52) , the most important loanshark of the family was killed with 3 bullets after which his body was found in 2 green garbagebags. Sindone was killed by Salvatore “Chuckie”Merlino, Frank Monte and Salvatore “Salvie”Testa. Sidone's loanshark operation was taken over by Joseph Ciancaglini.
Philadelphia loanshark Joseph Ciancaglini

killed Philadelphia boss Bruno driver Stanfa arrested
11 December 1980 John Stanfa gets arrested.

president Reagan’s minister of labour Raymond Donovan
In december 1980 president Reagan made Raymond Donovan (50) minister of labour, the FBI then gave out the story of Donovan`s underworldcontacts. Donovan had worked for new Jersey`s Schiavone building company. They paid bribes to the Genovese family for contracts and no troubles with the unions. The bribes first went to Briguglio and after his murder to William Massalli who used as bagman Fred Furino. Exactly a year later they open an inquiry in his contacts.

In 1979 is Joseph bonanno set free. Spring 1980 is Salvatore Bonanno set free. 6 september 1980 dies Fay Labruzzo.

boss Castellano orders murder of his son in law Frank Amato
20 september 1980 kills Roy DeMeo (a soldier of Gaggi) Frank Amato the son in law of Castellano. Castellano had him killed because Amato cheated on Castellano's daughter Constance and she got a miscarriage. Amato’s body was cut up by DeMeo, Borrelli, the Gemini twins and the Di Nome brothers after which they throw the bodyparts into the sea.

Bonanno acting boss Salvatore "Sal" Catalano
In october 1980 were Salvatore Catalano and Giuseppe Ganci brought by Gambino capo Conte to a meeting with Paul Castellano and Thomas Bilotti. He was temporarily boss of the Bonanno family but had to step down because of his disability to handle the English language well.

Montreal murdercase Rocco Violi
19 October 1980 Rocco Violi gets killed in Montreal with a shot through the heart when he is eating at home with his family.

Bolognetta capomafia Giuseppe Bono wedding in New York's Pierre Hotel
16 November 1980 marries Giuseppe Bono (the Sicilian boss of Bolognetta) with Antonia Albino in the Pierre Hotel in New York, attending were Salvatore Catalano, Ganci, Alfredo Bono (the brother of the boss of Bolognetta), Gaetano Mazzara (member of the Palermitan Noce family), Nicholas Rizzutto ( a boss in montreal and a man of the sicilian boss Settecase from Agrigento), Michel Pozza (a man of Rizzutto), Filippo and Franco Casamento, Salvatore Inzerillo ( the Sicilian boss of Passo de Rigano) and his brother Pietro Inzerillo, Cesare Bonventre, Baldassare Amato, Frank Castronovo, Gaetano Napoli, Pasquale Conte Sr, Tom and Erasmo Gambino and their nephews John, Giuseppe and Rosario Gambino from New Jersey. The Milanese businessmen Antonio Virgilio and Luigi Monti who launder money for Bono in Milan and Giuseppe Ganci.

Colombo soldier Gregory Scarpa sr “The grimreaper”
3 december 1980 was ex doctor and former abortionist Eliezer Shkolnik (52) killed by Greg Scarpa jr and joseph “Joe Brewster”De Domenico. Greg Scarpa admitted it was his first murder and that his father was proud.

Colombo associate Alphonse "funzi" Tarricone imprisoned
In 1981 disappears Alphonse "funzi" Tarricone into prison and came free in 1984.

Greg Scarpa sr’s brother Salvatore Scarpa
Salvatore Scarpa and 3 other man were indicted in 1981 as co conspirators in a fraud and theft scheme.

Garbage industry
2 december 1980 was Crescent Roselle shot and killed outside Waste Disposal’s facilities in Elizabeth.

Garbage industry
John Montesano killed in 1981???

Genovese consiglieri Manna
In 1980 Bobby Manna became consiglieri when he replaces Alongi.
Genovese boss Lombardo, Underboss "Funzi" Tieri, Consiglieri Manna

Florida based Genovese soldier George Smurra
Genovese soldier George Smurra died January 1981.

Connecticut based Castellano capo Frank Piccolo killed
Piccolo’s opponent in Connecticut had been Genovese man Sam “Big Nose” Cufari. In 1981 Castellano sanctioned the Genovese family to kill his capo Frank Piccolo in Connecticut. Frank Piccolo was followed up as boss of the gambino crew in Connecticut by Tommy Debrizzi. mobsters Francis and Gus Curcio, who were suspected of slaying mob kingpin Franc Piccolo, and were later convicted of loansharking and racketeering.
Connecticut based Castellano capo Tommy DeBrizzi

New York families meeting
In januari 1981 confer several Bonanno and Gambino bosses.

Philadelphia soldier Sodano
In januari 1981 Joseph Sodano was made.

Philadelphia crew in North New Jersey
24 march 1979 the criminal Frank Stillitano (his brother in law is James mazzola) shoots to death in New Jersey Michael Russo (42) the son of Trenton capo Nicky Russo, a man of the Gambino capo Toddo Aurello and wounds the father. The Gambino familie then asks Scarfo to punish Stillitano because he worked in their territory in New Jersey. Scarfo sends Philip and Lawrence Merlino and Stillitano's body was found in the trunk of a car at Philadelphia International Airport, he (28) was killed 14 februari 1981 (one of his killers was former cop Steven Alexander who was himself killed in april 1998 and his body was cut to pieces).

Philadelphia, K and A gang
The K and A gang was led by John Berkery who is a suspect in the murder of Stillitano. He and his members had contact with Ronald Raiton and McCullough had been a member of his gang.

Genovese underboss Tieri dies
Tieri was the first mob chief prosecuted under the RICO statute and sentenced by Judge Thomas P. Griesa, but died before he could begin his sentence. In march 1981 dies Frank "Funzi" Tieri and was followed up by Salerno.
Boss Lombardo, Underboss Salerno, consiglieri Manna

Genovese boss Lombardo retires
In 1981 Lombardo retires and Salerno became the boss but got a stroke and they were that year visited in NY University Hospital where both lay (Salerno and Lombardo), by Gigante, Manna and Santora (one at a time) and Vincent Gigante was made boss who has as under Sammy Santora and consiglieri Bobby Manna.
Genovese boss Gigante, Underboss Sammy Santora, Consiglieri Bobby Manna

Philadelphia boss Phil Testa killed
15 March 1981 Philip “Chickenman” Testa parks his car before his house in Porter Street, the moment that he walks to the door the in a van waiting Rocco Marinucci (underbos Casella’s driver) and Teddy Di Pretoro detonate a bomb who peppers Testa with nails and metalpieces, the front of his house was blown away, several hours later Testa died. His underboss Casella had him killed supported by capo Frank Narducci sr. The Commission then has to decide if Casella, Scarfo or the capo Frank D`Alfonso will become the new boss. The Philadelphia members have again to appear before Genovese consiglieri Bobby Manna and he tells them that Nicky Scarfo will become the new boss. D`Alfonso is convinced that he will become the new boss but Scarfo promisses Salerno a big piece of Atlantic City and got their support, as underboss he takes Salvatore Merlino and as consiglieri Frank Monte. Casella flees then.
Philadelphia boss Scarfo

Philadephia underboss Peter "Pete" Casella
According to Phil Leonetti, the nephew of Nicky Scarfo; with Testa now dead Casella would become "boss". Peter Casella was "allowed" to retire in disgrace to Florida. He would "retire" and next in line would be Frank Narducci. Casella was "chased" from Philly and told never to return. His brother Anthony alleged to be connected to the LCN was allowed to lived on in South Philly but was cut off from the family. Teddy DiPretoro "scared to death" would turn himself in and told police what he knew.

killed Philadelphia boss Bruno driver Stanfa arrested
21 April 1981 Stanfa gets 8 years.

rebel Bonanno capos Indelicato, Trinchera and Giaccone
Capo Alphonse Indelicato Sr was supported by the capos Philip Giaccone, Dominck Trinchera, Cesare Bonventre and Alphonse`s son Anthony jr. They revolted against Rastelli who was supported by his underboss Sally Farrugia, consiglieri Steve Canone and the capos Napolitano and Joe Massino. Napolitano got the order to wipe out the opponents after the imprisoned Bonventre and his Zips had changed sides to Rastelli.

Bonanno capos Indelicato, Trinchera and Giaccone killed
Capo Alphonse Indelicato sr, Dominck Trinchera and Philip Giaccone were invited for a peacemeeting 5 may 1981. They were welcomed on arrival by Joseph Massino, Joseph Zicarelli, Nicola Di Stefano, Antonio Giordano and Gerlando Sciascia. Then came in the killers Salvatore Vitale, Vito Rizzuto and Emanuel Ragusa who shoot and kill the 3 capos. Antonio Giordano was accidently wounded by the killers. Their bodyguard Frank Lino could flee. Indelicato Jr escaped because he arrived to late. The body of his father was later found by playing children in a shallow grave after which Capazzio disappeared because he had not buried the body deep enough. Vito Rizzutto and Bonanno capo Geraldo Sciascia from Montreal were at the time in NY and police want to hear him and a suspect in the killings was Pittera. Napolitano became Rastelli`s acting boss and ordered Indelicato jr to be hit by wiseguy Donnie Brasco (agent Pistone).

Colombo boss Persico’s capo Johnny Irish Matera killed
Matera had visited Persico and this way the FBI found out where he was hiding and that Persico had had a commissionmeeting in the house of DeChristopher. In june 1981 Persico had his man Johnny Irish Matera killed. Matera was just before his murder seen by Iannuzzi in a car with Tony Black and Skeets.

Colombo soldier Michael Franzese
In 1981 was Michael Franzese approached by Sebastian Lombardo who works for Iorizzo. Shortly are Michael Franzese, Genovese man Carlo ‘Collie” Di Pietro and John Gotti partners in a huge fleamarket.

Genovese man Collie Dipietro was later killed (which date??) possibly by his man Joe “Glitz” Galizia.

Bonanno capo Sonny “Black”Napolitano killed
28 July 1981 Napolitano was informed by the FBI officially that wiseguy Brasco is undercoveragent Pistone. Napolitano delivers the message to the Commission and 14 august 1981 he was asked to come to the basement of Bonanno associate Ron Filocomo. Frank Lino and Steven Cannone drove Sonny “Black”Napolitano to the house of Ronald Filocomo. Napolitano was greeted by Bonanno capo Frank Coppa and then shot and killed by Filocomo and Bonanno capo Frank Lino. The body they made disappear. Brasco`s goombah had been Benjamin Ruggiero who was arrested by police when they hear there is a contract at his life.

New Jersey Teamster local 560 president Nunzio Provenzano resigns
In july 1981 became Salvatore Provenzano president of the local following Nunzio Provenzano’s forced resignation as a condition of bail.
New Jersey Teamster local 560 president Salvatore Provenzano

New Jersey Teamster local 560 business agent Luizzi
In 1981 was Luizzi appointed business agent of the local

president Reagan’s minister of labour Raymond Donovan
In december 1981 the inquiry was opened in Donovan's contacs.

Knickerbocker Avenue Bonanno capo Catalano meets DeCavelcante soldier Francesco Polizzi
In september 1981 meet Catalano and DeCavelcante soldier Francesco Polizzi. Polizzi`s unle Anthony Riela is a Bonanno capo in New Jersey. Francesco Polizzi built and owned the belleville motel, his partner was his brother in law Jay Canella.

Gambino capo joe Armone’s soldier Tommy Agro
19 januari 1981 was Joseph Iannuzi beaten up and hospitalized by Tommy Agro and his men Paul Principe and Frank Russo.

Gambino capo joe Armone’s soldier Tommy Agro
In march 1981 taped Iannuzzi than Agro who threatens him.

Gambino capo joe Armone’s soldier Tommy Agro
In april 1981 Iannuzzi met the capo Andy Ruggiano, Joe Blase, Gerald Alicino, Frank Abbandando and Bobby DeSimone.

Atlantic City
25 May 1981 the greek loanshark Harry Peetros was shot to death. 27 May 1981 at the Meletis Greek restaurant was McCullough’s man the greek Chelsais “Steve” Bouras (Booras??) (50) and Jeanette (Janette??) Curro (54) were shot to death. Booras was the guest of Martorano but got killed by martorano's son George and Frank Vadino they did it to take over the P2 market.

New jersey’s DeCavelcante boss Riggi
In 1981 Dominic Pillari pays money to Decavelcante boss John Riggi.

Philadelphia murdercase John Calabrese
6 October 1981 John Calabrese leaves restaurant Cous and was shot to death by Tommy DelGiorno and Frank Iannerella who were driven by Spirito, he had been a drugdealer who worked a lot with the Philadelphia family and he started to deal in Atlantic City, but he didn't ask Scarfo permission.

Frank D'Alfonso
Two weeks later Frank D'Alfonso was almost beaten to death for the same restaurant Cous by Salvatore testa and Gino Milano and he will never again claim leadership.

Winter Hill boss Bulger???
13 October 1981 was in Chinatown (Boston??) drugsdealer George A Pappas shot through the head in the Four Seasons restaurant after an appointment with Jack Salemme and Edward "Brian" Halloran. In 1984 Jack Salemme was convicted for the murder of Pappas.

George A Pappas son Charles Pappas
In 1985 was Steve Noon found beaten to death in his car, the suspect is Turner the boyhood friend of Charles Pappas who was also in the car. Turner associate Leonard Di Muzio was found dead in a car trunk in East Boston in 1990. Charles Pappas (27) was ambushed by 2 masked men in Braintree on Thanksgiving Eve 1995 and was shot and killed.

New Jersey Lucchese crew murders numbersboss William Kennedy (61)
Authorities found the remains of Kennedy on the grounds of a concrete factory 17 years ago but he wasn't identified until September 2000. At the time of the identification, authorities said he'd been lured to his death by members of the Lucchese crime family who wanted his gambling territory. William Kennedy, 61, running a numbers operation, was last seen leaving his home on 12th Street in Newark on the night of Oct. 7, 1981. His body was found in 24 april 1984 by a workman at the Standard Concrete Block and Supply Co., which burned down in 1995. Three members of the Lucchese family, including the organization's reputed boss in New Jersey, pleaded guilty to taking part in the murder in federal and state pleas they entered in the early 1990s. Kennedy was not named publicly in those charges. Kennedy operated his numbers racket in various neighborhoods in Newark, including an area close to where his body was found, Essex County authorities said last fall. Prosecutors said he'd been shot multiple times. In 1993, in a case that helped significantly weaken the mob's grip in New Jersey, three top members of the Lucchese crime family pleaded guilty to the slaying as part of a federal and state racketeering case, Monaco said. All three remain in prison. But even as Michael Perna, Thomas Ricciardi and reputed Lucchese capo Michael Tacetta, acknowledged their part in a crime conspiracy, which included the execution of the aging number's runner, the victim's name remained a mystery, Monaco said. Alfonso "Tic" Cataldo, 59, pleaded not guilty in june 2001 at his initial court appearance in Newark and was held on $2 million bail. The complaints filed by the Essex County Prosecutor's Office against Cataldo charge him with conspiracy to commit rackeetering, racketeering, murder and possession of gambling records. Cataldo's racketeering activity spans almost 20 years, one of the complaints alleged. Lawrence Monaco, the Essex County assistant prosecutor who serves as head of the office's homicide squad, declined to comment on the evidence against Cataldo or say what role he may have played in the slaying of William Kennedy.

In december 1981 Martorina meets Scarfo.

Atlantic City
In december 1981 mayor Michael Matthews accepts 125000 dollars from Frank Lentino of Local 54 of the barunion (he had replaced the earlier died Robert Lumio), Matthews was preparing for the mayor elections in Atlantic City. In exchange he would do what Scarfo would tell him and Scarfo's men did large donations to Matthews thanks to which Matthews wins in 1982 the elections.

Philadelphia inductions
In januari 1982 DelGiorno, Iannarella and Spirito were made.

Philadelphia boss Scarfo's killer Testa
7 Januari 1982 Frank Narducci sr was shot to death by Salvatore testa. Frank Narducci sr his loanshark Vincent Panetta (60) and Panetta’s girlfriend (19) were beaten in their bed and then strangled and their bodies were found 4 februari 1982. 25 Februari 1982 Narducci's man Dominick De Vito was found shot to death in a car trunk, he is bound the same way as the body of the much earlier murdered Vincent Falcone. In the same period the drugdealer Peter Inzarella (Inzerillo??? Of NY??) was killed. 15 March 1982 Casella's man Rocco Marinucci was found shot to death, he had been killed by Frank Narducci jr, Joseph Grande and Salvatore “Wayne”Grande at the Buckeye Club. Salvatore testa was in charge of planning the murder. His killers had put 3 firecrackers in his mouth to make it known that he had made the bomb that killed Testa. The revengekillings for Phil Testa's murder were done by his son Salvatore Testa. Scarfo then starts to use Narducci's sons Frank Jr and Phil as killers just like Thomas DelGiorno and Nick Caramandi.

Herbert “Herbie”Sperling and his son Nicholas Sperling
In the summer of 1980 Leroy “Ncky”Barnes arranged through Herbert Sperling with whom he was incarcerated in Marion, Illinois, for Mark Reiter and Salvatore Corallo to supply heroin to Barnes wife Thelma Grant and Elizabeth Grant.

Leroy “Nicky” Barnes
In januari 1982 Leroy “Nicky” Barnes snitches on his girlfriend Beverly Ash and his wife Thelma Grant for drugtrafficking and Beverly Ash was shot and killed in December 1982 in a harlem bar. Barnes also snitches on his former partners Frank “Blackie” James and Brother Jones.

Acting boss Tommy Di Bella, Underboss Gennaro Langella, Capo Montemarano
In januari 1982 police install a mike in the home of Tommy Di Bella thanks to his man Frank Falanga “The beast”. DiBella is the acting boss for the imprisoned Persico and has as underboss Gennaro Langella who uses as righthand Dominick Montemarano.

Florida based Colombo capo Caesar Vitale killed
In februari 1982 was in Florida the body of the capo Caesar Vitale found, he was shot to death, they had also killed his wife. He handled part of the drugdealing business of the Colombo family.Bonanno capo Michael Zaffarano (already deceased) soldier Anthony Mirra killed18 february 1982 Anthony Mirra (one of agent Pistone's goombahs) was shot in the head and killed by his close friend Joseph D’Amico. D’Amico had been sent by Richard Cantarella who got the order from Alfred Embarrato after consultation with Massino. The body was found in the trunk of a car with 4 bullets in his head in front of the house of consiglieri Cannone. Anthony Mirra is the nephew of Alfred Embarrato and Mirra is the uncle of Joseph D’Amico.

New Jersey Teamster local 560 president Salvatore Provenzano
9 march 1982 filed the government a complaint against local 560 and the defendants Anthony provenzano, Nunzio Provenzano, Steven Andretta, Thomas Andrettta and Gabriel “Gabe”Briguglio. Not charged were provenzano group members Harold Koingsberg, Armand Faugno, Frederick Furino, Salvatore Sinno, Ralph Picardo and Andrew Reynolds.

Philadelphia boss Scarfo starts to war the Riccobene family
In 1982 John martorano stole 80000 dollars worth of jewels from Pagan associate John Kowacki, the robbers Peter Rinaldi and Victor DeLuca were then kidnapped and survive because the loot was given back. In april 1982 Scarfo orders Sonny Riccobene to kill his halfbrother the capo Harry Riccobene who is close with the Pagans . Scarfo wanted to take over his territory because Harry was popular but Sonny tells his brother Harry who decides to hit first.

Philadelphia consiglieri Frank Monte killed by Riccobene family
13 may 1982 Scarfo's consiglieri Frank Monte was shot to death near a gasstation by Harry Riccobene's men Joe Pedulla and Vic De Luca.

Atlantic City
In june 1982 Willard Moran confesses that he had shot to death McCullough at the orders of Albert Daidone (a unionleader in Atlantic City) and Raymond Martorano. (They got in august 1984 both convicted). Martorano was already imprisoned since july 1982 after a conviction to 10 years for other crimes.

Philadelphia boss Scarfo's killer Testa
8 june 1982 Harry Riccobene was wounded in an ambush by Salvatore Testa and Wayne Grande when he stepped from a telephone booth. 31 July 1982 the Riccobene strike back when they wound Sal Testa. Police arrested De Luca, Pedulla and Mario Riccobene during their flight and they decide to cooperate. 9 August 1982 Joe Salerno Sr ( the father of Salerno Jr who had once testified against Scarfo and was in the witnessprotectionprogram) gets wounded when Phil Narducci shoots him. 17 August 1982 Scarfo was convicted to 2 years because he had been armed and he goes to prison. After Scarfo went to prison Harry Riccobene escaped from an ambush 21 august 1982.

Angelo Ruggiero tapped
Beginning 1982 Angelo Ruggiero moves to the suburb Cedarhurst and police again tap his phone. He was regularly visited by Gene Gotti, John Carneglia and Eddie Lino who worked just as Angelo for Angelo’s brother the heroindealer Salvatore "Sal" Ruggiero.

heroingangleader Salvatore Ruggiero dies (brother Angelo Ruggiero)
6 May 1982 crashes a small plane and in it die the pilots George Morton (38) and Sheri Day (24) and their passengers the fugitive pair Salvatore and Stephanie Ruggiero who were sought on drug charges. Salvatore`s drugspartner Alfred Dellentash told Angelo Ruggiero what happened.
heroingangleader Angelo Ruggiero

Sonny Franzese rearrested
In june 1982 was Sonny Franzese send back to prison because he had violated his parole by meeting Carmine Lombardozzi and he got 10 years.

president Reagan’s minister of labour Raymond Donovan and murder of Fred Furino
3 june 1982 disappeared Frederick “Fred” Furino (52) (a former official of Anthony Provenzano’s Local 560) and was found in the trunk of a car with a bullet in his head after he had failed a liedetector test when they had asked him if he knew Donovan.

Also William “Billy the butcher”Masselli who was convicted 4 months earlier to 17 years for fencing had to testify. The evening before his testimony his son Nat Masselli (31, of 1 Fountain Lane in Scarsdale) was shot and killed in his car in the Bronx 25 august 1982 by the killers Salvatore Odierno (67) and Philip Buono (67) who were convicted also involved was Joseph “Joe Hooks”Verlezza. William Masselli got the message and kept his mouth shut, and all were spoken free.

The cement club was policed by Colombo member Ralph Scopo, Anthony Salerno, Vincent “Fish “Cafaro and John????

S & A Concrete Co partly owned by Anthony Salerno and Vincent Di Napoli.

United brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America Local 608 president Theodore “teddy”maritas
John Cody the boss of New York`s mightiest constructor union Teamster Local 282 had to appear before the judge for extortion on behalf of the Gambino family. Also Vincent Di Napoli, the owner of 4 construction businesses and a Genovese capo, and his front Teddy Maritas, president of a carpenter's union had to stand trial. The Commission tells the men to plea guilty because they are afraid that also the bosses will be connected to the case. Maritas refuses because he thinks he will be spoken free. In march 1982, just a week before the trial, disappears Maritas. Several days later his wallet was found at the rivershores, Cody got 5 years. Vinnie DiNapoli also went to jail in 1983??
United brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America Local 608 vice president and businessmanager John F O’Connor.

Scarpa jr crew members:
Ralph B Russo, William Meli, Cosmo Catanzaro, Nunzio de Carlo, Leonard de Carlo, Kevin Granato, John Parlagreco and Joseph Savarese. Witness Larry sessa

Gregory Scarpa sr and Greg jr
-In july 1981 Scarpa jr killed Robert DiLeonardi.
-In july 1982 Scarpa Jr kills Alfred Longobardi.
-Scarpa jr killed in janaury 1983 the small time Brooklyn carthief Sal “the hammerhead” Cardaci. Witness Mario Parlagreco described how he cleaned up Cardaci’s blood and brains in the bathroom of Mike’s Candy Store. Years later were his bones dug up from a basement.
-Scarpa jr killed in july 1983 Albie Variale.

Dominick “Dom “Cataldo
In 1981 Vito Scaglione was convicted on a charge of selling a gun and a silencer to an undercover with him was Dominick “Dom”Cataldo convicted who got 8 years. Frank Scaglione in the early 80’s occasionally cut John Gotti’s hair. Frank Scaglione went into hiding 17 july 1982. That day Frank Scaglione, John Cavallo (37) and John Gotti’s brother Eugene Gotti (40) had an argument with bartender Raymond Mareno of the 101 bar in Ozone Park. Frank scaglione then shot and killed Raymond Moreno and went into hiding.

Alphonse D’arco
23 august 1982 was Alphonse D’arco made.

Gambino capo joe Armone’s soldier Tommy Agro
14 september 1982 Iannuzzi meets Agro, Paul Principe, Sal Reale, Ruggiano, Ronnie Pearlman.

2 December 1982 Fresolone was arrested for bookmaking.

Judge Carlo Palermo
Judge Carlo Palermo was investigating a big heroinoperation. He found out that heroin from Turkey via the Bulgarian state corporation Kintex was send to Sicily to be refined in a heroinmegalab near Alcamo and he started to cooperate with judge Giacomo Ciaccio Montalto. Judge Palermo also finds out that the drugdealers were with Licio Gelli connected to large weaponsales protected by the socialists of Craxi.Trapani judge Gian Giacomo Ciaccio Montaltojudge Ciaccio Montalto defined Francesco Grimaldi as the “consigliere" for the Minore clan and in october 1982 judge Ciaccio Montalto ordered the arrests of about 40 people for mafia association under those were the Minore brothers, the Rimi brothers and “unsuspected entrepeneurs” like forementioned Francesco Grimaldi. the judge had uncovered also weapon trafficking which was based between Mazara del Vallo and Castelvetrano. The court had justified the arrests ordered by judge Ciaccio Montalto but shortly before Christmas 1982 the investigating magistrate Carmelo Carrara closed the inquiry for lack of evidence.

Bolognetta capomafia Giuseppe Bono
Alessandro Pansa, head of the Economic Crime Section of the Servizio centrale operativo (Sco) of the Italian National Police. It was Pansa who discovered the clan Cuntrera Caruana, almost by accident. One in hundreds of tapped phone conversations alerted him. In 1982 he was investigating the Italian end of a heroin smuggling network to the United States, later known as the Pizza Connection. The Italian police was following the movements of Giuseppe Bono, the middleman between the American buyers of the Gambino and Bonanno Family and the Sicilian clans who organized the heroin traffic to the U.S., and had tapped his telephone. Most of the time Bono did not say much, but suddenly he became very talkative to an elderly Sicilian woman. Bono respectfully expressed his condolences with the demise of her husband. Pansa wondered why Bono, an arrogant high-ranking boss within Cosa Nostra, 'became suddenly so submissive ... that woke us up'. It turned out that Bono was calling a number registered to Pasquale Cuntrera in Ostia Lido, a sea-side resort near Rome. The deceased was Liborio Cuntrera, the eldest Cuntrera-brother, who had died in London, where he had settled in 1976. So Pansa started to investigate this little known cluster of Mafia men from the distant, ignored south of Sicily in 1982.

Cuntrera-Caruana (Agrigento province)
The FBI spotted the Cuntrera Caruana partner Giuseppe Bono in New York chatting with Pizza Connection protagonists Joe Ganci and Sal Catalano, while the Italians thought Bono controlled things in Milan. DEA agents trailed their old acquaintance of the French Connection days, Nick Rizzuto, in Milan, telephoning Bono and sending containers to Canada. Pasquale Cuntrera was intermittently in Caracas and Rome (where he owned an apartment at the sea-side resort Ostia). Alfonso Caruana was spotted in Lugano, Switzerland, handling the money with Sicilian boss Antonio Salamone - a relative of the Grecos everybody presumed dead - coming in from Brazil. Wiretaps gave a glimpse of Paolo Cuntrera's son-in-law Nino Mongiovì moving around in Honduras and Miami. He had obtained a monopoly for 'two containers a month with a distributor in Florida'. They were all connected to Michele Zaza and his crew of skilled smugglers from the Camorra organization in Naples. According to the FBI this network smuggled 3 metric tons of heroin a year to the US. Only when the Americans and Italians pooled their findings did they grasp what was going on. The DEA had used the Miami-based Italian-born Venezuelan business man Raffaele Bellizzi to contact Pasquale Cuntrera. Before 1983 Bellizzi owned a shipping-company, but that year it went bankrupt because of the debt-crises in Venezuela. 'He told U.S. that his ships transported narcotics and money from Caracas to Aruba and Europe,' says Lorino. As mentioned before Canadian investigations show that the clan used Aruba as a trampoline for cocaine to North America. In 1983 the Italian police summarized their investigations in the Bono+159 report. The report identified Cuntrera and Caruana as the pivot of the well organized network moving heroin up to the U.S. and the money down. It was the first time the clan was thoroughly examined. In fact, the police had uncovered part of the supply line for the Pizza Connection. But, while the U.S. Pizza Connection trial resulted in the conviction of a significant segment of the network the authorities didn't find the real link between North-America and Sicily. That missing link was to be found in Venezuela, where the Cuntrera-Caruana clan had set up their headquarters at the start of the 1970s, buying hotels and founding a string of businesses in Caracas and Valencia.

Spain heroinimporter Victoriano Molina-Chacon
Throughout 1982 and the first part of 1983, Sheila Silvetti and Francis DiTommaso assumed active roles in the illegal laundering and international smuggling of the illicit drug profits.

Italy heroinimporter Gaetano Guiffrida
Upon Guiffrida's return to Italy, Italian authorities installed wiretaps on his home and office phones. From early November 1982 through January 1983, authorities intercepted numerous conversations between Guiffrida and Molina-Chacon. Their discussions touched upon a wide variety of business matters ranging from details of particular money-laundering schemes to potential problems created by Turano's arrest. During one conversation, Molina-Chacon emphasized that whenever he was in Spain he relied upon Rudolfo Risatti in New York to keep him informed about the progress of the money laundering activities. Another discussion focussed on Anthony Castelbuono, Sheila Silvetti's paramour and a principal player in the various money laundering and smuggling operations. Because Castelbuono had squandered more than $1,000,000 in drug profits while gambling during a laundering trip to Atlantic City, Molina-Chacon and Guiffrida contemplated whether Castelbuono should be killed.

Spain heroinimporter Victoriano Molina-Chacon
In January 1983 Molina-Chacon and Guiffrida discussed a shipment of shoes which was being prepared to be sent from Italy to Mintor Shoes, the New York outlet owned by Molina-Chacon. Later that month, Molina-Chacon personally travelled to Florence, Italy, to inspect the shipment. Just before the cargo was scheduled to leave Italy, he returned to the United States. The next day, Italian authorities seized the 160 carton shoe shipment and made several arrests. A thorough search of the goods disclosed a half-kilogram of pure heroin stashed in the middle shoe box in each of the 160 cartons. The total haul, 80 kilograms of pure heroin, was estimated as having a street value in New York of more than $131,000,000. When news of the seizure and arrests reached Molina-Chacon in New York, he fled to Spain with his family, leaving Risatti in charge of the shoe business.the swiss men George Kastl, Werner Denz, Paul Waridel and the turkish Yasar Musullulu. This group had in the years 1982-1983 contacted Mussullulu for the payment of morphine base, beyond 17 million dollars. In 1982 the judges of Florence also investigated an other group: Gaetano Giuffrida, Tommaso Spadaro, George Kastl, Delfino Colmegna, had been credited with sums beyond 28 million dollars in favor of Balmex (of Patrick Laurent) through the Morgan Guaranty Trust of New York, and approximately 5 million dollars in favor of Algrado (of Werner Denz). It had been assessed, moreover, that Werner Denz, with his brother Martin Denz, using one of their offices in Greece, supplied logistic attendance to use ships time in time to transport the cigarettes or narcotics. these inquiries centralized on these named Swiss personages and their companies.

Kalsa boss Tommaso Spadaro
Palermo borough Kalsa with Spadaro Boccafusca cosca led by Tommaso Spadaro and Boccafusca. 23 January 1983 police find in Firenze 80 kgs of heroin from Tommaso Spadaro which was to be send to the family Gambino in New York (connected to this were moneylaunderer Michael Haenggi and the socalled Spain Peseta connection?). In june 1984, a Florence court sentenced George Kastl to 26 years in prison for trafficking 82 kilograms of heroin.

Trapani judge Ciaccio Montalto killed
25 Januari 1983 judge Giacomo Ciaccio Montalto (38) was shot to death in Trapani by Natale Evola, Calogero Di Maria, Ambrogio Farina and his son Salvatore at the orders of the brothers Salvatore, Calogero and Antonino "Toto" Minore. After the murder they go back to the US where they came from.

Carmine Galante godson and assassin DiMaria killed
Soon judge Montalto killer Calogero DiMaria (godson of the killed Bonanno capo Carmine Galante) was shot to death by 2 killers in his pizzeria. Montalto and judge Palermo had been closing in on Alberti`s lab.

Philadelphia boss Scarfo enemy Harry Riccobene imprisoned
In januari 1983 Harry Riccobene got convicted to 9 years and disappears into prison and the war wanes of. Harry got convicted thanks to Mario Riccobene who also put Martorano and Daidone behind bars for the murder of McCullough. But one day Scarfo phones his nephew Leonetti and tells him to wipe out the Riccobene's. 27 Januari 1983 Robert Hornickel was killed at the orders of his partner Chickie Ciancaglini by Ronald DiCaprio and Joe Rico. Capo Joseph "Chickie" Ciancaglini had as sons John, Michael and Joseph. In 1983 died Ralph DiNatale a friend of his is Sam Siligato. In april 1983 Pasquale Spirito was ordered by his capo Joseph Ciancaglini to kill Sonny Riccobene. He hesitates to long and when Scarfo also hears that Spirito was skimming money from Scarfo's part he was ordered to be killed. 29 April 1983 Spirito was shot to death by his best friend Ronald DiCaprio in his car.

heroingangleader Angelo Ruggiero taped
26 Januari 1983 police tap a conversation between Colombo acting boss Langella and his man Donnie "Shacks" Montemarano and Angelo Ruggiero. Langella is angry because a Colombo man had wanted to extort 50000 dollars from somebody who went to the Lucchese boss Corallo and during a Commission meeting Corallo was supported by Castellano and the Colombo family only got 25000 dollars. Langella says that Castellano will murder his man Gotti when Gotti doesn't beat him to it, Langella says he wouldn't care about Castellano's death.

John Gotti jr
2 march 1983 was Danny Silva fatally stabbed at the Silver Fox Bar in Ozone Park by John Gotti jr bodyguard Mark Caputo. Mark Caputo and John Gotti jr then left the bar testified Silva’s friend Vinny Cennamo. Immediately after the stabbing John Gotti jr went to the house of Angelo Ruggiero. The same year Silva’s friend Vinny Cennamo committed suicide by hanging but it is suspected that he had been killed after John Gotti jr said he had been told by Ruggiero that Ruggiero, Wilford “Willie Boy”Johnson and Joseph Watts had killed Cennamo.

Staten Island, Toddt Hill resident Gambino boss Castellano
In march 1983 the FBI install a mike in Castellano’s house in Todt Hill under the eyes of Bilotti who was fooled.

6 May 1983 Paul Castellano meets capo Thomas Gambino and capo Corrao in Paul’s house at Staten Island, Toddt Hill.

Colombo soldier Anthony Augello suicide
9 May 1983 commits the Colombo soldier Anthony Augello (59) suicide, he had been arrested with Alphonse Persico (29), the son of the boss Carmine, for herointrading and that was Augello's wrongdoing decided his bosses.

Colombo soldier Carrozza (Franzese crew) killed
20 May 1983 Colombo soldier Champagne Larry Carrozza was shot to death.

Colombo underboss Langella
In may 1983 flees Frank Ancona to agent Denis Maduro. Ancona is married with the daughter of Gambino capo Joseph "Joe Butch" Corrao but came in debt to Colombo underboss Langella.

Murdercase Peter Anthony "pipi" Campisi
In july 1983 Anthony's son Peter Anthony "pipi" Campisi (38) decomposed body was found in Manhattan. His body was found in the trunk of a car in manhatten with $20 bills scattered over it.

Lucchese boss Corallo driver Avellino bugged
In the second half of 1983 police install a mike in the car of Avellino the driver for the Lucchese boss Corallo.

Carneglia crew member and witness Peter “Bud”Zucarro said Charles Carneglia was an important killer for Gotti. Carneglia had been the best man at Zucarro’s wedding. Zucarro also said that Carneglia had told him how he had “wiggled”his knife after plunging the short blade into Bonanno capo Sabella soldier Joseph Puma (died 1985)’s son Salvatore “worm” Puma’s (18) chest 29 july 1983. Zucarro also said that Carneglia joked about the girth of gangster Louis DiBono after shooting him in the head in the World Trade Center garage in 1990. Carneglia was the one who shot and killed armored truck guard jose Rivera (47) who was gunned down while delivering money to kennedy airport 14 december 1990 the two gunman flee with 65000 dollars..

Vincent Rossetti a scam artist for the Bonanno family also told about the murder of Salvatore Puma (a car thief and drugdealer) who was suspected of stealing Gambino money earmarked for 2 imprioned associates.

Bonanno capo Napolitano's body found
12 August 1983 the decaying body of Bonanno capo Napolitano was found, he had been shot death after which they had cut of his hands.

Angelo Ruggiero arrested
In august 1983 the FBI arrests Angelo Ruggiero, Gene Gotti, John Carneglia, Edward Lino, Anthony Moscatiello, Mark Reiter, lawyer Michael Coiro, Anthony and Caesar Gurino. 4 Men under whom Bonanno capo Gerlando Sciasca, Cestaro and Greco are still at large.

New York, Farina family
In the summer of 1983 Ambrogio Farina was arrested with 5 kgs of heroin in New York. Farina was then with his son Salvatore extradited to Italy to stand trial for murder.

Santo Giordano dies
In the summer of 1983 exploded the plane of Santo Giordano with him and his co pilot in the air.

Michael “mikey cigars”Coppola
In 1983 told Michael “mikey cigars”Coppola in a Newark bar to Lucchese soldier Thomas Ricciardi and Lucchese soldier Michael Taccetta that he had killed in 1977 “Johnny Coke’s “ Lardieri.

New Jersey based Bonanno capo Joseph “Bayonne Joe”Zicarelli
Following the death of New Jersey based Bonanno capo Joseph “Bayonne Joe”Zicarelli 25 august 1983 in Florida he was replaced as New Jersey bonanno capo by Gabriel Infanti from Bloomsfield (NJ).
New Jersey based Bonanno capo Gabriel Infanti

Genovese boss “fat” Tony Salerno
Mid 1982 Maishe and Ang Lonardo meet in New York Salerno.

boss "fat"Tony Salerno taped
In september 1983 police get permission to put a mike in the house of fat Tony Salerno and also in the Palma Boy Social Club where Salerno hangs around a lot.

In October 1982 undercover agent Daniel Costa met heroindealer Charles Salemi and bought several portions from him. Undercover Daniel Costa eventually purchase heroin from Salemi’s source the dealer Sal Bartolotta and also met Filippo Ragusa the leader of the heroin ring.

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15 September 1983 were 18 kilos of heroin found in tile crates headed for Andrea Aiello's warehouse in Niagara Falls, the feds replaced the heroin and let him ship it to Filippo Ragusa, a soldier from Rochester. Lorenzo Scaduto arranged with savatore Bartolotta to have Pietro Graffeo and Domenico LoGalbo to fly to Buffalo. Police then busted the operation and seized in total 24 kilos of heroin (including the first 18 kilos) and arrested Filippo Ragusa and Mannino`s man Paola La Porta in Buffalo and Aiello was replaced as Buffalo's drug importer by Todaro's associate John Anticoli. His main men were Sam Amoia jr and Carmen Gallo, they sold the drugs to dealers from the west and the east side who sold it to the hispanics and the blacks. Gallo was killed by Dwayne Miles and Jeff Culbreath from the Winslow Avenue Gang from the west side. Gallo's stepfather was Frank BiFulco. Filippo Ragusa’s daughter Francesca Ragusa got 5 years, her husband Salvatore Bartolotta 15 years and Filippo Ragusa’s son in law Lorenzo scaduto also got 15 years.

Philadelphia murdercase Riccobene soldier Sal Tamburrino
3 november 1983 Riccobene soldier Salvatore Tamburrino was killed by Phil Narducci and Nick Milano. In november 1983 Ronald DiCaprio marries his girlfriend April Woltemates so she couldn't testify against him but when the FBI starts to talk to her he wants to kill her and she becomes a witness and DiCapio got 20 years. 6 December 1983 Robert Riccobene a halfbrother of Harry was shot to death. 10 december 1983 the Riccobene's hit back when they ambush Sal Testa, nobody got wounded in the fierce firefight. Several days long Scarfo's men were cruising around Enrico Riccobene (27) (the nephew of Harry and Robert and owner of a jewellersstore in Philadelphia) his shop, scaring him. 14 December 1983 Enrico sends his sister home early and commits suicide. Several minutes before his suicide police arrested in front of his store in a Cadillac Sal Testa, Lawrence Merlino and Philip Leonetti.

New Jersey murdercase Salvatore “Toto” Sollena (34)
The Gambino brothers were allowed by Riina to conduct their heroinebusiness but they have to pay him now and had to kill every one of Riina’s enemies that escapes to the US. 10 November 1983 disappear in New Jersey the brothers Sollena, the murdered Salvatore Sollena get found in New Jersey the same day in the trunk of a car.

Paul Volpe killed
14 November 1983 Paul Volpe gets killed. Volpe was partners with the Bonanno family in a casino in Haiti. Paul Volpe associated with Bonanno member Vito DeFilippo (died in 1989). Vito's son in law is Billy Gonzales.

Undercover agent Pistone
15 November 1983 Ruggiero, Nicky Santora, John Cerasoni, Anthony Rabito and Antonio “Bootsie” Tomasulo were convicted thanks to agent Pistone.

New Jersey murdercase Matteo Sollena (37)
19 november 1983 his brother Matteo also get found in the trunk of a car, they are nephews of Gaetano Badalamenti. They are killed by Lawrence Merlino a killer of Philadelphia boss Scarfo who did this for the Cherry Hill Gambinos, the Gambino brothers did it to please Salvatore Riina the boss of the Corleonesi who would spare their family when the Gambinos execute all the sicilian war refugees in the US.

Salvatore "Saca" Catalano killed
Salvatore "Saca" Catalano (50) gets 29 novembre 1983 shot and killed in his car, while driving his car through Glendale, Queens, by someone who was apparently in the car with him, probably at the command of his cousin Sal the Baker Catalano and his underboss Ganci, he was using heroin and became untrustworthy because of that. His killer was allegedly, Cesare Bonventre.

Gaetano Mazzara
Gaetano Mazzara speaks 2 decembre 1983 in Palermo with Filippo Nania the underboss of Antonino Geraci.

Palma Boy Social Club, headquarter of Tony salerno
In december 1983 police install a mike in the Palma Boy Social Club.

Double murdercase Joseph Gerald Chilli and Thomas Sbano
15 Januari 1984 were the bodies of Joseph Gerald Chilli (30 of 38 Monroe street and the son of Bonanno soldier Gerald Chilli) and Thomas “Tommy”Ruggiero Sbano (38 from 30 Monroe Street and the son of Brasco’s goombah and Bonanno soldier Benjamin “Lefty”ruggiero) found in the front seat of their rented Lincoln Continental in an apartment house garage in Lower Manhattan with the motor still running. Possibly the murders were about drugs. Anthony O`Connor was hit with 5 bullets 23 january 1984 in an upper east side bar but survived. 5 years later Gerald Chilli, his brother the Bonnano capo Joseph Chilli and the last his son Joseph Jr were indicted for the disappearing of Anthony Boventura and the attack at Anthony O`Connor who was hit with 5 bullets but survived. They were suspected of committing the murders of Joseph Gerald Chilli and Thomas Sbano. Anthony O’Connor (45) was arrested for the murder of of duty paramedic eric Gonzalez (30) during a fight in the Summerside bar “Easy Street bar”in Queens 22 february 2004.

Philadephia boss Scarfo gets free
20 Januari 1984 Sal Testa, Lawrence Merlino and Philip Leonetti go to the airport to welcome Scarfo who was set free.

Bonanno boss Rastelli
31 januari 1984 police tapes a conversation in the Palma Club between Salerno, Lucchese underboss Salvatore Santoro ” Tom Mix” and Lucchese consiglieri Christie Furnari. A day earlier Furnari had spoken with colombo boss Langella. They decide that Rastelli is allowed to become the boss of the bonanno family but he won’t get a seat on the commission because the bonannos are deep in drugs. Joseph Massino is the acting boss.

Badalamenti family
In januari 1984 Antonio Badalamenti gets killed in Argentina and Agostino badalamenti the brother of Natale gets 20 februari chopped up alive in Hamburg, Germany, by Antonino Ventimiglia.

Lucchese capo Paul Vario soldier Charles Errigo ‘Charlie the jap killed
In february 1984 was Charles V. "Charlie the jap" Errigo (54) (his parents came from Castellammare) arrested for drugs and was killed in august 1985 in Manhattan before his trial begins. Charles V. "Charlie the jap" Errigo had had dealins with Lufthansa robbers Burke and Hill.

Long Island Teamster local 282 president John Cody
John Cody was Teamster local 282 president from 1976 to 1984 when he was convicted for his illegal 2 million dollar loan to Chicago mobsters, he was replaced by Robert Sasso.
Long Island Teamster local 282 president Robert Sasso

In march 1984 the FBI indicted mayor Matthews for extortion with Frank Lentino.

boss Castellano and his capo Gaggi indicted
In march 1984 there is a Rico count against Paul Castellano and 21 others, the case handles the organized carthefts of the DeMeo crew. Star witness is Vito Arena the leader of one of the cartheftcrews. DeMeo had been the leader of a carthief gang that stole on orders helped by 3 police officers who used the police computer to find the cars wanted and gave the thiefs the addresses. Through the years the gang murdered 30 people. Castellano, Gaggi and DeMeo (posthuum) get connected to the murders thanks to the Rico act.

boss Castellano
In 1984 tried Paul Castellano to get the Genovese to go with him on the purchase of a cement factory and he send gambino soldier Funzi Mosca to see Salerno, Salerno told mosca that the new boss was gigante, this was about 6 months before Salerno was arrested in the Commission case.

Genovese boss Salerno
16 March 1984 union boss Carmine D`Angelo meets the boss Tony Salerno and Vincent Cafaro.

Genovese boss Salerno
Also meet that year 1984 Maishe and Salerno at the lawyer's Roy Cohn office.

Gaetano Badalamenti arrested
Swiss police arrest 5 april 1984 in Zurich Vincenzo Randazzo a nephew of Gaetano Badalamenti and 8 april in Madrid Gaetano Badalamenti, his son Vito and his nephew Pietro Alfano get arrested. The next day police in the US arrests Salvatore "Sal" Catalano, Francesco Castronovo, Salvatore Mazzurco, Giuseppe Lamberti, his brother Salvatore, Giovanni Cangialosi, Salvatore Salamone. Salvatore Greco (brother of Bagheria boss Leonardo Greco ), Francesco Polizzi, Filippo Casamento, Lorenzo DeVardo and Gaetano Mazzara. Only Bonanno capo Cesare Bonventre and his nephew Baldassare Amato escape from their arrest.

Terrasini, Vito Palazzolo
Italian and US intelligence officers estimate that Palazzolo laundered more than $1,5-billion through offshore companies and fronts from 1979 until his arrest in Switzerland in 1984.Bonnano capo Cesare Bonventre killedIn 1984 Rastelli was released from prison and Massino ordered the murder of Cesare Bonventre. Bonventre was called to a meeting with Rastelli in Queens. Bonventre was picked up by Vitale and Louis Attanasio and driven to a garage, once inside Louis Attanasio shot Bonventre twice in the head. After Bonventre staggered out of the car, Attanasio killed him with 2 more shots. Bonventre’s corpse was handled by Gabriel Infanti who would make it disappear, still the body was found 16 april 1984. Bonventre gets found in New Jersey thanks to an unanimous letter. His legs in a barrel, head and body in an other barrel and his arms in a third barrel. In the note Cosmo Aiello was named as one of his killers but 5 weeks later Aiello gets murdered also. Not much later Amato turns himself in at the police while Randazzo, the Badalamentis and Alfano get extradited to the US. Louis "Ha Ha" Attanasio pleaded guilty to killing Cesare Bonventre.

Bonanno boss Rastelli capo Attanasio
In 1984 Louis “Haha” Attanasio became a Bonanno capo and in his crew were Ernest Casazza and Edward Barbaro.Spain heroinimporter Victoriano Molina-ChaconDuring 1984, in an effort to infiltrate the drug ring, undercover federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents, posing as drug dealers interested in obtaining large quantities of heroin, contacted Melania Lopez, the New York-based girlfriend of Molina-Chacon. Lopez eventually agreed to introduce the agents to Molina-Chacon. The agents travelled to Spain, met with Molina-Chacon and discussed the possibility of obtaining large amounts of heroin. In addition, they discussed helping Molina-Chacon to smuggle $20,000,000 in drug profits he claimed to have left behind in the United States. Molina-Chacon told the agents that his connections were Sicilian-based and that there were stockpiles of heroin and a heroin laboratory in the hills of Sicily. He boasted that, at the height of their operation, the organization was importing eighty kilos of pure heroin every fifteen days. Although he acknowledged that shipments ceased temporarily following the Italian drug bust, Molina-Chacon claimed that was the only eighty kilo shipment they had ever lost. For several months, DEA agents recorded their conversations with Molina-Chacon. At one point, Molina-Chacon attempted to solicit the agents' help to collect the $1,000,000 debt Castelbuono owed the drug organization. Various options were considered, including killing both Castelbuono and Silvetti or simply injuring Castelbuono to persuade him to repay the amount.

Genovese boss Salerno
9 May 1984 Salerno, Giuseppe Sabato and John Tronolone get taped when they speak about the Teamsters and who will become president of the Union.

Staten island commissionmeeting
15 May 1984 Bruce Mouw’s agents Joe O’Brien and Andy Kurins make photographs of a commissionmeeting at Staten island. First they photograph Salerno with his soldier Carmine Delacava when they leave the house, then Gerry Lang langella with his soldier Ralph Scopo, then Lucchese underboss Tom Mix Santoro with his capo Aniello Migliore and then Paul Castellano with Tom Bilotti and their capo Frank deCiccio.

Genovese boss Salerno
6 June 1984 Salerno complains to his capo and ILA international vice president Dougie Rago and capo Louis Rotondo that Presser is an informer.

Philadephia boss Scarfo orders murder of his topkiller Sal Testa
Scarfo now looks at Sal Testa as a concurrent because now everybody saw him as the upcoming man. Scarfo put a murderteam under Thomas DelGiorno after Testa and in it were Wayne and Joseph Grande, Nick Milano, Charles Iannece, Francis Iannarella and Nick Caramandi. Chuckie Merlino had the responsibility of the murder. They followed Testa for 5 months but didn't get an opportunity and threatened Testa's best friend Joseph Pungitore till he says he will help them set up Testa. He takes Testa with him to a meeting with the brothers Wayne and Joseph Grande who shot to death Testa. 14 September 1984 Testa's body was found as the 23th victim. Meanwhile capo Frank D'Alfonso started to work with the black gangs and was going for a drugmonopoly and also sold drugs in Scarfo's area without paying him of.

Colombo soldier Gregory Scarpa sr “The grimreaper”
Scarpa sr also killed in 24 September 1984 gangstermole Mary Bari (31 and she had been the parlamour of former Colombo boss Alphonse “Ally boy”Persico) in the Wimpy Boy Social Club in Brooklyn. Scarpa jr got the okay from their capo Anthony “Scappy”Scarpati who already told them they would burn in hell for it (because it is INFAMIA). Mazza recalled how Scarpa sr would brag and laugh as he described how mary Bari’s ear went flying across the room when he shot her in the head. also Carmine Sessa took part in the murder of Bari.

Alfredo Bono and Antonio Salamone arrested
24 Oktober 1984 Alfredo Bono gets arrested and the next day Antonio Salamone turns up in Italy and turns himself in.

“Zip” Rosario Gambino
Rosario Gambino gets convicted in the US in octobre 1984 for selling 80 pounds of heroin.

Cosmo “Gus”Aiello killed
In October 1984 Cosmo “Gus”Aiello (52) of Caldwell was found murdered in the parking lot of a Howard Johnson restaurant on Route 3 in Clifton.

Cosmo Aiello, who himself was murdered sometime in May 1984. But his death was also linked into two Philly mobsters, Paola LaPorte and Albert Ficalora, who it was rumored might have been behind the killing because of some dispute over a heroin deal gone sour.

Connecticut based Genovese soldier Cufari dies
Cufari died in 1984 and he was followed up by Frank Scibelli. In 1984 muscles patriarca man William Grasso in on the Genovese gamblingoperation in Connecticut.
Connecticut based Genovese soldier Frank Scibelli

North New Jersey’s Philadelphia capo Ralph "Blackie"Napoli degraded
In october 1984 was Pasquale “Patty” Martirano made capo and leads Philadelphia’s operations in North New Jersey when he follows up capo Ralph “Blackie” Napoli who was made soldier by Scarfo.
North New Jersey’s Philadelphia capo Pasquale "Patty"Martirano

Colombo boss Persico
In 1984 Frankos was brought to the MCC in Manhattan where he sits in the locker with Persico Jr the boss of the Colombo family.

Persico free
1 November 1984 the set free Carmine Persico hides in the house of his nephew Andrew Russo’s brother in law DeChristopher where he stays till 4 februari 1985.

Colombo family lawyer Martin Light convicted
In 1984 Colombo lawyer Martin Light was convicted to 15 years for heroindealing after he was caught with an sample of 2 grams in his pocket, he became a witness.

New Jersey based Genovese soldier Ruggiero Boiardo
In 1980 was New jersey based Genovese soldier Ruggiero Boiardo (89) indicted.

New Jersey based Genovese soldier Ruggiero Boiardo dies
In november 1984 dies New Jersey based Genovese soldier Ruggiero Boiardo. His operations in New Jersey are taken over by Andrew Gerardo.
New Jersey based Genovese soldier Andrew Gerardo

New Jersey mobster James "Jimmy Higgins" Palmieri dies
In febuary 1985 died Palmieri, his close friend till the end was Joe “the indian” Polverino who died 4 years later.

New Jersey Lucchese crew
Alonzo got into trouble with DeCavalcante man Corky Vastola and he talked to his nephew Jackie DiNorscio who talks with Michael Taccetta. Taccetta and Tommy Ricciardi meet then in Florida a man of Vastola. Also present were DiNorscio, Anthony Accetturo and his capo Frank “GooGoo” Suppa. 10 Februari 1985 Joseph Alonzo wounds his nephew Jackie Di Norscio.

Carmine Persico arrested for Commission trial
In februari 1985 Carmine Persico and Montemarano get arrested. Persico had just been at freedom for some months acting boss became Tony Scarpati?? The 2 were brought to Denis Maduro.

Commission arrests
Ralph Scopo was then arrested by John Joyce. Tom Mix santoro was arrested by John Kapp and Tom Sweeney. Agents Dave Binney, Pete Kelleher and 2 others arrested Salerno while Vincent “Fish” Cafaro protests and phones Salerno’s lawyer Roy Cohn but Salerno has to go. Then Andy Kurins and Joe o’Brien arrest Castellano. The commission trial was prosecuted by US Attorney Rudolph Giuliani.

Philadelphia boss Scarfo orders murder of Forlini
7 Februari 1985 Scarfo had his men kill the numbersboss Frank Forlini who was found dead in his pickup truck near a K mart.

boss Castellano wants to hear the Ruggiero tapes
In june 1985 Castellano (free on bail) and Bilotti arrive at Dellacroce and want the copies of the Ruggiero tapes.

Persico's son in law Steven Piazza killed
In june 1985 Persico's son in law steven Piazza was killed by Johnny Pate and Alan Quattrache. Piazza’s decomposed body was found in the trunk of his car outside Nathan’s in Coney Island. Pate later linked Alphonse Persico to the killing of his brother in law Steve Piazza.

Colombo family trial
In 1985 stood members of the Colombo family on trial for union manupilation. Under the arrested were the union bosses John J. DeRoss and Ralph Scopo and the boss Carmine Persico, his son Alphonse Persico, Hugh Macintosh, Frankie Falanga, Anthony Scarpati, Dominic Cataldo, Gennaro Langella and Andrew Russo. Russo’s brother in law DeChristopher testified against Russo, Carmine persico, Allie Boy Persico and Langella.

Philadelphia mobster Fresolone
12 July 1985 Fresolone starts to serve his sentence.

Philadelphia boss Scarfo orders murder of 9th street capo Frank D'Alfonso
D'Alfonso headed the 9th Street gang and Scarfo commanded the 11th street gang. 23 July 1985 D'Alfonso was shot to death when he was taking a walk by a team in which were Thomas DelGiorno, Phil Narducci, Frank Narducci and Joe Ligambi.

Philadelphia boss Scarfo orders attack at Steven Vento
Scarfo' s men also wound within several months drugdealer Steven Vento whose P2 (delivered by Raiton) was stolen by DelGiorno. Steve Vento had been accused and acquitted of the murder of Reginald Cullen (the brother in law of Mrs Bewley’s brother).

The Scarpa jr crew
The Scarpa jr crew first became involved in marijuana distribution in the summer of 1985 when they ousted the marijuana dealers Scotty Brennan and Peter Crupi. Scarpa crew murdered marijuana dealer Peter Crupi 2 august 1985 in Brooklyn. The Scarpa crew killed in October 1985 “big“ Anthony Frezza aka “Tony muscles”. 10 December 1985 marijuana dealer Albert Nacha (nocha??) was found shot to death on Staten island he had been killed by the Scarpa crew members Granato, Catanzaro, Mario Parlagreco and Decarlo. .

Castellano underboss Dellacroce dies
2 December 1985 dies Aniello Dellacroce the underboss of the Gambino family.
boss Castellano, underboss Bilotti, consiglieri Joe N Gallo

boss Paul Castellano
14 December 1985 Paul Castellano meets his capos James Failla and Frank DeCicco.

boss Paul Castellano and underboss Bilotti killed in front of Sparks Restaurant
16 December 1985 Castellano speaks first during a lunch in the Country Diner in Staten Island with New Jersey boss John Riggi and Jimmy Failla, then Castellano goes to his lawyer James La Rossa and speaks about his law case in the DeMeo Rico conspiracy. Castellano and Bilotti then went to their appointment in Sparks restaurant with Jimmy Brown Failla, Danny Marino, Tommy Gambino and Frank DeCicco. In front of Sparks Paul Castellano and his chauffeur Thomas Bilotti were shot to death by 4 men under whom Vinnie Artuso, Sally Scala and John Carneglia nearby stood Anthony Roach Rampino at guard (Gene Gotti, Eddie Lino and Bartholomew Boriello?). From a car watch John Gotti and Gravano the killings and nearby they had a second hitteam in which were Angie Ruggiero, Joe Watts and Dominick Pizzonia (or Iggy Alogna). Castellano loyal capos had been Joey Arcuri and Mike Mandaglio. The new boss became John Gotti, his underboss Frank DeCicco and as consiglieri he hold on Joe N. Gallo (he uses sometimes as chauffeur Frank Di Stefano). Recent infomation alleges that once Bilotti was killed his loanshark/gambling operations were taken over by Joe the German Watts, a Gotti member, who is now on trial for money laundering.
boss Gotti, underboss Frank DeCicco, consiglieri Joe N Gallo

Castellano dockboss and capo Scotto demoted
One of Gotti's first moves when becoming boss was demoting Scotto to soldier and replacing him with Sonny Ciccone as boss of the docks.
Gotti dockboss and capo Sonny Ciccone

The brothers Ignazio Antonio “Tony” Mannino and Emanuele Salvatore “Sal” Mannino
The conspiracy to import heroin from Sicily into the United States began around January 1985. Government witness Salvatore Allegra testified that between 1985 and March 1986, he personally placed a total of over thirty kilograms of heroin on thirteen couriers. He also testified that Simone Zito, Ignazio Antonio Mannino's partner, supplied that thirty plus kilograms of heroin. In order to import the heroin, the conspirators recruited individuals to fly from Sicily to the United States on commercial airline flights with the heroin strapped to their bodies. Each courier carried two or three kilograms at a time. Generally, more than one courier was on each flight. Often the same courier would then return to Sicily with hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay the Sicilian suppliers. Each courier was paid approximately $5,000.00. Filippo Ricupa testified that between early 1985 and late 1986 he personally sold eighty kilograms of heroin at a price of $195,000.00 per kilogram. This does not include the portion of Ricupa's eighty kilograms of heroin imported and distributed after Petitioners entered the conspiracy in 1986 (between early 1985 and the end of 1986 Ricupa, as part of the conspiracy, sold eighty kilograms) that could be attributed to Petitioners

boss John Gotti meets Philadelphia boss Scarfo
In januari 1986 Gotti has a meeting in New York with DeCicco, capo Angelo Ruggiero, Philadelphia`s boss Nicodemo Scarfo and Scarfo's underboss Philip Leonetti and they talk about the casinos in Atlantic City.

10 february 1986 kaplan had the mafiacops kidnap jewish diamond merchant Israel Greenwald who they took to the garage of Santora’s friend Peter Franzone where they shot and killed and buried him.

Gotti underboss Frank DeCicco orders murder of Augustus “Big Gus” Sclafani
DeCicco had his old enemy Augustus Sclafani murdered who had called him a "rat". Augustus "Big Gus" Sclafani disappeared around March 1, 1986. He was related to Joseph Corrao. His mother in law was Millie Russo who worked for the District Court in Manhatten. She was caught passing on information to Gus and up to Joe Corrao who got indicted for it. Joseph Sclafani is a soldier of deCavelcante capo John D’Amato.

In march 1986 Salvatore and his brother the capo Lawrence Merlino were put back in rank.

boss Gotti
31 March 1986 Gotti is with Borriello, Corrao, Zappi, Failla and Dapolito in Florida when 7 april starts a trial against John Gotti, Armond Dellacroce. Gambino capo Joseph Corrao owns Cafe Biondo in Mulberry street.

Gambino associate and killer James Hydell
James Hydell was a suspect in the murder of his girlfriend Annette Dibiase from Bensonhurst who disappeared in april 1986 and her body was found in february 1987.

Gotti underboss Frank DeCicco killed
13 April 1986 Teamsterboss Frank DeCicco was blown up in his car in front of the club of capo Failla, his friend the Lucchese soldier Frank Bellino a boss in the construction union got severely wounded. The ambush was done at the orders of Gigante and Lucchese boss Gas Pipe Casso. the brothers Vittorio and Robert Amuso watched while Genovese man and drugsdealer Herbert Pate put the bomb under DeCicco’s car. Vittorio Amuso is the underboss of Casso and they did it because they wanted to replace Gotti and DeCicco by Gotti’s capo Jimmy Brown and his man Danny Marino. DeCicco was now replaced by Joseph Armone.
boss Gotti, underboss Joseph Armone, consiglieri Joe N Gallo

Gotti and unionboss John O'Conner
At the funeral of DeCicco had also been the Westies Jimmy Coonan and Jimmy McElroy, when their capo Danny Marino tells them that Gotti wanted him to punish union boss John O`Conner they offer their help.

Gotti and unionboss John O'Conner
7 May 1986 O`Conner was severely wounded when the Westies men Kevin Kelly and Kenny Shannon shoot him down.

boss Gotti inducts Squitieri
In 1986 Gotti inducted Squitieri into the family.

boss Rastelli sentenced
In 1986 Rastelli got a heavy sentence and Joseph Massino becomes acting boss.
acting boss Joseph Massino

boss Gotti
26 May 1986 Gotti is imprisoned for 10 months.

NY senator D'Amato
Geraldine Ferraro lost the senatorelections when the police said that her husband had met Gambino capo Robert Di Bernardo, possibly it was a lie to criple her election in favour of D’Amato.

Gotti orders murder of his capo Robert di Bernardo
5 June 1986 disappears the capo Robert di Bernardo who ruled part of New Jersey and the pornographytrade. Gotti had Ruggiero arrange the murder because Di Bernardo was getting to close with the Genovese family and he suspected them of trying to take over New Jersey. Paruta shot him in attendance of his boss Gravano and his brother in law Eddie, also Tommy Carbonaro connected.

Colombo boss Victor Orena
12 June 1986 the Colombo bosses got heavy sentences and the next day dies Falanga. Persico was followed up by Victor Orena.

Florida’s Gotti capo Ettore Zappi “Tony Russo” (82) dies
The Gambino operations in Florida were led for years by Ettore Zappi and when he dies in july 1986 he was followed up by Joseph Paterno. Paterno had 3 made men in his crew Tony Carminati (deceased), Joseph Coviello (deceased) and James "jimmy Higgins" Palmieri (deceased).
Florida’s Gotti capo Paterno

Greg Scarpa sr’s brother Salvatore Scarpa
In September 1986 was Salvatore Scarpa charged with cocaine possession.

Lucchese capo?? Anthony “Gaspipe” Casso wounded
Gotti friend Ruggiero then orders Michael Paradiso (of Dibi murder and 1978 murder) to murder Anthony “Gaspipe” Casso. Paradiso told Daniel Marino’s nephew James Hydell that he had to avenge DeCicco by killing Casso an enemy of Ruggiero. Paradiso orders James Hydell, Robert Bering and Nicholas Guido who shoot down 14 september 1986 Casso in his parked car in the Flatlands section of Brooklyn but he survives. Police found then in Casso’s car confidential police lists of the license plate numbers of unmarked cars used for surveillance by department investigators.

20 march 1986 were indicted Vincent DiNapoli, Louis DiNapoli, Nicholas Auletta, Edward Halloran, Aniello Migliore and Alvin O Chattin.
In november 1986 were charged Anthony Salerno, Milton Rockman, John "Peanuts" Tronolone and Vincent Cafaro with arranging the election of Teamster president jackie Presser.
4 may 1988 were convicted for racketeering Anthony Salerno (77), Mathhew “Matty the horse”Ianniello, brothers Vincent and Louis DiNapoli, Lucchese member Aniello Migliore, businessman Edward “Biff”Halloran, his executive Alvin Chattin, Nicholas Auletta of S& A Concrete Company and Marathon Enterprises food company official Richard Costa. Acquitted were John Tronolone and Milton rockman

Teamster Local 707 member Bruno Bauer killed
In 1986 Teamster Local 707 member Bruno Bauer was killed at Long island by the Colombo family. Police questioned Colombo member Grancio.

James Hydell killed
Several weeks after the ambush at Casso, the New York cops Eppolito and Caraccappa kidnap Hydell in october 1986 at the orders of Anthony Casso who suspected him of the ambush at his life. Casso had Hydell tortured and interrogated in presence of the Gambino capos James Failla and Joseph Corrao who tell Gambino underboss Armone the story and Hydell was tortured to death. One of the names Hydell gave up was that of Nicholas guido (born 29 janaury 1957) and Casso wanted the mafiacops track the address but he found their price to high and Casso found himself the address and killed Christmas day 25 December 1986 unfortunately the wrong Nicholas “Nick” Guido (born 2 February 1960) in his car.

Lucchese acting boss Anthony “Buddy”Luongo
Bronx faction leader Anthony “Buddy”Luongo was named acting boss for Corallo soon after the verdicts of the commission case were rendered in late 1986. But in December 1986 Bronx faction leader Anthony “Buddy”Luongo , was invited by Brooklyn faction leaders Vic Amuso and Tony Casso for a sitdown. Luongo’s own driver and bodyguard Amuso left Luongo in the kitchen and went into the bedroom retrieved a gun that Casso had placed under a pillow and Amuso came back to the kitchen and shot luongo 3 times in the face, the body disappeared.

Brooklyn faction leader Vittorio “Vic”Amuso and consigliere Chris Furnari convinced Tony Corallo to make Furnari’s protégés Vic Amuso and Tony Casso the new bosses in early 1987. Former Bronx faction leader and underboss Tom Santoro adviced against it.

After the murder of Anthony “Buddy”Luongo in 1986, DiLapi had been ordered to report ???

East harlem Bronx faction members Steven Crea, Matthew Madonna and Joseph DiNapoli and Aniello “Neil”Migliore

Philadelphia's Junior Black Mafia founded
Junior Black Mafia founded in 1986 in Philadelphia. JBM death toll was 25 during the late 1980s, authorities said. Samuel Richard Christian played a role in both organizations, authorities said.

Philadelphia ???????? New Jersey???
In june 1986 Anthony Attanasio was made with Joseph Licata, Joey Pungitore and 3 others. In 1986 the soldier Dominick “Tommy Adams” Di Norscio (75) was set free, his son Jackie is a member of the Lucchese family.

Pittsburgh inductions
Porter and Ciancutti became members in 1986.

Pittsburgh Philadelphia meeting
In september 1986 there was a meeting between Philadelphia mobsters Nicodemo Scarfo, Scarfo jr and Phil Leonetti with Pittsburgh underboss Charles Porter and John Sica.

3 November 1986 DelGiorno, Scarfo, Philip Leonetti, Grande, Joey Pungitore, Gino Milano, Joe Ciancaglini, Iannece, the Merlino brothers and Faffy Iannarella get arrested and 9 november delGiorno becomes a witness. Scarfo paid bail and was set free.

Frank Hydell and murder of Joseph Trinetto
In 1987 kills Frank Hydell (the brother of James) then Joseph Trinetto. Former cop Richard bering hired Hydell to kill Trinetto, his girlfriend’s husband.

The Scarpa jr crew
The Scarpa crew killed in December 1986 Michael yodice and Jose Lopez.

Greg Scarpa sr’s brother Salvatore Scarpa killed
14 Januari 1987 Salvatore Scarpa (57) the brother of Greg Scarpa sr was shot to death, he is a victim of the cokewar which was started by Greg Scarpa jr the son of sr with other gangs. His widow is the daughter of Chilli.

New York commission members get practically life
13 Januari 1987 the Commission members get each 100 years and a fine of 500000 dollars while Indelicato got 40 years and a fine of 100000 dollars. The trial started 2 years earlier after an indictment for extorting building in New York and ordering the murders of Galante and his friends. On trial stood the boss Carmine Persico, his underboss Gennaro Langella, their capo Ralph Scopo (president of the New York concreteworkers union), the boss Tony Salerno, Christopher Furnari the consiglieri of the Lucchese family, the boss Anthony Corallo of the Lucchese family, his underboss Salvatore Santoro and the already killed Castellano. Also Galante's killer Anthony Indelicato stood trial with them to connect the bosses to the murder of Galante. Salerno was already followed up by Vincent Gigante, Gigante had as consiglieri Louis Manna, Corallo had been followed up by Alfonse D'Arco

Mason Tenders District Council Local 23 in New York
In 1986 was Louis Giardina indicted with Giacomo Giordano and convicted. Joseph Giardina replaced his father as Business Manager in mid 1987. Lawrence Giardina then followed up his brother as Local 23 president. In 1987 was Joseph delmonico's son Joseph jr killed by the Colombo family. In 1987 Joseph Delmonico was elected Local 23 Business Organizer, he is an associate of the gambino family. He appointed John Gotti's brother Vincent Gotti and his nephew Peter gotti and also Gravano's nephew Jerry Garafola and Giacomo Giordano the son of Jack Giordano.

In april 1999 were Joseph M Giardina and Lawrence P Giardina (their father is Louis Giardina and he is a member of the Gambino family) barred for life from Mason Tenders District Council Local 23 in New York.

13 March 1987 John Gotti and his men were spoken free from a Rico charge.

Gotti’s killer Watts
Gotti's man Watts tortures to death 29 april 1987 the innocent William Ciccone which they suspected to be a Gigante-killer, his body was found in front of a store of the Gambino capo Joseph La Forte.

“Joe Waverly”Cacace’s topkillers the Carini brothers
Smith testified that Carmine Carini introduced his cousin Vincent Carini to Verdi kaja and Vincent started borrowing money from Kaja but refused to pay it back and Kaja said he would go to the police to turn in Vincent Carini. Frank Smith said his best friend Vincent Carini had told him that he had shot and killed Bay Ridge record store owner Verdi Kaja 18 november 1983 in a car stolen by Smith.

“Joe Waverly”Cacace’s topkillers the Carini brothers
“Joe Waverly”Cacace was also charged in the January 1987 slaying of corrupt former New York City cop Carlo Antonino who was discovered in a van in Brooklyn, he had been shot twice in the head by the brothers Vincent and Eddie carini.

“Joe Waverly”Cacace’s topkillers the Carini brothers
In February 1987 was Pasquale “paddy bulldog” Varriale killed and cop Louis Eppolito was accused he had said that Pasquale “paddy bulldog” Varriale was an informer. The brothers Vincent and Enrico Carini would have Varriale invited into a trap where they killed him. Eppolito’s nephew Santoro had Franzone lift Varriale’s wrapped body into the trunk of a car.

“Joe Waverly”Cacace’s topkillers the Carini brothers murder George Aronwald
20 March 1987 George Aronwald (78) was killed the brothers Enrico and Vincent Carini who were driven by Frank Smith. They had wanted to kill federal judge William Aronwald at the orders of Joel Cacace "Joe Waverly" and instead killed his father.

Genovese boss Gigante orders murder of Carini brothers
Gigante allegedly hired Savino to kill Enrico Carini but the contract was never carried out. Savino was part of a crew headed by Gerard Pappa and carried out 6 murders??

“Joe Waverly”Cacace’s topkillers the Carini brothers killed
12 june 1987 the brothers and Colombo soldiers Vincent ”Vinnie” Carini (23) and Enrico Carini (26) were each shot through the head in their cars by Pasquale Varriale’s halfbrother and Lucchese member Carmine Varriale and Bonanno associate Frank Santora (their mother Anna Carini later accuses Gravano during Gotti’s trial). According to informants the brothers had Pasquale Varriale invited into his death. Joel Cacace later married Enrico Carini's widow Kimberley “Kim” T. Kennaugh (38), but she later divorced him.

5 October 1979 three men commit a robbery and stab to death Rego Park (Queens) restaurant owner Guelfo Nelo Terzi. Colombo associate August Kennaugh was 3 february 1980 arrested and was sentenced that year to 25 years to life.

Enrico Carini's widow Kimberley “Kim” T. Kennaugh (her brother and Colombo associate August Kennaugh was convicted of the 5 october 1979 murder of Queens restaurant owner Guelfo Nelo Terzi) then married policeofficer Ralph C. Dols. policeofficer Ralph C. Dols and his wife Kimberley “Kim” T. Kennaugh were bodybuilders and Dols sold steroids to his colleguas.

policeofficer Ralph C. Dols (28) was shot and killed 25 august 1997 by the Colombo wiseguys “big”Dino calabro and “little”Dino saracino at the orders of Colombo capo joel “Joe waverly”Cacace.

Gambino borgata boss Gotti, underboss Joseph Armone, consiglieri Joe N Gallo?????
11 june 1987 the capos Joseph Corrao, James Failla and Angelo Ruggiero were spoken free from a Rico charge. Their co conspiritors , the underboss Joseph Armone and consigliere Joe N. Gallo were convicted thanks to witness George Yudzevich, a loanshark. Joe N. Gallo was replaced by Salvatore Gravano and Armone by Frank Locascio.
Gambino borgata boss Gotti, underboss Salvatore Gravano, consiglieri Frank Locascio?????

Gotti capo John Giordano
John Giordano was recruited into the Gambino family by his uncle the capo joseph Armone and took over armone’s crew in the late 80ties after Armone was convicted.

Gotti capo John Giordano crewmembers
Joseph Bruno, Nicholas DeLia, Bernard Rothman, Salvatore Salzano and Joseph Stentella.

Luppino family
When Giacomo Luppino died March 18, 1987, he had become old and senile as well as legendary.

Canadian William Obront indicted in Florida
William Obront was also indicted on june 9, 1987 with running a Wall Street-Bahamas Money-Laundering ring with Gambino crime family members that cleansed $3.3 million in drug money.

Pornographer Sturman
In 1987 Sturman buys eight stores from Paul Wisner of Los Angeles.

25 June 1987 Rampino get arrested when he sells by Reiter delivered heroin to an undercover-agent.

Gotti troubles with Gigante
In august 1987 police tape in Casella’s Restaurant and hear the Genovese capo Louis Manna, Martin “Anthony Motts”Casella (71 of Secaucus NJ and owner of Casella’s Restaurant at 615 First Street in Hoboken and he controlled portions of Hudson County which were once the domain of killed John DiGilio), former policeman Frank Daniello and top-killer Richard “Bocci”DeSciscio (42 of Bayonne, NY) when they talk about murdering Gotti at the orders of Gigante also they were plotting the murder of Irwin "Fat man" Schiff but because they only named him the “fat man” police couldn’t identify him and warn him . Police have to inform Gotti who orders his men to kill Gigante, Gigante is to good protected. Casella’s Restaurant was taped and also police taped the Village Coffee Shop restaurant in Jersey City. They were later also accused of the 1977 murder of Bok Chung “Frank Chin” (48) professional wiretapper.

Genovese murder Gambino associate Irwin "Fat man" Schiff
8 August 1987 was Gambino associate Irwin "Fat man" Schiff in upper East side Manhattan in Sergio Bravo Ristorante shot to death at his desert by Tony Rotolo (46) at the order of Louis "Bobby" Manna of the Genovese. Bobby Manna and others were later convicted of plotting his murder.

Genovese murder Local 891 head Daniel Conlin
The Genovese family was linked to the 12 august 1987 murder of Daniel F Conlin (65) the head of the New York City school Custodians Local 891 who was shot to death outside his home in Bay Ridge (Brooklyn) as he left for work. Conlin’s involvement with Bobby Manna, Rocco Napoli (business manager of LIUNA local 21 in Newark), Martin Casella, “Hazzi”and “Joe”led to his murder. Conlin had been killed by the hired men Carlo Delgado (19), Mark Hernandz (19), Juan Fontanez (20) and Tiro Santos (18) who did it for the middleman Felix Soldana (27) whose car they used and police tracked them and arrested them.

Genovese murder Felix Soldana
Felix Soldana (27) was found 21 august 1987 shot to death on a Chelsea Road in the Travis section of staten island.

Lucchese soldier Carmine Varriale killed
3 September 1987 Pasquale Varriale's halfbrother Carmine Varriale, a member of the Lucchese family, was shot to death with Bonanno associate Frank Santora (51) by Frank Smith jr, his father Frank sr and Frank's cousin Michael Cilone at the orders of Casso in front of the Big Apple Two Radio Company which is owned by a capo of the Bonanno family. He was supected of murdering the Carini brothers as revenge for the murder of Pasquale. Frank Smith sr died later in a construction site accident. Smith's uncle Tony Francesehi stands trial for the murder in 1978 of cop Ronald Stapleton. A lot of this was later told by Gioia.

3 september 1987 was maffiacop Eppolito’s nephew and Colombo associate Frank Santora killed when he was in the wrong place when Lucchese associate carmine Varriale was gunned down and killed. They were slain near a social club in bath beach frequented by Bonanno consiglieri Anthony Spero. At this point Kaplan was introduced to Eppolito directly

Greg Scarpa jr was a suspect in the murder of Colombo member joseph “Joe Brewster”De Domenico (44) who was found shot to death in a stolen car in Bensonhurst on 17 september 1987 and who was a suspect in the murder of Salvatore scarpa. In the murder participated Mario Parlagreco and William Meli. Greg Scarpa would have done another 5 murders to avenge his brother’s murder.

Scarpa crew also killed in September 1987 Ray Shapiro (perhaps same day??)

In October 1987 was Bonanno consiglieri Anthony Spero associate Joseph Tekulve (33) found shot to death in Gravesend.

Gravesend crewmember Pitera, Brooklyn
In september 1987 Pitera's wife Celeste Lipari takes an overdose and her man Pitera murders Phyllis Burdi a neighbour who gave the overdose, he says. Phyllis Burdi was taking drugs with her friend Frank Gangi when in came Pitera and killed her.

Murdercase Michael De Batt (Gravano crew)
In november 1987 Michael De Batt was shot to death in Gravano’s club Talia by Thomas Carbonaro and also connected were Edward “Eddie” Garafola and Louis Vallario.

witness Barclay Faranga
25 November 1987 thanks to witness Barclay Faranga police find the bodies of Richard Scarcella and Thomas “Shorty” Spero (killed by the murdered killer Jerry Pappa who had the bodies buried in the fabric of Pete Savino who became a witness).

Jimmy Burke's son Francis a.k.a Frank (26) murdered in Brooklyn
Mid may 1987 was Jimmy Burke's son Francis a.k.a Frank (26) murdered outside a bar in Brooklyn for this was Tito Ortiz charged, Frank Burke was an associate of John Gotti jr.

In januari 1988 Philip Leonetti was arrested.

John otto Heidel
- the Bulova Watch Company burglary in thanksgiving weekend 1986 done by Philip DeAngelo and Peter Spoto.
-Frank Spatafora said Heidel was an accomplice in the Atlantic Liberty Savings Bank burglary in janaury 1987.
-Under FBI supervision Frank Spatafora planned the burglary of Harkels Jewelry Manufacturing Company with heidel and Peter Spoto. Spatafora informed the FBI of the intended break in set for 16 august 1987 and Philip DeAngelo and Peter Spoto were apprehended while attempting to hide inside the building.
-Shortly after being arrested for the harkels burglary Heidel agreed to cooperate with the FBI and recorded a series of conversations.
-8 October 1987 was convicted forger and Colombo and Lucchese associate John otto Heidel (47 of 2151 East 70th street in the Bergen Beach section of Brooklyn) at least 8 times shot and killed on a Brooklyn street and became the 10th man to be killed ganglandstyle in the borough that year. Murdered at the orders of Carmine sessa

carpenters Union local 257 vice president Attilio Bitondo
Cafaro’s representative in the Carpenters union was Onofrio “Frankie zip”Acramone. Cafaro and Acramone worked with DiNapoli’s representatives Attilio Bitondo (vice president of carpenters Union local 257), Anthony Fiorino Gambino family representative Carmine Fiore. 13 october 1987 was Attilio Bitondo indicted.

116th Street crew Genovese capo Saverio Santora
Santora died in 1987 after which his crewmember Vincent Di Napoli took over???
116th Street crew Genovese capo Vincent Di Napoli

116th Street crew Genovese capo Vincent Di Napoli
Vincent Di Napoli crew members Louis Moscatiello and Benedetto Schepis.
116th Street crew Genovese capo Bellomo????

Colombo associate Vito Guzzo jr
In 1987 Colombo soldier and union official Vito Guzzo sr went on a huntingtrip with Vincent “three fingers”Ricciardo and was killed and his body was made disappeared. Colombo associate Dennis Guzzardo then took Vito Guzzo jr under his wings.

New Jersey based Bonanno capo Gabriel Infanti
16 december 1985 Gabriel Infanti met Decavalcante boss John Riggi. 22 december 1987 Gabriel Infanti disappeared and was presumed killed and he was replaced by James Tartaglione.
New Jersey based Bonanno capo James Tartaglione

Genovese informer Peter Savino
In november 1987 Genovese member Peter Savino starts to tape talks with the Genovese bosses for the FBI. The Genovese family ruled the San Gennaro festival via her capo Jimmy Ida in Mulberry Street in Little Italy.

Gotti troubles with Gigante
In 1988 Gotti and Gigante met to talk over their difficulties.

Ralph Scopo dies
In 1988 dies Ralph Scopo in prison.

Genovese mobster Michael Sciarra
In 1988 the government blocked Genovese mobster Michael Sciarra (his brother is Daniel Sciarra).

Florida’s Gotti capo Joseph Paterno dies
Joseph Paterno dies 16 march 1988 in florida and was followed up as head of the gambino operations in Florida by Natale Richichi who had for him working Joe “Rivers” Silesi, Joe Covello and Dave Iacovetti. Joseph Paterno died in Florida in the late 80ties and Gotti gave his crew partly to the now deceased Tony Carminati and partly to Bobby Bisaccia and Mike Midaglia. Nick Mitatronda got straightened and got some of the men.
Florida’s Gotti capo Natale Richichi

New Jersey based Genovese soldier Provenzano
23 April 1988 Salvatore Sinno (61) shot and killed Louis Santos (52) in East Village

Persico supporter Carmine Sessa
In 1988 licensed locksmith Dominick Costa gets wounded when Carmine Sessa of the Colombo family shot him down and Michael Bloome was accidently convicted and imprisoned for the ambush with Fusco.

Persico supporter Carmine Sessa
Carmine Sessa also admitted the murder of Anthony Bolino (24). In may 1988 was Bolino shot once in the head and killed on a Bay Ridge streetcorner. Bolino’s first cousin had been gunned down just a few doors away from the murder of Bolino just three weeks earlier.

Giuseppe Cuffaro
In June 1988 30 kilos of heroin were seized in a shipment of jade rocks from Thailand in a factory near Windsor at the U.S.-Canadian border. The factory was owned by Cuffaro's brother-in-law, John Laudicina. Consignements from the same shipping-agent in Thailand had previously been seized earlier in Chicago, New York and in the Netherlands, but no one knew who had organized them. In the factory more hollowed out jade rocks indicated it wasn't the first load.

Montreal, Frank Cotroni convicted
In 1988 were Frank Cotroni sr and Jr convicted for the murder of Montegano.

Hamilton, Anthony Musitano
Anthony Musitano so upset people that in 1988 the police chief and a unanimous vote by city councillors requested that the National Parole Board deny him early release. He eventually was granted full parole in 1990. His 15-year sentence he didn't fully end.

Greg Scarpa Jr arrested
23 august 1988 Greg Scarpa Jr gets arrested after been sought for a long period for dealing in large quantities of coke and then he had even started a war to enlarge his tradearea.

Colombo consiglieri Vincent "Jimmy" Angellino (Angelino?) killed
18 November 1988 Colombo consiglieri Vincent "Jimmy" Angellino gets killed at the home of Ray Cagno's brother Rocco Cagno at the orders of Carmine Sessa who became consiglieri. He had been lured to the place by Dennis DeLucia and Joseph “Joe Legs”Legrano. The murder cleared the way for Vic Orena to take the family over.
Colombo consiglieri Carmine Sessa

Genovese man Anthony "Tony Pro" Provenzano dies in prison
12 december 1988 dies Anthony Provenzano (71) in prison of a heart attack

Florida based Lucchese capo laratro dies
11 March 1989 dies Joseph "Joey Narrow" Laratro, the Lucchese capo in Florida, at his funeral were from Chicago the boss Sam Carlisi, James Marcello, underboss Infelice, capo Cortina and Salvatore DeLaurentis.

Gambino capo Corrao
In july 1989 Corrao (he uses often as his chauffeur George Helbig) got 2 years.

Colombo capo Cataldo associate Alphonse "funzi" Tarricone free
In 1981 disappears Alphonse "funzi" Tarricone into prison and came free in 1984.

Jack Ferranti
In 1985 Jack Ferranti shot his man Patrick Donnelly who survived.

Jack Ferranti
Jack and Mario Ferranti torched one of their buildings and in the fire died NY firefighter Thomas A Williams.

Jack Ferranti
Mario Ferranti shot 14 june 1989 tenants rights activist Bruce Bailey (54) and dismembered the body at his brothers order.

Jack Ferranti
When Jack Ferranti fell behind in his mortgage payments and mr Cohen wanted his money, mr Cohen was the next day shot in the neck and sold the mortgages back to Jack Ferranti at a huge loss.

Florida based Russians
Ludwig Fainberg moved from Brooklyn to Florida in 1989 and ran there the stripclub Porky's and restaurant Babushka, he is the leader of the russians in florida.

Porno tycoon Reuben Sturman
In 1989 Sturman's longtime accountant Chuck Higgins confesses the FBI that Sturman still worked with the Gambino family.

Los Angeles (California) murdercase Theodore "Teddy" Snyder
August 19, 1989 veteran pornographer Theodore Snyder found shot to death at Blackhawk St., and Wilbur Ave., in Woodland Hills. Suspects Sharon Snyder, Victor Diaz, Marty Tacetta & Joseph Abinanti.

San Quentin State Prison (California), Black Guerilla Family leader Charles “Doc” Holliday
Following Jackson death in a failed prison escape, the BGF closed ranks and went underground. The group received abit of publicity when a member was convicted of killing former Black Panther Party leader Huey P. Newton in an attack that is believed to have been in retaliation for Newton bailing out on a plan involving the escape of Jackson. Newton was killed on the aniversary of Jackson's death. The BGF currently is under the control of Charles "Doc" Holliday a convicted kidnapper.

former Black Panther Party leader Huey P Newton killed
22 August 1989 Huey Newton gets shot dead on the street by a drugdealer.

Gene Gotti sentenced
In 1989 Gene Gotti and the others got long sentences.

Alphonse "Allie Boy" Persico dies
In september 1989 died Alphonse "Allie Boy" Persico in prison.

Colombo consiglieri Carmine Sessa (brother Michael sessa)
Anthony Collucio was a member of Sessa’s crew but was arrested on a drug charge, sessa feared he would become witness and Sessa killed him 1989. Joseph Ambrosino also testified about the 1989 murder of Anthony Coluccio to which he pled guilty. Michael Sessa convicted of murdering Anthony Coluccio

Colombo acting boss Victor “Little Vic” Orena orders murder of Persico capo Thomas “Tommy”Ocera
Imprisoned Colombo boss Persico makes in 1989 Victor “Little Vic” Orena his replacement as boss of the family but then Orena let his men 13 november 1989 strangle Persico capo Thomas “Tommy”Ocera with a strand of metal wire, his body they let disappear and Orena becomes head of the family. Ocera was suspected of killing the son of a Gotti associate?? In 1991 was the body of the killed Thomas Ocera found in a Queens park.

Persico was supported by the capo Greg Scarpa Sr (he is close with FBI man R Lindley De Vecchio who still kept contact with Scarpa even when his bosses forbid him) and Greg Scarpa Jr and Orena was supported by the capo Joseph Amato. Christopher Liberatore’s father is Anthony Liberatore and he started to work for the Colombian Louis Malpero who works for Orena’s capo Amato.

Lucchese boss D'Arco meets chinese gangleader Johnny Eng
In 1989 meet Lucchese boss D'Arco and chinese Flying Dragons boss Johnny "Onionhead" Eng because they have to settle a matter.

Greg Scarpa’s nephew Constable “Gus” Farace
-In prison John Petrucelli befriended Greg Scarpa’s nephew Constable “Gus”Farace.
-28 februari 1989 undercoveragent Everett Hatcher was shot and killed by Constable “Gus” Farace who is a nephew of Greg Scarpa, the police hunt for Farace and they bust the operations of the bosses. The bosses then put a contract at the head of Farace what is sanctioned by his uncle Scarpa.
-John Petrucelli was ordered to kill Farace and refused and Lucchese acting??? boss Vittorio “Vic” Amuso ordered his death. 13 September 1989 John Petrucelli (47) was executed by his boyhood friend Joey “Blue Eyes” Cosentino (a man of Michael Salerno) and Anthony Magana, two names that would wind up on Junior Gotti’s list. In time, their sons went to war, the fight going on in the name of their mob fathers.
-Gus Farace was shot to death 18 november 1989 in Brooklyn by Mario Gallo and Lucchese soldier (he had replaced deceased Lucchse soldier Pete DePalermo) James “Jimmy Frogs”Galione (34 and the son of the killed Ralph Galione who had stood trial with Gotti for murder). They also wound Joseph Scalfani (24) he was related to Joseph Corrao.

Halloween , 1 november 1989 was Dominick Masseria (17) shot and killed in a driveby shooting by Craig Sobel. Scarpa’s stepson Joey Schiro and his best friend Patrick Porco were also in the white limo involved.

27 may 1990 Scarpa shot and killed his stepson Joey Schiro’s best friend Patrick Porco (17) with one shot through the mouth.

Lucchese upfollwing bosses
boss D' Arco
boss Vittorio Amuso
acting boss Anthony Casso

Amuso capo Peter Chiodo
- Chiodo said Amuso had him kill Sorecho Nalo “Sammy the arab” a rival gambler of Spyredon “Spiros”Velentzas. Chiodo arranged the murder of Sorecho Nalo “Sammy the arab”at the orders of Casso. Sorecho “Sammy the arab” Nalo was shot and killed in his travel agency 25 october 1988 at the orders of Lucchese boss Vic Amuso at the request of Velentza.
-Lucchese killer Louis Daidone also shot and killed 6 february 1989 Lucchese associate and chop shop owner Thomas “Red”Gilmore. D’Arco testified that Amuso told him that he wanted Gilmore dead.
-George Zappola was the guy who bludgeoned and shot to death Michael Pappadio 13 may 1989 with D’Arco on Amuso’s orders and got later 22 years for murder. George Zappola jr was a Lucchese capo and had in his crew Gioia.
-In 1989 were the garbage hauling company owners Robert Kubecha and Donald Barstow killed at the orders of the brothers Salvatore and carmine Avellino who defended this way their territory. Lucchese man Frank Federico murdered 10 august 1989 Long Island garbage carters Robert Kubecka and Donald Barstow. In October 1989 he was inducted in the Lucchese family. .
-Peter Chiodo testified he was told by Anthony Casso to kill union Local 580 official John “Sonny”Morrissey while Amuso was there and listened. Chiodo lured Morrissey 17 september 1989 to a construction site in Jefferson Township, NJ, supposedly for a meeting with Amuso.
-In 1989 was in Florida Joseph LaMorte twice shot and wounded by Peter Chiodo in a botched murder at the orders of Casso, witness D’Arco said.

Alphonse D’Arco testified that Al Visconti, Larry Taylor and Facciolo (Facciola) were suspected of informing police that D’Arco’s son Joseph D’Arco had murdered Anthony Di Lapi and because of that they were killed. Amuso and Casso ordered DÁrco to arrange the murders of Visconti and Taylor.
-4 February 1990 was Lucchese mobster Anthony DiLapi (53) shot and killed by Lucchese boss Alphonse D’Arco’s son Joseph D’Arco.
- Since july 1990 was Lucchese underboss Anthony Casso sought and was helped in this period by Patty testa.
-Lucchese boss D’Arco had his men shoot to death in august 1990 Bruno Facciolo, his body was put in the trunk of a car and a canary was stuffed in his mouth. Daidone kept Facciolo restrained while Lastorino stabbed and shot Facciolo. Facciolo had been identified as an informer by policemen Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa while he wasn’t.
-Gotti friend Eddie Lino was 6 november 1990 shot and killed in his car at the orders of the Lucchese acting?? Boss Vic Amuso.
- At the end of 1990 met Genovese mobster Jimmy Ida and Lucchese capo Alphonse D’Arco and Ida wanted them to find Genovese member Peter Savino who had become an informant.
-In march 1991 was Lucchese member Alfred Visconti shot to death in his Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, apartment building. Visconti is deliberately shot several times in the groin because the Luccheses believe he is a homosexual and has shamed the borgata.
-In march 1991 was Lucchese associate Laurence “Larry” Taylor killed.

Lucchese boss D'Arco arrested and becomes witness
In 1991 became D’Arco acting boss for Amuso and Casso. In july 1991 was D'Arco arrested. D’Arco was soon convicted and also became witness after which he was replaced by Vittorio Amuso who leads the family while being a fugitive. According to Lucchese boss Alphonse D’Arco had Petey Vario (son of the Lucchese capo Paul Vario) influence on US senator Alfonse M D’Amato from New York just like Colombo boss Vic Orena.
fugitive Lucchese boss Vittorio Amuso

Lucchese capos Chiodo and Pagiarulo
8 May 1991 Lucchese capo Peter Chiodo was wounded in an ambush and became witness, his crew was taken over by Richard Pagiarulo.

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