Mazzarino (Cl), Sommatino and niscemi

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Mazzarino (Cl), Sommatino and niscemi

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Mazzarino (Cl)
The old capomafia of Mazzarino was Francesco Cinardo (killed in 1982) , he was a friend of Bontate. His nephew is Giuseppe Cinardo.

Mazzarino (Cl) mafia family Bonaffini
Clemente Bonaffini and son Felice killed in 1990?? Giuseppe Bonaffini and his son Filippo killed in july 2000.

Mazzarino (Cl) mafia family Varsalona

Mazzarino (Cl) mafia family Siciliano
Brothers Salvatore and Maurizio Siciliano

Mazzarino (Cl) mafia family Ghianda
Brothers Francesco and Liborio Ghianda

Mazzarino stiddari
brothers Liborio Sanfilippo, Marcello Sanfilippo, Salvatore Sanfilippo and Maurizio Sanfilippo. Paolo Sanfilippo (killed 30 april 1991) and his sons Calogero and Giuseppe Sanfilippo and his daughter Maria Sanfilippo (married with Rosario Mannara).

A month before Caltanissetta representative Cinardo was killed judge falcone had indicted for the fake kidnapping of banker Sindona who he had hidden on Sicily.

Mazzarino (Trapani province) capomafia Francesco Cinardo killed
In 1982 Francesco Cinardo the boss of Mazzarino was killed, he was a friend of Bontate. His nephew is Giuseppe Cinardo.

Mazzarino mafia families Bonaffini- Varsalona feud with stiddari Sanfilippo
Michele Mirisola (41) was 20 september 1988 killed with his bodyguard Filippo Varsalona (25 from Mazzarino) and their starts a war between the mafia families and the stiddari Sanfilippo. 22 september 1989 was stiddari Filippo Sanfilippo killed. 27 october 1989 was Vincenzo Rigano killed. 20 november 1989 was Pasquale Varsalona shot and killed with a lupara, Giampaolo Ragusa got a life sentence for the murder but was after many years imprisonment spoken free. In 1990??? were father Clemente Bonaffini and his son Felice Bonaffini killed and police arrest for the murders 12 september 1990 Giampaolo Ragusa, who was also sentenced for their murders but after many years imprisonment he was spoken free. In march 1991 they try to kill the brothers Maurizio and Vincenzo Collura who escape, years later was Vincenzo Collura killed. 30 april 1991 were mazzarino stiddari Paolo Sanfilippo (his son is Calogero Sanfilippo) and Calogero Gueli killed and for their murder got Pasquale Trubia a life sentence. Paolo Sanfilippo’s son Calogero Sanfilippo became the new mazzarino stidde boss . father Giuseppe Bonaffini and his son Filippo Bonaffini were killed in july 2000 in Mazzarino.

29 october 1998
Arrestate a Mazzarino (Cl) 8 persone affiliate alla cosca dei Sanfilippo, accusate di associazione mafiosa finalizzata a rapine, furti e traffico di stupefacenti. Tra loro Salvatrice D'Alessandro considerata l'organizzatrice delle rapine.

Mazzarino murdercase Ignazio Turone
25 september 2001 was in Caltanisetta province the strangled body of Ignazio Turone (16) found. He came from Mazzarino (Caltanissetta). Ignazio Turone had disappeared 3 days earlier. Turone had ties with the Sanfilippo stiddari in Mazzarino who had for years a war with the local Bonaffini cosca. His father and mother didn’t like to let the boy out of their house out of fear he would meet the brothers Sanfilippo for dirty business. Giuseppe Sanfilippo (17) got later for the murder 15 years.

Mazzarino (Cl) double murdercase Paolo Sanfilippo (Mazzarino stidda boss) and Gueli
Paolo Sanfilippo and Calogero Gueli were killed in Mazzarino on 30 april 1991. Police arrested in operation “Mosaico” 16 july 2002 as suspects of the string of murders Luigi La Cognata (38); Rocco Ferrigno (40), Francesco La Rocca (64) and Giuseppe Tasca (30).

Mazzarino (Cl) capomafia Salvatore Siciliano arrested
Mazzarino capomafia Salvatore Siciliano (38 and his brother is Maurizio Siciliano) was arrested 5 may 2002. He was sought since november 1998 in operation Grande Oriente. later he was accused of the 30 april 1991 double murder of Paolo Sanfilippo and Calogero Gueli. Mazzarino capomafia Salvatore Siciliano was replaced by Francesco Ghianda
Mazzarino (Cl) capomafia Francesco Ghianda

Brothers Agesilao Mirisola, Michele Mirisola and Alfonso Mirisola
Alfonso Mirisola was arrested 5 august 2000 and went for life into prison for murder. 15 november 2004 was Agesilao Mirisola (40) arrested for the murder of Michele Amico on 23 october 2003.

Mazzarino (Cl) police operation B- Side
16 May 2005 was near Bruxelles (Belgium) the Mazzarino (Cl) stiddari Calogero Sanfilippo (29) arrested for Italy. He was already sought for 3 years since operation “B-Side” against the stidde in Mazzarino and Gela in november 2002 when he escaped from arrest.

Mazzarino murdercase Borino Ghianda
4 october 2005 was in Gela an unidentified body found, it turns out to be Borino Ghianda (46) from Mazzarino, he had been killed. Ghianda had already escaped at the end of the 80ties from an ambush and he was reputed to be an ally of the stidde. 21 november 2005 were in Mazarino Luca Giorlando (23) and Salvatore La Leggia (32) killed. All 3 killed worked for Gela waste collection company Coveco.

Mazzarino (Cl) capomafia Francesco Ghianda (now leader of Siciliano family) arrested
Mazzarino capomafia Salvatore Siciliano was replaced by Francesco Ghianda (46) who was arrested 22 november 2006, he was the brother of Liborio Ghianda who was killed 4 october 2005.

Mazzarino mayor Giovanni Virnuccio

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Sommatino capomafia Francesco Ianni
Francesco Ianni had good ties with the Di Caro family from Canicatti whose enemy Ferro was close with Provenzano and Giuseppe Madonia. Ianni had become Sommatino capomandamento in 1983 and his area involved Riesi, Butera, Delia, Gela, Mazzarino, Niscemi. Gela mandamento didn’t exist yet and was later started.

Sommatino capomafia Calogero Pulci
Calogero Pulci was born 19 august 1960 in Sommatino.

corleonesi Calogero Pulci his capo Giacomo Pagano in Grenoble in France, builder Filippo Alberto Rapisardo

Sommatino capomafia Vincenzo La Quatra.
Sommatino capomafia Vincenzo La Quatra. Francesco Ciccio La Quatra.

Sommatino (Cl) capomafia Pasquale Mastrosimone
Pasquale Mastrosimone (killed 30 august 1990 in Sommatino). His brother is Gioacchino Mastrosimone who is married with Maria Indorato and their son is Salvatore Mastrosimone who is married with Agata Cianci (family of the namesake stiddari family Cianci). Pasquale Mastrosimone his brother in law is Giuseppe Monterosso (killed 6 may 2009).

Sommatino (Cl) capomafia Francesco Ianni arrested
In march 1988 thanks to pentito Calderone the boss Francesco Ianni from Sommatino gets arrested with many others and becomes a pentito, he was a friend of the killed Cinardo, who got killed because he was a friend of Bontate and Calderone.

Sommatino (Cl) capomafia Pasquale Mastrosimone killed
31 august 1990 Pasqualino Mastrosimone (55) was killed he is a friend of the former Sommatino capomafia and pentito Francesco Ianni (54).

Vallelunga (Cl) capomafia madonia’s nephew Ciro Vara murders pentito Francesco Ianni
Former Sommatino capomafia and Riesi mandamento representant the pentito Francesco Ianni (54) was shot to death 24 september 1990 in Caltanissetta. police later accuse of Francesco ianni’s murder the killers and bosses : Giuseppe Madonia, Cataldo Terminio, Antonio Rinzivillo, Pasquale Trubia, Giovanni Passaro, Francesco La Quatra, Salvatore Ferraro, Salvatore and Francesco Tusa. Police were helped by the pentiti Ciro Vara from Vallelunga, Calogero Rinaldi from San Cataldo and Calogero Pulci from Sommatino and chauffeur of Regio member Giuseppe Madonia. The pentiti said that Pasquale Trubia and Giovanni Passaro had shot and killed Ianni. Giuseppe Madonia ordered the murder to avenge the murder of his father Francesco Madonia in 1978 in which complot Ianni had participated and which had been confirmed to Madonia by the testimonies of Calderone.

Sommatino capomafia Calogero Pulci
Calogero Pulci killed 24 january 1990 Calogero Mancuso. In june 1991 was Calogero Pulci shot in the head and wounded and he suspects Domenico Cianci. The stiddari family Cianci is in Sommatino at war with the mafia. Calogero Pulci killed 13 july 1991 entrepeneur Filippo Cianci. In November 1991 was Sommatino capomafia Calogero Pulci arrested.

Sommatino cosca in Grenoble (France)
In 1991 settled Sommatino Mafioso Giacomo Pagano in Grenoble. Beginning 1990 Sicilians try to take over the french province Dauphine, that province was tradionally ruled by the underworld of Grenoble. Because they didn't want to give up they were killed one by one by a biker and his passenger who shot the men.

Grenoble, France
Grenobble boss the Corsican Mathieu Mattei was killed in june 1968 by the Auge clan. In august 1976 was Simon Gavet killed in Nice he was the owner of disco “Le Panthera”. Sebastien “Bastien”Bonventre dies in 1989. 26 march 1993 was Michel Luisi (47) owner of the Iguana Cafe killed in Nice.

Sommatino (Cl) cosca in Grenoble, France
Between december 1995 and may 1996 seven men from Grenoble were one after one executed by a biker and his passenger who shoots them dead. Norman Crux (32) was 17 may 1996 killed at a parkingplace with a hunting rifle. Before him were Jean Pierre Zolotas and Antonio Sapone killed, they were 2 important local leaders. Other victims had no convictions like the entrepeneurs Andre Brun, philippe Jeaningros and Jean Perna. Solaro is now the only living witness for the SRPJ, the regional detective squad of Lyon, he is severely handicapped after an ambush in which they cut of his tongue and mutilated his jaws.

Sommatino capomafia Calogero Pulci
pentito Calogero Pulci’s niece Carmelina Sferrazza disappeared 21 january 2002 and was killed (her mother Rosetta Pulci was a niece of Calogero Pulci)

Sommatino family Monterosso
6 may 2009 was in Cavaria killed Giuseppe Monterosso (his brother in law is killed Pasquale Mastrosimone). Giuseppe Monterosso his brother is Luigi Monterosso.

Sommatino mayor Salvatore Gattuso
Sommatino mayor Lorenzo Tricoli

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Vittoria (Rg) stidde Carbonaro Dominante
Brothers Bruno, Claudio and Silvio Carbonaro.
Carmelo Dominante (imprisoned) and his son Gaetano Dominante (his girlfriend is Emanuela Sansone)
Dominante capo Angelo Mirabella and his brother Vincenzo Mirabella
internal war in the Dominante clan and behind it were rebels Salvatore Nicastro and Giovanni Bucchieri

Vittoria (Rg)
Piscopo family originally from Gela where they are related to the local Gela mafiafamily Argenti
Argenti family
Emanuele Argenti and his wife Mariarosa La Porta (she was once attacked)
Gela (Argenti Piscopo cosca)
Madonia's capos Francesco (25) and Roberto Piscopo (30), their nephew Emanuele Argenti.

Niscemi capomafia Antonino Pitrolo.

Niscemi (Cl) capomafia Giuseppe Arcerito
Capofamiglia Gaetano Arcerito (born 1942??? )

Arcerito- Spatola clan at war with Giuseppe Di Modica and Giuseppe Carcica.

stidde Trainiti Russo

Niscemi (Cl) stidde family Russo
In Niscemi the brothers Russo take over the lucrative drugline of the Arcerito-Spatola cosca that stretches all over Europe and then start to war the stidde Carbonaro Dominante in Vittoria (Rg) with whom they have a vendetta.

Brothers Vincenzo, Salvatore and Rosario Russo and their clan member Vincenzo Di Pasquale

Comiso family Nigito
Brothers Gianluca Nigito and boss Francesco Nigito and their mother Concetta Di Pasquale
Acate capomafia Francesco Nigito

Vittoria (Rg) capomafia Giuseppe Cirasa
Since the 60ties was Vittoria’s capomafia Giuseppe Cirasa who was quite powerfull in Ragusa province. Giuseppe Cirasa was seen as the leader of the old Mafia in Ragusa province and had been a member of the Regio.

Vittoria (Rg) new emerging boss Turi Gallo
In the early 80ties a young Turi Gallo starts a clan with his brother Giovanni Gallo, their father Giuseppe Gallo and their uncle Vittorio Gallo (brother of Giuseppe). In the clan were also Carmelo Dominante from Gela, and the young brothers Bruno, Claudio and Silvio Carbonaro. They manifestate their presence in januari 1982.

Vittoria (Rg) double murdercase Giovanni Nasale and Gino Campailla
In january 1982 they kill the youngsters Giovanni Nasale and Gino Campailla after they had quarrelled with Vittorio Gallo. Then they go after Vittoria’s capomafia Giuseppe Cirasa.

Vittoria (Rg) capomafia Giuseppe Cirasa killed
In December 1982 was Giuseppe Cirasa arrested. 9 september 1983 was at the orders of Turi Gallo the old Vittoria capomafia Giuseppe Cirasa killed by the brothers Silvio and Claudio Carbonaro. They went big into heroin and soon there were 1000 heroin addicts in Ragusa province of which 400 in Vittoria alone.

Vittoria (Cl) capomafia Turi Gallo
In december 1986 the clan of Turi Gallo was asked by the clans from Palermo to provide a killer squad for the murders of Vito Ciancimino and Ignazio Salvo. But the operation doesn’t take place because Claudio and Silvio Carbonaro who would lead the killers oppose the plan because it would be left to the palermitans to be organized.

Vittoria (Cl) mafia family Gallo exterminated
19 february 1987 was Vittoria’s boss Turi Gallo killed after which the killer went after his family. l7 may 1987 were Vittorio Gallo and Giovanni Gallo killed, respectively uncle and brother of Turi Gallo. 2 june 1987 was Giuseppe Gallo (father of capomafia Turi Gallo and Giovanni Gallo) killed.

27 august 1987 were in Niscemi the children Giuseppe Cutruneo (Cutroneo) (8) and Rosario Montalto (11) killed.

Di Modica man Francesco Viola killed in January 1990 Antonino Allia in Niscemi. 9 february 1990 was then Francesco Viola shot and killed at the orders of Antonino Allia’s brother Sebastiano Allia

Vittoria (Rg) disappearance case Mole
12 April 1990 disappers Giovanbattista Mole (31) a member of the Carbonaro cosca from Vittoria.

Vittoria (Rg) murdercases Ruta, Palmieri, Cucuzzelli
25 September 1990 in Vittoria the bodies of Rosario Ruta (18), Alessandra Palmieri (19) and Maurizio Cucuzzelli (22) are found, several days before at the same spot was the body of their friend Giovambattista Giudice found. The three had been killed by the Vittoria clan because they had done a holdup which brought police attention. Before had their friends Pasquale Bonsangue, Alfonso Avila and Vincenzo Latino disappeared but were later found, they were also part of the holdup gang.

Belgium diaspora Niscemi (Cl)
13 October 1990 Filippo Core (who had settled with Lorenzo Di Benedetto, Francesco Di Pasquale and the Russo brother in law Gaetano Trainito in Luik, Belgium) phones to Rosario Russo in Dortmund, Germany, and they talk about weapons.

Belgium diaspora Niscemi (Cl)
20 October 1990 Filippo Core speaks over the phone with Francesco Trainiti ( the brother of Gaetano) also about weapons. Francesco Di Pasquale`s brother Alfonso is the righthand of Salvatore Russo the stidde boss of Niscemi . The Russo men bought in Luik weapons from weapondealer Jean Claude Bourguignon who lives in Luik, then they send the weapons to Dortmund by car after which the weapons were send to Niscemi and there they stored the arms in containers at the ground of Filippo Ianni a familymember of the Russo brothers.

Vittoria (Rg) murdercases Arezzo and D’Angelo
31 October 1990 in Vittoria Angelo Arezzo (47) and Biagio D'Angelo (32) get killed.

Caltanissetta province representant Giuseppe "Piddu" Madonia's allies Piscopo Argenti killed
7 November 1990 in Vittoria Madonia's capos Francesco “Franco” Piscopo (25) and Roberto Piscopo (30), their nephew Emanuele Argenti and their girlfriend Serafina “Sarah” De Luca (25 and from Torre del Greco) were shot to death, there had been before an bodged hit at Argenti's brother. The Vittoria clan is behind the murders.

Vittoria (Rg) murdercase Salvatore Longo
14 November 1990 in Vittoria Salvatore Longo (50) gets killed.

Belgium diaspora Niscemi (Cl)
27 May 1992 in Luik Lorenzo Di Benedetto gets arrested and 2 days later Francesco Di Pasquale, before police had found the service revolver of a former collegue of former police man Richard Taxquet, he also knows former prison guard Pino Di Mauro. Those two are part of a gang that was led by Mauro De Santis who lives in La Louviere and his gang came from the area of the Modeo brothers of the SCU who brought in heroin with the Russo cosca in Taranto.

pentito Salvatore Dominante (Cl)
30 May 1992 police arrest 54 men in Caltagirone, Caltanissetta, Gela and Niscemi thanks to pentito Salvatore Dominante (24), most are members of the Russo cosca.

Vittoria (Rg) stiddari Dominante war with Niscemi stiddari Russo
From march to june 1996 the war between the Dominante clan from vittoria and the Russo clan from Niscemi starts to warm up. In Vittoria were killed Rosario Foresti (brother of a member of the Niscemi supporters), Emanuele Scaretti and Sebastiano Amodei.

Vittoria (Rg)
14 July 1996 in a car the bodies of Raffaele di Stefano (31), Gaetano Butera (19) and Angelo di Nicola (25) are found. They came from Vittoria and it is the vendetta between the Carbonaro family and the Russo family. They had disappeared 10 days earlier with 2 other boys. They were allies of the Russo clan from Niscemi and were killed by the killers of Carbonaro and .

14 july 1996 were in Vittoria 3 boys killed, they were members of the Nigito clan.

Vittoria (Rg) in province Ragusa
12 November 1997 in Milan there are 67 arrestwarrants for local criminals and Stidde members of the Dominante Carbonaro group, the warrants handle the murders in 1995 of 2 Maroccans who had gone into their rackets.

Vittoria (Rg) murdercase Giuseppe Radicia
20 april 1998 was in the centre of Vittoria Giuseppe Radicia killed the nephew of capomafia Carmelo Dominante.

Vittoria (Rg)
10 December 1998 police arrest Salvatore Scopo for the murder of the boss Salvatore Gallo and they also arrest Gaetano Trainito (28) who was a suspect with stidde members in the murders of 3 cosche members in Ragusa province.

Vittoria (Rg) massacre
2 januari 1999 a car explodes in front of a bar in Vittoria and kills 5 man the boss Angelo Mirabella (32), his cousin Claudio Motta (21), bodyguard Emmanuele Rosario Nobile and innocents Rosario Salerno (27) and Salvatore Cottone (28). Mirabella had been the only not imprisoned capo of Carmelo Dominante. It is an internal war in the Dominante clan and behind it were Salvatore Nicastro and Giovanni Bucchieri. 11 Januari police arrest for the attack in Germany the leader Giovanni Piscopo and one of the killers Enzo Mangione and also arrested Vincenzo Mirabella a brother of Angelo.
Alessandro Piscopo, 42 anni, ad un cugino omonimo di 44 anni, al padre di quest' ultimo, Giovanni, e ad Enzo Mangione. La

Milan (Vittoria diaspora)
30 October 1997 in Milan Giancarlo sebastiano Amodei of the Dominante clan from Vittoria was arrested.

Vittoria (Rg) murdercase Giuseppe Privitera
18 August 2001 was in an ambush Giuseppe Privitera (20) killed and Giuseppe Nigito (32 from Niscemi) wounded.

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Riesi mafia family Cammarata
Pino Cammarata and his brother Vincenzo Cammarata strangled in 1987 Calogero Pirrello with help of the brothers Salvatore Riggio and Calogero Riggio

25 july 1990 three killers entered the office of Riesi mandamento Pino Cammarata but then when they want to fire their weapons , those don’t work and there is talk that the weapons had been sabotaged. Pentito Calogero Giambarresi confirmed this story. Riesi boss Giuseppe Nunzio Anello was suspected of ordering the murder of Cammarata.

Genua (Caltanissetta province diaspora)
In november 1990 Madonia's killer Davide Emmanuello gets arrested in Genua, he had killed there Angelo Stuppia, Stuppia came from Riesi and owned a garage in Genua which is taken over by Giuseppe Mignemi. 28 November 1990 in Genua Luigi Millace (44) from Riesi and Umberto Bagnale (40) from Portici get arrested.

Riesi (Cl) murdercase Carmelo Gibella
29 September 1992 in Riesi Carmelo Gibella (65) was killed.

Riesi (Cl)
11 March 1993 near Milan police arrest the killer Davide Emmanuello (29), he is soon free again.

Riesi (Cl)
In Riesi there was war between the stiddari brothers Salvatore Riggio and Calogero Riggio and the Cammarata family . Vincenzo and Sebastiano Riggio.

Riesi mandamento Pino Cammarata
27 february 1996 disappeared Riggio friend Michele Fantauzza (42), later it was revealed he had been tortured to reveal the hidingplace of the boss Calogero Riggio. The boss is at war with the Cammarata clan in Riesi. 19 april 1998 some men tried to kill former Riesi mayor Rosario Pistone (55), he was suspected of favoring the Riggio clan who are at war with the Cammarata clan. The mayor got wounded at one of his eyes. Rosario Pistone works for EMS (Ente Minerale Sicilia).

Riesi (Caltanissetta)
17 April 1996 was in Riesi (Caltanissetta) Maria Catena Cammarata arrested, she is the sister of Pino and Vincenzo Cammarata, and also were arrested Antonino Cannatella and Gaetano La Monica.

Riesi mandamento Pino Cammarata
The brothers Salvatore D’Alessandro and Calogero D’Alessandro were suspected that they wanted to dethrone imprisoned Riesi mandamento Pino Cammarata. Subsequently was Salvatore D’Alessandro killed in Riesi 17 june 1996. His brother Calogero D’Alessandro was killed in Riesi 12 october 1996.

Riesi (Cl)
14 Februari 1997 there are arrestwarrants for 4 members of the coscas from Riesi under them Calogero Giambarresi, Francesco Annaloro (already imprisoned) and Rocco Filippo Riggio. They had killed in 1990 in Riesi Luigi Mallia.

Pentito carmelo Barbieri (barberi) u prufissuri his brother Calogero Barbieri was killed 21 october 1997

The Cammarata clan killed :
4 november 1997 was Pino Ferraro killed by ?? carmelo Barbieri (barberi) ?? because he had made avances to Vincenzo Cammarata ‘s wife.
20 december 1997 was in Riesi killed Giuseppe Pasqualino, nephew of carmelo Ianni
8 janaury 1998 they killed Michele Pirrello
19 march 1998 they try to kill Riesi’s former mayor Rosario Pistone who escaped.

4 july 1998 was Francesca Cammarata arrested

Francesco Ritrovato
Francesco Ritrovato had been arrested in 1998 on the suspicion that he had helped the fugitive capomafia Vincenzo Cammarata. Francesco Ritrovato helped Vincenzo Cammarata when this one was sought but then informed the carabinieri where Vincenzo Cammarata was hiding and Vincenzo Cammarata was 5 august 1998 arrested

Butera murdercase Francesco Ritrovato
1 june 2004 was in Butera (Cl) Francesco Ritrovato from Licata found killed near the yard of the building enterprise registered to his son.

Riesi (Cl)
4 December 1998 was in Riesi (Cl) the fugitive Pino Cammarata arrested who is suspected of murder. Two of his brothers Vincenzo and Francesco had already been arrested, their sister Maria Catena had gotten 6 years.

Riesi (Cl) stidda Calogero Riggo arrested
20 november 1999 was in Giussano (Mi) Calogero Riggio from the Stidda in Riesi (Cl) arrested, he was accused of many murders.

Genova (Riesi diaspora)
25 November 1999 were in Genova 27 persons arrested who cotrolled in the city videopoker, the gang was led by mafiosi from Riesi (Cl) led by Salvatore Fiandaca (close with capomafia Giuseppe "Piddu" Madonia), he went tot jail with his wife Angela Giuliana and his brothers Pietro and Gaetano Fiandaca.

The carabinieri intercepted a phonecall 25 march 2003 between Giannone and Roberto Tabbi while they talked over the political situation in Riesi.

brothers Cammarata clan rebels Francesco Tabbi and Giuseppe Tardanico

Roberto Tabbi (already imprisoned since august 2003). Francesco Tabbi

Francesco Maurici was 3 august 2005 strangled by Giuseppe Tardanico, Gianluigi Volpe, Calogero Bellone and Salvatore Correnti. .

Riesi (Cl) police operation “Odessa”
22 november 2005 were in Riesi (Cl) 42 persons arrested in police operation “Odessa” against the corleonesi supporters the brothers Cammarata and the socalled rebels Francesco Tabbi and Giuseppe Tardanico. Police prevent this way the murders of Francesco Cammarata and Francesco Tabbi. Under the arrested was Giuseppe Cammarata (their father was Pino Cammarata who is imprisoned with their brother Vincenzo and Maria Catena Cammarata who were arrested in 1996). Arrestati anche il presidente del Consiglio comunale, Vincenzo Giannone, eletto nelle liste dell’Udc, e Giuseppe Giovanni Laurino, responsabile di una ditta di calcestruzzi. Roberto Tabbi (46) was arrested. Also arrested were Giuseppe (31) and Luciano Tardanico (29) and Roberto Tabbi (already imprisoned since august 2003).

Pentito Giuseppe Tardanico his brother Luciano Tardanico was also arrested . their father is Alfredo Tardanico

Riesi capomafia Salvatore Paterna
Riesi capomafia Salvatore Paterna (44) was arrested 27 july 2006 with Giuseppe Ferraro (46) and Giuseppe Giovanni Laurino “u Gracciato”(49). Salvatore Paterna’s son Gioacchino paterna

Cammarati men Massimo Amaru, Gaetano Scibetta, Mirabella Imbaccari, Orazio Buomprinicipio

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San Cataldo mafia family Cali
Luigi Cali and his sons Salvatore Cali and Cataldo Cali. Luigi Cali’s brother Diego “Dino”Cali and his sons Giuseppe Cali and Luca Cali. Salvatore Cali is the uncle of Stefano Mosca (44 when killed 27 november 2009).

San Cataldo mafia family Mosca
The brothers Stefano Mosca (44 when killed 27 november 2009), Luigi Mosca and Gabriele Mosca

San Cataldo
The brothers Alfonso Scalzo and Massimo Scalzo and their sister Daniela Scalzo married with Giuseppe Tramontana.

San Cataldo (Cl) criminal Leonardo “Narduzzo” Messina
Leonardo Messina was born 22 september 1955 in San Cataldo (Cl) as son of Salvatore Messina and Rosaria Raimondi.

San Cataldo (Cl) criminal Leonardo “Narduzzo” Messina
Leonardo Messina got his first conviction in 1978 for a robbery en spend 4 years in prison abroad from San Cataldo in confinement.

San Cataldo (Cl) criminal Leonardo “Narduzzo” Messina
Nardo Messina, his friend Saruzzo Pelonero and mafioso Emanuele Cerruto

San Cataldo (Cl) murdercase Emanuele Cerruto
21 September 1981 was mafioso Emanuele Cerruto killed, his father is prisonguard Carmelo Cerruto. San Cataldo capomafia Luigi Cali’s son Salvatore Cali was suspected in the murder of Emanuele Cerruto.

San Cataldo capomafia Luigi “Fallariddu”Cali (70) killed
16 december 1981 was the Corleonesi supporter and old capomafia of San Cataldo (Cl) Luigi “Fallariddu”Cali (70) killed by the Stidde in San Cataldo. He was followed up by his son Salvatore Cali
San Cataldo capomafia Salvatore Cali

San Cataldo (Cl) mafioso Leonardo “Narduzzo” Messina
When Leonardo Messina came free he was 21 April 1982 inducted in the San Cataldo borgata of capomafia Salvatore Cali?? Leonardo Messina was a good friend and trustee of Vallelunga capomafia and Corleonesi supporter Giuseppe Madonia the provincial represent.

San Cataldo (Cl) murdercase Carmelo Cerruto
24 November 1982 was in San Cataldo prisonguard Carmelo Cerruto killed, he was the father of the killed Emanuele Cerruto. In may 2000 got for his murder Giuseppe Di Benedetto from Siracusa a lifesentence while Cataldo Terminio and Vincenzo Buccheri got 23 years and former San Cataldo capomafia Calogero Rinaldi who had become pentito got 18 years.

San Cataldo (Cl) mafioso Leonardo “Narduzzo” Messina
In june 1984 Leonardo “Narduzzo” Messina again went to prison for ordering the murder of a dealer and he is imprisoned till the end of 1989. In 1991 Leonardo “Narduzzo” Messina is spoken free of the murder. Messina went big into drugs for Madonia, which drugs they exported to other italian regions.

San Cataldo mafia family Cali
In 1984 was Luigi Cali (a namesake nephew of Salvatore’s father Luigi Cali) killed

San Cataldo family Scalzo
3 January 1992 was Luca Salvatore Salermo (18) killed by Giuseppe Tramontana and Vincenzo Scalzo a nephew of the brothers Scalzo.

Brussels (Belgium diaspora of Caltanissetta province)
7 January 1992 in Brussels police arrest Elio Anzalone, Aldo Cardazzone and Maurizio Amico with 10 other men they come from Caltanissetta and San Cataldo and were part of Messina`s cokeline.

San Cataldo family Scalzo
In march 1992 was Cataldo Vullo (36) killed by Giuseppe Tramontana and the brothers Alfonso Scalzo (28) and Massimo Scalzo (21).

San Cataldo (Cl) capomafia Salvatore Cali
In april 1992 was the Corleonesi supporter and San Cataldo (Cl) capomafia Salvatore Cali attacked by the Stidde in San Cataldo but escaped.

Caltanissetta province representant Giuseppe Madonia's underboss San Cataldo (Cl) capomafia Leonardo "Narduzzo" Messina arrested
19 April 1992 were in Caltanissetta Salvatore (65) and Calogero Marciano and Leonardo Messina “Narduzzo” (37) the boss of San Cataldo and the underboss of Giuseppe Madonia arrested. the Marciano brothers went into an alliance with Madonia and they were going to kill an enemy. Police arrested them because Messina would soon kill 3 policefunctionairys in Caltanissetta at the orders of La Cupola.

Caltanissetta province representant Giuseppe Madonia's underboss San Cataldo (Cl) capomafia Leonardo Messina pentito
San Cataldo capomafia Leonardo Messina became a pentito after he saw the plea of Rosaria (the widow of agent Vito Schifani who was killed with judge Falcone in Capaci) on tv. 30 June 1992 testified pentito Leonardo Messina before judge Paolo Borsellino which will lead to the arrests of operation “Leopardo”.

Caltanissetta province capomandamento Giuseppe Madonia hiding in Enna??
Angelo Francese was suspected of harbouring in 1997 for some time the sought Bernardo Provenzano and before the in 1992 captured boss Piddu Madonia.

Caltanissetta province capomandamento Giuseppe Madonia arrested
Police arrested 6 September 1992 thanks to pentito Leonardo Messina the Regio member Giuseppe Madonia with his brothers in law Salvatore Galleria (45) and Salvatore Santoro (47). After the arrest of Madonia the boss became Vaccaro who is supported by Bernardo Provenzano.
Caltanissetta province capomandamento Lorenzo Vaccaro

San Cataldo (Cl) capomafia pentito Leonardo Messina and operation “Leopardo”
17 November 1992 were thanks to pentiti Leonardo Messina and Paolo Severino (25), the chauffeur of capomafia Gaetano Leonardo the provincial represent for Enna in the Regio, 203 indictments. Under the arrested were Enna capomafia Gaetano Leonardo, Giuseppe Greco (Michele`s son), the Calabrian Giuseppe Mazzaferro (55), Rodolfo Maira, Occhipinti, Angelo Siino, Antonino Geraci, Vito Surrenti (Agrigento boss). Within a month committed 2 suspects suicide. Also were arrested the Enna mafiosi Raffaele Bevilacqua, Calogero Farruggia, Mario Potente, Salvatore La Placa, Gaetano Privitelli, Gaetano Leonardo, Giovanni Monachino, Filippo Mingrino and Santo Curatolo.

San Cataldo capomafia Salvatore Cali arrested
San Cataldo capomafia Salvatore Cali was sought for operation “Leopardo”and was in 1994 arrested.

Bompensiere and Milena (Cl) capomafia Francesco Randazzo arrested
Bompensiere and Milena capomafia Francesco Randazzo was arrested in 1992 thanks to pentito Leonardo Messina. In 1998 was Bompensiere and Milena capomafia Francesco Randazzo’s son Salvatore Randazzo (26) shot and killed. 16 January 2006 dies Bompensiere and Milena capomafia Francesco Randazzo (63) in a hospital.

Carabinieri colonel Michele Riccio
Carabinieri colonel Michele Riccio got in october 1993 the imprisoned Giuseppe Madonia’s nephew Luigi Ilardo so far to become an informer while he refuses to become an official pentito.

Vallelunga Pratameno (Cl) mafioso Ciro Vara told about Campofranco capomafia Angelo Schillaci
Vallelunga Pratameno mafioso Ciro Vara said Campofranco capomafia Angelo Schillaci was introduced to him as a mafioso by Vaccaro in 1981. After the death of Nino La Mattina was Angelo Schillaci made representant of Campofranco.

Caltanissetta representant and Campofranco (Cl) capomafia Angelo Schillaci
4 march 2004 the Procura di Caltanissetta issued 11 arrestwarrants, under the arrested is Campofranco capomafia Angelo Schillaci, who had taken over the position of Domenico Vaccaro and Giuseppe Madonia after their arrests.

San Cataldo (Cl) capomafia Salvatore Cali killed
27 december 2008 was the Corleonesi supporter and San Cataldo (Cl) capomafia Salvatore Cali (59) killed by the Stidde in San Cataldo. Suspected killer is Salvatore Mastrosimone.

San Cataldo mafia family Mosca
27 november 2009 was killed Salvatore Cali’s nephew Stefano Mosca (44) killed. Suspected killer is Salvatore Mastrosimone.