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basketball player Jacob "Jack" Molinas
basketball player Jacob "Jack" Molinas was the fourth overall pick in the 1953 NBA Draft and was selected by the Fort Wayne Pistons. Only 2 months into the season Molinas was suspended. Athorities were interested in an earlier game against the Boston Celtics in which Molinas was benched in the first half and when he returned with a minute remaining in the game he committed two flagrant fouls against Bob Cousy. 10 janaury 1954 was basketball player Jacob "Jack" Molinas suspended immediately after admitting he placed bets on his Fort Wayne team. Molinas applied for reinstatement in 1958 but his lifetime ban from the NBA was reaffirmened and he never played professional basketball again. Beginning around 1957 Molinas was the lead conspirator in a gambling operation that included 49 players and fixed approximately 67 games throught the College basketball season. In 1961 were 37 players from 22 schools arrested for their involvement in Molinas scheme for fixing games. Molinas was sentenced to 10 to 15 years and served five in Attica prison from 1964 till 1969. During his game fixing days Molinas became involved with Tommy “Ryan”Eboli and Vincent the Chin Gigante.

San Diego based pornographer Pasquale John Antonelli
In 1965 mafia member Pasquale John Antonelli moves from New Jersey to California where he prospers from operating massage parlors and adult bookstores. Then he moves to San Diego and sells lots of porn from there.

Pornographers Michael Thevis and Roger Dean Underhill
In the fall of 1967 Michael Thevis and Roger Dean Underhill meet and develop a profitable peep show machine that they distribute.

At the end of the sixties Colombo man John "Sonny" Franzese began supplying 8mm movies to peepshowmachines and soon the Colombo family owns a 8mm movie processing plant (All state Film Labs in Brooklyn) owned by Anthony Peraino's son Louis (26) and Bonanno capo Michael Zaffarano ran its operations and their primary sales manager was colombo man Cosmo Cangiano.

Zaffarano was seen as a key figure in the USA production of pornography (because of connection with Sturman???)

Los Angeles based pornographers Torchio and Molinas
14 March 1969 Joseph jr Torchio from Brooklyn set up the shooting of Alfred Adorno and goes later that year to Los Angeles and set up a porn production company with William Amerson and former pro basketball player Jacob "Jack" Molinas (arrived in 1970 in Hollywood) who knows former Bonanno bodyguard Michael Zaffarano.

In 1969 it became known that Bachelor’s 3 the bar of Jets player Joe Namath was often visited and used by Carmine tramunti, Carmine persico and Thomas mancuso. Namath threatens to quit the Jets instead of selling the nightclub.

light weight boxer Frank DePaula and his manager Gary Garafola and Richard Phelan were arrested 20 may 1969 for the theft of 80000 dollars worth of copper and often visited Namath’s bar and befriends Zicarelli. 14 May 1970 was light weight boxer Frank DePaula severely wounded when he was shot down by his manager Gary garafola and he died in September 1970 . Garafola was acquitted and later was also Richard Phelan killed.

Brooklyn gangster Louis Silvers
Louis Silvers was born in Brooklyn and was associated with Philadelphia bookmaker Bennie Hussick (a partner of Louis 's brother Pat Silvers).

Tampa mafiaboss Trafficante jr
Philadelphia bookmaker Bennie Hussick (a partner of Louis 's brother Pat Silvers) started then to work for Trafficante in Miami, there is also gambino loanshark Thomas Altamura who worked with Trafficante and there are also Mickey Grasso and later Cleveland boss John "peanuts" Tronolone.

Tampa mafiaboss Trafficante jr
23 january 1960 Louis Silvers quarreled with Philadelphia bookmaker Bennie Hussick (a partner of Louis 's brother Pat Silvers), John Tronolone and John Parisi. April 1961 parts of the body of Louis "Babe" Silvers were found, he had disappeared 24 january 1960, part of his body was found near the home of Miami based New jersey crime figure Joseph Farinella. Police suspect Joseph Farinella of the murder. Police questioned Mike Coppola, Frank Dio and Joe Indelicato.

Gambino drugdealers faction leader Joseph Biondo and associates Armone brothers
Gambino underboss?? Joseph Biondo and the brothers Steve and Joseph Armone were important drugdealers.

Gambino heroindistributor Stephano “Steven” Armone dies
20 June 1960 dies Steven Armone (FBN handbook page 347) and his brother Joseph Armone (FBN handbook page 346) took over his heroinbusiness and became an important dealer. Their partner was Arnold Romano.
Gambino heroindistributor Joseph Armone

New Jersey Bonanno capo Zicarelli and Hudson County congressman Gallagher
21 June 1960 Zicarelli (from the Bonanno family) phoned Hudson County democrat Cornelius E Gallagher. Between 1958 and 1972 sat Gallagher in Congress, Gallagher will sit 17 months in prison for tax evasion.

Le Havre (France) corsican Antoine D'Agostino
In june 1960 D'Agostino was sentenced in Le Havre.

Tuminaro-Fuca drugsring (Lucchese borgata)
Long time Lucchese drug dealer Angelo and his brother Frank Tuminaro had as their older sister Nellie who is the mother of their nephews Patsy and Tony Fuca. Patsy and Tony were the nephews ofAngie Tuminaro the long time Luchese drug dealer. Their mother {Nellie}was the older sister of Angie. They also had a sister named Rosemarie who at age 10 was accidently shot by Angie while he was cleaning a 22caliber rifle. She suffered thruout her life from medical problems associated with the shooting. On June 25,1960 Patsy was arrested with another man attempting to rob Cartiers Jewelers on 57th Street in New York City This made headline news in the newspapers. The charges against Fuca were dismissed for lack of evidence. A few weeks before Patsy and Barbara were married in a civil cremony on June 8 1960.

Atlanta prison inmate Coudert free
21 September 1960 Coudert released from Atlanta penintentiary.

french?? heroinexporter Etienne Tarditi arrested in NY
Etienne Tarditi's job in the 1950s was twofold: on behalf of his underworld sponsors, he purchased morphine base in Lebanon and smuggled it to France, where it was converted into heroin; then he "recruited" diplomats to smuggle the heroin to Mafiosi in America. Tarditi's operation began to unravel, however, in mid-1960, when a rival drug smuggler told the FBN Agent in Beirut that a diplomat named "Maurice" was carrying heroin to America. The ensuing investigation revealed that the diplomat, whose luggage was passed through U.S. Customs without being checked, was Maurice Rosal Bron, Guatemala's Ambassador to the Netherlands. Rosal, it was discovered, had an unrestrained sexual desire for young boys-a fatal flaw which Tarditi used to blackmail the dapper diplomat into carrying heroin to America. Further investigation revealed that Rosal made frequent trips to America, often with Tarditi, and that he always left with less baggage weight than when he arrived. The investigation itself climaxed in October 1960 in New York City, when FBN agents busted Rosal, Tarditi, TWA purser Charles Bourbonnais, and Nick Calamaris of the Gambino Mafia family. Rosal was arrested Oct. 3, 1960; an article appeared on the front page of the Daily News on Oct. 4. The bust netted 100 kilograms of pure heroin, and the intelligence take provided the FBN with enough leads to keep it busy for the next five years. Most of the information, notably, came from Tarditi, who identified his sources in France, and claimed that he "was involved in intelligence work beneficial to American interests." Tarditi would also, after 18 months of steady interrogation, implicate labor leader Irving Brown in drug smuggling activities.

In 1960 Fred Randaccio became underboss and consiglieri was Vincent Scro.

20 February 1961 there are Grand Jury indictments against Anthony magaddino, Joseph Bonanno, John DeMarco, Salvatore Falcone, Joseph Ida and James Vincent LaDuca because they are hiding for the hearings.

In march 1961 Antonio Magaddino and James Vincent LaDuca come out hiding and return to Niagara Falls. LaDuca's bail was posted by Vincent A Scro.

Around 1961 DiCarlo was suspected of fixing boxing matches.

23 December 1961 the body of the murdered Albert Agueci was found near Rochester, he was tortured to death.

Mangnani- Jiacobetti- Coscia group
In october 1960 police found 52 kilos of heroin which was transported by Mauricio Rosal, Guatemala's ambassador to Belgium and Holland. He had turned the heroin to Etienne Tarditi who worked for Robert Le Coat and Felix Barnier. They represented Gilbert Coscia and his bosses Marginani and Jiacobetti. The heroin would be delivered to Charles Bourbonnais who would deliver it to the New York customers Joe Cahil and Nick Calamares. They work for the Gambino men Joseph Biondo and the brothers Steve (deceased) and Joseph Armone.

Gambino heroindistributor Joseph Armone
28 December 1960 was Joseph Armone’s man Joseph Cahill arrested, his house was owned by Joseph Biondo.

Gambino capo Vincent James Jimmy Jerome Squillante
18 february 1959 Vincent Jimmy Squillante (41) gets 7 to 15 years on three charges and his brother Nunzio Squillante and Teamster Local 813 business agent Barnard Adelstein (5 to 10 years) are also sentenced in a Long Island garbage extortion. They stay free on appeal.

James Rossetti (former president of the Greater New York Cartmen’s Association) a close associate of Squillante

Gambino capo Jimmy Squillante disappears
21 October 1960 disappeared the Gambino capo Vincent Jimmy Squillante, he had to stand on trial for extortion but the bosses decided to kill him. He had been the boss of the New York garbage hauling. Squillante`s turf was taken over by the capo Richie Schivone.
Gambino capo Richie Schivone

Gambino capo Richie Schivone and murdercase “Jojo” Berry
when a nephew of Squillante named "Jojo" Berry wanted to become a partner in a bar Schivone gave the partnership to hitman Max Kurschner "Joey". In 1960 was "Jojo" found murdered in a sewer.

Gambino capo Richie Schivone dies
Richie Schivone stayed capo for a year because he was found dead in 1961 in his house. It looked like he had fallen from his stairways in which his head had been crushed, some say he was killed with a baseballbat to make it look like an accident.

Genovese capo Anthony “Tony Bender” Strollo's New Jersey man Anthony "Tony Pro" Provenzano
Provenzano had been indicted on Nov 15, 1960 on the Hobbs Act (extortion) and was convicted of extorting labor peace payoffs between 1952 and 1959.

Riverside Hotel and casino in Reno employee Lewis J McWillie
McWillie told the Warren Commission that he was a "key man" at Lansky's Tropicana Casino in Cuba. Lewis J. McWillie worked in the Tropicana Hotel in Havanna and after that he had worked in the Capri Hotel Casino, he worked for years in Cuba for New York racketeer Meyer Lansky. In january 1961 left Lewis J McWillie Cuba with strong feelings of hostility to the Castro regime. (source Warren commission hearing). McWillie first went several months to Aruba and Curacao and then he went to work in the Cal Neva Lodge and shortly there after he worked in the Riverside Hotel of the Detroit borgata.

Riverside Hotel and casino in Reno owner Mert Wertheimer killed?????
Mert Wertheimer a gambler who is close to Moe Dalitz and Meyer Lansky invested for the Licavoli mob in the Riverside Hotel and casino in Reno. Graham had Frank Foster kill Mert Wertheimer in Reno who had the Riverside Hotel. Foster and Ted Newberry had clipped reporter Jake lingle.

Riverside Hotel and casino in Reno bankrupt
The Riverside Hotel of the Detroit mafia in which William Miller was coowner declared bankruptcy in 1962 after they had gotten a loan of 2,75 million dollars from the Teamsters pensionfund and McWillie starts to work in the Thunderbird.

Chicago boss Accardo’s daughter Linda Lee marriage
In april 1961 marries Accardo's daughter Linda Lee with Michael Palermo (nephew of Nick Palermo a Melrose Park plumber), under the attendants: Cerone, Paul Ricca, Murray Humphreys, Gus Alex, Frank Ferraro, Giancana, Fiore Buccieri, DiVarco, Dominick DiBella, Charley Di Caro, Jimmy Catuara, Jimmy Allegretti, Joey Glimco, Louie Briatta, James Mirro, Francis Curry, Sam Alex, Sam Battaglia, Felix Alderisio, Chuckie Nicoletti, Eddy Vogel, Dominic Brancato, Lenny Patrick, James Caruso, Ralph Pierce, Skid Caruso, Les Kruse, Hy Godfrey, Dominic Blasi, Chuckie and Sam English, Sam Pardy, Joey Aiuppa, Joe Amato, Willie Daddano, Donald Angelini, Rocky Infelice, Dominic Cortina, Bill McGuire, Bill Kaplan, Pat Marcy, John D'Arco, Joe Laino, Johnny Roselli, Tony Pinelli, Johnny Lardino, John Matassa, Toots Palermo, Dominic Senese, Al Pilotto, Frank LaPorte, Vince Solano, Joe Lombardo, Tony Spilotro, Bobby Ansani, Angelo Volpe, Dominic Nuccio, Nathan Ladon, Davey Yaras, Ross Prio, Rocco and Joe Fischetti, Joe Ferriola, Lou Lederer, Frank Aulelli, Rocco Potenzo, Vince Inserro, Pat Manno, Johnny Formosa, Al Tocco, Frank Buccieri, Marshall Caifano, Rocco Prano, James Torello and Rocco DeGrazia.

Accardo's guests from other borgatas
Also from the other families came Carlo Gambino, Joe Colombo, Joe Profaci, Vito Genovese, Joe Zerilli, Angelo Bruno, Raymond Patriarca, John Scalish from Cleveland and John LaRocca from Pittsburgh, Moe Dalitz, Meyer Lansky, Frank Costello, Santo Trafficante jr, Carlos Marcello, Russell Buffalino, Frank Bompensiero, Nick Licata, "peanuts" Smaldone, Nick and Carl Civella, Frank Balestrere, Joe Sica from San Fernando Valley, Vincent Alo and "Funzi" Tieri.

Teamster leader Beck
In 1961 Beck starts his sentence of 5 years after he had lost his appeal.

New Jersey boss Nicholas “Nick” Delmore resigns
In 1961 Delmore stepped down and was replaced by DeCavalcante, who was later overheard on an FBI bug explaining that the Commission had given Delmore the top spot, but in an effort to avoid family feuds that plagued Amari's tenure, had put him on probation for one year before making him the official boss. Early in his reign, DeCavalcante arranged a sitdown with Philadelphia boss Angelo Bruno to settle differences involving that city's induction of members from Trenton. What the bugged conversations make clear is that disputes between the bosses were decided by the Commission, and that conflict over territory was and would be a continuing problem in New Jersey. The new boss became Samuel DeCavelcante. DeCavelcante’s underboss is Frank Maiuri. DeCavelcante’s partner in the plumbing business was Larry Wolfson whose sister Harriet Gold had an affair with deCavelcante. In 1961 starts the FBI to tape the New Jersey boss DeCavelcante. Under the famous tapes was one in which they listened to DeCavelcante, Ray DeCarlo and Anthony “Tony Boy” Boiardo (the son of “the Boot” Boiardo) in which they memorize an old murder. Also there is the tape of a conversation between Anthony “little pussy” Russo and DeCarlo and Russo said that Boiardo burned the bodies of his murdervictims at a grill at his estate what he also does sometimes for the Lucchese family.
New Jersey boss DeCavelcante (bugged) and underboss Frank Maiuri

Genovese capo Anthony “Tony Bender” Strollo's New Jersey man Anthony "Tony Pro" Provenzano
the june 1961 murder of 560 secretary-treasurer Anthony {and rival of Tony Pro} Castellito, his head was beaten in and then Salvatore Briguglio, Salvatore Sinno and Harold “KO” Konigsberg strangled him, then they made the body disappear (Joe Celso’s chickenfarm) at the orders of Provenzano.

New Jersey based Genovese capo Anthony “Tony Bender” Strollo's man Anthony "Tony Pro" Provenzano
Beginning july 1961 became Anthony Provenzano a vice president of New Jersey Teamster local 560.

New Jersey Teamster local 560 business agent Salvatore Briguglio
For his part in the Castellito murder, Salvatore Briguglio was rewarded in September 1961 with the role of business agent. Briguglio was later convicted of grand larceny and counterfeiting, and was suspected of having participated in the murder of Jimmy Hoffa.

Joseph Pagano
Murray Packing Co did business in meat in the Bronx with Joseph Weinberg and David Newman but when in 1961 Joseph Pagano became president they had nothing to tell anymore in their business. In 1961 buys Joe Pagano, the director of Murray Packing and a member of the Gambino family, countless chickens at credit which he then immediately sold for the buying price to Paul Castellano. When his suppliers knew he wouldn't pay he immediately declared bankruptcy but had already cashed in 745000 dollars. 3 Years later the schemers were convicted: Paul`s brother Peter Castellano got 5 years and Pagano 6 years. In 1965 Weinberg got 12 months, Newman 15 months and Pagano 5 years.

Most sources estimate that the Gallo/President St crew in the early 1960s could muster about 50 to 70 "regulars" in their "war" aganst the Profaci Family. Joey went to prison in late 1961 for extortion.

Sidney Slater
Slater also tells later that he met after the Anastasia murder mobster Joseph Gallo and some of his men who told him he could call them from now on the barbers crew (could be a bluff considering Capeci's latest article on the murder of Anastasia, but would love to know how he found that one out!).

Nicky Bianco arrives from Boston in South Brooklyn
According to Ralph Salerno a well respected NY City cop well versed in organized crime, Bianco came to New York from Rhode Island in the late 1950s early 1960s when he was a "suspect" in a murder there. In Brooklyn Bianco ran a haberdashery store in the heart of the Gallo territory {South Brooklyn}
One source alleged that Langella was "made" in 1959. Jerry Langella was a member of the Persico faction as far back as the Gallo-Profaci fight in the early 1960s. Langella was also close to the late Allie Boy Persico Sr.

Profaci rebel faction Gallo brothers President street crew
-The Gallo brothers were supported by Gioielli, Carmine Persico and Jiggs Forlano. In februari 1961 the Gallo brothers kidnap Profaci`s men Joseph Magliocco, Frank Profaci, Joe Colombo (according to Pete Diapoulos, while writers said it was Salvatore Musacchio) and John Scimone. Some say Frank "punchy" Illiano (his cousin is the dwarf Armando Illiano) was in on the kidnappings. Forlano allegedly acted as a negotiator with Joe Profaci after the Gallo's kidnappings. Joseph Profaci promisses to give them a bigger share and they let their 4 prisoners go.
-Joseph Profaci pursuades Persico and Forlano to change to his side and 20 august 1961 they invite Lawrence Gallo to the Sahara Lounge. There they start to strangle him but a cop enters the club and they flee (this scene was replayed in fictional form in the movie The Godfather). By losing Forlano's "support" the Gallo's also lost a lot of their money backing which would be needed to carry on their rebellion against Joe Profaci. The FBI learns that although Dominick “Mimi”Scialo was not present at the Sahara Lounge he supervised the attempt on Larry Gallo’s life.
-20 august 1961 also disappeared Gallo associate Joseph " Joe Jelly" Gioielli and started a war.
-Profaci soldier Persico and Hugh Macintosh got wounded when they are shot at in their car allegedly by Frank "punchy" Illiano.
-Frank "punchy" Illiano was also suspected in the carbomb of Profaci soldier Persico's car. Salvatore "Sally" Mangiamelli (who is married to Mariani's sister Louise). Mangiamelli was suspected of being behind the bombattack at Persico, Persico only became deaf when they blew up his car. Mangiamelli was close with Gallo and Ciprio.
-21 September 1961 was Carlo Gambino capo Anniello Dellacroce severely beaten by the Gallo group while he was dining in the Luna Restaurant in Manhattan.
-In September 1961 the Gallo's attempted to kidnap Profaci soldier Nicholas “Jigs”Forlano partner Rudy Stein. Using 2 thugs from California {Joey Gallo had recently taken a vacation there to cool off} they tried to snatch Stein outside a Manhattan club but Stein wisely hollered his lungs out,drawing a crowd and a few seconds later the cops came. The 2 thugs took off.
-In October 1961 it was Profaci soldier Nicholas “Jigs”Forlano's turn, the Gallo's allegedly tried to kill "Jiggs" outside his Astoria Queens home. Allegedly one of their best men, "Cadillac Louie" Marriani was sent to kill Forlano but he missed and Forlano escaped unharmed.
-Harry Fontana was a old line capo in the Profaci family in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn. On 4 october 1961 Fontana was standing on 4th Ave and Union St when Joe Magnasco a member of the Gallo crew got out of a car and started berating Fontana for staying loyal to old man Profaci. When Magnasco was alleged to have grabbed Fontana, his bodyguard who may have been his brother shot and killed Magnasco. Although it was daylight on a busy corner there were no witnesses. Fontana is believed to have went on the lam after the shooting. According to Scott D capo Fontana later on wound up in the Tampa Fla area where he was involved in a stevadore company.
-In October 1961 there is an attempt to murder Joseph Profaci at a new Jersey hunting lodge and the manager convinced the gallos that Profaci wasn’t there, safing this way Profaci.
-Salvatore Mangiameli and Mike "Rizzi" Rizzitello (Michael Rizzitelli) was ALLEGEDLY a suspect in the shooting deaths of 2 Profaci men John Guariglia and the lounge owner Paul Ricci at the Hi Fi Lounge in Brooklyn on Nov 11 1961. Dellacroce's man Mike Rizzitello was a suspect in the murders 11 november 1961 of John Guariglia and Paul Ricci at the Hi Way bar in Brooklyn in which Tommy Ricciardi get wounded and Tommy Ricciardi goes to Los Angeles.

Los Angeles presence of Profaci- Magliocco- Colombo borgata
Mike "Rizzi" Rizzitello headed out to L.A shortly after the double murder. Supposedly Ricciardi and Rizzitello would become friendly out in Los Angeles. Rizzi became a made member of the L.A. Family in 1976.

Air France stewardess Simone Christman arrested with heroin in USA
In march 1961 Air France stewardess Simone Christman was arrested by U.S. Customs agents for smuggling heroin in her brassiere. Christman said the powder, which she thought was perfume base, had been given to her by a Mr. Mueller in Paris.

Cinisi sottocapo Gaetano Badalamenti meets Angelo La Barbera and Rosario Mancino
In october 1961 was Badalamenti seen at Palermo's airport Punta Raisa in the company of the palermitan mobsters Angelo La Barbera and Rosario Mancino.

Jean Paul Tremblay in Paris
16 September 1961 Jean Paul Tremblay and Anatole Ethier arrived in Paris. 20 September 1961 they returned to Montreal. Rivard had probably been instrumental in Tremblay's success in obtaining a heroin supplier in France. 5 october 1961 Tremblay went to new York and he meets members of the Pacelli group. 14 october 1961 Tremblay and Roger Laviolette were visited by Rivard's associate Roger Coudert, Coudert also is at that moment working with the Mangnani- Jiacobetti- Coscia group. In december 1961 was Tremblay's house burglarized.

Rosario Mancino drugring
In 1961 Domenic Procopio was in Toronto arrested he had the phonenumber of Albert Agueci who had worked for Rosario Mancino who was deported to Italy.

Corsican heroinsupplier Jean Jehan
16 December 1961 police searches in Montreal a ship from France but don't find the 50 kilos of heroin of the corsican Jean Jehan but he decides not to unload the party because he thinks the police got tipped and he wants to unload it some place different. (the heroin was for Louis Martin Maurice?).

Charlie Luciano in Naples
14 Januari 1962 Luciano got phoned in Naples by Mauro, Caruso and Maneri who are in Spain and just had spoken to the Rubinos there. Luciano doesn't want to talk.

Spain arrests
24 januari 1962 Mauro, Caruso and Maneri get arrested in Spain. They have more then 55000 dollar and get deported to the US and get 15 years. In Naples police search Luciano's appartment and in Rome they arrest Henry and Theresa Rubino. In Luciano's room they find a golden lighter with the inscription "For my good pal Charlie Luciano, from his friend Frank".

Luciano dies in Rome
26 Januari 1962 Luciano is allowed to travel to the airport under police escort to meet his friend Martin Gosch, there Luciano gets a heartattack and dies. Martin Gosch will later bring out the book the last testament of Luciano (which is an unbelievable bad book).

Lucchese borgata's Tuminaro-Fuca drugsring
The next day (27 january 1962) police find in New York 44 kilos of heroin (courier had been Jacques Angelvin, the host of a popular French television show) in the garage of Arnie Shulman and his partners Sol Friedman and Anthony Feola. Much of the heroin was found in the home of Tony Fuca's Bronx home and the Brooklyn home of their father. Jean Jehan can escape to France with his fellow corsican mystery man Jacques Mouren, who was never identified. Tuminaro's friend is Ignacio Pellegrino and they got their heroin from the corsicans Francois Scaglia, Jean Jehan and J Mouren. In 1964 both Patsy and Tony were sentenced to a 7 to 15 yr prison sentence. Scaglia was arrested with the French television star Jacques Angelvin in the case who inspired the film "The French Connection”.

FBN agent Tripodi
According to Agent Tripodi, Brown's friend, handsome Maurice Castellani, was the net's operations manager.

FBN agent Francis Waters
And as another FBN agent, Francis Waters, suggests, Castellani, whose nickname was "Le Petit Maurice," may even have been mystery man Jacques Mouren in the French Connection case. "Patsy Fuca talked about Le Petit Maurice with great deference," Waters recalls. "On one occasion I followed Patsy to the garage where [Jacques] Angelvin's Buick was stashed," Agent Waters continues. "I saw Patsy talk to Toots Shoenfeld, and I did some checking and found that Toots was connected to the guy who was bankrolling Jean Jehan's operation. A few years before we'd found the same address (to the apartment where Jehan was staying in New York City) in the possession of Marcel Francisi; so we got a search warrant and went in. It was a beautiful place, owned by an executive of Michelin Tire. So we had to back out." "Think about it," Waters adds. "Mouren was never identified; Scaglia had been trained by the OSS; and people from U.S. Army Special Forces were involved in the French Connection case."

Marseille, Francis "Le Belge" Vanverberghe
The Marseilles-born Francis Vanverberghe got his name from his Flemish father. The top gangsters in France at this time was the Guerini brothers from Marseille. "The Belgian" was noticed by the Guerini at a really young age (before 20) and the Guerini send "The Belgian" in Paris where he join the ex-associates of François Scaglia in the drug trade. At the beginning Vanverberghe was part of a trio of gangsters nicknamed "les Trois Canards" because they operated from the bar "Les Trois Canards".

Jean Paul Tremblay killed in Montreal (Quebec, Canada)
13 February 1962 the body of the killed Jean Paul Tremblay was found, he send heroin to the Pacelli gang and used as intermediary with them George Farraco.

Jean Venturi settles in Montreal in 1962
UDR member Charles Pasqua held a seat in Parliament and chaired a 1969 committee investigating France's narcotics problem. From 1952 to 1967 he held various high-ranking positions in the big wine firm, Ricard Pastis. When the known heroin trafficker Jean Venturi came to Montreal in 1962 to establish a new smuggling network, his cover was as a representative for Ricard Pastis, where his immediate superior appears to have been Pasqua. (The Newsday Staff: The Heroin Trail, Souvenir Books, 1974). Dominique Venturi's brother Jean received the shipments in Montreal, but was obliged to pass them on to the Cotroni family.

Air France stewardess Simone Christman
In March 1962, Christman was sentenced to four years in prison-but at the intervention of an unknown outside force, she was quietly and quickly released. According to an FBN agent on the scene at the time, Christman was, in fact, a spy for the Secret Army Organization (OAS), a group of French soldiers who, with the support of the CIA, were fighting the forces of President de Gaulle in Algeria. The OAS was known to be financing its operations through the drug trade, and, being "a good soldier," Christman "took a small fall to protect her bosses"- who in return continued to receive CIA support. In addition to Christman's quiet and quick release, the FBN agent stationed in Paris was told not to investigate the mysterious "Mr. Mueller." The agent was told that U.S. Customs was handling the case; but he knew that the CIA had, in fact, blocked the investigation in order to conceal its involvement with the protected OAS drug smuggling ring.

Carmine Galante imprisoned in Lewisburg prison
Beginning 1962 Galante goes to prison for 20 years and becomes the boss in Lewisburg prison also convicted with him was Anthony Mirra the nephew of "Al Walker" Embarrato of the Bonannos.

Gallo rebels
-In November 1961 six of the Gallo gang defect to the opposition.
-2 december 1961 there was an attempt to kill Larry Gallo , the assassin was driving around in a sportscar disguised as a woman.
-5 January 1962 profaci soldier Nicholas “Jiggs”Forlano attacked loanshark victim Sidney Slater inside the Copacabana club almost taking Slater's eye out with a newspaper hook he had on his ring finger. Slater was a close associate of Joey Gallo and his crew. Slater escaped with a gash under his eye. Forlano allegedly told Slater he was lucky to ecape with his life. A waiter later identifed Forlano, Carmine Persico and "Donny Shacks" Montemarano {recently seen with Elizabeth Hurley} as those seated with Slater. A grand jury was enpaneled and Sidney later was charged with perjury refusing to identify the 3 men. However under heavy pressure Slater "flipped" and the 3 men were charged with assault. However like many mob cases the case dragged on till 1968 when it was knocked down to 'simple assault' and 'time served' which was nothing other than time spent in jail during the bail process.
-Allegedly someone took another shot in a murder attempt at Profaci soldier Nicholas “Jiggs”Forlano in January 1962 but missed.
-12 janaury 1962 the gallos beat up two of Carmine Persico’s men found in a nightclub.
-29 janaury 1962 Mike and Philip Albergo are shot and wounded while attempting to repair an icepicked flat tire. They had business associations with the gallo brothers.
-5 march 1962 several shots miss Joseph Profaci jr.
-11 march 1962 two Carlo gambino soldiers are beaten up in a nightclub.
-20 March 1962 was Profaci man Gregory Scarpa sr arrested for an armed robbery and became an informer for the FBI.
-11 May 1962 Profaci rebel Joe Gallo gets arrested when he extorts barowners, he got 10 years.

mafiaboss Joseph Profaci dies
7 June 1962 dies Joseph Profaci from cancer and till his death he hated Tommy Lucchese and Carlo Gambino who he suspects of supporting the Gallo brothers who live at President Street in Brooklyn. The profaci family was taken over by his brother in law Joseph Magliocco, who shared Profaci's mistrust and started to conspire with Joseph Bonanno. Joseph`s son Bill was married with Rosalia Profaci a niece of Joseph Profaci. They gave the contracts to kill Tommy Lucchese, Carlo Gambino, stefano Magaddino and Frank DeSimone to Joseph Colombo. Bonanno wanted Magaddino, the boss of Buffalo, and DeSimone, the leader of Los Angeles, also killed to take over their territories. Colombo betrayed their plans to Gambino and the Commission gave them after a meeting fines.

New York mafiaboss Joseph Magliocco, underboss Salvatore Mussachio, capo Sebastiano "Buster" Aloi, capo Simone Andolino, capo Salvatore Badalamenti, capo "big" Leo Carlino, capo Joseph Colombo, capo Harry Fontana, capo John "Sonny" Franzese, capo Ambrose Magliocco, capo Nicholas "Jiggs" Forlano, capo John "bath beach" Oddo, soldier Joseph Magnasco, soldier Cristoforo Rubino, soldier Frank Abbattemarco, soldier Antony Abbattemarco

Magliocco underboss Salvatore Musacchia (FBI number: 191344)
Record shows at least 22 arrests, but only one conviction. 1962: Identified as Magliocco sottocapo. 1963: Identified as acting boss of Profaci/Colombo Family. He was in fact the underboss, although when Big Fat Giuseppe died of natural causes in December 1963, it was Joe Colombo who took over the family. He had a police record of 22 arrests, but only suffered one conviction. His FBI number was: 191344.

Nicky Scarfo in Philadelphia
Dominic "Reds" Caruso slapped Bruno’s consiglieri Rugnetta and Bruno ordered his murder. 30 january 1962 Dominick "Reds" Caruso was killed because he disrespected consiglieri Joseph Rugnetta, the owner of the South Philly Grill, Caruso was shot and killed by Nicodemo Scarfo because Santo Idone came to late.

Nicky Scarfo in Atlantic City
In 1963 Scarfo (32) stabs the irish Joseph Duggan to death and was banned by Bruno to Atlantic City. As his righthand Scarfo takes his nephew Philip Leonetti and just under him stood the brothers Lawrence and Salvatore Merlino. Scarfo runs a sports betting operation with Nick Virgilio and worked with James DiNatale.

In prison Valachi got heared by Genovese about his capo Anthony Strollo which Genovese suspects of doing heroin deals without paying Genovese off. 3 Months later Vincent Mauro a man of Strollo gets caught in a heroindeal of which Genovese didn’t know.

Genovese orders murder of Greenwich Village capo Anthony Strollo "Tony Bender"
8 April 1962 Anthony Strollo “Tony Bender” goes out and disappears for ever. Anthony "Tony Bender" Strollo went out for a pack of smokes and never returned to his Fort Lee NJ apartment. According to KO Konigsberg Strollo's body may have been buried at Celso's chicken farm in NJ. after the murder of Strollo his crew was taken over by Eboli
Greenwich Village based Genovese capo Thomas Eboli "Tommy Ryan"

Genovese capo Strollo's soldier Joseph Valachi
22 June 1962 Joseph Valachi kills in prison an other prisoner who he thought to be Joseph DiPalermo and he becomes state witness.

New Jersey based Genovese capo Anthony “Tony Bender” Strollo's soldier Provenzano wounded
On June 24,1962, a Sunday morning Strollo protégé "Tony Pro" was found semi-concious in the elevator shaft at 707 Smmit St,suffering at least several broken ribs. Provenzano told police he had come to the local to do some paperwork and feed his pigeons on the roof. Tony said he opened the elevator and fell approximatly 12 feet (probably 1 floor). Some quess Tony Pro's "accident" and Strollo's disappearing act were connected. Tony Provenzano would fully recover.

Harold "K.O" Konigsberg mentions Zicarelli and Gallagher
Small time loanshark Bernard O ‘Brien operated out of the Dairy Treat ice Cream store in Bayonne. In October 1962 O’Brien vanished. Konigsberg claimed that he was summoned to Gallagher’s Bayonne residence and was commanded by Zicarelli to bury O ‘Brien (whose body was in the basement) at Joe celso’s chicken farm.

Harold "K.O" Konigsberg
In 1962 KO owned a restaurant in Hoboken NJ where the Provenzano brothers and Teamster local 560 held their 1962 elections at. It was the only polling place for the local which of course was to the advantage of Tony Pro.

New Jersey based Genovese capo Anthony “Tony Bender” Strollo's soldier Provenzano
Tony "Pro" Provenzano used his control of the local to increase his salary between 1962 and 1963 from $20,000 to $95,000. He even managed to collect 17,000 dollars on a workman's comp case which we are sure he needed ,only earning a paulty 113,000 dollars in 1963 as the highest paid union leader in the free world.

Business agent Stephen Andretta had his salary raised to $95,000 a year during the same period. Both Provenzano's and Andretta's salaries exceeded IBT president Jimmy Hoffa's salary at the time.

Fatico men John Gotti and Johnson
In 1957 Gotti (17) and Willy Boy Johnson (22) met eachother in Helen’s Candy Store owned by Leonard Di Maria. In 1961 Fatico had 2 of his black gamblers killed by Gotti (21) and Willy Boy Johnson. Gotti got in april 1961 his daughter.

Pleasant Avenue kidnappers take Jean Paul Tremblay intermediary George Feracco (Farraco)
25 May 1962 George Feracco (Farraco), the intermediary between Jean Paul Tremblay and the Pacelli gang, had telephoned Roger Laviolette. 31 May 1962 was George Farraco (40) kidnapped from Pleasant Avenue (crosses 116th Street in harlem?) and his kidnappers killed him and had his body disappear.

In may 1962 Tumminaro turns himself in Miami in.

Montrealer Roger Laviolette
29 May 1962 Laviolette went to paris and returned 3 june. 11 June 1962 Montrealer Roger Laviolette wants to visit George Farraco, he didn't know the man had disappeared.

Jean Paul Tremblay's righthand Montrealer Roger Laviolette arrested in France
8 August 1962 were Laviolette and his courier Alain Phaneuf arrested in France as they want to board a plane, police find 4 kilos of heroin.

Jean Paul Tremblay's men
In Montreal police arrest then 9 and 10 august 1962 Roger Lapierre and Anatole Ethier.

Cinisi underboss Gaetano Badalamenti
In februari 1962 there are meetings in Rome between important members of the groups that were led by Rosario Mancino , Angelo La Barbera , the Greco family from Ciaculli, the Badalamenti family from Cinisi. Also Francesco Paolo Coppola was seen. The drugtraffic was in the hands of the fugitives Pietro Davì, Salvatore "Pietro" Greco, Salvatore "Giuseppe" Greco, Tommaso Buscetta , Gaetano Badalamenti. In Rome stayed Badalamenti for a while in hotel Cesari, he is al the time in contact with other mafiosi like Rosario Mancino and Angelo La Barbera. In this period played Badalamenti an important role in the underworld and had contacts with Joe Pici, Gaetano Chiofalo and Frank Coppola, respectively living in Torrilla in Brianza, in Marsiglia (marseille) and in Pomezia.

Detroit mobster Philip Palazzollo in Rome (Italy)
4 october 1962 Philip Palazzollo arrived in Rome and visited Francesco Paola Coppola and later he went to Palermo.

Detroit mobster Philip Palazzollo in Palermo (Italy)
then Philip Palazzollo went to Palermo where he met 10 october 1962 Frank Dimaggio's deported brother Procopio Dimaggio, the deported Silvestro Carollo, Nicolo Impastato, Salvatore Valenti, Antonio Terranova and Francesco "Frank"LoMedico (FBN handbook page 221) a boss from Partinico.

New Jersey
In 1961 was Jerry Donnerstag arrested for the murder of the negro George Winston, but soon he was free because it was "selfdefence". St Patrick’s Day 17 march 1962 rob Freda and Basto a bank for 148000 dollars. 18 September 1962 burglar Freddie Spillman gets killed. In 1963 Basto arrived in Lewisburg. In 1969 Freda (37) was set free and was the next year again in Newark.

Gambino capo Carmine Lombardozzi (stolen and falsified securities)
Gambino capo Carmine Lombardozzi and his partner Arthur Tortorello (whose brother is Peter) ruled the business in stolen and falsified securities. In 1962 was for 1,3 million dollars worth of securities stolen from Bache and Company. John Lombardozzi was later for this arrested when he tried to sell them. Edward H. Wuensche told later that he got part of the stolen party via John`s brother Carmine. In 1963 go Carmine Lombardozzi, Arthur Tortorello and Joey Grasso to prison for securities swindles.

Nunzio Provenzano
The January 1963 appointment of Nunzio Provenzano as secretary Treasurer. The February 1963 appointment of Nunzio Provenzano as business agent following his January 1963 conviction for extortion.

Gallo rebels
-In july 1962 more Gallo defectors seek the protection of the carlo Gambino family.
-12 Februari 1963 John Rayola was wounded when he was shot down.
-Magliocco underboss Salvatore Mussachio was arrested on May 6, 1963 on suspicion of setting up a hit. The cops busted him at Magliocco’s house in Long Island. He was a vice president of Sapienza Bakery, 553 Meecham Avenue, Elmont, Long Island. It was renowned for its Italian bread and pastries. He lived at 2947 Murdock Avenue, Wantagh, LI.
-19 May 1963 were Magliocco soldier Carmine Persico and Funzi D'Ambrosio wounded.
-6 june 1963 was local businessman Ermile Colantuono killed for giving financial aid to the gallo gang. Nicholas Bianco went to Raymond Patriarca in Providence, Rhode island (where Bianco came from) to complain about this murder and Patriarca agrees to talk to Thomas Lucchese.
-12 June 1963 shots missed Frank illiano.
-As revenge was the same day (12 june 1963) Vincent di Tucci of the opposing side killed. Jerry basciano was arrested for the murder but released because of insufficient evidence.
-18 june 1963 was Gallo associate Alfred Mondella (Mondello) killed by Macintosh.
-9 August 1963 (11 december 1963??) was Joseph "Bats" Cardiello (56) shot and killed in his car in the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn by Gallo man Nicholas Getch in his car in the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn, he had been close to the murdered "Frankie Shots" Abbatamarco who was killed by the Gallo brothers and had defected to the Profaci brothers. Later the same day the opposition struck back and killed Louis Mariani.
-9 August 1963 was Gallo associate Louis Mariani (26) killed by the Persico crew, his brother in law is Salvatore "Sally" Mangiamelli who is married to Mariani's sister Louise. Mangiamelli was suspected of being behind the bombattack at Persico, he only became deaf when they blew up his car. Mangiamelli was close with Gallo and Ciprio.
-at that point between October 15, 1962 and Aug 9, 1963, 9 men were killed,3 missing and presumed dead, 11 wounded or beaten and 9 fired at but missed.
-According to Frank "Pewee" Campagna a family loan shark and close friend of Joe Colombo, Magliocco had no show of controlling the Gallo faction and had to step down 3 september 1963 at the orders of the commission and Colombo became the next year the boss.
-11 December 1963 was Gallo associate Frank Illiano with 15 others indicted for his role in the war and in january 1965 was sentenced to 6 months. Gallo associate Nicky Bianco in 1963 served 3 months along with many others from the "Gallo faction" for his role in the Gallo-Profaci war. Gallo associate Nicky Bianco was suspected in several murders by 1963 in both NY and Calif but WAS NEVER CONVICTED.

In 1963 hires Porko of Jamaica, Queens that makes 500000 dollars a year the brothers Anthony and Salvatore carillo and also Ciro Perrone, they work for the genovese family.

He operated originally out of Brooklyn as did Mangano, and he was on the board of directors of the Democratic Club, as was Mangano. Vincent, and especially Philip Mangano, was very close to Adonis.

Adonis's crew was based in Brooklyn, after deportation, his choice was Jimmy Blue Eyes Alo. Following Alo's retirement, although not an official one, in the late 1970s-the crew was then headed up by Matty The Horse Iannelo and moved to Manhattan, where the Genovese family has long held a presence.Iannello then had Jimmy "The Little Guy" Ida take over as capo. Ida would later serve as consigliere till he was given life. The crew is now headed up by his brother Joey Ida.

Joe Doto Jr. is listed by the FBI as a made member of the Genovese family.

Bally Manufacturing Corporation
BMC is the most important slotmachinesdistributor In 1963 Sam Klein took over Bally Manufacturing Corporation, he is a front for the Genovese capo Jerry Catena and they made president director William O`Donnell. Bally manufacturing was run by Chicago through their man Lou Lederer. Catena became the headdistributor for New York and New Jersey, an other distributor is Dino Cellini.

Lucchese member Johnny Dioguardi (Kosher food)
In 1963 hires Herman Rose, owner of Consumer Kosher Provisions the capo Dioguardi in as employee because he lost business to American Kosher Provisions that gave work to Max Block and Catena soldier Lorenzo Brescio. In 1964 dies Rose and the business was taken over by Dioguardi and his nephew Thomas Plumeri.

Geneve, Exchange and Investment Bank
In 1963 Lansky's fronts Ben Wheeler and Benjamin B Sigelbaum take over the Exchange and Investment Bank in Geneve.

Lebanese opiumking Samil “Sami” el Khouri (Khoury) heroin ring broken
In august 1963 the biggest heroin ring in the Middle east that of the Lebanese Samil Khouri was rolled up, he had delivered heroin to Luciano in the earlier years.

Lucchese member Settimo Accardo "Big Sam"
In 1963 was Settimo Accardo "Big Sam" extradited to the US and got convicted.

Mafiaboss Joseph Magliocco dies
30 December 1963 dies Joseph Magliocco from a heart attack at the Good Samaritan Hospital, in West Islip, LI. Gambino and Lucchese reward Colombo by making him boss of the Profaci family.
Mafiaboss Colombo, underboss Charlie Mineo, consiglieri Joseph Yacovelli

there is/was a Ambrose Magliocco and also a Antonio {Anthony} Magliocco Sr. Don't know how they are related or are possibly the same man. Anthony Sr was the brother of Joseph Magliocco a/k/a the Fat Man who was the brother in law of Joseph Profaci. Anthony was the principal owner of Peerless Importers Inc at one time one of the largest liquor distisbutors in the NYC area.Anthony Sr was arrested at least 6 times during Prohibition on liquor infractions with most of the charges beng DISMISSED. According to the book BODY MIKE Peerless Liquors and a Ambrose Magliocco try to expand into Arizona but where denied a license to operate in Arizona because of their connection to the Colombo crime family. There also was a "Johnny Arrow" Magliocco.

Gallo rebels
-17 April 1964 were John “Moose”Battista (relative of jerry Langella) and "Fat" Tony Regina sentenced for the murder of Mariani.

Larry Gallo dies
Lawrence “Larry” Gallo (41) died of cancer 17 may 1968. Larry's son Steve Gallo.

Coppola soldier and 116 street mob boss Joseph "Joe"Rao dies
Joseph "Joe"Rao (born 12 march 1901, FBN book page 601 and married to Joe Stracci's sister Lena Stracci, reputed boss of 116 street mob of which Vincent Mummiani was a member, FBN book page 549), 116 street mob boss Joseph "Joe"Rao dies 10 may 1962.

When at Sicily small amounts of petroleum were found Enrico Mattei decided to exploit them for the state, his righthand at Sicily was Graziano Verzotto and they surrected the stateholding ENI, later Verzotto became secretary for Sicily for the Christen Democrats. Mattei wanted to have as only access to Sicily's industry. Under the coalition of Silvio Milazzo he could arrange this and his man Vito Guarrasi got the say over Sicily's earthy riches. When Mattei leaves 27 october 1962 Catania his private plane exploded and he died, the bomb was put in the plane at the orders of the Sicilian La Cupola bosses “little bird" Greco, Antonio Minore, Bernardo Diana, Giuseppe Di Cristina and Giuseppe Ferrera who did it as a pleasure to Philadelphia's boss Angelo Bruno according to Buscetta.

Gambino member Michael Scandifia
22 March 1963 was a bug installed in the Big S Service center in Coney Island, Brooklyn, of Gambino member Peter Ferrara. 10 may 1963 Gambino members Accursio Marinelli and Michael Scandifia went to see gambino member Peter Ferrara at his Brooklyn office which was bugged by police. 11 July 1963 was ex convict Alfred “Freddie the kid” Sanantonio killed in a flowershop. 25 July 1963 was patrolman Leonard Grossmann arrested because he was going to supply guns to Gambino member Michael Scandifia who told him he would use them to kill police informers.

ILA Local 1814 leader Anthony Anastasio dies
In 1963 dies Albert Anastasia`s brother "tough" Anthony Anastasio, Gambino then gave the leadership of Local 1814 to Anastasio`s son in law Anthony Scotto.
ILA Local 1814 leader Anthony Anastasio`s son in law Anthony Scotto

ILA local 1814 current president Louis Pernice, Brooklyn based ILA local 1814 president Frank Lonardo chosen in 1980 had as secretary treasurer Louis Pernice, ILA local 1814 vice president Alfred Small

John Papalia
Proof that Johnny Papalia was moving in the big leagues came when he was arrested in 1962 for his role in the French Connection heroin smuggling scheme. Indicted along with Papalia was Carmine Galante, the fearsome underboss of the Bonanno family, a very powerful New York City group. 5 March 1963 John Papalia, Frank Caruso, Vincent Mauro and Sal Maneri pled guilty. In 1963 John Papalia was sentenced to 10 years in prison for his part in the infamous ``French Connection'' heroin smuggling case. The extradited Mauro, Caruso and Maneri got 15 years but spring 1972 they came free after which Henry Rubino was shot dead at one of the early summer days while playing golf.

Alvin Malnik and Mary Carter Paint Company
In 1963, Alvin Malnik, a top henchman of crime syndicate boss Meyer Lansky, was found to be closely connected to the operations of Mary Carter Paint. In 1963 Mary Carter Paint spun off its paint division and during the next several years began developing its casino operations, particularly in the Bahamas.

McClellan hearings
In september and october 1963 Joseph Valachi testified before senator McClellan.

Colombo capo Aloi soldier “Sonny” Franzese
Franzese was inducted by Sebastian “Buster” Aloi.

Colombo capo Sebastian "Buster"Aloi retires
Sebastian “Buster” Aloi retires in 1963 as capo in the Colombo family and his son Vincent Aloi became in 1964 a capo in the Colombo family.
Colombo capo Vincent Aloi

New Jersey Teamster local 560, Genovese member Anthony "Tony Pro" Provenzano
The Provenzanos and their organized crime associates were allegedly responsible for the May 24, 1963, murder of IBT member Walter Glockner, who protested the appointment of a member of the Provenzano ring as a business agent. After a shouting and pushing incident at the union hall, Glockner (27) was murdered in front of his house the next day. Provenzano’s family member Thomas Reynolds was suspected of being witness of the murder.

Former?? ILA president Joseph Ryan dies
In july 1963 dies Joseph Ryan (79).

ILA president Thomas Gleason
In 1963 became then Thomas Gleason president of the ILA what he was till 1987.

Lewisburg inmate Teamster Local 560 president?? Anthony "Tony Pro" Provenzano
Provenzano was convicted of conspiracy to receive kickbacks relating to a proposed loan from a Teamsters benefit fund. He was convicted on July 13 1963 and finally went to Lewisburg prison in May 1966. At Lewisburg one of Tony's jobs was in the prison library.

Harold "K.O" Konigsberg imprisoned
By 1963 KO was in federal prison of stolen good charges when he began "co operating" with the feds.

Joe Celso’s chickenfarm
5 April 1964 Joe Celso (50) took note of an ad placed by a farmer who wanted to sell a frontloader (mechanical scoop). Celso drove to the farmer’s yard and bought it and asked it to be delivered the next day to his chicken farm north of Lakewood. Then he probably dug up the bodies (“Tony Bender” Strollo, Bernard O’Brien) mentioned by Konigsberg, but there were still 2 bodies: Angelo Sonessa and Kenneth Later and an orthopedic shoe of small loanshark Bernard o’Brien.

New Jersey Teamster local 560 business agent Robert Luizzi
The 1964 appointment of Robert A Luizzi to the position of Business agent in spite of his convictions.

Heavy weight boxing champion Sonny Liston
25 february 1964 Lucchese member Frank Paul Carbo fixed the Cassius Clay-Sonny Liston fight (unbeknownst to Clay). Sonny Liston boxed for promoter Joe Barone a man of Blinky Palermo. Cassius Clay became world champion heavy weights after a KO (knock out) of Sonny Liston who claims to have had a shoulderblessure but still got a million dollars. After the fight becomes Cassius Clay a muslim and takes the name Muhammed Ali. Frank Carbo, Blinky Palermo and St Louis mobster John Vitale own boxing champion Sonny Liston who was managed by Bernie Glickman. Liston would have lost 2 times at orders from Mohammed Ali. Carbo had also to do with the boxing champs Jake LaMotta and rocky Marciano. Sonny Liston’s manager is Bernie Glickman who also manages Virgil Akins and Ernie Terrell, later Glickman was beaten up by the Chicago capo Phil Alderisio after he had taken the capo with him to plea for him with Tieri of the genovese family.
Heavy weight boxing champion Cassius Clay

Lucchese member James "Jimmy Doyle" Plumeri
Plumeri was connected to Frankie Carbo and Nig Rosen in boxing match fight fixing, and was also involved with Edward Wrensche, a Philadelphia numbers racketeer in stolen securities. In 1964 he was involved in a loan scam involving a $1.5 million loan from the Teamster’s pension fund.During the McClellan hearings, Plumeri took the 5th on everything, but did answer two questions, giving his wife’s maiden name and stating he had no children. He had at least one son, Thomas who was a close friend of Dominick Dioguardi, son of Johnny, and they were both involved in the mob.

Francisci-Venturi clan
The nation-hopping Joe Orsini returned to join the organization in 1964.

A 1963 FBI report makes mention of Neal Crescenzo of Buffalo. There was a problem when he tried to recruit runners to handle the sale of policy slips in the coloured area of Buffalo.

Joseph F. Mazzariello (Joe Busti) was "throwing the names of Steve Magaddino and his brother Antonio Magaddino around." Busti incurred the anger of Magaddino by going around telling everyone that he, Busti, was a partner of "Cheech" Scalisi of New York City. Magaddino ordered Busti not to continue. Magaddino also accused Busti of being a police spy.

There was a conversation in which Magaddino mused over the possibility that Jacomino Russolesi would become an informant ("head of the East Side mob in Rochester, New York"). Jake Russo handled Rochester before Valente for Magaddino and mysteriously disappeared in 1964.

20 June 1964 Antonio Magaddino attends the funeral of Petrina Magaddino, sister in law of Stefano Magaddino.

In 1964 dies Montana.

Kama Sutra Records and Colombo capo Aloi soldier “Sonny” Franzese
20 July 1964 the Shangrilas have a hit with Remember and they also play that year leader of the pack. In 1964 Phil Steinberg (23) of Kama Sutra/ buddah Records was visited by Morris Levy of Roulette Records and in time Levy will own the 80 shops big record chain Strawberries. Levy wants to have Steinberg’s most succesfull group Shangrila because they were his he says. Levy is friends with Vincent Gigante and Gaetano “Corky” Vastola of the DeCavelcante family. Gaetano "Corky" Vastola (71) promoted concerts for Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin and played golf with Sammy Davis jr and was part owner of Roulette Records and was listed as songwriter. Steinberg and his partners Artie Ripp and Hy Mizrahi then go to “Sonny” Franzese a made man for Sebastian “Buster” Aloi and take him as a partner.

Kama Sutra Records
Kama sutra buddah records has next to the the shangrilas also the artists Jay and the americans, the lovin spoonful, sha na na, gladys knight and the pips, Isley brothers, Lena Horne, Rod McKuen, Paul Anka, Charlie Daniels, Curtis Mayfield, Bill Withers, captain Beefheart and Melanie.

Marseille (France) , Joseph “Jo” Cesari arrested
In 1964 narcotics police shadowed Joseph “Jo” Cesari (born in Bastia) for several months, and converged on Clos Saint Antoine, an abandoned estate (paid by Veran) near Marseille where he had set up two heroin labs and put four assistants to work. Police stormed the estate 8 october 1964 arresting Cesari and his staff George Albert Veran, Caluzzi and Gallorini. Cesari was sentenced to seven years in prison, but was released a lot sooner. Veran got 3 years.

Marcel Francisci and Joseph “Jo” Cesari
They also made an interesting discovery in one of the back rooms: Jean Francois, the nephew of Marcel Francisci. (L'Express, 14 October 1968). Months earlier the boy's father, on an unannounced trip back to Corsica, had discovered his wife with a lover, whom he proceeded to shoot through the throat before returning to France with his son Jean Francois. As head of the family, Marcel Francisci looked after his nephew. He placed him under the wings of a Cesari laboratory worker and his wife.

Pleasant Avenue's Lucchese heroindealer Pacelli and Gambino heroindistributor Joseph Armone
23 September 1964 were Pacelli and Nancy Sue arrested and the same day also Joseph Armone. 27 september disappeared Nancy Sue but still Pacelli got 18 years in Atlanta and Armone 15 years. In 1965 were Joseph "Joe"Armone and Grammanta convicted of smuggling heroin from the Netherlands . Grammanta served 5 years and Armone served 10 years.

ILA local 1823
5 October 1964 dies former Arsenal member Frank “Machinegun”Campbell of ILA local 1823.

21 November 1964 marry Thomas Delgiorno and Mary Ann Theresa Welch.

New York mafiaboss Bonanno consiglieri Tartamella sr
In 1964 John Tartamella sr was no more the consiglieri.
Boss Joseph Bonanno, underboss John Morales, consiglieri

New York mafiaboss Bonanno in Canada
In 1964 Bonanno was shortly imprisoned in Canada.

New York mafiaboss Joseph Bonanno goes into hiding
Joseph Bonanno made his son Bill the new boss of the family. The Commission doesn't agree because they wanted his second man Gaspar Di Gregorio, the brother in law of Stefano Magaddino to be the new boss. 21 October 1964 Joseph Bonanno sets up his own kidnapping when the Commission pressures him to reconsider his decision.

lebanese opiumking Samil "Sami" el Khouri (Khoury) and bodyguard and friend Mounir Alaouie killed
In 1965 were Samil Khoury and his friend Mounir Alaouie (former officer of the narcotics section of the lebanese police) killed after double crossing a jordan hasj dealer.

Guerini bodyguard Christian David
A Corsican gangster later told police of a curious summit on 14 January 1965 in Antoine Guerini's house in the La Galenzana district of Marseilles. Corsican leaders were contemplating the liquidation of former police superintendent Robert Blemant, who had carved his own successful niche in the underworld. "All the criminal bosses of France were there, and some from Germany and France as well. Everyone awaited the arrival of the Guerini brothers. Suddenly the door opened and in walked a man with an 11.43 caliber in one hand. It was Christian David “Beau Serge”. He ordered all of us to reach for the sky while he frisked us. When he was through Antoine and Meme Guerini came in. At the meeting David allegedly angered the Guerinis by voting against Blemant's elimination.

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Robert Blemant killed
Nonetheless three hit men shot former police superintendent Robert Blemant down 4 may 1965. They were led by Rene Mondolini the adopted son of Meme Guerini.

Robert Blemant killer Colombani killed
One of the murderers, Pierre Colombani, was tortured and slain in Ajaccio, Corsica a few months later. Several Guerini clan members suspected that David had done him in.

Back in New York in 1965, Irving Brown's involvement in the French Connection surfaced again when agent Waters learned that Maurice Castellani had been bringing money to his fellow Canard, Francois Scaglia, at Attica Prison since May 1964. As has been noted, Scaglia was convicted in the 1962 French Connection case based on traces of heroin found in Jacques Angelvin's Buick-traces that matched the heroin found in Patsy Fuca's basement in Brooklyn.

Lucien Rivard
2 march 1965 escape Lucien Rivard and Andre Durocher. 15 July 1965 was Lucien Rivard again arrested and extradited to the US where he got 12 november 1965 then 20 years, his couriers Julien Gagnon and raymond Jones got 15 years.

Buffalo Local 66
Buffalo Local 66 was operated by Antonio and Jimmy LaDuca, this local was associated with the Costantino Hotel chain which employees were members of Local 66. The LaDuca brothers ran the union through their man Sam cariola.

Buffalo Laborers Local 210
The construction union Laborers Local 210 is in Buffalo.

Niagara Falls LIUNA Local 91 business manager Mike “Butch”Quarcini
Niagara Falls Liuna Local 91 was run by Mike "Butch" Quarcini who was elected in 1965 as Business manager.

New Jersey Genovese soldier Angelo " Ray or Gyp" DeCarlo
Angelo DeCarlo, born in 1902, was a cold-blooded killer who worked his way up the ranks among the mobsters in and around Newark, New Jersey. His headquarters was a joint called "The Barn," located in Mountainside, NJ, a quiet little suburb of Newark. DeCarlo was a capo in the Genovese Family associated with Abner "Longy" Zwillman and Gerardo Catena. DeCarlo's prominence in the mob came after the FBI disclosed tape recorded conversations from his office which they had bugged from 1961 to 1965. DeCarlo, known as Ray or "Gyp," was involved in loansharking, gambling, and participated in several murders. He was also close to the political scene in Newark and when transcripts of the FBI tapes were released, several political careers crashed and burned. Among this group of losers were Newark Mayor Hugh Addonizio and the once-powerful New Jersey Democratic political boss John J. Kenny. DeCarlo had been recorded telling two associates, "Hughie (Addonizio) helped us along. He gave us the city." The tapes also linked DeCarlo's friend Frank Sinatra to the underworld.

Cantellops murder
Cantellops gets killed in 1965.

John Stanfa in Philadelphia
John Stanfa was born in Caccamo and brothers of his were part of that local cosca of which their nephew Antonio Guifre is the boss. In 1964 the sicilian John Stanfa (24) arrives in Ny and later goes to Philadelphia.

Pasquale Macchiarole firm ???Frigid???
John Valentine (a former truckdriver for Frigid) testified that in 1964 or 1965 Pasquale Macchiarole called a meeting of all Frigid drivers. At the meeting Macchiarole told the group (including Valentine and Pacilio) that in the future any driver stealing seafood from the piers would be required to give half his profits to Frigid. They stole mainly frozen lobster.

New Jersey boss DeCavelcante
26 February 1965 DeCavelcante was approached by his soldier Gaetano “Corky” Vastola and sold for him 1100 pounds stolen lobster.

New Jersey boss DeCavelcante
26 februari 1965 talk DeCavelcante, his underboss Maiuri and their capo Louis Larasso and Gambino’s men Nicola Melillo and James Failla “Jimmy Brown” about the garbage hauling racket.

Joseph Feola “jimmy Surprise” killed
DeCavelcante underboss Louis LaRasso lured Feola to a garage where Feola was strangled and buried elsewhere. LaRasso confirmed the hit to Gambino capo James “Jimmy Brown”Failla. Joseph Feola “jimmy Surprise” disappeared 19 april 1965 and the police found out the reason because of the DeCavelcante tapes.

New York: Joseph Feola “Jimmy Surprise”
In 1931 killed Joseph Feola “Jimmy Surprise” policesergeant Timothy Murphy. In 1939 was Feola convicted for the murder to die in the electric chair but on appeal he got 7,5 to 15 years.

DeCavelcante- Gambino meeting
9 June 1965 Gambino and DeCavelcante dine and Gambino said that he replaced his underboss Biondo by Dellacroce and as consiglieri he had Joe Riccobono.
Boss Carlo Gambino, Underboss Dellacroce, Consiglieri Joe Riccobono

Gambino heroindistributor Joseph Armone
3 January 1965 was Joseph Armone wounded when he was shot down and his partner Vincent Pacelli of the Lucchese family takes over their drugsbusiness.

Frank Tuminaro
Angelo Tuminaro surrendered in april 1964, his operations are now led by his younger brother Frank Tuminaro.
3 February 1965 police arrest 14 suspects of 19 indicted for herointrafficking back to the year 1923, under the arrested were Anthony “Tony West”De Lutro (37 of Mulberry street), Carmine Consalvo aka Carmine Perrone, Frank Tuminaro, Frank Gangi. In 1966 was Angelo Tuminaro (58) released from prison.

Sorge, Ceritto, Bonanno, Bonventre, Galante, Priziola, Quasarano, Adonis indicted
In February 1965, in Palermo, Sorge and 15 others associated with the Sicilian and US Mafias (the latter including Joe Ceritto, the San Jose LCN leader) were indicted for "criminal conspiracy". Also mentioned in the court papers were Joe Bonanno, John Bonventre, Carmine Galente, John Priziola, Raffaele Quasarano, and Joe Adonis. The indictment, as it related to Sorge, claimed that between 12-16 October 1957 in the Albergo delle Palmo, Luciano, Bonanno, Sorge, Garofalo, and others met. (Garofalo, of the Bonanno family, settled in Sicily in July 1957.) The case against most of the accused was dismissed in 1968.

Garofalo, Martinez, Gaspare and Giuseppe Magaddino, Plaia, Scandariato, Gioè, Coppola, Coffaro and Giuseppe Genco Russo
In july 1965 were named in a report by the Squadra mobile della Questura di Palermo Garofalo, Martinez, Gaspare and Giuseppe Magaddino, Diego Plaia, Giuseppe Scandariato, Imperiale Gioè, Francesco Paolo Coppola, Angelo Coffaro and Giuseppe Genco Russo.

Coppola, Genco Russo, Magadino, Cerrito arrested at meeting
Frank Coppola was arrested 2 August 1965 in the company of Giuseppe Genco Russo, Giuseppe Maggadino, Calogero Orlando, Joseph Cerrito, Tom Russo and Gaspare Magaddino. In addition to several individual charges for smuggling, kidnapping, bombing and murder, the group was hit with meeting to commit crime. The charges in this case as with so many others folded shortly thereafter and Coppola continued to operate as openly as before. Coppola's nephews are Domenico and Giacomo Coppola and they live also at Sicily.

Cinisi boss Badalamenti and D'Anna
In 1965 there is a transport of 83,5 kilos of heroin to the US, which was orchestrated by Gerolamo D’Anna who works with Gaetano "Tano" Badalamenti.

New York
In december 1965 US police find 100 kgs of heroin in a car from France.

Ernest “Ernie the Hawk” Rupolo
Ernie Rupolo started talking to the DA’s office, initially with A.D.A. Edward A. Hefferman, on June 13th., 1944. He first gave up the three men involved in the dice game stick-up, the Leffredo brothers and Dominick Carlucci, then started verbalizing about the Boccia case. The man who would be largely responsible for trying to put together a case against Genovese and his accomplices in the Boccia killing, was Assistant District Attorney Julius Helfand, the city lawyer who would gain notoriety as one of the leaders in the investigation into the New York Police Department corruption probe involving bookmaker Harry Gross, in 1950.

Ernest “the Hawk” Rupolo
Richard Parks (27 and one of the bankrobbers) saw in 1964 the killers William David “Red”Crabbe, Thomas Matteo and florio load the body of Rupolo into the trunk of a car, Ernest “the Hawk” Rupolo was thought to be killed but when they put his body into the car trunk it came out he was still alive and he started screaming after which Crabbe stabbed him to death.

Colombo capo Aloi soldier “Sonny” Franzese
In 1965 were 4 bank robbers arrested John Cordero, Richard Parks, Jimmy Smith and Charles Zaher. Cordero’s wife is Eleanor Cordero the widow of Rupolo. They then accuse “Sonny” franzese and he got 50 years, they testified that franzese gave the order to kill Rupolo in 1964.

Colombo capo Aloi soldier “Sonny” Franzese
In 1967 stood 4 mob members on trial for the murder of Rupolo but they were spoken free. In august 1968 was “Sonny” Franzese spoken free.

In the week of march 9-17, 1965, there are a series of meetings in Toronto in which were involved Paul Volpe, Albert Volpe, Eugene Volpe, Dick Angle, Angle's lawyer Jack Gilbert, Pasquale Natarelli (from Buffalo) and an associate of Natarelli from Buffalo "Cicci". A meeting got taped because Angle had went to police because they were trying to extort him. 17 March 1965 were the Volpe brothers and Natarelli arrested, after bail was paid, Albert Volpe fled to Europe where he ran a casino in Athens and later in Yugoslavia.

Pasquale "paddy" Calabrese was arrested for a holdup at Buffalo's City hall in 1966 and became a witness for which the state started the witness Protection Program. He became famous thanks to the movie Hide in Plain Sight with James Caan. His testimony helped convict Buffalo boss Frederico Randaccio and his man Pasquale Natarelli of conspiracy in 1967, each received a 20 year sentence.

20 January 1966 Antonio Magaddino is arranging the funeral of Elsie Di Carlo, wife of Joseph DiCarlo.

10 May 1966 Antonio (67), Peter A magaddino (48), Joseph S Bongiorno (48) testify before the NY State Investigation Commission. Their representing lawyer is Angelo Scalzo from Niagara falls.

23 May 1966 Antonio Maggadino attends the funeral of Fred Mogavero.

Lucien Sarti in Bruxelles
From the Libre Belgique archives: 24 Feb 1966, Lucien Sarti killed a police officer. Officer Deleener had been observing a stolen car to see who was using it. Three men arrived in a car and parked nearby. Deleener waited a bit and approached them, and a man got out, took out a pistol and shot several times. Deleener fell dead instantly. The men put the body in the trunk and took off.. One of the men was Sarti, using the name Sabatier; the other men, arrested, were Marius Salvati and Jacques Zanotto. Sarti was the object of the biggest manhunt in the history of Belgium. Police all over Europe were put on alert. It was the French who finally identified Sabatier as Sarti. They followed him to France as far as Marseilles and then to the Spanish border. At each step, it appeared, he was helped and protected by Guerini's people. The French police, furious, applied all their available pressure to Guerini, but it was too late, and Sarti and already left for South America....In May of 1968, Sarti was captured by the Argentine police....Two days before he was to be sent back to Belgium, he escaped.

Genovese family runs Mamora Beach Hotel Casino in Antigua.
Beginning 1966 operated Charles Tourine of the Genovese family and Angelo Chieppa who worked for Genovese capo Ruggerio Boiardo from the Mamora Beach Hotel Casino in Antigua.

boxer Rubin “hurricane”Carter
17 june 1966 two black males enter in Patterson (NJ) the Lafayette Bar and Grill and start shooting killing bartender Jim Oliver and male customer Fred “Cedar Grove Bob”Nauyoks and later also died female customer Hazel Tanis. Accused were former boxer Rubin “hurricane”Carter and Artis.?????

13 june 1966 an undercover was introduced by an informer to Frank Fimmano at the corner of Burke and Matthews Avenues in the Bronx and Fimmano agreed thereafter to sell the undercover an eight of a kilo of heroin for 2700 dollars, Fimmano got the heroin from Alfred Catino and sold it to the undercover. 31 august 1966 the undercover bought 2 ounces of heroin from Fimmano who now got the heroin from Catino’s partner Thomas Pagano. Pagano got 30 june 1967 five years. Alfred Catino got 1 november 1967 five years.

Michael “mickey”Bowers dies
25 June 1966 dies west side waterfront gangster Michael “mickey”Bowers in a car crash in which die 5 people. Michael “mickey”Bowers led ILA local 824 and his son is John Bowers who wil become ILA president in 1987.

Gross friend Phil Katz came to Gross and said that he could buy a numbers bank from black ex convict Ed Houston (he had served time for manslaughter). Herbie Gross then also met Vincent “Jimmy Sinatra”Craporatta who became his boss and passes for the numbersbank.

The june 1968 robbery of the Fairmount Hotel in Lakewood (NJ) the estimated take was 400000 dollars. Zicarelli and Genovese mobster John DiGilio had planned it and lent the expertise of Belleville resident Michael Guibilo to beat down hotel owner Louis Kelman (83). The robbery was actually the brainchild of political bagman Herbie Gross who also owned a competing hotel. Michael Guibilo and seven others were indicted in 1971 and Gross was a key witness.

Colombo capo Sonny Franzese and John Gotti
Beginning spring 1966 a car salesman had to sell a car formerly owned by Sonny Franzese and warned a prospective buyer that the car could be bugged. Funzi Tarricone (a man of Colombo capo Dominic Cataldo), John Gotti (Fatico man) and Willy Boy Johnson then beat up the car salesman.

John Gotti friend Willie Boy Johnson imprisoned
In 1966 Willy Boy Johnson went to prison for an armed holdup.

John Gotti, Gene Gotti and Ruggiero arrested
In 1967 were John Gotti, Gene Gotti and Angelo Ruggiero arrested for hijacking loaded trucks.

Toronto n’dranghisti Rocco Zito
In the 1950's Rocco Zito immigrated to Canada and settled in Toronto. Through the 50's 60's and 70's Rocco Zito developed strong ties to the other Toronto ndrangheta leaders Vincenzo Deleo (who owns the Tre Mari bakery on St. Clair Avenue, Cosimo Stalteri (who murdered a rival in Siderno), Rocco Commisso (who was shot at while driving in a car with Salvatore Aquino who was leader of Gioisa Ionica cosca) and Michele Racco who was capo crimini of all the capobastone in Toronto.

Toronto (Siderno diaspora)
6 januari 1967 Salvatore “Sammy”Triumbari (34), the president of Cynar Dry Ltd, an italian softdrinks company, gets shot to death in his house in Toronto, he is from Siderno.

Toronto (Siderno diaspora)
The next who gets killed in 1969 is Filippo Vendemini (also from Siderno) who delivered illegal alcohol for Paolo Violi and Vincenzo Melia. Vendemini gets shot to death in front of his shoe store in Toronto, he also worked for Cynar Dry Ltd, an italian softdrinks company for which also worked a familymember of the Commissos.

27 January 1967 Antonio Magaddino attends the funeral of Thomas S Callea.

In 1967 dies John C Montana (74).

Puerto Rico murdercase Teamster boss Frank Chavez
1 March 1967 went Puerto Rico Teamster boss Frank Chavez to Washington and met Hoffa. Several months later was Teamsterboss Chavez shot dead by one of his bodyguards.

Queens Teamsters Local 804 president Ron Carey
In 1967 was Ron Carey elected Teamster Local 804 president in the New York City borough of Queens where he grew up.

Teamster president Fitzsimmons
6 March 1967 meet Hoffa, Fitzsimmons, Robert Holmes and Dave Johnson and Johnson became president of Local 299. Holmes (Bert Brennan's successor as president of Local 337) got control over the Michigan teamsters. The next day Hoffa went into Lewisburg prison. In march 1967 Jimmy Hoffa went into prison and had to make place for Frank Fitzsimmons.

Lucchese member Salvatore Granello
In 1967 got Lucchese capo Salvatore Granello 18 months for extortion of jukebox distributor Irving Holzman.

Nick “Sonny” Nardi president of Teamsters local 416 in Ohio

Joe Celso’s chickenfarm and Harold "K.O" Konigsberg
In 1967 “KO”Konigsberg was hit with an extortion charge and Konigsberg led authorities to a marsh that year located on Joseph “Joe” Celso’s chicken farm down in Lakewood NJ which was a mob burial ground. KO claimed that "Tony Bender" Strollo, Bernard o’Brien among others were put there however Strollo was not found there. 2 other murdered victims Angelo Sonessa and Kenneth Later were found there and the orthopedic shoes of bookmaker Bernard O’Brien. Eventually the feds got tired and KO wound up in the New York State prison system where he had been convicted on extortion charges totaling 30 to 44 yrs.

Inmates Provenzano and Konigsberg
In the late 1960s Konigsberg and the Provenzano's had a falling out over money and KO sued them in court however he supposedly dropped the suit when he was in Danbury fed prison and Tony Pro was at Lewisberg and Tony got word to KO and threatened his family with harm if he didn't stop the nonsense.

New Jersey Teamster local 560
31 March 1967 were indicted Armand Faugno and Thomas Andretta.

New Jersey Teamster local 560 trustee Robert Luizzi
The may 1967 appointment of Robert A Luizzi to the position of Trustee

New Jersey based Bonanno soldier Joseph "Bayonne Joe"Zicarelli
In 1967, a close association with Congressman Cornelius Gallagher was revealed by Life Magazine, destroying Gallagher's career. In august 1968 publiced Life magazine an article about phone talks between Hudson County democrat Cornelius E Gallagher and Zicarelli.

In 1966 Teitlebaum met Fred R Field jr at a labor negotiation. Fred Field principal officer of ILA local 856 in Manhattan (Clemente trial??) . Teitlebaum later also met Sebastian “benny”cotrone

George Barone has been around since the early 1960s at the NY NJ piers. Doug Rado and George Barone were men of the genovese family and controlled ILA president Theodore “Teddy” Gleeson. back in the early 1960s Barone tried to grab a piece of the Newark waterfront but Jerry Catena would have none of it. In 1967 was the influence of the Genovese men George Barone, Douglas “Doug”Rago and James Cornelius Vanderwijde broken in the New York harbors when the Waterfront Comission stripped Barone of his license to operate on the NY NJ piers.

Florida harbors and Genovese
George Barone than moved on to Miami Florida with Doug Rago. George barone was president of ILA local 1922 in Miami.

Miami based Genovese capo John Biello ( Futto) killed
17 March 1967 in Miami the Genovese capo John Biello was 4 times shot in the head and killed by Biello’s own man George Barone. Biello and Bonanno had been friends but Biello and Colombo had told the Commission about Bonanno`s rebellion plot. Bonanno had the murder ordered and had the help of Genovese soldier Pasquale “Patsy”Erra. Biello’s own man George Barone would later confess the murder of his own capo Biello.

New Jersey based Caponigro soldier Dominick Luciano and murder of Nicky "tarzan"Colucci
On or about 14 october 1967 at the 309 Club located at 309 Lafayette Street, Newark, New Jersey. Dominick Luciano’s man Tino Fiumara murdered Peter Mantello “Flatnose Pete”, Patsy Collucci and Nicholas Collucci by shooting them to death. Dominick "lolly" Luciano murdered dock hiringboss Pasquale “Patsy”Colucci and his brother Nicky "Tarzan" Colucci and Peter Mantello in a tavern Downneck in Newark.

In the late 1960’s the Genovese and Gambino families divided control of the docks, with the Gambinos taking over Brooklyn and Staten Island and the Genovese taking Manhattan and New Jersey. Running ILA local 1588 in Bayonne for the Genovese was George barone ( a member of the Jets gang immortalized in West Side Story). In the mid 1970’s John DiGilio took over ILA local 1588.

Denver (Colorado)
In 1968 the cosca of Denver was newly surrected by Vincenzo and James Colletti who led the family till 1972.

26 October 1968 marries Antonio Magaddino's daughter Josephine with John Fabiano.

In november 1968 the FBI arrest Stefano and search his home.

Claude Andre Pastou and murdercase??? Thierry de Bonnay
26 October 1968 Thierry de Bonnay, another close associate of Fernand Legros', died in a mysterious auto accident. Italian police suspected Pastou in both killings, which were committed while he was on a trip back to Europe.

Haiti dictator Duvalier and Andre Labay
In 1968 Labay went to Haiti, where he made a small fortune from a factory. He was often visited there by Legros, and the two became personal friends of the Haitian dictator Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier. Labay ingratiated himself with Duvalier's daughter MarieDenise, leading some to suspect he was her lover. In Haiti he served as an SDECE-CIA double agent. He stayed in close touch with U.S. gangsters Joe Bonnano and Max Intrattor, and one of his Geneva contacts was the Lansky syndicate's financial brain, John Pullman.[E. Gerdan: DossierA ... comme Armes (Alain Moreau, 1974). The Mafia's activities in Cuba were controlled by Joe Bonnano, whose close partners today in the so-called Southern Rim Mafia are Santo Trafficante, jr. and Carlos Marcello. Labay was also closely tied to Intra-Bank founder Yussef Beidas.]

Claude Andre Pastou and murdercase Enrico Passigli
In December 1968 Enrico Passigli, a weapons-smuggling friend of Christian David's, was murdered in Rome. Italian police suspected Pastou in both killings, which were committed while he was on a trip back to Europe.

Tino Fiumara
Police suspect Fiumara being involved in the murders of Nicky and patsy Colucci, Richard Santos and patterson NJ bookie Robert "Bobby" Harris who was killed with a baseballbat.

Between on or about 1 janaury 1969 and march 1969 at the city of Patterson, New Jersey, Tino Fiumara and others murdered bookmaker Robert Harris by beating him with a baseball bat and shooting him.

New Jersey based Philadelphia capo Caponigro soldier Dominick Luciano protege Tino Fiumara
29 March 1969 they find the body of black bookie Robert "Bobby" Harris he had been missing for 3 months. His widow is Katherine Harrison who was later killed by her second husband Kenneth E Hammond who then commits suicide.

In april 1969 they kidnap the wrong person, Richard Lawrence and they let him go and he went to police who set up a trap for the kidnappers. 13 May police kill Frank Rivetti (39) and arrest Stanley Emmett Tuttle (40) and the boss Anthony “Tony the shrimp”La Sorsa escapes but turns himself in.

11 may 1969 were 2 Jersey men found slain in a room at Cunard Pier.

FBI man gone crazy
14 may 1969 committed Frances Angleman suicide and 21 july Stevens gets arrested and 2 days later Dunbar. They accuse then Hale and Prideaux after which Hale resigns 21 august with the FBI.

In 1969 Joseph Fino became the underboss and still Scro consiglieri. Capos are Jacomino Russolesi, Benjamin Nicoletti sr, Roy Carlisi (brother Sam Carlisi in Chicago), Pasquale Natarelli, Joseph Falcone, Frank Valenti (of Pittsburgh family and head of Rochester). Maggadino’s family falls apart in in 3 fractions the Salvatore Pieri group, the Todaro group and the Rochester family. Magaddino’s capo Volpe in Toronto supports Pieri.

Rochester family started by Frank Valenti
In july 1969 Magaddino's unhappy underboss Salvatore "Sam" Pieri and Pieri's righthandman Frank Randaccio met others at the farm of Frank Valenti (Buffalo's representative in Rochester). Valenti said he would now start his own Rochester borgata (family). Pieri said he would take over the family from Magaddino after the Commission would okay this. But he was still opposed by capo Joe Fino and Fino's friend the capo John Cammilleri, their faction stood against the Pieri- Randaccio faction.

Peter Campisi and murdercase WF Kimbrough
30 September 1969 was William Foster Kimbrough killed by Peter Campisi “Petey Black”, Pipi Campisi and Ray Cagno. Peter Campisi “Petey Black” was the driver and shooter.

New Jersey based Philadelphia capo Caponigro soldier Dominick Luciano and Campisi family
Maureen Campisi disappeared in November 1969 because of her affair with gambling rival Dominick “Louis” Luciano.

New Jersey Genovese capo Catena
in dec.69 judge lacey imprisoned catena on a contempt charge.he remained in jail until 76 when the u.s. supreme ct. ruled his imprisonment as unconstitutional. Catena resided in south orange prior to his 69 jailing for contempt.upon his release he retired to boca raton fl. and enjoyed himself in retirement. among his legitimate interests were ruynon vending,bally manufacturing[bally international',cpc corp.[hellmans mayo] and best foods.

New Jersey based Genovese soldier Angelo " Ray or Gyp" DeCarlo
In 1970, DeCarlo was sentenced to 12 years in prison and fined $20,000 on an extortion charge. However, less than two years later, President Richard Nixon commuted his prison term after DeCarlo had petitioned for his release claiming he was dying of cancer. What was remarkable about the clemency was the speed with which it occurred. The Washington D.C. rumor mill hinted that Sinatra, working through Vice President Spiro Agnew, had arranged the release.

D'Alessio family on Staten Island
Michael D’Alessio and Mary DiBrizzi (her brother is staten island boss Alexander DiBrizzi) had as sons the legit civilians Pasquale “Patrick” D’Alessio and Dominick d’alessio (an attorney) and the criminals Alexander “Pope Dee”D’Alessio, John D’Alessio (he married Ruth Croker and their daughter is Theresa Dalessio Mirabile) and Michael D’Alessio. Marie DiBrizzi, moved to Staten Island at the "request" of mobster Dutch Schultz. the D’Alessio family owned several houses on Britton Street, near DeKalb Avenue, in Concord.

D'Alessio family on Staten Island
The 3 D'Alessio brothers Alexander, John and Michael were active on the once busy Staten Island waterfront and in the gambling business with strong ties to the Gambino's. John D’alessio "Johnny Dee" and his brothers co-owned the Dee's cigarette and vending company in Concord from 1939 until 1979. Johnny Dee's first arrest was recorded in 1932, when he and his brother, Michael (Mikey Dee) Dalessio were charged with beating up a man. The brothers were not convicted of that crime. Johnny Dee moved his family from Concord to Jumel Street in Great Kills in 1944.

Alexander DiBrizzi
Alexander DiBrizzi controlled the Staten Island waterfront as International Longshoremen's Association Local 920 president, based on Bay Street in Stapleton. He was also vice president of the ILA's Atlantic Coast District.

A regular meeting of ILA Local 920 was held 16 july 1964 for the purpose of nominating candidates for the august election and at the meeting Local 920 president himself appointed a five member committee to pass on nominations. DiBrizzi was left without opposition for reelection as president.

Theresa Dalessio Mirabile
Terry Dee's second husband was a man named Anthony Buttino, which she said made her an in-law to reputed Genovese crime family boss Vincent "The Chin" Gigante.
Terry Dee later married an Anthony DeLorenzo, and after that, Vincent Mirabile, her current husband. They have been separated for a decade, she said.

Lucchese soldier and heroindistributor Matthew Madonna
In 1959 Leroy “Nicky” Barnes and Lucchese man and heroindealer Matthew Madonna became friends in prison.

New York's Black Harlem heroinking Leroy "Nicky" Barnes
While in his 20s, Barnes became a mid-level drug dealer until sent to prison in 1965 after the seizure of 29 january 1965 of 3.5 kilos of heroin which led to the first arrest of Leroy "Nicky" Barnes for narcotics. There in prison, he teamed up with gangster "Crazy Joey" Gallo who taught him how to operate a drug trafficking organization. Gallo had wanted to be a major force in the Harlem drug trade, but he lacked the personnel. He urged Barnes to recruit African-Americans into the business. With the help of a lawyer provided by Gallo, Barnes' conviction was reversed and he was released from prison. Barnes went back to the streets of New York and began establishing his own trafficking network.

Black Harlem's "Bumpy" Johnson dies
By 1966, Johnson's rap sheet boasted 30 violent crime arrests and four convictions, including 11 years on Alcatraz. Elsworth "Bumpy" Johnson's reign as King of Harlem ended on July 7, 1968, at Well's Restaurant in Harlem.

Bonanno war starts
Bill Bonanno is now the boss but DiGregorio leaves him with his faction and had his men ambush 28 Januari 1966 Bill. They shot more then 100 bullets but Bill stayed unharmed.

Salvatore "Sal the Baker" Catalano (answered to Gaetano Badalamenti) settles in NY
In 1966 arrive Salvatore "Sal the Baker" Catalano, Domenico, Vito Catalano and their sister Vita in New York (they are family of the also in New York living Salvatore "Saca" Catalano, a friend of Buscetta) and start to work for the Gambino brothers. Also Buscetta's friend Antonino Salamone send his capo Giuseppe Ganci to New York and he opens a pizzeria.

Montreal, Quebec?, Canada
In 1966 Salvatore Bonanno came to Montreal and had meetings with Vincenzo Cotroni. Santo Scibetta mediated in a conflict between Vincenzo Cotroni and Magaddino, maggadino thought that cotroni sided with bonanno and Canada was his territory. Scibetta represented maggadino's intrest at a sitdown in hamilton with Giacomo Luppino. Joe DiCarlo from Niagara falls was appointed by Scibetta to watch Cotroni's movements with the Bonnano family. Sammy Gravano's wife's name was Scibetta and she was related to bayonne Joe Zicarelli.

Antigua, Mamora Beach Hotel
Beginning 1966 operated Charles Tourine of the Genovese family and Angelo Chieappa who worked for Genovese capo Ruggerio Boiardo from the Mamora Beach Hotel Casino in Antigua.

Charles Tourine of the Genovese family once tried to arrange an 8 million dollar loan for Kirk Kerkorian (later controlling stockholder in Metro Goldwyn Mayer and a major stockholder in Western Airline).

Philadelphia boss Angelo Bruno
12 April 1966 Angelo Bruno was found in a restaurant with Genovese capo Gerald Laietta and Philly mobsters Al Siverburg and Nathan Newman.

Philadelphia boss Angelo Bruno and London
Bruno delivered slotmachines to Atlantic Machines owned by Eddie Richardson and Frank Fraser thanks to Billy Hill and Albert Dimes. The American mafia owns in London the by George Raft led Colony Club and the Villa Casino till the English police in januari 1967 put Dino Cellini, Fred Ayoub and 6 other mobsters on a plane to the US. Also the mobsters Joseph Napolitano and Rickie Castucci were banned because they had in Villa Casino cheated the players. Soon the Colony Club closed and Raft went back to the US.

Pleasant Avenue kidnappers
11 June 1966 drugdealer Frank Angelo (36) “Whitey Marsh” was kidnapped from Pleasant Avenue and his partner Rudy De Luca paid 30000 dollars, only half of the money the kidnappers wanted and they kill Angelo.

Commission meeting at La Stella restaurant
22 September 1966 police surprise a mob meeting in the La Stella restaurant, New York, there are Carlo Gambino, Carlos Marcello, Santos Trafficante Jr, Aniello Dellacroce, Joseph Marcello Jr (family of Carlos), Thomas Eboli, Joseph Colombo, Michael Miranda, Dominick Alongi (Genovese soldier), Anthony Corolla (the son of the former New Orleans boss Sam Carolla) and Frank Gagliano (Marcello soldier). They sure had talked about the problem with Bonanno. The lunch held at La Stella, in Queens,at 102-111 Queen's Boulevard in Forest Hills, on September 26, 1966, hosted 13 men. Three of these were from New Orleans.Although there has been speculation about why the meeting was called, it seems reasonable to assume that in part at least, it was to resolve matters relating to New Orleans. Carlos Marcello sat at the table with his brother Joe, his underboss, along with Anthony Carolla and Frank Gagliano, two of his senior family members. Carolla had apparently been seeking a greater share of the New Orleans mob’s action, citing seniority within the family and his family birthright. His father had been Sam Carolla, who had run the family until deportation in 1947. Anthony was also apparently seeking approval for consideration to take over the New Orleans Mafia when Marcello eventually retired. The group had then moved to La Stella for a late lunch. Trafficante was there to throw his weight behind Marcello- although Vincent LoScalzo later did some business with Carolla after Marcello went away and Trafficante died.

East Harlem Genovese capo "Trigger" Mike Coppola dies
After his release from prison Coppola retired to his home in Florida to raise orchids. in September 1966 Coppola became sick and died in a hospital in Boston 1 october 1966. His rackets in East harlem around 116th street were taken over by "Fat" Tony Salerno.
East Harlem Genovese capo "fat"Tony Salerno

Vito Genovese soldier Alfred “Sharkey”Cupola
Vito Genovese soldier Alfred “Sharkey”Cupola (a former Queens mortician) was 16 may 1966 arrested for extortion.

John Matera
19 september 1966 was Gennaro Galtieri arrested and charged with conspiracy in a 2 million dollar Miami hotel holdup and sentenced to 25 years and John Matera got a life sentence. State’s chief witness was Willie Mae Lee.

Gilbert Lee Beckley “the Brain”
In januari 1966 the FBI arrests Gilbert Lee Beckley and in his papers they find the names of Scibelli and Cousy.

Boston sports
In 1967 writes Life magazine that also Babe Parilli, the quarterback of the Boston Patriots, visited Arthur’s Farm. Parilli and Patriots player Gino Cappelletti. Boston Celtics basketball trainer Bob Cousy is befriended with Francesco Scibelli "Frankie Skiball" of the Genovese family and worked for Big Nose Sam Cufari the boss of Springfield. Scibelli’s partner is Andrew Pradella.

Boston thief Teresa
In 1967 Teresa meets in Haiti Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier and they go into gambling.

Gambino member Michael Scandifia
21 June 1967 Brooklyn garagemanager and Gambino member Michael J Scandifia (49) got 6 years for interstate transportation of 410000 dollars of worth of counterfeit bonds. In july 1968 was suspended cop Leonard Grossmann offered immunity from prosecution if he would answer questions about the murder of ex convict Alfred “Freddie the kid” Sanantonio. Gambino member Michael Scandifia was taped with patrolman Leonard Grossmann while plotting the murders of stoolpigeons and the tape was later played at the trial of suspended patrolman Leonard Grossmann on 26 september 1968. In December 1968 disappeared suspended policeman Leonard Grossmann and was presumed killed. 9 december 1968 disappeared Gambino member Michael Scandifia and was presumed killed by police. 1 January 1969 was Gambino member Michael Scandifia’s bail of 10000 dollar forfeited.

Pleasant Avenue drugdealer Joseph “Jojo”Manfredi
In 1967 they try to kidnap Joseph “Jojo” Manfredi (FBN book page 522) a Gambino man, he is an important drugtraficker in Harlem, the kidnapping was bodged. They then kidnap 24 april 1967 his man Mike Luongo (46).

Roma Foods
Louis and Michael Piancone are the owners of Roma Foods, that delivered pizza ingredients to thousands of pizzerias and have as their partner Joseph Bonanno.

Piancone Pizza Palaces
In 1967 Michael Piancone surrects the pizzeria chain Piancone Pizza Palaces.

Eagle Cheese Company
Michael Piancone starts in februari 1968 Eagle Cheese Company, licencyholders are Antonino Napoli, Filippo and Franco Casamento. Others are Frank Rappa (family of Carlo Gambino), the Sollena brothers, Antonino Minore (the boss of Trapani at Sicily) and Emmanuele Adamita (the righthand of Vincenzo Napoli). In the chain worked thousands of illegal Italians. They had been smuggled into the US via Montreal. The smuggling ring was run by Carlo Gambino's brother Paolo and Montreal's bosses Vincent and Giuseppe Cotroni. Under the members are Tony Settimo, Giuseppe Romano, Pietro Davie, Tommaso Buscetta, Guido Orsini, Carlo Zippo, Giuseppe Tramontana, Bruno Pennisi, Salvatore Rina, Nicholas "Nick" Rizzutto, Giovanni Caruana, Liborio Cuntrera, Salvatore Inzerillo and his uncle Antonio.

Bonanno orders murder of his friend the Genovese capo John Biello in Miami
18 March 1967 in Miami the Genovese capo John Biello was killed at the orders of Bonanno. They had been friends but Biello and Colombo had told the Commission about Bonanno`s rebellion plot. Bonanno had the murder committed and had the help of Genovese soldier Pasquale Erra (FBN book page 90?).

Antoine Guerini killed at the orders of his enemies Marcel Francisci and Venturi
At some point in the mid-sixties the Francisci-Venturi clan decided to push the Guerini brothers out of the picture. Two masked motorcyclists shot down Antoine Guerini on 23 June 1967. In 1967 Jacky Imbert was the chief suspect in the drive-by killing of Marseille crime boss Antoine Guerini, after which Imbert and Gaetan “Tani” Zampa became the kingpins of the city’s lucrative prostitution, drugs and protection rackets. Their only rival was Francis Vanverberghe “The Belgian”. During Antoine Guerini's funeral at Calenzana, Corsica, on 4 july 1967, two Marseille burglars took advantage of the absence of the family retainers to break into Antoine's villa and steal family jewelry worth thousands of dollars. Barthelemy Guerini's rage did not go unnoticed, and 10 July 1967, one of the burglars, Jean Paul Mandroyan, returned the jewels, while the other thief fled to Spain. 22 July 1967 the police found burglar Jean Paul Mandroyan shot dead-and a witness reported that he had seen Barthelemy Guerini forcing Mandroyan into his Mercedes just before the young burglar's murder. Weeks later Marcel Francisci was shot at during a political meeting in Ajaccio, Corsica, but managed to reach cover. Four Guerini lieutenants were killed in the next three months. 4 august 1967 police entered the Guerinis' Club Mediterranee and arrested Barthelemy and his five bodyguards. All six were armed. 14 December 1967 two men were blown to bits planting a bomb in Francisci's home near Paris. No one else was hurt. Francisci's comment: "I forgive them."

Bonanno war
Bonanno stayed low profile for a while and then his men wounded Frank Mari (DiGregorio`s topkiller) in Brooklyn, he was a suspect in the ambush at Bill.
-At the end of october 1967 Vincent Cassese was shot in the chest and arms while Vincent Garofalo was hit in the left part of his body.
-Beginning november 1967 Frank Telleri and the brothers Thomas and rebel Bonanno capo James di Angelo ( DiGregorio men) were shot to death in the Cyprus Garden Restaurant by Gaspare Magaddino Sr, Peter Magaddino`s youngest brother from Castellammare. Frank telleri had been a big bookmaker who would meet that day his capo James DiAngelo and he had just talked before with Iannuzzi and his boss Colombo man Mike Belvedere. Their capo is Buster Aloi? Aloi, Belvedere and Iannuzzi visit the funeral of Frank Telleri.
-In march 1968 Di Gregorio's underboss Peter Crociata was shot 6 times but survives.
--11 March 1968 Bill`s bodyguard and chauffeur Sam Perrone was killed in Brooklyn by Frank Mari and 2 other killers.
-1 April 1968 a lot of the men of Bonanno and DiGregorio had to appear in court to be questioned about the ambush at Bill. Under the ones who greeted Bill friendly was also DiGregorio`s capo Michael Consolo (64 and FBN handbook page 401) when he comes later out of court he gets killed near his car.
-Later that month (april 1968) also a Perrone man and a DiGregorio man were wounded.

FBI man gone crazy
In 1968 FBI agent Dave O Hale approaches the manager of the Complete Auto Supply Company, Walter I Prideaux, in Tucson with a stupid plan. They also got a man of CASC as a coconspiritor, William John Dunbar and Paul Mills Stevens. Also who knew about the plot was the antropology student Frances Angleman. Hale and Frances drove at the evening of 3 july 1968 to the home of Anthony Tisci, son in law of Sam Giancana, and Hale shot with a rifle through the windows. 21 July 1968 Hale, Prideaux, Dunbar and Stevens had 2 bombs explode at the garage of Peter Livavoli, there is not much damage. The next day the 4 men drove to the Bonanno home, Stevens and Dunbar threw a stick of dynamite over the wall. Salvatore “ Bill” Bonanno shot at them and hit Stevens in the arm. 16 August 1968 there explode bombs at the home of Joseph Notaro. in september 1968 explode the last 4 bombs in Tucson: one at a car agency that was run by gangsters, a second at a wigstore owned by mrs Battaglia, a third at the home of a automatdealer and the third at the place of a friend of the Bonanno family.

Santo Sorge
In 1968 he sued the NYPD for the comments made by Ralph Salerno in 1963 that Sorge was a link between the Sicilian and US Mafias, with close ties to Luciano himself. Supreme Court of the State of New York County of New York. Plaintiff Santo Sorge against The City of New York, Ralph Salerno, and John F. Shanley". According to this document, Sorge admitted knowing Luciano on a casual basis. He knew Genco Russo from childhood.

Bonanno heroindealer ??? Anthony Baressi
In 1968 Anthony Baressi was heared he worked for Progresso Foods but belonged to the bonanno family just like his man Walter Falcetta.

Bonanno's faction of Di gregorio
-6 february 1969 Di Gregorio`s man Thomas Zummo (29) was shot to death. Several days later dies DiGregorio`s brother Matteo (72).
-In september 1969 disappear Frank Mari and his bodyguard Michael “Mike” Adamo. (Frank Mari's son could be the lawyer Matthew Mari who works later for capo Frank Lino and Thomas Pitera).
-Peter Magaddino`s youngest brother Gaspare Magaddino Sr, (the restaurant triple killer) from Castellammare who was found back shot to death 21 april 1970 on a Brooklyn sidewalk in New York. (later was also his son Gaspare Magaddino Jr ?? killed in Castellammare in 1983?? probably by Riina supporters)
-11 June 1970 dies Gaspar DiGregorio (65??).
-15 may 1971 was Paul Sciacca arrested on charges of conspiring to sell and selling heroin. Paul Sciacca dies??? .

Carlo Gambino meets Philadelphia boss Angelo Bruno
11 June 1968 Bruno was seen in a NY restaurant with his cousin John Simone, Brooklyn boss Joseph Colombo and the boss Carlo Gambino.

Bonanno man Anthony Baressi
In 1968 Anthony Baressi was heared he worked for Progresso Foods but belonged to the bonanno family just like his man Walter Falcetta.

Pleasant Avenue kidnappers
Also Tom Eboli the Genovese underboss was thought to have been kidnapped and his brother Pasquale “Patsy Ryan” Eboli paid a ransom of 100000 dollars. Eboli then sends his killer John Gregory “Buster” Ardito (FBN book page 345) to Rocco Mazzie (FBN book page 534) of the Gambinos, both did in drugtrafficking and 23 December 1968 were the negros Clarence Eugene Christian and Walter Allen “Butch” Hooker found shot through the head in a car, they were killed because the bosses thought they were part of the kidnapping gang.

Pleasant Avenue drugdealer Tuminaro
15 August 1968 police find the bodies of Frank Tuminaro (40) and Frank Gangi in the trunk of a car in Upstate NY. Police suspect Genovese hitman Charles Gagliodotto.

Genovese hitman Charles Gagliodotto or Charles Gagliadatto
In September 1969 was Genovese hitman Charles Gagliodotto strangled by relatives of Tuminaro.

Springfield inmate Vito Genovese dies
Vito Genovese died on 11 februari 1969 at Springfield Medical prison.

Joe Colombo
In 1969 Joe Colombo starts the Italian American Civil Rights League.

In 1969 Frankos came free from prison. 11 October 1970 steal Comfort and Sammy Nalo 2 million dollars worth of goods from Sophia Loren. The same year Donald "Tony" Frankos came free from Dannemora and started to work for Gallo, Tramunti, Gigante and John Sullivan, the last ruled a big part of the West Side for Salerno, Ianniello and Gigante.

Italian harlem
In 1969 started the gangs to invest their heroinmoney in appartments in East New York by using block busting. The mobsters offered some black families cheap appartments and told the there living jews and italians those were only the first to arrive. They sold their homes cheap to brokers and the marketprices of the appartments went down. Pleasant Avenue was the center of the last southern Italians in East Harlem rapidly overcome by blacks and Puerto Ricans moving in after which it became Black and Spanish Harlem.

Black harlem
One of the biggest dealers in black Harlem is Nicky Barnes he had met in prison Joey Gallo and they went into heroin, after the murder of Gallo his partner Barnes put up his own organisation. Barnes regularly visited sugar Ray Robinson’s bar in Harlem at 7th Avenue and Wilt the Stilt’s of Wilt Chamberlain.

Spanish harlem
In spanish Harlem the drugtrade by the puerto Ricans was led by Spanish Raymond Marquez who got his drugs from Philly Rags. Marquez ruled also the numbers in spanish Harlem but pays a contribution to Salerno.

Pleasant Avenue
Pleasant Avenue had as one of the biggest dealers Sal Ruggiero who was close with men of Dellacroce. The italians used jewish dealers to sell the heroin to the blacks and Puerto Ricans. The Italians moved to Brooklyn and Queens. In Bensonhurst, Brooklyn there was the youth gang the Rampers which had under its members Sammy Gravano, Jimmy Emma, Gerry Pappa, Joe V, Tommy Snake, Lenny the mole, Louie Milito and Tommy Spero. In Ozone Park, Queens there were The Saints with Matthew Traynor as one of the leaders. John Gotti was with the Fulton Rockaway Boys (Fulton Pitkin boys). Gravano and Joe V got wounded when they were shot at and Jerry Pappa helped them. When Jimmy Emma was killed in a driveby shooting at the orders of Colombo capo Mimi Sciala mobster Pappa escaped. Papa was inducted in the genovese family just like Allie Boy Cuomo.

Colombo soldier “Fat”Caesar Vitale
In december 1969 was in the club of the Colombo soldier Fat Caesar Vitale the bartender James Tumolo beaten up and he told police that Salvatore D`Ambrosio had been tortured to death in the club by Carmine Persico, also D`Ambrosio`s friend Fred DeLucia had disappeared. Not much later also Tumolo was killed in a bar.

Francisci-Venturi clan
21 June 1968 Francisci again escaped with his life, this time from a restaurant in Corsica as five men sprayed machine gun bullets in his wake. Passersby weren't as fortunate. One was killed, five others were wounded. The machine gunners were taken care of four months later in a Montmartre bar, by police-clad gangsters.

Francois Guerini dies
In 1969 dies Francois Guerini in prison

Guerini brothers imprisoned
Barthelemy's trial began 5 January 1970 but from the beginning the prosecution suffered reverses. On January 15 the jury returned a verdict of guilty: Barthelemy received twenty years; his younger brother Pascal and two others, fifteen years each. With brother Francois' death in prison one year earlier, the Guerinis no longer stood in the way of the Francisci-Venturi mob.

Marseille’s caids (underworld bosses) Gaetano Zampa, Imbert and Vanverweghe
Gaetano Zampa came free in januari 1970, and went into the narcotics trade. Marseilles underworld was then ruled by the 3 caïds Zampa, Jacky Imbert and Francis le Belge.

Francisci- Venturi men Croce- Bistoni- Mondolini
In september 1968 Edmond Taillet was asked by Joseph Marro to smuggle heroin to Montreal. They had met a few years earlier in Les Versailles cabaret which is owned by boss Antoine Guerini.

Tampa mafiaboss Trafficante jr
In 1962 Phillip Piazza was arrested. In september 1962 Trafficante spoke with the cuban financier Jose Aleman.

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Tampa boss Trafficante jr soldier Furci in Saigon (Vietnam)
In 1965 mafioso Frank Carmen Furci the son of Trafficante's capo Dominick Furci arrives in Vietnam and starts to send heroin from his restaurant in Saigon to Tampaboss Trafficante.

Tampa boss Trafficante jr
In july 1967 the Vietnamese customs enter the office of Frank Carmen Furci but he has fled to Hong Kong.

Tampa boss Trafficante jr
Joe Bedami worked with Pat Matassini and James "Jojo" Cacciatore and early 1967 Joe Bedami was arrested for arson. Joe Bedami disappears in august 1967 and was presumed dead, next year he would have stand on trial.

Tampa boss Trafficante jr
In november 1967 Henry Trafficante gets arrested.

Tampa drugboss James Cacciatore dies
drugkingpin Joe M. Cacciatore died in December 1967. His son is Terry E. Cacciatore, great nephew of Santo Trafficante Jr.

Tampa boss Trafficante jr
In 1968 Furci get visited in Hong Kong by Trafficante and his father who travel by on their way to the Continental Palace in Saigon, Vietnam (that belongs to the Corsican Philippe Franchini, the heir of Mathieu Franchini) for an underworld meeting with Corsicans and Chinese. (In the same hotel there are meetings october 1969 and 1970).

James Dolan aka James Bradley
James Dolan aka James Bradley was arrested in Chicago 5 october 1953 by FBI agents for parole violation. He was incarcerated at Leavenworth prison until October 1954. He was then transferred and was released 21 february 1956. Following his release he was employed for a brief period by Windy City Distributors in Chicago. In 1956 he moved to Dallas. 16 January 1961 Dolan, Goerge Fuqua and Betty Lee Johnson were arrested near Biloxi. 2 february 1961 was Dolan apprehended in Dallas when leaving his home with George Everett Thomas. In 1961 it was reported That Dolan was engaged in “booking”with Johnny Ross Patrono and Bobby Chapman. 4 april 1962 Dolan was observed in the company of Eddie Tom Green. 10 may 1963 a Cadillac was stopped and in it were Dimitry Saik and Dolan. 21 May 1963 Saik frequented the Town and Country Restaurant owned by carlos Marcello associate Joseph A Poretto. 9 December 1963 were Dolan, Jess Raymond Bridwell and Robert Elmer Wooverton arrested at the Sheraton Hotel.

“The flying bootlegger”Orville Lindsay Chambless disappeared 8 august 1956 and his car was found at Will Rogers airport the next day. His bones were found 8 november 1957 in a grave on a farm near Will Rogers Flied in southwest Oklahoma City.

Trafficante family
James Dolan aka James Bradley and George Fuqua robbed small time poker games. In late 1960 or 1961 George Fuqua and James Dolan went to Miami where Dolan introduced Fuqua to Santo Trafficante through Trafficante associate Milo Bell. In Texas was George Fuqua with his girlfriend killed in november 1968 by Dixie mafia member James Walter Cherry. 10 janaury 1969 Bill Decker sent Dallas deputy sheriff Buddy Walthers and Alvin Maddox to a motel to question Walter Cherry an escaped convict and a suspect in the double murder of Fuqua. Cherry shot and killed Walthers. James Cherry bought property from Ned Warren near Prescott Arizona.

Tampa boss Trafficante jr
24 November 1969 was the just free from prison Alfonso Confessore shot dead by 3 men, he had falsified credit cards of Diners Club of America with the mob but then had been arrested in Florida.

Tampa mafiaboss Trafficante jr
In 1971 Phillip Piazza was arrested.

Miami based gambler Martin Sklaroff
6 june 1964 was martin Sklaroff arrested by the IRS.

Los Angeles bookmaker Charles Katz
In February 1965 was Charles Katz seen placing calls from a bank of 3 public telephone booths located in the 8200 block of Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles during certain hours and on almost daily basis. He was never observed in any other phone booth. In the period of 19 february to 25 february 1965 police placed on certain hours microphones in the booths. 25 february 1965 was Charles Katz arrested.

Gilbert Lee Beckley “the Brain”, Beckley associate Morton “Marty”Paul Kane and Martin Sklaroff
Gilbert Lee Beckley “the Brain” associate Morton “Marty”Paul Kane and Martin Sklaroff were 22 march 1967 in Florida convicted of conducting gambling connected telephone communications between Miami (Florida) and Louisville (Connecticut). Kane got 5 years and Sklaroff got 2 years.

East Harlem Genovese capo "fat"Tony Salerno
Gerald Zelmanowitz and his partners Joseph Green and Gilbert Beckley handled in stolen and falsified bonds and were protected by Tony Salerno of the Genovese family. During the period from 1965 to 1967 Gerald Zelmanowitz was heavily involved in bonds trading.

New Jersey Genovese capo Catena soldier Angelo " Ray or Gyp" DeCarlo
13 September 1968 Gerald Zelmanowitz arrived at the headquarters of Angelo DeCarlo and sees how Louis D. Saperstein was beaten up by Polverino and Cecere. This because he couldn't pay anymore his loansharks the weekly rent of 5000 dollars which he paid for a loan of 400000 dollars that he had gotten from them. saperstein was then send home and was said that he had to pay it all back for the end of the year. 26 November 1968 Saperstein was poisoned in a hospital after he had started to cooperate with the FBI.

Harry Sturm owed a lot of money to the casino's in Las Vegas and in december 1969 he met Lansky's fronts Bernard Rose, Benjamin Sigelbaum, Edward Jules Markus, Benjamin C. Wheeler, Sam Jaffe, James Rooseveldt, Richard C. Pistell and Reuben Miller which he had to accept as partners.

New Jersey boss John Riggi
16 December 1969 was DeCavalcante arrested. John Riggi became the new boss of the DeCavelcante family. In 1969 the FBI published the Decavelcante tapes, they had taped from 1961 till 1965 and for the tapes DeCavelcante got 15 years.

Addonizio admitted a 20 year acquaintance with Boiardo ever since he had been invited to Tony Boy’s wedding in 1950 at which Boiardo’s best man was Jerry catena.

Newark mayor Hugh Addonizio
In 1962 was Hugh Addonizio elected mayor of Newark. In 1962 Hudson County’s John Kenny phoned DeCarlo and asked him to contact Newark mayor “Hugh”Addonizio and have him appoint one of Kenny’s men administrator of Martland Medical center. DeCarlo also complained he was double crossed by Dennis Carey the democratic leader in Essex County. Orange (County?) bookmaker Irving Berlin was beaten up by Decarlo’s men.

Kantor would later testify he had been introduced to Biancone in 1962. Boiardo man Biancone sought kantor’s help in converting kickbacks into cash.

14 July 1964 Peter Homack, president of Killam Associates and the late mr Killam went to city hall to discuss the south side sewer project with LaMorte. They were intercepted by Biancone who led them into the mayor’s office and introduced them to Addonizio.

In 1964 after Sepede’s death Rigo became chief engineer on the South Side sewer project in partnership with Sepede’s partner Charles Capen. A few weeks later LaMorte called Rigo and asked him to come and LaMorte drove Rigo to the office of valentine Electric Company where Tony Boy Boiardo was waiting. Rigo kicked back first to Gallo then to Biancone.

Newark’s North Ward democratic boss Joe DeBenedictus.

Jersey city mayor Thomas Gangemi had to resign 25 september 1963 after it came it out he wasn’t an American ciizen, he had been chosen in 1961.

Newark area congressman Pellegrino “Peter” Rodino served from 1949 to 1989.

Brooklyn waterfront gangster Joseph Ruggiero. (political corruption Ruggiero?)
Convicted bookmaker frank Ruggiero (barred from the local racetrack) told Ray DeCarlo how he was brought into Frank “Hap”Farley’s home (republican boss of Atlantic City) by an Atlantic City police sergeant. The next day the sergeant went to police commissioner Ryder and Ruggiero’s ban at the racetrack was lifted.

Newark mayor Hugh Addonizio
He was rechosen as mayor of Newark in 1966.

Newark mayor Hugh Addonizio
17 December 1969 mayor Hugh Addonizio of Newark and capo Anthony Boiardo were tried with 13 others (under whom Boiardo’s bagman Ralph Vicaro), when construction contractor Mario Gallo (44) would become witness he died in a car incident (10 february 1970??), later also New Jersey First National Bank vice president and witness Paul Anderson died in a car accident and a suspect died of a heartattack. 16 june 1970 lost Addonizio the elections from Kenneth Gibson the first black mayor of Newark and the Northeast.

West New York mayor John Armellino
In 1955? Became John Armellino mayor of West New York. “Bayonne Joe”Zicarelli was convicted of bribing West New York mayor John Armellino in 1971. Armellino’s brother Michael was also indicted in the scheme. Essential in the case was retired cop Peter Policastro (corrupt one who tried in 1956 Galante to free??) who had opened a private detective bureau with the financial support of Zicarelli. Soon Peter Policastro was arrested and became a witness but he died from a brain tumor in September 1971 while in protective custody and before the cases could be represented. New West New York mayor became Anthony M DeFino (stayed mayor for 22 years)
West New York mayor Anthony M DeFino

Gerald Martin Zelmanowitz
Gerald Martin Zelmanowitz (32) became in 1969 a witness against Angelo DeCarlo after being arrested in march 1969 when he tried to sell stolen bonds.

East Harlem Genovese capo "fat"Tony Salerno
After DeCarlo's conviction would Salerno been tried (Salerno's activities were talked over at the DeCarlo trial by Gerald Zelmanowitz) but then disappeared Zelmanowitz his former partners Gil Beckley and Joe Green for ever after which he refused to testify.

Gilbert Lee Beckley “the Brain” killed
Beckley starts to inform the FBI and Patriarca's men kill him in February 1970 and the body disappears. Beckley (58) was possibly killed at the orders of Patriarca.

New Jersey Genovese capo Catena soldier Angelo " Ray or Gyp" DeCarlo
In march 1970 was DeCarlo sentenced to 12 years for the beating of Saperstein. After 19 months president Nixon pardoned DeCarlo. Extortion trial of DeCarlo also Daniel “Red”cecere??? Polverino and Landusco got a severed trial 15 janaury 1970.

Frank “Butch”Miceli grew up in Medford , Massachusetts. Miceli had to flee the Boston area because an other mob figure thought Miceli had betrayed him and he went to New jersey where Vincent Teresa tied him up with New jersey mob boss Joe Paterno. In 1962 Newark police arrested Miceli and others for possession of fake stock and obscene materials. Teresa says that Miceli gave evidence against his associates to get a 50 dollar fine while others got jail terms. Miceli was indicted in 1962 for interstate transportation of stolen property, the charges were dropped. In march 1970 was Miceli indicted in New York with Carlo Gambino for allegly plotting to rob an armored car. Miceli was sentenced 15 march 1971 to 10 years and was send to Lewisburg, but later his sentence was reduced to 3 years. In 1975 was Miceli again arrested. His father is Frank Miceli sr and his mother is Madaline Miceli, his sister is Rose Marie Pelusi.

Carmine "The Doctor" Lombardozzi (Born 18 december 1913 in Brooklyn, FBN book page 506)
Lombardozzi in the 1950s along with his association with the Gallo brothers and others he was involved in the juke box rackets and corrupt unions in that industry. Among the illegal dealings he participated in were vending, jukebox and pinball machine companies.

Carmine "The Doctor" Lombardozzi (Born 18 december 1913 in Brooklyn, FBN book page 506)
7 november 1958 denies Lombardozzi in an inquiry his involvement in shady deals at Wall street.

Carmine "The Doctor" Lombardozzi (Born 18 december 1913 in Brooklyn, FBN book page 506)
1 september 1959 Lombardozzi with others arrested for stock fraud

21 march 1960 was Tortorello wounded when he was shot.

Carmine "The Doctor" Lombardozzi (Born 18 december 1913 in Brooklyn, FBN book page 506)
6 march 1961 was Carmine Lombardozzi sentenced to 3 years, Arthur Tortorello and Louis Michael de Filippo also got 3 years sentences. Their sentences were suspended??

In the early 1960s lombardozzi and his partner Arthur Tortorello “Artie Todd”and Joey Grasso were charged with operating several stock swindles.

Carmine "The Doctor" Lombardozzi
it was at the funeral of his father 3 april 1963 that FBI agent John Foley got beaten up by Danny Marino. Danny Marino was related to Lombardozzi (how is he related??) . Three brothers and two nephews of Carmine Lombardozzi were arrested for the beating and there was a trial and 24 janaury 1964 they were each sentenced to 20 months. As a result of the attack on the FBI agent as "payback" FBI surveillance {and probably some harassment] was "stepped up" on members of the Gambino Crime family. According to legend, the Feds picked up a Gambino member and beat him half to death just to show them how naughty they were. Danny Marino until his conviction in the mid 1990s {I believe it was 6 or7 yrs for the "Tommy Sparrow" Spinelli murder conspiracy} was a top ranking family capo.

Carmine "The Doctor" Lombardozzi (Born 18 december 1913 in Brooklyn, FBN book page 506)
29 april 1963 lomardozzi indicted

9 november 1964 was the body found of a mafia soldier (44) killed by a shotgun wound, he had been scheduled to appear a few hours later before a grand jury investigating an 88000 dollar gem swindle involving Carmine Lombardozzi.

Carmine "The Doctor" Lombardozzi (Born 18 december 1913 in Brooklyn, FBN book page 506)
30 december 1964 was Carmine Lombardozzi’s brother John Lombardozzi indicted on charges of stealing 94362 dollars from Kaplan Jewelers inc of 52 West 47th street.

Israel, Doc Stacher
there is no doubt that when Doc Stacher fled to Israel in 1965, he retired a rich man (worth at least $100 million). John Pullman may well have accumulated the same sort of fortune over the years.

Miami airport, Lansky International Creditbank bagman Sylvain Ferdmann
In 1965 the Swiss citizen Sylvain Ferdmann (32), one of the directors of the International Creditbank, arrives at the airport of Miami, when he puts his bagage in his car he loses a deposit paper which proves that he had put 350000 dollars at an account with the International Creditbank in Geneve. One of the persons who had signed it was John Pullman. In Florida Lansky owns thanks to loans from the Teamsterpensionfunds the Miami National Bank where Lou Poller is the president is and Sam Cohen one of the owners. From this bank money was made over to the ICB of Tibor Rosenbaum.

Carmine "The Doctor" Lombardozzi (Born 18 december 1913 in Brooklyn, FBN book page 506)
30 June 1965 meeting between Alex DeBrizzi, Alex D'Alessio, Carmine Lombardozzi, Charles Patrone and Joseph La Forte sr.

Carmine "The Doctor" Lombardozzi (Born 18 december 1913 in Brooklyn, FBN book page 506)
27 august 1965 were Carmie lombardozzi and 5 of his family members arrested after a melee with the police in a Brooklyn restaurant.

Henry Hill
At the end of januari 1967 Henry Hill got the tip from Bobby McMahon that at Kennedy Airport in the Air France part a lot of money was. In februari Hill steals than 480000 dollars in a bag. 60000 Dollars went to Sebastian "Buster" Aloi and 60000 to Paul Vario the rest was divided between Hill, Burke and DiSimone.

Carmine "The Doctor" Lombardozzi (Born 18 december 1913 in Brooklyn, FBN book page 506)
15 june 1967 was carmine Lombardozzi’s brother John Lombardozzi arrested with 8 other men when police raid a warehouse that contains 900 cases of stolen gin.

Boston thief Teresa
In 1967 was Danny Mondavano shortly arrested in New Jersey for trading in stolen securities, he and Teresa bought then for 50000 dollars of falsified securities for 10000 dollars from Peter and Arthur Tortorello. They were brought to them by Jack Mace. Than teresa bought for 50000 dollars worth of falsified securities from Butch Miceli for 9000 dollar.

Carmine "The Doctor" Lombardozzi (Born 18 december 1913 in Brooklyn, FBN book page 506)
22 august 1968 were Carmine Lombardozzi and former Baltimore police magistrate martin J Yamin arrested in a conspiracy to steal customers checks.

Carmine "The Doctor" Lombardozzi (Born 18 december 1913 in Brooklyn, FBN book page 506)
20 february 1969 was Carmine Lombardozzi indicted for conspiring to defraud the IRS

Jimmy Burke, Tommy DiSimone and Henry Hill
In 1970 there is a welcome party in Robert's for the just free from prison William “Billy Batts” DeVino of the Gambino family. Present were Jimmy Burke, Tommy DiSimone and Henry Hill, Batts is busting DiSimone's balls and DiSimone tells his friends that Batts is a dead man. 11 June 1970 William “Billy Batts” DeVino (49) comes to Hill`s bar "the Suite" to drink something and later also arrive Tommy and Jimmy. Jimmy keeps Batts than talking while DiSimone goes out to get a pistol and a bodybag. The 2 then start to beat up William “Billy Batts” DeVino while wiseguy Alex Corcione is still present and Hill sends him away, they kill Batts and had his body disappear.

Carmine "The Doctor" Lombardozzi (Born 18 december 1913 in Brooklyn, FBN book page 506)
12 June 1970 lombardozzi got a year in a stolen check case. He had tried to conspire to cash 50000 dollars in stolen brokerage checks.

John Dioguardi
27 may 1971 were 11 indicted for inflating stock under them is John Dioguardi.

carmine tramunti and Vincent Aloi acquitted
23 december 1971 were carmine tramunti and Vincent Aloi acquitted for massive stock fraud. Also 3 others acquitted. Witness Michael hellerman

Liborio “Barney”Bellomo’s attorney Peter Peluso became an informer and led the feds to capo Pasquale “Soop”DeLuca for the murder of the disappeared Ralph Coppolla (killed in DeLuca’s restaurant) also charged with the murder was Liborio “barney”Bellomo.

Jimmy Brown (Gambino capo Failla??)
Jimmy Brown in the late 60s you could usually find at the waste haulers "association" building on East Broadway.

Gambino capo Fatico
Gambino capo Fatico opened illegal gaycafes and charged his gay customers ridiculous prices and in 1969 gays revolted in the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village a bar owned by Fatico and their protest led to the start of the national gay rights movement and New York law is changing towards homosexuals.

Cinisi capomafia Gaetano Badalamenti
26 July 1969 he stepped on a plane in Palermo to fly to Rome and was arrested.

Silvio Berlusconi and Milano 2
His projects included Milano 2, a suburban development of 4,000 housing units on the outskirts of Milan, completed in 1969.

New Jersey based Bonanno soldier Joseph "Bayonne Joe"Zicarelli
During the early 1960's, Zicarelli had the misfortune to be recorded on an FBI bug. Transcripts were released in 1969 and Zicarelli became a public sensation the second time in two years.

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any info on how Trafacante got to Hong Kong wth out notice? I would imagine he would raise eyebrows of feds with a passport to China.