NY and NJ Teamsters and ILA gangsters

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NY and NJ Teamsters and ILA gangsters

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Greenwich Village based Genovese capo Anthony Strollo "Tony Bender"crewmembers:
Thomas Eboli "Tommy Ryan", Armando Perillo, Innocenzio "Johnny the bug" Stopelli, Joseph Cataldo, Frank Caruso, Vincenzo Mauro, Joseph Valachi, Paul Fraccacreta, Thomas Sabbato Milo jr, Anthony Gentile, Joseph Gernie and Salvatore Badalamenti who is in charge of gambling for Anthony Strollo and his mother Ann Rizzo is alleged to be related to Anthony Strollo.

Greenwich Village based Genovese capo anthony strollo "Tony Bender" contacts with Gallo crew
Strollo was a member of the Genovese family but he had some kind of association with the Gallo brothers, perhaps through Jiggs Forlano. Strollo owned or controlled a number of clubs/restaurants around Greenwich Village where the Gallos liked to hang out.

New Jersey based Bonanno soldier Joseph "Bayonne Joe"Zicarelli
important Bonanno soldier in New Jersey was Joseph "Bayonne Joe"Zicarelli. When he was made, Zicarelli became part of a crew headed by capo Joe Notaro (FBN book page 553??)whose members ranged from Brooklyn to the Bronx.

New Jersey based Bonanno soldier Joseph "Bayonne Joe"Zicarelli associate Harold "K.O" Konigsberg
Konigsberg was born on the Lower East Side of NYC and was married and had 5 children. Konigsberg was arrested at least 20 times begining at age 18 for disorderly conduct in Bayonne. He was closely associated with Bayonne Joe Zicarelli. "KO" would often free lance or be loaned out to others including to members of the Genovese family.KO was also closely associated with the Provenzano brothers.

New Jersey based Genovese capo Strollo Tony Bender” soldier Anthony "Tony Pro" Provenzano
Anthony Provenzano his brothers are Nunzio and Salvatore "Sam" Provenzano. Provenzano's capo had been Anthony "Tony Bneder" Strollo.

the brothers Gabriel and Salvatore Briguglio.
Provenzano's men were the brothers Gabriel and Salvatore Briguglio.

the brothers Thomas and Stephen Andretta
Provenzano's men the brothers Thomas and Stephen Andretta.

Genovese capo James Vincent Napoli (US biggest numbers operator)
James Napoli had in bookmaking working for him Angelo Noce and Diego Asaro. The Rev. Louis R Gigante who represents the south Bronx and East Harlem on the New York City Council was questioned about his relations with James Napoli.

the brothers Carmine Consalvo and Francesco "Frank"Consalvo
the brothers Carmine Consalvo and Francesco "Frank" Consalvo were narrowly connected to gambling with James Napoli who supervized it for the Genovese family and also for the other families. An associate of them was their uncle by marriage Edward Lino.

Lucchese member James "Jimmy Doyle" Plumeri (garment industry)
Gaetano Plumeri and his wife Giuseppina Granazi had as sons James Dominick Plumeri (married Mary Orapollo), Vito Plumeri and Joseph Plumeri and as daughters they had Angelina and rosa Plumeri, the last married Domincik Dioguardi and they had as sons John Ignazio Dioguardi, Thomas Dioguardi and Frank Dioguardi.

ILA president Joseph Ryan
In 1918 became Joseph Ryan president of the ila’s “Atalantic Coast District”(New York??). Joseph Ryan was elected International president of the ILA in 1927.

Arsenal gangleader Charlie Yanowsky
Arsenal mob leader Charlie Yanowsky jumped bail in 1930????

Five Borough Truckmen Association; Lucchese member James "Jimmy Doyle" Plumeri (garment industry)
James "Jimmy Doyle" Plumeri grew up on Forsythe Street in Little Italy, Manhattan. He was, in his early days a prize fighter before becoming a racketeer and mobster. He linked in early to Lepke and Shapiro in their shakedown of the garment industry. In 1932 James Plumeri "Jimmy Doyle" and Dominick "Dick Terry" Didato decide to take over the downtown NYC trucking industry and surrect the Five Borough Truckmen Association (or Five Boroughs Trucking Services), based at 225 Lafayette Street near Little Italy. Also in the same building was housed NYC politician Albert Marinelli and part of the association were Natale Evola and John "Dio" Dioguardi (a nephew of Plumeri). They basically extorted truckers operating in and around the garment industry area of mid-town Manhattan.

10 May 1933 were James Plumeri, Dominick Didato and john Dioguardi indicted.

Five Borough Truckmen Association; Lucchese member James "Jimmy Doyle" Plumeri (garment industry)
In august 1933 Dominick "Dick" Didato aka “Terry Burns”and James plummeri were ambushed at their office. Didato died and Plumeri was wounded. Plumeri was subsequently arrested and charged with Didato’s murder, but nothing ever came of it.

Lucchese member James "Jimmy Doyle" Plumeri (garment industry)
6 August 1936 Dominick Didato "Terry Burns" was killed he was a cousin of the murdered Dominick "Dick Terry".

Arsenal gangleader Yanowsky
25 february 1933 were Albert Ackalatis and Frank “Machinegun”Campbell arrested when they want to do an holdup.

Gangleaders Oley and Geary
10 july 1933 was lieutenant John J O’Connell jr (22) kidnapped and held for 250000 dollars ransom. Kidnappers Harold Crowley and John Joseph Oley and Percy “Angel Face”Geary . John Joseph Oley his brother Francis Oley. Manning “Manny” Strewl was convicted of kidnapping O’Connell. Kidnappers Fischer and Burke testify against John Oley and Geary, Thomas Dugan and George Garguillo.

Christopher Miller a witness in the O “Connell kidnapping hangs himself 14 february 1937 in the Albany County jail.

Anastasia and murdercase Joseph Santori
10 August 1933 was Joseph Santori (Joe Santora) killed of which were accused Anastasia and Tony Romeo, they were acquitted.

Tong peace treaty signed
August 1933 the tongs sign a peace treaty for the hip sing tong signed Eddie Gong and George Howe and for the on leong tong signed Howard Lee and Sing Kee.

James “ding dong”Bell associate Louis balner
26 September 1933 was Williamsburg gambler Harry Nichols (31) killed. Louis Balner (31) admitted slaying Nichols and testified later in march 1943 against Irving Premisler and Harry Ehrlich who stood on trial for ordering the shooting of Williamsburg gamblingking Harry Nichols in the Essex Street BMT subway station. Woman witness Jean Rhein Criswell described how Premisler and Ehrlich drove her and the alleged guman Louis Balner to a cafetaria on Deancy Street to which??? She also testified that she and Balner stalked Nichols for 18 months before he was killed in the station. Louis “Buff”Balner (24) was arrested fleeing after he had done the murder.

Edward F. Gaffney and John J. Hughes were identified as participants in the 427000 dollars Rubel Ice Corporation holdup in Brooklyn 21 august 1934. Quinn admitted he owned the speedboats in which the holdup men escaped after robbing the armored car. Holdup man Joseph Burns?? Police arrest for the robbery Thomas “Red”Burke 5 march 1937. John Oley, McMahon and Kress then loaded the money from the truck to ???? speedboats???

14 may 1936 police sought the robbers of the Pine Bush National Bank. John James “Archie”Stewart (34) was arrested and John J Mahoney (36) shot himself through the head. John J “Archie”Stewart admitted the Rubel Ice Corporation holdup and said he had planned the robbery with 2 men who now were dead, because killed with shots. Francis Oley (committed suicide), John Manning (“Manny”Strewl??) and McMahon were dead and Hughes was a fugitive while in Alcatraz were imprisoned John Oley and Percy Geary for kidnapping.

John Manning
John Manning was shot and killed injuly 1936 to keep him from “squealing”.

In 1934 was a moneytruck robbed of 427950 dollars and police suspect Luciano of getting his part as the big boss

It was 1934 and the Rubel Ice Corporation job had suffered its first complication when Bernard McMahon aka “Bennie the bum” (former bootlegger and Legs Diamond man) accidently shot of his own leg with a shotgun in his speedboat laden with stolen loot while racing across Gravesend Bay. He was one of the robbers and the others brought him to doctor Harry Gilbert, but he died and they left his body in a steamer trunk. For the rubel holdup was convicted Joseph Kress who also was convicted for a murder. They pulled into the plot 2 boatowners from Mnahattan, Thomas Quinn and John Hughes, along with car thief Joseph Kress.

Boatowner ?Quinn? links John Oley to Rubel 1934 holdup. Geary was mentioned in connection with the Rubel holdup.

23 November 1938 was credit investigator John F O’Hare (26) shot and killed in Queens, police say it is a case of mistaken identity because the killers wanted to kill Kane ??? one of the Ice corporation holdup men who looked like the clerck.

Sing Sing records show that inmate Matthew Kane was fatally stabbed in 1938? ///?? Had told him that he had once helped murder Yanowsky’s enemy Kane in Sing Sing??

New York harbor racketeer Joe “Cockeyed” Dunn associate Robert Bernard Baker
In 1934, Baker was convicted and sentenced to an indefinite term in the City Penitentiary in New York for setting off stench bombs in movie theaters. He served 1 year and was paroled but was sent back after setting off another stench bomb. He was paroled in 1935. He worked for Joe “Cockeyed” Dunn.

Thomas Protheroe aka Thomas Porter
Thomas Protheroe aka Thomas Porter was in 1923 discharged of assault and robbery.

Louis Balner (31) his partners were Thomas Protheroe aka Thomas Porter, George Keeler aka George Donovan and John Harvey?? He was also asked about the murder of Thomas Gleason and

Pier 59 superintendent Henry Willie
Pier 61 and 62 superintendent John Nevins

Pier 59 boss loader Edward O’Connell
Edward O’Connell testified that he had been the boss loader at Pier 59, Hudson River, for 25 years , and was a member of??/ Francis Smith and John Harvey became boss loaders of Pier 59 and split the income with a third man.

Witness said he was told they had to take a pier from two brothers by the name of Dillon what they did. Later he bumped into Joseph “Joe” Butler and Matthew “ Mattie” kane. Not long after that Smith staged a successful holdup on Pier 59, but soon ran into two??

Francis Smith, John Harvey and Thomas Protheroe aka Thomas Porter were sitting in George Keeler’s car outside of Pier 72. A car pulls down on them with John Dunn, George Dagget, Bob Bell and Peck Hughes who open fire upon them. Thomas Protheroe aka Thomas Porter and John Harvey shot it out with Dunn and his men who had to flee??

Pier 60 boss loader Philip Sheridan
Philip Sheridan works as a boss loader on Pier 60. After a while they decided to expand to Pier 90 and saw Philip Sheridan about “chasing off”a loader named Burke. John “Fats”Manning wanted to take over Burke’s business too but a conference with Sheridan, the boss loader of Pier 60 led to a decision to leave burke at ease.

In 1935 the witness was friends with Pier 60 boss loader Phil Sheridan

Arsenal gangleader Yanowsky
The murder of James Gaynor , alcohol racketeer, in Hoboken in march 1935??? James Gaynor , a young brother of Arthur gaynor was shot to death in u.

The murder of Arthur Gaynor, a friend of Protheroe, in Hoboken a few weeks before also figured in the investigation.

James “ding dong”Bell associate Louis balner
16 may 1935 were Thomas Protheroe aka Thomas Porter and Grace Owen Moore aka Elizabeth Conners killed in a car in Queens. The Thomas Protheroe aka Thomas Porter and Grace Owen Moore aka Elizabeth Conners murders were believed to have had its origin in some?? Louis Balner (31) told about the murder. Police say Thomas Protheroe aka Thomas Porter had machingunned Vincent mad dog coll to death????

stevedore bos George Keeler (35) killed ??? by mountain view arrested??
23 May 1935 was stevedore bos George Keeler (35) shot and killed in Brooklyn. Would have been killed by the men rounded up at Mountain View said detective bureau head John F Sullivan.

New York racketeer Yanowsky enemy James “ding dong”Bell
Yanowsk is also the suspect in the shooting of James Bell in summer 1935??

???Mountain view arrested???
New York racketeer Yanowsky enemy James “ding dong”Bell imprisoned (there seems to be a police picture)
23 June 1935 were 7 men seized as ganggunmen: George Maiwald (32, of 1 West Road, Mountain View), James Bell (29, of 426 Hudson Street), Arthur Gaynor (31, of the Embassy Hotel), Frank Foy (26, of 417 Central Park West), Joseph McCarthy, Louis Balner (of 904 New Jersey Avenue, Brooklyn) and Edward F. Gaffney. 11 July 1935 Bell, Gaynor and Foy get 10 to 20 years. James Bell had to serve 20 years in New Jersey???

ILA Atlantic Coast district general vice president Emil Camarda
6 July 1935 Joseph P Ryan gets chosen ILA Atlantic Coast district general president. Also chosen ILA Atlantic Coast district general vice president Emil Camarda, secretary John R Owens was reelected, o’Malley becaome vice president representing the Boston distric.

Alcatrez prison (San Francisco) inmate Yanowsky
30 Janaury 1936 was Charles Yanowsky (29) shot and wounded by police. He was wanted for a 16000 dollars robbery of the First ??? and was also a suspect in the Ice corporation robbery. In 1936 Charlie Yanowsky was send to Alcatrez for a holdup.

NY racketeer Dunne’s associate Robert Bernard Baker wounded and waterfront mobster Joe Butler killed
On March 15, 1936, while on parole, he was shot and wounded while getting into an automobile on 34th Street in Manhattan. Baker was with Johnny O'Rourke, the president of Local 282 of the Teamsters, Farmer Sullivan, a waterfront mobster, and Joe Butler, another waterfront mobster. O'Rourke was also wounded, Butler killed, Farmer Sullivan was unhurt. It was never established who opened fire on these men, but 2 days later police raided a house of prostitution on West 90th Street, New York City. The raid was initiated by a tip believed to have come from the Johnny "Cockeye" Dunne mob, of which Baker was a member. Police charged Frank Peraski aka Frank Daley, Joseph Murphy aka Joseph Heel and Frank Campbell aka William O’Brien with the murder of Butler

16 march 1936 seven arsenal members arrested???

Arsenal gang leader Charlie Yanowsky
20 march 1936 employees of the jewelry firm Hodgson Kennard, Boston jewelers picked Frank Peraski (his wife Mary Peraski) and his sister Jean out of several lineups for the 75000 dollars gem theft of 30 august 1935. Also arrested of arsenal gang were Joseph Devine and miss Jean Martin, Albert Ackalitis, Michael Kane aka Michael healey, Joseph Heel aka Joseph Murphy, Jack Ryan. Peraski was sentenced to 7 to 14 years in Sing Sing and his wife to 2,5 to 5 years as a result of their capture with 6 other men.

Packy Connolly said the investment and stock in the company was divided among the owners John Keefe (vice president and business agent of Local 824) and john Potter.

Arsenal gang leader Charlie Yanowsky
25 July 1936 was Joseph Potter shot and killed, he had been a member of the arsenal mob.

waterfront mobster Robert J “Farmer” Sullivan (40) killed
waterfront mobster Farmer Sullivan was shot and killed 20 september 1936 in Martini’s tavern in Matawan Township in New Jersey. He was a former boxer.

25 august 1931 were arrested Richard Gregory (17 of 548 Eleventh Avenue) and Peter Connaughton (19).

Richard “the bandit “Gregory
Richard “the bandit “Gregory (22) and Thomas Donohue (28) were arrested 21 july 1936 for murder of George K O’Connor in 42D Street, one (Richard Gregory??) had already been cleared in a 1932 murder.

21 october 1936 consorting with known criminals (disharged).

Albert Anastasia marriage
In 1937 Albert Anastasia married Elsa Bargnesi.

Arsenal gangleader Yanowsky
Yanowsky was set free from Alcatrez prison. In 1938 is Yanowsky a suspect in the murder of west side racketeer James “Ding Dong” Bell who was shot to death in New York.

Sing Sing inmate Arsenal gangleader Yanowsky
Charles Yanowsky aka Harry Alberts (32) who served a term in Alcatraz was sentenced 27 may 1938 to 2 to 4 years Sing Sing.

Anastasia orders murder of New York’s Teamsters Local 138 member Morris Diamond
19 May 1939 Morris Diamond (a member of the Teamsters and Peter Panto’s chapter of the ILA the union for harbor worksmen) was killed in Brooklyn by Allie Tannenbaum while Albert Anastasia watched and gave the orders. Diamond opposed to the gangsters in the ILA and threatened to tell Dewey.

Emil Camarda
ILA Atlantic Coast district general vice president Emil Camarda (who then controlled all 6 Brooklyn locals) called in Peter Panto in july 1939 for a fatherly talk and warned Panto but eventually started threatening Peter Panto.

ILA member Peter Panto
8 July 1939 Peter Panto announces that Adonis, Mangano and Anastasia were trying to take over the union.

Anastasia and murdercase ILA member Peter Panto
14 July 1939 Peter Panto was kidnapped by Mendy Weiss, Tony Romero and Jimmy Ferraco at the orders of Anastasia. In the car they strangle Panto after which they bury Panto at a chickenfarm in New Jersey.

Brooklyn ILA presidents Anastasia bros
Soon Albert Anastasia and his brother Tony Anastasio control 6 ILA chapters in Brooklyn as presidents the socalled Italian unions or also called the “Camarda”unions .

ILA president Joseph Ryan
while the rest of the ILA was controlled via president Joseph Ryan. Ryan’s righthand Johnny Dunn controlled for 10 years 60 docks by killing more then 30 rivals. Johnny "Cockeye" Dunn was Eddie McGrath's brother in law. McGrath and Dunn controlled the now not anymore existing West side docks. From about the piers at 14th street to downtown Manhattan???. Ryan resigned in 1953 following an investigation into corruption. ??? by the waterfront commission???

Former robber and witness ??? said he learned that David “the beetle” and Thomas gleason ran the docks and had appointed Gregory delegate. The witness said apples applegate told him that Beadle and Gelason divided the money from???

ILA Local 824 president Mickey Bowers
Local 824 works all piers along the river from 42d?? Mickey Bowers married Anna Layden in 1921. Their son John Bowers later leads ILA local 824 “the pistol local”. Local 824 president Patrick J Connolly and vice president John Bowers.

apples applegate
apples applegate was a partner in the bankrobber gang of Mickey Bowers.

After the murders of Thomas Gleason and David the beetle Beadle who had run the piers. Smith and Harvey became boss loaders of pier 59 and split the income (with third man??)???did McNay got his pier job after the murder of Thomas Gleason??

Pier boss and ILA member David “the beetle” beadle (32) killed
9 december 1939 was pier boss David “the beetle” beadle (32) shot and killed in front of barroom “the spot”. Police questioned James Doherty (of 43-21, 190D street, Flushing, Queens).

Longshoreman James Doherty killed
23 April 1940 a man walks into a drugstore and opens fire killing Longshoreman James Doherty (32, of 505 West Fiftysecond street) and wounding (probably fatally) the man’s brother also a Longshoreman.

Patrick “Paddy”Connolly hiring boss on Pier 58 was asked about the murder in 1940 of Richard “the bandit”Gregory

Richard “the bandit “Gregory killed
Patrick “Packy”Connolly was asked about the murder in 1940 of Richard “the bandit “Gregory. Harold Bowers took over the job of union delegate in 1940 after the murder of Richard Gregory.
Harold Bowers

Duke’s Clam Bar in Cliffside Park, Palisades (New Jersey)
31 March 1941 agents arrest in Duke’s Clam Bar in the town Palisades in New Jersey Salvatore Arcidiano, Arthur Longano, Willie Moreti’s brother Salvatore and thomas Lucchese. Duke’s owner is John “Duke” DeNoia who has contact with Anthony “Tony Cheese” Marchitto who is in contact with mayor John V Kenney of Jersey City. In the 40ties and 50 ties was duke’s restaurant in New jersey the meetingplace for the bosses, there came Joey Adonis and Anastasia often. Every Tuesday there came the leaders of the Big Six (is this true?): from Chicago came Accardo and Guzik, Adonis, Frank costello, lansky and Zwillman. Also there came the brothers Willie and Solly Moretti and Anthony Strollo”tony Bender” often. After the Kefauver hearings it became to well known and it lost its popularity.

17 april 1941 federal charge of harboring Louis “Lepke” Buchalter.

bookmaker Frank Erickson
24 april 1941 three men try to holdup bookmaker Frank Erickson in his suite at the New York Athletic Club, they have to run and one Joseph Kress was caught and Lyman Finnell (38) commited suicide when he was almost caught?? Joe Kress (33) went to Sing Sing. Other robber caught was Stephen Catlan (36) got 15 years to life.

ILA Atlantic Coast district general vice president Emil Camarda
ILA Atlantic Coast district general vice president Emil Camarda (56) (wife Louise) was 2 october 1941 killed in the offices of Sabbatino Co Inc, general stevedores, at 52 Broadway. Salvatore Sabbatino (53) a pier executive and vice president of Sabbatino Co Inc was arrested as killer because of an argument in which Sabbatino accused Camarda of being more interested in??? and was sentenced to 5 to 10 years Sing Sing.

Camarda family
Anthony V. Camarda then started to represent the Camarda family in union business, he was secretary treasurer of ILA local 1199. Salvatore Camarda (brother of Anthony??). Camarda Scannavino???

Anastasia’s friend Tony Romeo
12 May 1942 Tony Romeo gets arrested.

Anastasia and murdercase ex longshoreman Tony Romeo aka Tony Spring
Tony Romeo would be murdered after Anastasia began taking heat from law enforcement when Abe Reles began to inform about Anastasia. 1 July (17 july??) 1942 Tony Romeo was found back murdered.

Edward J “Eddie”McGrath
Edward J “Eddie”McGrath started as a bootlegger under Owney Madden.

International Longshoremen Association (ILA) president Joe Ryan
In 1943 ILA president Joe Ryan appointed Edward J “Eddie”McGrath an ILA adviser for life. A telephone check of
Edward J “Eddie”McGrath showed calls at hotels to or from Joseph P Ryan and Mickey Bowers.

In 1944 Thomas Gleason called Mickey Bowers out of the West Forty seventh street bar and grill headquarters, engaged him in seemingly friendly talk and suddenly pulled? The witness Dominick Genova was asked if John “apples”applegate ever told him after this assault by Gleason and prior to Gleason’s murder if the Bowers group was looking for revenge?? Dominick Genova said he had balked at murdering a driver who??? and John “apples” applegate had told him he was going to be killed. Dominic Genova was a former prison mate of John “apples”Applegate

He followed Dominick Genova , who had testified about several murders .

ILA local 824 officials and hoodlums John Keefe and John “Apples”Applegate refused to answer the Waterfront commission questions.

John Keefe’s term as vice president of local 824 ended coincidently with the

Merger of president James Castellano’s local 1811 with local 824??/

Secretary treasurer Harry Hasselgren
Grace line piers loading boss John “Mickey “McLoughlin.
Pier 60, ???, Manhattan’s Chelsea piers union boss John J “Gene”Sampson, business agent of Local 791 .
Brooklyn’s Erie Basin piers boss ??? Anthony “tough Tony”Anastasio of ILA local 327-1.
Frank Nawrocki

He was asked about the murder of Thomas Gleason and David the beetle Beadle who had run the piers before the Bowers gang took over.

Dominick Genova testified he had been part of the gang since 1948.

West side boss stevedore Anthony Hintz (Andrew Hintz??) killed
3 January 1947 was West side boss stevedore Anthony Hintz killed and he accused at his deathbed John Dunn of his murder though Sheridan would confess in Sing Sing deathhouse to the murder in a try to safe Dunn. His brother William Hintz testified that Daniel Gentile came running from the house that day.

Detroit Teamster local 299 president Jimmy Hoffa
In december 1946 was Jimmy Hoffa chosen as president of Detroit's Teamster local 299 thanks to the mafia. In 1946 became Fitzsimmons vice president of Detroit’s Local 299.

Detroit’s car manufacturer Henry Ford dies
7 April 1947 dies Henry Ford.

Detroit Teamster local 299
7 april 1947 Santo Perrone's son in law Carl Renda (28) got a lucrative contract from Briggs Manufacturing Company after which union members in the fabric got beaten up.

Harry Gross???
Said that in 1947 he took over the operation of 2 horse rooms in the garment district that had been run by George scalise (arrested 21 april 1940) the former president of the Building Services Employers International Union.

Longshore Union racketeer Charlie Yanowsky killed in New Jersey
16 July 1948 Charlie Yanowsky, his friend Johnny DiBiasio and Happy Meltzer eat together in a restaurant in New Jersey. 6 Hours later people find Longshore Union man Yanowsky back, he was killed with an icepick. The murder of Yanowsky had the attention of the gangs led by Strollo and the Harold Bowers and Mickey Bowers gang.

New Jersey ILA local 1247 delegate Yanowsky
Yanowsky brother in law Frank “Biffo”De Lorenzo said ILA local 1247 delegate Yanowsky had been seen in a car with mayor Kenny. Frank “Biffo”De Lorenzo had succeeded Yanowsky when he was killed and his associate in

Manhattan Ackalitis waterfront gang

ILA local 1247 delegate Yanowsky brother in law Frank “Biffo”De Lorenzo
New Jersey ILA local 1247 business agent Yanowsky brother in law Frank “Biffo”De Lorenzo

ILA local 1247 president Bernard Brown
ILA local 1247 secretary treasurer Anthony Lucz
George Donahoe, shopsteward of Checkers local 1261, ILA
Jerry Sullivan

The intra union fight started when leaders of ILA local 1247 ordered boss loader Neil McKeon to leave pier F, Jersey City. Export Lines management refused to remove the Pier D bossloader Robert “Neill”McKeon (McKeon and his son Robert?? Are Ryan lieutenants) and F bossloader James F Keane of the American Export lines. F bossloader James F Keane was replaced by John Noonan in 1949 or 1950??. After more then 20 years being boss loader McKeon was also replaced in 1949 or 1950??/ ILA local 1247 business agent Yanowsky brother in law Frank “Biffo”De Lorenzo had ordered Neil McKeon to leave the pier???

McKeon replaced in june 1950 by

Anthony Marchitto business agent of Local 1247, International Longshoremen’s Association.
The honest Local 1247 Jersey City businessagent Frank Murray later local 1247 president??

Longshore Union racketeer Charlie Yanowsky friend Johnny DiBiasio killed
10?? august 1948 Johnny DiBiasio gets killed by gunfire. Happy Meltzer goes to Los Angeles and starts working for Mickey Cohen.

Sing Sing electric execution of John M “Cockeye”Dunn (38) and Andrew Sheridan (49)
7 July 1949 Sing Sing electric execution of John M “Cockeye”Dunn (38) and Andrew Sheridan (49).

New Jersey based Genovese capo anthony strollo "Tony Bender" soldier Provenzano
Strollo for a while was a dominant player in the Hoboken N.J. Piers in the late 40s early 1950s. Strollo was Provenzano's mentor.

Boston’s Brinks robbery
17 January 1950 there is the famous Brinks robbery in Boston. 12 June 1950 were arrested Joseph James "Specs" O’Keefe and Stanley Albert Gusciora. Other participants are Anthony Pino, Pino’s brother in law Vincent James Costa, Adolph Maffie, McGinnis and Henry Baker.

local 1247 ILA
A handgrenade was tossed into the office of local 1247 ILA on 2 march 1951 wounding 5 men.

Hoboken ILA Local 867
21 May 1951 was longshoreman and dock boss Nunzio “Wally”Aluotto (43) shot and killed at the Hoboken office of ILA Local 867 at 204 River Street. 28 march 1953 police arrest the suspected killers the brothers and former pier workers Francis and Michael Murphy in Florida (there is a third Murphy brother??? Later vice president William Murphy??). ??? ILA official Francis Murphy?? Hoboken longshoreman William Murphy (39) was found not guilty of murder 4 february 1954. Hudson County inquiry led by Schwarzkopf??? The father of??

Danvers armoured car robbery
25 May 1952 a Danvers armoured car gets robbed from 681000 dollars in which case George O’Brien and his son George Jr get acquitted. The biggest cash haul since the famous Brinks robbery in Boston. (there is a movie about the robbery with Peter Falk, i think??)

NY criminal Elmer “Trigger” Burke
23 July 1952 Elmer Burke kills Edward "Poochy" Walsh.

Boston criminal Joseph James "Specs" O’Keefe
18 January 1953 Joseph James “Specs” O’Keefe leaves prison.

Manhattan East River piers overlord Michael “Mike” Clemente
Mike Clemente controls all East River piers in Manhattan at least since 1952.

20 Januari 1953 the senate accepts an amendment to start the Waterfront Investigation under senator Charles W Tobey who investigates the stronghold of the mobsters on the harbors.

ILA local 1247 delegate Yanowsky brother in law De Lorenzo
In janaury 1953 Dies Frank “Biffo”De Lorenzo former waterfront boss in Jersey City and bayonne.

ILA president Joseph Ryan
13 april 1953 Joseph Ryan was indicted.

Hoboken dock pier 3 hiring boss John Francis Kelly (45) killed
4 May 1953 was Hudson County waterfront pier 3 hiring boss John Francis “Strong Man”Kelly (45) found shot and killed near his home at 311 Park Avenue, in Hoboken. (Hudson County waterfront). He was killed on the eve of the reopening of the Jarka Stevedoring Corporation pier. Michael McNamara a material witness in the murder of Kelly was named 7 may 1953 as replacement of murdered Kelly. 8 days later police arrest the suspect Michael “Moon Mullins” O’Connor.

Yonkers (Bronx) Raceway
the Building Service Employers International Union AFL Local 32E leader Thomas F Lewis killed
Bronx labor leader Thomas F Lewis was 28 august 1953 slain by Edward “Snakes”Ryan who was driven by William Howell. At Howell’s trial it was said the murder was ordered by Lawrence “La La”Lynch. 7 November 1961 a former union official of the Yonkers Raceway employers who had been involved in the murder of union local president Thomas Lewis in august 1953 is found shot to death in his car. A convicted robber quoted William Howell as saying that Labor extortionist Joseph S Fay knew about the murder of lewis. Police also called as a witness mayor Impellitteri‘s Bronx campaign manager Joseph Pizzo. 23 september 1953 the Yonkers Raceway is closed by governor Dewey, politicians owned 35 % of the track’s stock. James Bone. ???

Thomas Brogan hiring boss at Pier 32
21 October 1953 was the body of pier 32 boss Michael Brogan (49) hauled from the Hudson river. He was a supporter of the new American Federation of Labor union.

(Garbage industry??) Teamster Local 945 business agent John Serratelli killed
An Essex County grand jury had indicted Viola in 1959 along with Teamster Local 945 business agent John Serratelli and later murder victim Crescent J Roselle for conspiring to rig bids on the Belleville garbage contract. Serratelli disappeared before trial and the charges against Viola and Roselle were dismissed. Teamster Local 945 business manager John Serratelli (50) who got into a squabble with Provenzano disappeared in 1954.

New Jersey Teamster Local 560 business agent Anthony Provenzano (Strollo soldier)
Anthony "Tony Pro" Provenzano began as a business agent for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) Local 560 in 1954.

West Side “Jets”Gangleader George Barone
In February 1954 George barone was working as a hiring boss on a Lower West Side pier where he was arrested for beating longshoreman William Torres who had complained.

NY criminal Elmer “Trigger” Burke
16 June 1954 Burke wounds Joseph "Specs" O’Keefe who had with him his bodyguard George O’Brien who commits the next day suicide.

NY criminal Elmer “Trigger” Burke escapes
28 August 1954 Allen Locke and Joseph Connelly free Elmer "Trigger" Burke from prison.

19 January 1955 was an ILA dock union organizer slain gang style.

Redmond “Ninny “Cribbins aka Mike Maloy and NY criminal Elmer “Trigger” Burke
7 april 1955 was Thomas Francis “Duke” Connelly jr the getaway driver in a 205000 dollar robbery of the Woodside branch of the Chase Manhattan bank in Queens, NY (the suspected mastermind Redmond Cribbins disappeared and Connelly’s friend Elmer ‘Trigger” Burke was a suspect). Connelly and his wife left NY in may 1955 and showed up on the Isle of Palms where soon also came their friend NY criminal Elmer “Trigger” Burke who was wanted in NY for killing Edward “Poochy”Walsh. 27 June 1955 disappeared Thomas Francis “Duke” Connelly jr and his wife and police suspect “trigger”Burke. In august 1955 was criminal Elmer “Trigger” Burke arrested. 9 Januari 1958 Elmer Burke gets executed for his crimes.

Redmond “Ninny “Cribbins aka Mike Maloy killed
George Barone’s gang “the Jets”became powerfull on the West side and his co gangleader was Johnny Earle who was close with Vito Genovese. Jets gangleaders George barone and Johnny Earle were involved in the robbing and killing of Redmond “Ninny “Cribbins aka Mike Maloy of a 650000 dollar stack he scored on Long Island.

ILA local 1247
In march 1956 the government denies an ILA post and gave out and order that restrained James Calabrese from taking place as secretary treasurer of ILA local 1247, Jersey City

Michael Bowers
16 April 1956 Michael Bowers got 5 years for tax evasion . 26 April 1957 was Bowers released from Leavenworth prison on a bail bond payment.

International Longshoremen Association (ILA)
In 1956 Eddie McGrath started losing much of the profit in the docks because of NY’s Crime Commission hearings. In 1959 Eddie McGrath left Ny and settled in Florida.

Harold Bowers dies
Harold Bowers and his cousin Mickey Bowers who control the upper west side piers and North river Manhattan piers. 5 november 1958 dies Harold Bowers of cancer. Michael “Mickey”Bowers’son John Bowers.

West Side “Jets”Gangleader Johnny Earle killed
In 1958 the relationship between Barone and Vito Genovese soured when dissident “Jets”gang members hired K O Konigsberg who killed their leader Earle the good friend of Vito Genovese. Other Jets gangmembers the brothers Eddie and Terry Flynn, Georgie Blue, Mikey Ross and little Larry Dentico.

New Jersey based Bonanno soldier Joseph "Bayonne Joe"Zicarelli asscoiate Harold "K.O" Konigsberg
In the 1950s he did 7 yrs for robbery. Also in 1958 he was tried and ACQUITTED of murder. KO was SUSPECTED in at least 10 murders.

New Jersey Teamster local 560 president Anthony "Tony Pro" Provenzano (Genovese capo Strollo)
In 1958 became Provenzano president of Teamsters Local 560 in New Jersey.

New Jersey Bonanno capo Zicarelli and Hudson County congressman Gallagher
21 June 1960 Zicarelli (from the Bonanno family) phoned Hudson County democrat Cornelius E Gallagher. Between 1958 and 1972 sat Gallagher in Congress, Gallagher will sit 17 months in prison for tax evasion.

Genovese capo Anthony “Tony Bender” Strollo's New Jersey man Anthony "Tony Pro" Provenzano
Provenzano had been indicted on Nov 15, 1960 on the Hobbs Act {extortion}.

Genovese capo Anthony “Tony Bender” Strollo's New Jersey man Anthony "Tony Pro" Provenzano
the june 1961 murder of 560 secretary-treasurer Anthony {and rival of Tony Pro} Castellito, his head was beaten in and then Salvatore Briguglio and Harold “KO” Konigsberg strangled him, then they made the body disappear at the orders of Provenzano. For his part in the Castellito murder, Salvatore Briguglio was rewarded with the role of business agent. Briguglio was later convicted of grand larceny and counterfeiting, and was suspected of having participated in the murder of Jimmy Hoffa.

New Jersey based Genovese capo Anthony “Tony Bender” Strollo's man Anthony "Tony Pro" Provenzano
Beginning july 1961 became Anthony Provenzano a vice president of New Jersey Teamster local 560.

In prison Valachi got heared by Genovese about his capo Anthony Strollo which Genovese suspects of doing heroin deals without paying Genovese off. 3 Months later Vincent Mauro a man of Strollo gets caught in a heroindeal of which Genovese didn’t know.

Genovese orders murder of Greenwich Village capo Anthony Strollo "Tony Bender"
8 April 1962 Anthony Strollo “Tony Bender” goes out and disappears for ever. According to KO Konigsberg Strollo's body may have been buried at Celso's chicken farm in NJ. When the farm was dug up Strollo's remains weren't there but several other bodies were. after the murder of Strollo his crew was taken over by Eboli
Greenwich Village based Genovese capo Thomas Eboli "Tommy Ryan"

Genovese capo Strollo's soldier Joseph Valachi
22 June 1962 Joseph Valachi kills in prison an other prisoner who he thought to be Joseph DiPalermo and he becomes state witness.

New Jersey based Genovese capo Anthony “Tony Bender” Strollo's soldier Provenzano wounded
On June 24,1962, a Sunday morning "Tony Pro" was found semi-concious in the elevator shaft at 707 Smmit St,suffering at least several broken ribs. Provenzano told police he had come to the local to do some paperwork and feed his pigeons on the roof. Tony said he opened the elevator and fell approximatly 12 feet {probably 1 floor} The police on the other hand may have doubted Provenzano's story and theorized he may have been pushed. A few months {April 62} before a friend and mentor, having come from the same neighorhood in NYC {Monroe St}, Anthony "Tony Bender" Strollo went out for a pack of smokes and never returned to his Fort Lee NJ apartment. Some quess Tony Pro's "accident" and Strollo's disappearing act were connected. Tony Provenzano would fully recover.

Harold "K.O" Konigsberg mentions Zicarelli and Gallagher
Small time loanshark Bernard O ‘Brien operated out of the Dairy Treat ice Cream store in Bayonne. In October 1962 O’Brien vanished. Konigsberg claimed that he was summoned to Gallagher’s Bayonne residence and was commanded by Zicarelli to bury elsewhere O ‘Brien whose body was in the basement.

Harold "K.O" Konigsberg
In 1962 KO owned a restaurant in Hoboken NJ where the Provenzano brothers and Teamster local 560 held their 1962 elections at. It was the only polling place for the local which of course was to the advantage of Tony Pro.

New Jersey based Genovese capo Anthony “Tony Bender” Strollo's soldier Provenzano
Tony "Pro" Provenzano used his control of the local to increase his salary between 1962 and 1963 from $20,000 to $95,000. He even managed to collect 17,000 dollars on a workman's comp case which we are sure he needed ,only earning a paulty 113,000 dollars in 1963 as the highest paid union leader in the free world.

Business agent Stephen Andretta--later convicted of loansharking, counterfeiting, and extortion--had his salary raised to $95,000 a year during the same period. Both Provenzano's and Andretta's salaries exceeded IBT president Jimmy Hoffa's salary at the time. Provenzano family members were also provided with jobs. Tony's daughter, Josephine Provenzano, was elected secretary-treasurer at age 23, and received a salary of $64,000. Asked to state why she was appointed, she told the court "because I was a Provenzano."

New Jersey Teamster local 560, Genovese member Anthony "Tony Pro" Provenzano
The Provenzanos and their organized crime associates were allegedly responsible for the May 24, 1963, murder of IBT member Walter Glockner, who protested the appointment of a member of the Provenzano ring as a business agent. After a shouting and pushing incident at the union hall, Glockner (27) was murdered in front of his house the next day. Provenzano’s family member Thomas Reynolds was suspected of being witness of the murder.

Lewisburg inmate Teamster Local 560 president?? Anthony "Tony Pro" Provenzano
First convicted of extorting labor peace payoffs between 1952 and 1959, Provenzano was later convicted of conspiracy to receive kickbacks relating to a proposed loan from a Teamsters benefit fund. He was convicted on July 13 1963 and finally went to Lewisburg prison in May 1966. At Lewisburg one of Tony's jobs was in the prison library.

Harold "K.O" Konigsberg
By 1963 KO was in federal prison of stolen good charges when he began "co operating" with the feds. By 1963-1964 Konigsberg was serving a prison stretch for dealing in stolen goods.

Former?? ILA president Joseph Ryan dies
In july 1963 dies Joseph Ryan (79).

ILA president Thomas Gleason
In 1963 became then Thomas Gleason president of the ILA what he was till 1987.

ILA Local 1814 leader Anthony Anastasio dies
In 1963 dies Albert Anastasia`s brother "tough" Anthony Anastasio, Gambino then gave the leadership of Local 1814 to Anastasio`s son in law Anthony Scotto.
ILA Local 1814 leader Anthony Anastasio`s son in law Anthony Scotto

ILA local 1823
5 October 1964 dies former Arsenal member Frank “Machinegun”Campbell of ILA local 1823.

Michael “mickey”Bowers dies
25 June 1966 dies west side waterfront gangster Michael “mickey”Bowers in a car crash in which die 5 people. Michael “mickey”Bowers led ILA local 824 and his son is John Bowers wwho wil become ILA president in 1987.

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John DiGilio “Johnny D” and Herb Gross
Herb Gross grew quickly as a political bagman in the 1960s. The Township of Lakewood needed to hire appraisers for urban renewal. Gross sold the jobs. His fee was small, $100, but he ended up owning his customers. Mobster Vincent Craporatta “Jimmy Sinatra”, was a silent partner in every illegitimate deal. For half the profits, Sinatra insured against welshers. Gross first used that insurance when Holiday Inn came to Lakewood. The deal started cleanly in the summer of 1966 with Gross functioning as a real estate salesman. As a sideline, he had picked up a license and was registered to sell for a local broker. A development company was planning to build a Holiday Inn in neighboring Howell Township. The company was headed by a man Gross knew, Al Olshan. Gross convinced Olshan that it would be wiser to build in Lakewood, where sewer and water hookups would be cheaper. Gross earned a $3,000 commission when he sold Olshan a site just inside the Lakewood line. Gross knew he could pick up another commission if he could find a motel operator for Olshan, someone to lease the inn and run it. But that opportunity died when Olshan’s financial backers produced two men who went partners as innkeepers, Carmen Marino and Dick Vogedes. To speed things along, Olshan’s company had filed their old Howell Township plans in Lakewood. Preliminary approvals were granted before the developer remembered those plans included no bar, only a coffee shop. But Marino and Vogedes couldn’t see a motel without a bar-restaurant. Lakewood ordinances allowed no-fee liquor licenses for 50-unit hotels and motels. Now, because of a filing mistake, it looked like the innkeepers would have to pay $30,000 for a standard liquor license. Gross had a cheaper solution. He met with Olshan, Marino, and Vogedes and told them he could still arrange a no-fee license if they gave him $5,000 to spread around. Gross wouldn’t say where the bribes were going. His people wanted protection, he explained. He knew he could keep most of the money for himself. For $500, a township official would allow a one-page change in the motel plans–presto, a bar instead of a coffee shop. For $1,000, a key councilman could guarantee no-fuss approval. Without knowing these details, the motel group accepted the arrangement. The payoff money was supposed to be delivered the night of the final vote. When no one showed, Gross let the fix go through anyway. He was guessing car trouble or an accident. In fact, his clients were reneging. The innkeepers, Marino and Vogedes, had talked with a state senator. They suspected Gross was conning them. The senator spoke to some Lakewood politicians, including the councilman whose vote Gross was buying. Nothing crooked here, was the flustered reply, it’s all routine, motels get free liquor licenses. Gross was outraged by the double-cross. "Don’t let them do this to me," he complained to Olshan. But the developer and the innkeepers were no longer buying. Why pay something for nothing? There could be no fix if no fix was needed. Gross telephoned Sinatra to invoke his welsher insurance and to share the egregious affront with his secret partner: "Hey Jimmy, we’ve been fucked." The A & P parking lot in nearby Bricktown was almost empty two days later when Gross drove in for a rendezvous with Sinatra on a Sunday morning. Two parked cars, two men standing alongside, Jimmy and a stranger. Jimmy was wearing his serious face: "This is Johnny D, Herbie. He’s going to give us some help." The full name is John DiGilio, a former prize fighter who made a bigger name in Bayonne’s rackets. Gross noticed the man’s athletic build, his self-confidence. The three got into Johnny’s gold-colored Cadillac. With Gross giving the route, DiGilio drove to Carmen Marino’s home in Manasquan. Three of Marino’s six children were playing on the neat, suburban lawn as DiGilio pulled up. Gross rang the doorbell and lured Marino back to the car for a talk. The hoods were in the front seat, DiGilio still behind the wheel. As the innkeeper and Gross got in back DiGilio turned to talk over his muscular shoulder: "You owe this man some money and if you know what’s good for you, you’re going to pay him, understand?" Marino tried to respond. He wanted to say he wasn’t going to be bullied into paying for a phony fix. "Listen, buddy," he began, but DiGilio interrupted. "’You don’t call me ‘buddy,’ you mother-fucker. You come up with the money or else. Don’t you know who I am?" Marino said that he didn’t really care. "All you have to know is that I’m Johnny D from Bayonne and you better do what I say. Those are your kids out there aren’t they?" Marino didn’t ask what DiGilio meant, he understood the threat. DiGilio told him to get out of the car and give Gross his money within a week. On the drive back to Bricktown, DiGilio assured Gross his problems were over. Gross was unusually quiet. He was wondering about his allies, telling himself the threat on the children was probably a bluff, but he wasn’t sure. Gross was called to the phone a few days later at the hotel he ran for his mother, the Hotel Claridge. "Is this Herb Gross?" a male voice asked. "Yeah–who’s this?" he snapped back, a quick lesson that in his eye-for-an-eye world, the impolite get impoliteness. "Jones, Smith–what’s the difference. Just listen carefully. This is grace period. If anyone lays a hand on Carmen Marino, you’re a dead man. You get ahold of your people. If they want to straighten this out, tell them to get in touch with Nicky or Hicky." Gross wanted details, a number to call. "If your man is really Johnny D from Bayonne, you just tell him Nicky and Hicky. He’ll know what to do." Gross’s dispute with the innkeepers would be settled at a sit-down, the mob’s version of binding arbitration. A week later Sinatra and Gross met Johnny D in the early evening on a back street in Bayonne. They all got in Johnny’s gold Cadillac and drove a short distance to a luxury high-rise. Johnny explained they were picking up someone before driving to New York. He parked and the three men went into the apartment building. They were waiting for an elevator when a young man darted into the lobby and over to DiGilio. “Johnny, I need some money," he blurted. "I’m hot." "Yeah, I know," replied DiGilio, pulling out a wad of $100 bills and donating three without care or negotiation. That earned a quick, appreciative "Thanks, Johnny," as the fugitive hurried back to the streets. "He’s really hot," the benefactor confided. "He shot someone yesterday." Leaving the elevator, DiGilio led his companions to an apartment and rang the bell. A short, older man wearing a soft fedora mumbled a greeting to Johnny, scanned the others, and waved them in. "Be with ya in a minute," he said, walking to a table where he picked up some papers and seemed to be checking figures. Gross pegged him as at least 60, a narrow, lined face behind dark-framed glasses. So maybe he’s Jewish, Gross joked to himself at the hat in the house. But the apartment wasn’t decorated as a home, more like an office with several adding machines and phones. There were no introductions, but Gross knew from the way Sinatra and DiGilio were acting that the older man was someone important. Years later he would find the face in police mug shots: Bayonne Joe Zicarelli, a New Jersey mob chief. Zicarelli sat in front with DiGilio on the ride to New York. Johnny D was apprehensive and wondered out loud if the sit-down would be fair: "Maybe this is a setup." "Naw, don’t worry," said Bayonne Joe. "I know the man. We’ll do fine." The innkeepers arrived early for the sit-down. Marino and Vogedes were businessmen, not mobsters. They had no idea that Gross had a mob connection when they started dealing with him. Even after Johnny D’s threatening visit, they weren’t sure what they were up against. Maybe this tough-talking character was a phony. But they decided to play it safe and get some mob protection. Vogedes had done some work for a Fort Lee builder named Vincent Ordine and remembered that Ordine had a relative in the rackets. Through Ordine, Vogedes arranged for two gangsters to plead the innkeepers’ case at the sit-down: Anthony DiLorenzo, known as Hicky, and his associate, Nicholas Frustaci, sometimes called Nicky the Blond. It was getting dark when Marino and Vogedes got to the Shore View Social Club. Between two large plate-glass windows, double doors were open on this warm, August evening (1966??). As the innkeepers walked up, a sandy-haired man emerged. He was dressed casually, slacks and a sportshirt. "You the guys from the Holiday Inn?" he asked. He identified himself as Nicky and then got Marino and Vogedes to tell him their story, why they felt entitled to keep their $5,000. Soon they were joined by his partner, Hicky, whose business suit made him seem more serious about the affair. Lights were on inside the club, and on one side, card players were intent on their game. Through the other window could be seen an empty table, apparently reserved for the sit-down. At the back, there was an espresso machine in the middle of the room, where the players occasionally refilled their little cups. Shortly before 9 p.m., Gross’s team arrived. Bayonne Joe Zicarelli left his companions to chat quietly with Nicky and Hicky. Gross nodded stiffly to the innkeepers. While they all were waiting, Hicky, the more serious hood, kept staring at Gross, who interpreted the glare as attempted intimidation. Then, the evening’s judge came walking slowly down the sidewalk, dignified looking, but overdressed for such warm weather in a heavy dark suit. His fedora looked much like Bayonne Joe’s, but the brim was snapped up, not down like Joe’s in gangster-movie style. The judge was Peter Crocciata, then in his 70s, known to police as a consigliari or elder statesman in the Bonano crime family. As Crocciata approached, Nicky, Hicky, and Bayonne Joe moved quickly toward him. Each embraced him and kissed him on the cheek. Their haste made it seem as if more points would go to the hood who hugged him first. Judge and greeters went into the club, leaving the others outside. Marino and Vogedes stood by themselves, away from Gross and his allies, DiGilio and Sinatra. They all could see the sit-down through the window, but they couldn’t hear what was being said. Gross quietly asked Sinatra why the principals weren’t inside–didn’t the judge want to get the story from the horse’s mouth? "Only Sicilians sit at the table," Sinatra replied. "That’s how it’s done." A few times, Nicky came out to get information from Marino and Vogedes. Twice, Bayonne Joe came out. He put his questions to DiGilio, who went to Gross and Sinatra for answers. Zicarelli apparently didn’t mind the delays, preferring to limit his contacts, like a captain who deals only with the first sergeant. The sit-down lasted almost half an hour. Bayonne Joe was first out the door. Walking over to DiGilio, Sinatra, and Gross, he said: "We got the decision." He proposed a gesture of respect to Nicky and Hicky, some reduction in the $5,000 demand. Sinatra and Gross looked at each other and decided to settle for half, $2,500. Crocciatta smiled a benediction when Zicarelli gave him the figure. The consigliari informed Nicky and Hicky, and then after collecting embraces from the three advocates, he walked off into the night. On the drive back to New Jersey, Bayonne Joe said one of the innkeepers would deliver the $2,500 to Gross in cash at his hotel at 8: 00 a.m. the next day. "Suppose he doesn’t show up?" Gross asked. "He dies," Zicarelli said calmly. After dropping off Zicarelli, DiGilio drove Sinatra and Gross to their car. Pleased by the night’s work, DiGilio told Sinatra: "You really got a good thing here. Now these guys belong to you forever." The prediction was accurate. Lakewood’s Holiday Inn became a feeding ground for Gross and Sinatra. Gross picked up $5,000 by tricking a man named Rusty Moccia who was eager to operate the motel’s restaurant. The innkeepers aided Gross in convincing Moccia that he couldn’t get this money-making opportunity without first buying out Gross’s option to run the restaurant, an entirely fictional agreement. Moccia soon was short of capital. He borrowed at shylock rates from Sinatra, but couldn’t catch up and went bankrupt within six months. Gross and Sinatra made money from almost all of the motel’s purchases. They got a percentage from the jukebox, the vending machines, even the meat supplier. As it turned out, the sit-down was much more than an arbitration hearing to settle a dispute. Rather, it was a double wedding, with both sides, Gross and the innkeepers, marrying the mob. The innkeepers were obligated because they had sought mob justice and accepted the tribunal’s authority. And Gross’s understanding with Sinatra was no longer theoretical, an unused insurance policy. By collecting on his insurance, Gross, too, became forever owned. Carmen Marino arrived on time with the cash. He walked into the Hotel Claridge lobby, which was brightened by new red carpeting and a striking needle-point parrot created by Gross’s mother. Gross was standing behind the main desk, and Marino handed him an envelope. Gross opened it and counted the money. "Right?" asked Marino. "Right," said Gross. Marino turned to leave. "Hold on." Gross reached under the counter for some Hotel Claridge stationery and wrote: "Received from Carmen Marino the sum of $2,500, for services rendered," and signed his name. Later, Sinatra came to collect. "First give me half for Johnny D," he said, explaining that they had to pay for Johnny’s efforts. Gross counted out $1,250. For himself, Sinatra took half the remainder, $625. "Jimmy, that only leaves me $625. What about the guys who are waiting for their payoffs?" "Fuck ’em," Sinatra replied. Six months after the sit-down, Sinatra sold Gross part of his illegal numbers operation. Thirteen runners were working Ocean County for Sinatra, collecting about $6,000 a week in small bets, little wishes for a lucky number. Sinatra had a sudden cash crisis when an unlucky number came up for him and he needed $6,500 to pay winners. He walked into the Claridge and offered Gross two-thirds ownership for $6,500, plus another $1,000 to reestablish the bank. By this time, Gross had taken on a partner to help with the hotel who agreed to go half in the numbers investment. Gross found numbers to be a lousy racket. Everyone had to be paid: the runners, the winners, the cops, and even $ 100 a week to some unknown mob superiors in Newark for the Ocean County franchise. When Sinatra went away on vacation the next summer, outsiders tried to muscle in. One of Gross’s men was picking up bets at the Hotel Allaben, operated by Ed Houston in Lakewood’s growing black section. A stranger approached Gross’s collector and announced he was taking over. Soon after Gross heard about it, his phone rang. Houston was calling to say that some people wanted Gross to come over and talk. Gross said he went into a back room, where some men were sitting at a table. He recognized only two of them, an ex-cop turned crook and Houston. and with that Ed Houston said, ‘Meet Nick Verdi,’ pointed to one of them and that was my first meeting with Nick Verdi."’ Verdi greeted him with the words: "You Jew bastard, you turn over that work. I’ve been sent down here. You have no business having this. Sinatra is out of it and turn over the work." I tried to protest that Sinatra was part of it, that we had been brought in, he’s in Florida on vacation, when he returns he’ll straighten it out. He didn’t want to hear anything. He’d been sent down by Angelo Sica. “Gross said, "Well, now, let me make one phone call. He’ll verify what I say is true, although he’s not involved in the numbers." And he said, "Who’s that?" And I said, "Johnny D from Bayonne," And he says, "Well, you better not be dropping any names. Go ahead and make a call." So I placed a call from the Hotel Allaben to Bayonne and I got Johnny D, and I acquainted him with the situation, and he said, "Put this guy on." I only heard Verdi’s side of the conversation. Later, perhaps weeks later, when I met Johnny on some occasion, he told me what his part of the conversation was. Verdi’s reaction were the words: "Oh, I didn’t believe him…Yeah, Johnny…Oh, I’d like to meet you. I heard a lot about you." And, "Oh, no, nobody’s going to harm him…Yeah. Okay, we’ll straighten it out between us. Don’t worry. I won’t touch him," words to that effect.
Gross court testimony, and hearings held in 1972 by New Jersey’s State Commission of Investigation.

In 1966 Teitlebaum met Fred R Field jr at a labor negotiation. Fred Field principal officer of ILA local 856 in Manhattan (Clemente trial??) . Teitlebaum later also met Sebastian “benny”cotrone

George Barone has been around since the early 1960s at the NY NJ piers. Doug Rado and George Barone were men of the genovese family and controlled ILA president Theodore “Teddy” Gleeson. back in the early 1960s Barone tried to grab a piece of the Newark waterfront but Jerry Catena would have none of it. In 1967 was the influence of the Genovese men George Barone, Douglas “Doug”Rago and James Cornelius Vanderwijde broken in the New York harbors when the Waterfront Comission stripped Barone of his license to operate on the NY NJ piers.

Florida harbors and Genovese
George Barone than moved on to Miami Florida with Doug Rago. George barone was president of ILA local 1922 in Miami.

Miami based Genovese capo John Biello ( Futto) killed
17 March 1967 in Miami the Genovese capo John Biello was 4 times shot in the head and killed by Biello’s own man George Barone. Biello and Bonanno had been friends but Biello and Colombo had told the Commission about Bonanno`s rebellion plot. Bonanno had the murder ordered and had the help of Genovese soldier Pasquale “Patsy”Erra. Biello’s own man George Barone would later confess the murder of his own capo Biello. George Barone also killed Tommy the Greek.

New Jersey based Caponigro soldier Dominick Luciano and murder of Nicky "tarzan"Colucci
On or about 14 october 1967 at the 309 Club located at 309 Lafayette Street, Newark, New Jersey. Dominick Luciano’s man Tino Fiumara murdered Peter Mantello “Flatnose Pete”, Patsy Collucci and Nicholas Collucci by shooting them to death. Dominick "lolly" Luciano murdered dock hiringboss Pasquale “Patsy”Colucci and his brother Nicky "Tarzan" Colucci and Peter Mantello in a tavern Downneck in Newark.

In the late 1960’s the Genovese and Gambino families divided control of the docks, with the Gambinos taking over Brooklyn and Staten Island and the Genovese taking Manhattan and New Jersey. Running ILA local 1588 in Bayonne for the Genovese was George barone ( a member of the Jets gang immortalized in West Side Story). In the mid 1970’s John DiGilio took over ILA local 1588.

Harold "K.O" Konigsberg
In 1967 “KO”Konigsberg was hit with an extortion charge and Konigsberg led authorities to a marsh located on Joe Celsco’s (Celso) chicken farm down in Lakewood NJ which was a mob burial ground. KO claimed that "Tony Bender" Strollo, Bernard o’Brien among others were put there however Strollo was not found there. 2 other murdered victims were found there. Eventually the feds got tired and KO wound up in the New York State prison system where he had been convicted on extortion charges totaling 30 to 44 yrs. In the late 1960s Konigsberg and the Provenzano's had a falling out over money and KO sued them in court however he supposedly dropped the suit when he was in Danbury fed prison and Tony Pro was at Lewisberg and Tony got word to KO and threatened his family with harm if he didn't stop the nonsense.

The june 1968 robbery of the Faimount Hotel in Lakewood (NJ) the estimated take was 400000 dollars. Zicarelli and Genovese mobster John DiGilio had planned it and lent the expertise of Belleville resident Michael Guibilo to beat down hotel owner Louis Kelman (83). The robbery was actually the brainchild of political bagman Herbie Gross who also owned a competing hotel.

Tino Fiumara
Police suspect Fiumara being involved in the murders of Nicky and patsy Colucci, Richard Santos and patterson NJ bookie Robert "Bobby" Harris who was killed with a baseballbat.

Between on or about 1 janaury 1969 and march 1969 at the city of Patterson, New Jersey, Tino Fiumara and others murdered bookmaker Robert Harris by beating him with a baseball bat and shooting him.

New Jersey based Philadelphia capo Caponigro soldier Dominick Luciano protege Tino Fiumara
29 March 1969 they find the body of black bookie Robert "Bobby" Harris he had been missing for 3 months. His widow is Katherine Harrison who was later killed by her second husband Kenneth E Hammond who then commits suicide.

In November 1969 jeweler Joseph Formiglia borrowed 400 dollars from loanshark Santoro. By the middle of February 1970 Formiglia had loaned 11000 dollars in total. The money came from Ratteni, Chiaverini and tortora.

Dominick “Dom “Cataldo
Dominick “Dom”Cataldo was close friends with later informers Salvatore Polisi and Joseph Iannuzzi. Dom” Cataldo’s brother Joseph Cataldo was son in law of Anthony Anastasio (brother of Albert Anastasia) whose daughter Louise Anastasio he had married. “Dom”Cataldo was the son in law of Leo Bellaccio (he married his daughter Isabella?? Bellacicco). Cataldo is the father in law of Salvatore Scaglione and brother in law to Gambino associate Vito Scaglione and Frank scaglione. Late in 1955 Philip Bellacicco who owns a small wholesale bakery business as a sole proprietorship decided to incorporate the business as the Freeport Italian Bakery Inc. Although a corporate charter was secured 1 october 1955 the corporation didn’t start its operation until 1 february 1956 and a bank account wasn’t opened in the corporate name until 6 february 1956. Philip Bellacicco loaned from his brother Leo Bellacicco and from Leo’s son in law Dominick Cataldo. Leo Bellacicco died in 1957 (his widow Ortenza Bellacicco). In 1960 the Freeport Italian Bakery Inc. failed as a business. In 1961 dies the Freeport Italian Bakery Inc. director Philip Bellacicco’s son in law is Arthur Mazzone.

Henry Hill
At the end of januari 1967 Henry Hill got the tip from Bobby McMahon that at Kennedy Airport in the Air France part a lot of money was. In februari Hill steals than 480000 dollars in a bag. 60000 Dollars went to Sebastian "Buster" Aloi and 60000 to Paul Vario the rest was divided between Hill, Burke and DiSimone.

Jimmy Burke, Tommy DiSimone and Henry Hill
In 1970 there is a welcome party in Robert's for the just free from prison William “Billy Batts” DeVino of the Gambino family. Present were Jimmy Burke, Tommy DiSimone and Henry Hill, Batts is busting DiSimone's balls and DiSimone tells his friends that Batts is a dead man. 11 June 1970 William “Billy Batts” DeVino (49) comes to Hill`s bar "the Suite" to drink something and later also arrive Tommy and Jimmy. Jimmy keeps Batts than talking while DiSimone goes out to get a pistol and a bodybag. The 2 then start to beat up William “Billy Batts” DeVino while wiseguy Alex Corcione is still present and Hill sends him away, they kill Batts and had his body disappear.

Anthony "Tony Pro" Provenzano
Tony came out of Lewisburg in 1970 though he was barred from the teamsters for 5 yrs. During that time Tony spent alot of time in Florida leaving the union's affairs to brothers Nunzio and Salvatore "Sam". He later served as secretary-treasurer between 1975 and 1978.

Anthony "Tony Pro" Provenzano
Teamster Local 945 president Michael “Mike”A Ardis challenged Provenzano’s authority and disappeared in june 1971.

Dominick “Dom “Cataldo friend Salvatore “Sal” Polisi
Dominick Cataldo became in 1971 a partner in Sal Polizzi’s bar “the Sinatra Club”.

Gambino capo Joe Armone soldier Tommy Agro
In 1972 Iannuzzi who lives in Florida was introduced by Gambino man Louie Esposito to Tommy Agro who works for capo Joe Armone. Agro introduced Iannuzzi to Dom Cataldo and Little Vic orena from the colombo family.

Colombo soldier Dom Cataldo
In 1973 made Iannuzzi and Cataldo 143000 dollars with a holdup in New York.

New Jersey ILA vice president William Murphy
William Murphy (58) New Jersey ILA vice president was shot and wounded 19 april 1973 in Hoboken. And within months also an other ILA official disappeared and was presumed killed.

Nicholas "Jiggs" Forlano
31 December 1973 Iannuzzi met via Freddie “Campo” Campagnuolo than Forlano and the Colombo drugdealer Tommy Farese.

Gambino capo Joe Armone soldier Tommy Agro
In 1974 Iannuzzi visits Agro, Louie Esposito, Bobby DeSimone in an appartment. Agro loaned the dealer Bobby “Anthony” Amelia money and a week later Iannuzzi met the dealer Amelia when he visits Colombo capo Nick “Jiggs” Forlano and also Bobby DeSimone and Agro.

Jimmy Burke and Henry Hill
In November 1972 were Hill and Burke convicted for beating up a loansharkvictim in Miami and got 10 years, Hill arrived in Lewisburg where also were imprisoned Paul Vario, John Dioguardi, Andy Ruggierio, Joe Pine from Connecticut, Angelo Mel (who was soon free), Jimmy Doyle, Ernie Boy Abbamonte and Joe Delvecchio, mayor Hugh Addonizio, Jimmy Hoffa, Big John Ormento, Teresa, Tony Provenzano, Vinnie Aloi, Frank Cotroni, Paul Mazzei, Bill Arico, Danny Mondavano, Louie the Fox, Lucchese consiglieri Vincent Rao and the boss of mafiarow in Lewisburg prison carmine Galante. Burke and Hill later arrive in Allenwood prison.

Burke's Atlanta prison roomies Edwards and DeSimone
By the early 1970s Burke was a loanshark, thief, counterfeiter and fence man. He also held, in secret, a partnership in the notorious "Roberts Lounge" bar which was located in Ozone Park, Queens. Roberts Lounge was frequented by much of New York City's underworld. It also boasted a big bookmaking operation that Burke controlled. By the mid-1970s Burked was convicted, along with Henry Hill, for a loansharking and assault charge. He was given over 5 years and sent to Atlanta Federal Prison. His cellmate was Steven "Stacks" Edwards who was an African-American hoodlum that specialized in credit card fraud. Edwards was also a longtime Roberts Lounge patron. Then when Edwards was paroled, Thomas "Two Gun Tommy" DeSimone was his new cell mate. DeSimone had botched a hijacking attempt and was sent to Atlanta.

Colombo soldier Cataldo in Florida's cocainescene
Beginning 1976 Cataldo kills in Florida some Colombian drugdealers who had ripped him and Colombo capo Allie La Monte, he was driven by Iannuzzi. Cataldo's partner is John "irish" matera.

Garbage industry
3 june 1976 was Custom Disposal Service (of Middlesex County) owner Alfred DiNardi shot to death while picking up his car at a parking garage in NYC.

In 1976 DiGilio, Fiumara, Palmeri, Roselle, San Felice and others held a meeting at which Fiumara told San Felice to give back the contracts to Roselle. 31 may 1978 was San Fleice shot and killed while unloading a rolloff ontainer at a landfill in Old Bridge. 2 december 1980 was Crescent Roselle shot and killed outside Waste Disposal’s facilities in Elizabeth.

Colombo soldier Dom Cataldo
In januari 1977 Dom Cataldo murders a member of the Lucchese family, several years earlier he had also killed 2 man of the Lucchese family, the bodies he buried.

Florida harbors
Teitlebaum’s covert investigation continued until janaury 1977 when the case became public. 7 june 1978 were indicted:

Gambino capo Joe Armone’s soldier Tommy Agro came free
In april 1977 came Agro free and during his sentence he had his man kill the dealer Bobby "Anthony" Amelia. Agro, cataldo, Frank "the hat" DeStefano, Nick Corrazo and Lenny Dimaria were inducted at the same time. Corrazo and Dimaria work for gambino capo Andrew "fat Andy" Ruggiano who lives in Miami. De horse track Calder was run by genovese capo Matty Brown Fortunato and the Kansas City mob. Horsetrack Gulfstream was worked at by Iannuzzi and Freddie Campagnuolo.

Burke and the Lufthansa heist
11 December 1978 Hill`s friends commit a holdup of a moneytransport from Lufthansa at Kennedy Airport, they make 5 million dollars and 875000 dollars worth of jewels. The next day Burke told Hill that his gang had done the holdup. He also told Hill and Tommy DiSimone that he would kill his man Marty Krugman. Krugman had given him the tip which he himself had gotten from one of Lufthansa`s workers, Louis Werner ( he was the only man that would be convicted for the holdup). 18 December 1978 was Parnell Steven Edwards shot to death in his bed, Edwards had taken part in the holdup but had left evidence. 6 Januari 1979 disappears Marty Krugman after being killed in Vinnie Asaro`s bar. 17 Februari 1979 police find the frozen body of Richard Eaton, he had moved for Burke money to Florida. In march 1979 the body of Paolo LiCastri was found. 13 April 1979 the bodies of Joseph Manriquez and Robert McMahon were found in a Buick both killed by a bullet through the head. 18 May 1979 the body of DiSimone`s girlfriend Theresa Ferrara was found in a river. Then later also disappeared Louie Cafora and his wife Joanna, Anthony Stabile, Angelo Sepe and his girlfriend Joanne Lombardo. All were connected to the holdup and most of the murders were ordered by Burke.

Steve carbone wanted to warn Joseph Manri and Paolo LiCastri that their lives were in danger

Gambino capo Joe Armone’s soldier Tommy Agro murders Burke’s friend Tommy DiSimone
14 Januari 1979 Tommy DiSimone, one of the holdup man disappeared, he went to a meeting believing he would be made but the Gotti crew had him killed there because he had killed their man "Foxey". First DiSimone`s father in law Sal De Vita had been approached and was told that he should take DiSimone to Tony Roach Rampino and Michael Roccoforte who would then kill him, but the bosses decided to make a trap. He was killed by Tommy Agro who had also killed several years before his brother Anthony DeSimone. DiSimone should have been warned because before his brother in law Joseph Spione had disappeared and he had helped DiSimone kill "Foxey".

Gambino capo Joe Armone soldier Tommy Agro
Agro then takes into his crew their brother Bobby DeSimone so he can keep an eye at him. Agro had in his crew Bobby DeSimone (he wants to be close to him because he had killed Bobby's brother Tommy DeSimone and some years before their brother Anthony).

Florida docks operation Unirac
In 1979 were 18 unionofficials and Shipping company officials convicted for extortion of southern harbors (Florida) under them George Barone, Fred Field, his bodyguard Benny Astorino, Bill Boyle and Vanderwijde. The men woked for the Genovese mobster Doug Rado and were turned in by entrepeneur Joey Teitelbaum who owns a shipping company and was extorted by them. Around 1979 Barone was sentenced to 15 yrs in the FBI's "operation Unirac".

Genovese man Anthony "Tony Pro" Provenzano
in 1979 Provenzano was convicted on RICO charges for receipt of labor peace payoffs from the Seatrain Corporation. Provenzano got 20 years extra for extorting Seatrain Lines, one of the biggest container moving firms of the US.

Gambino dock boss Anthony Scotto
The FBI turned them their attention to New York where in 1979 the Gambino capo Anthony Scotto got 5 years for running the Brooklyn harbor, his daughter is newscaster Roseanne Scotto.

Manhattan Genovese dock (pier) boss Michael Clemente
The Genovese soldier Michael Clemente got in 1980 twenty years for running Manhattan harbor

New Jersey Genovese dock (pier) boss Tino Fiumara
Genovese soldier Tino Fiumara got 25 years for running New Jersey. Tino fiumara went to jail thanks to witness Pat Kelly, a new jersey banker.

Prior to his 1980 conviction Fiumara elevated Louis “Streaky”Gatto and Peter Grecco as acting capos. Fiumara's crew then get led by Louis gatto and in the crew are michael Coppola and Joseph Queli.

Gambino capo Joe Armone’s soldier Tommy Agro
1 Januari 1980 go Iannuzzi and Agro to a Diana Ross appearance in the Diplomat.

Gambino capo joe Armone’s soldier Tommy Agro
19 januari 1981 was Joseph Iannuzi beaten up and hospitalized by Tommy Agro and his men Paul Principe and Frank Russo.

Gambino capo joe Armone’s soldier Tommy Agro
In march 1981 taped Iannuzzi than Agro who threatens him.

Gambino capo joe Armone’s soldier Tommy Agro
In april 1981 Iannuzzi met the capo Andy Ruggiano, Joe Blase, Gerald Alicino, Frank Abbandando and Bobby DeSimone.

New Jersey Lucchese crew murders numbersboss William Kennedy (61)
Authorities found the remains of Kennedy on the grounds of a concrete factory 17 years ago but he wasn't identified until September 2000. At the time of the identification, authorities said he'd been lured to his death by members of the Lucchese crime family who wanted his gambling territory. William Kennedy, 61, running a numbers operation, was last seen leaving his home on 12th Street in Newark on the night of Oct. 7, 1981. His body was found in 24 april 1984 by a workman at the Standard Concrete Block and Supply Co., which burned down in 1995. Three members of the Lucchese family, including the organization's reputed boss in New Jersey, pleaded guilty to taking part in the murder in federal and state pleas they entered in the early 1990s. Kennedy was not named publicly in those charges. Kennedy operated his numbers racket in various neighborhoods in Newark, including an area close to where his body was found, Essex County authorities said last fall. Prosecutors said he'd been shot multiple times. In 1993, in a case that helped significantly weaken the mob's grip in New Jersey, three top members of the Lucchese crime family pleaded guilty to the slaying as part of a federal and state racketeering case, Monaco said. All three remain in prison. But even as Michael Perna, Thomas Ricciardi and reputed Lucchese capo Michael Tacetta, acknowledged their part in a crime conspiracy, which included the execution of the aging number's runner, the victim's name remained a mystery, Monaco said. Alfonso "Tic" Cataldo, 59, pleaded not guilty in june 2001 at his initial court appearance in Newark and was held on $2 million bail. The complaints filed by the Essex County Prosecutor's Office against Cataldo charge him with conspiracy to commit rackeetering, racketeering, murder and possession of gambling records. Cataldo's racketeering activity spans almost 20 years, one of the complaints alleged. Lawrence Monaco, the Essex County assistant prosecutor who serves as head of the office's homicide squad, declined to comment on the evidence against Cataldo or say what role he may have played in the slaying of William Kennedy.

Dominick “Dom “Cataldo
In 1981 Vito Scaglione was convicted on a charge of selling a gun and a silencer to an undercover with him was Dominick “Dom”Cataldo convicted who got 8 years. Frank Scaglione in the early 80’s occasionally cut John Gotti’s hair. Frank Scaglione went into hiding 17 july 1982. That day Frank Scaglione, John Cavallo (37) and John Gotti’s brother Eugene Gotti (40) had an argument with bartender Raymond Mareno of the 101 bar in Ozone Park. Frank scaglione then shot and killed Raymond Moreno and went into hiding.

Gambino capo joe Armone’s soldier Tommy Agro
14 september 1982 Iannuzzi meets Agro, Paul Principe, Sal Reale, Ruggiano, Ronnie Pearlman.

New Jersey based Lucchese crew
21 August 1985 were in New Jersey the local Lucchese mobsters Anthony Accetturo, Michael Tacetta and his brother Martin, their nephew Alfonse Cataldo and Jackie Di Norscio (the son of Philadelphia soldier Dominick Di Norscio) arrested.

Dominick “Dom “Cataldo
10 September 1987 Three masked men walked into an Ozone park, Queens, barbershop and shot and killed the barber Vito scaglione (36).

ILA president John Bowers
From 1987 to present is John Bowers the ILA president.

Genovese man Anthony "Tony Pro" Provenzano dies in prison
12 december 1988 dies Anthony Provenzano (71) in prison of a heart attack

Ridgefield (NJ) ILA Local 1964 president Richard Costello sr killed
In august 1989 were ILA local president Richard Costello and secretary treasurer Richard Costello jr of Local 1964 in Ridgefield, NJ, murdered in their union office.

Longshoreman head Thomas Gleason (92) dies
Longshoreman head Thomas Gleason (92) dies 25 december 1992, he was the son and grandson of Longshoremen.

Dominick “Dom “Cataldo dies
Dominick “Dom”Cataldo (74) dies 27 April 1997.

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Waterfront job referral spurs mob ties probe

BY John Marzulli

Thursday, April 23rd 2009, 4:00 AM

Investigators are probing whether a top Waterfront Commission official recommended the manager of a mobbed-up Staten Island strip club for a job as a harbor cop, the Daily News has learned.

The state inspector general's office has been looking into a slew of allegations of misconduct at the legendary law enforcement agency, including the unusual job referral by New Jersey Commissioner Michael Madonna, according to a knowledgeable source and court records.

Madonna, a former New Jersey cop, sent the manager of Curves strip club for a job interview at the commission in April 2007, a source said.

The applicant, whose name is being withheld by The News, wanted a job as a cop with the commission. It was created in 1953 to combat the Mafia's influence on the waterfront - dramatized in the movie "On the Waterfront."

But investigators at the agency became alarmed when the applicant was asked to name his supervisors at the strip club - and he identified two reputed members of organized crime.

The applicant wasn't hired.

Madonna has no recollection of the referral, said his lawyer Angelo Genova.

"Generally speaking, to the extent he receives employment inquiries from anyone, it is always his practice to refer inquiries to agency officials for background checks and vetting," Genova said.

The inspector general's probe was authorized by former Gov. Eliot Spitzer in October 2007 to "investigate allegations of misconduct, conflicts of interest, abuse and waste," according to court papers.

Besides the inspector general's probe, commission officials have been accused in complaints to the state Human Rights Commission of discriminating against employees. A discrimination lawsuit in Manhattan Federal Court was recently settled for $450,000.

Lawyers for the plaintiff and the commission declined to comment on the settlement.

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Labor leader Brian McLaughlin sentenced to 10 years in prison for stealing from Little Leaguers
BY Thomas Zambito

Updated Wednesday, May 20th 2009, 5:24 PM

Costanza for News

Brian McLaughlin arrives at a Manhattan federal courthouse for his sentencing Wednesday.

Disgraced labor leader Brian McLaughlin was sentenced to 10 years in prison Wednesday for stealing $3.1 million from Little Leaguers, lawmakers, contractors and his own union.

Manhattan Federal Judge Richard Sullivan said he planned to give McLaughlin a 15-year term but shaved off five years because he cooperated with prosecutors in an ongoing probe of payoffs involving a Queens pol and a major city electrical contractor.

Sullivan told the 57-year-old former Queens assemblyman his "conduct harkens back to another era" when William Marcy (Boss) Tweed became an enduring symbol of public corruption.

Sullivan railed at McLaughlin for betraying the trust of the labor movement, which nursed the electrician's fledgling career in the Democratic Party.

McLaughlin also became president of the New York City Central Labor Council, an umbrella group for the city's major unions.

"It sort of staggers the mind," Sullivan said, accusing McLaughlin of betraying that trust in a "brazen and perversely creative way."

The towering McLaughlin apologized for his conduct in a powerful voice once used to great effect in union halls and Albany's corridors of power.

"I'd like to say I make no excuses for it," McLaughlin told Sullivan. "But over the past three, 3-1/2 years I've had the opportunity tolive the way I'd like to live mylife."

Afterward, he hugged and kissed family members who had gathered in the front rows of the courtroom. Sullivan agreed to let McLaughlin surrender on July 21 to begin serving his sentence.

Supporters bombarded the judge with 50 letters, including some that noted McLaughlin's recent enrollment in Alcoholics Anonymous and renewed devotion to his family.

Sullivan said the snapshots of McLaughlin's life were helpful but did little to temper his revulsion at the crimes.

The feds say McLaughlin stole $95,000 from a Little League fund for the Electchester Athletic Association in Flushing, Queens - cash raised through donor letters that promised, "A Child in Sports Stays Out of the Courts."

He took kickbacks from electrical contractors that he used to buy cars for his wife and a female friend, prosecutors say.

"He exploited the people he purported to serve by using stolen money to bankroll a lavish lifestyle," said Rose Gill Hearn, head of the city's Department of Investigation.

McLaughlin's cooperation with the feds played a critical role in the recent indictments of Queens Assemblyman Anthony Seminerio and Santo (Sandy) Petrocelli, the former head of Petrocelli Electric.

Petrocelli is accused of trying to bribe McLaughlin by giving him a brand-new Crown Victoria in 2004.

McLaughlin, a disciple of the legendary labor leader Harry Van Arsdale, rose to power as a business representative for the J Division of Local 3, which represents streetlight and traffic signal workers.


mobbed up
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Waterfront cops guard against the Mob - but not on nights or weekends

BY John Marzulli

Tuesday, August 25th 2009, 4:00 AM

Waterfront Commission cops are charged with guarding the docks against the Mafia and other criminals - as long as it's not at night or on weekends.

Detectives for the famed police force have been working bankers' hours since late last year, the Daily News has learned.

"It's a joke," complained a source familiar with the police division's schedule. "Does the mob work Monday through Friday?"

Commission Executive Director Walter Arsenault said he would like to put a night shift back into action sometime soon, but defended the weekdays-only schedule.

"We have limited resources and have to try to pick the right priorities," Arsenault said.

Earlier this month, New York's inspector general blasted the bi-state agency as being rife with patronage, corruption and mismanagement.

The findings led New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine to fire Commissioner Michael Madonna.

Arsenault said the police division - with a force of about 50 cops - had lost sight of its mission by trying to act like first responding defenders of New York Harbor.

The commission's meat and potatoes, he said, should be investigations of organized crime and fair hiring practices.

"We don't do patrol. That's the Port Authority's responsibility," Arsenault said.

Law enforcement sources said in addition to day shifts, the commission police used to work 3p.m. to 11 p.m. shifts and some weekends checking longshoremen's licenses, looking for no-show jobs and enforcing waterfront rules of conduct.

The commission was founded in 1953 to root out crime and organized crime's influence on the docks, as depicted in the acclaimed film "On the Waterfront."


Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/ny_crim ... z0PHGQRLGq

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/ny_crim ... z0PHGQRLGq
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