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I am intrested in discussion on any of these heroindealers:

Montreal family Cotroni (came from calabrian Mammola)
In Montreal arrived in 1924 from calabrian Mammola the brothers Vincenzo "Vincent or Vic" Cotroni (born 10 november 1910), Giuseppe "Pep" Cotroni (born 22 february 1920), Michael Cotroni and Francesco "Frank" Cotroni (Frank's brother in law is Richard Desormiers and his sons are Paul Cotroni and Francesco Cotroni jr and the last is the son in law of Joe Di Maulo). Their sister Palmina Cotroni married Frank Puliafito.

Toronto family Violi (came from calabrian Sinopoli)
later arrived in Toronto the brothers Violi from Sinopoli.

Canadian wrestlers
WWF wrestler Dino Bravo left the ring and started to work in the Cotroni family. Also had been wrestlers Vic Cotroni, his right hand and best friend Armand Courville (who became a policechief and a good friend of the chief of the provincial police) and Johnny Young (one of the biggest drugdealers in the 30ties who was a bodyguard of the prime minister of the Quebec). Another wrestler Edouard Carpentier (from Marseille) helped Paul Mondolini to rent an appartment under a false name in Montreal.

France's biggest heroinlab operators Marius Jacques Ansaldi and Dominique Reissent
Marius Jacques Ansaldi and Dominique Reissent who operated the biggest clandestine laboratory of the post war period. without doubt they had manufactured the heroin bought by undercover agent de Cheverry.

Jean Paul Tremblay
Vincent Pacelli and Michel "Biff" Rinucci got drugdeliveries by Jean Paul Tremblay who is on goods terms with Bill Lamy and Blackie Bisson who work for Lucien Rivard.

Jean Paul Tremblay's righthand Roger Laviolette
Jean Paul Tremblay's righthand is Roger Laviolette.

Lucchese capo Ormento heroindistributor Joseph DiPalermo
brothers Joseph “Joe Beck” DiPalermo, Charles "Charlie Beck"DiPalermo, Peter "Petey Beck"DiPalermo, Steve DiPalermo and Anthony DiPalermo.

Lucchese capo Ormento heroindistributors Anthony Di Pasqua and Angelo Tuminaro
The Orlandino brothers worked for the lucchese members Anthony Di Pasqua and Angelo Tuminaro.

Lucchese capo Ormento heroindistributors Vincent Pacelli and Michel "Biff" Rinucci.

New Jersey family Campisi
Pietro Campisi and Fortunato Longo had as sons the leader Tomasso "Mozzie" Campisi (born 12 may 1911 and his sons are Peter charles "Petey White" and Thomas "Tommy Boy" and his daughter is Connie Campisi) and his brothers were Anthony "Nana" (his sons are carmen and Peter Anthony "Pipi" Campisi) , Charles Campisi (born 16 november 1912), Gus Campisi, Salvatore Campisi ???"Dada"??, Louis Campisi and Biaggio "Benny" Campisi (the last married Assunta DeMarco and their son is Peter Charles, her brother was a major bookmaker with the boot, tony boy and andy). Tomasso "Mozzie" Campisi and his brother Charles Campisi would deal in heroin for their boss Sam Accardi.

Vincenzo Cotroni
In 1936 Cotroni benefitted from the clemency of a court in Sorel when he was charged with inflicting serious bodily injury on a voter during the provincial election.

Antoine D'Agostino
Between 1941 and 1943 he lived among the Paris underworld in Montmartre where he met Suzanne Filleau, a notorious prostitute who had been married to an international gangster.

Vincenzo Cotroni owner of Montreal's Le cafe royal
Le cafe royal owners Vincenzo Cotroni and Armand Courville started in 1942.

Vincenzo Cotroni owner of Montreal's Le cafe Val 'or
In 1944 Vic Cotroni, Armand Courville and the brothers Edmond and Marius Martin from Marseille together bought the nightclub Le Cafe Val d’Or which gets renamed Faisan Dore, one of the most succesfull cabarets in Canada.

Vincenzo Cotroni
In 1947 he was arrested for impersonification at a municipal election but again managed to get off scot free.

corsican warcriminal Antoine D'Agostino settles in Montreal (Canada)
In 1947 settles the corsican Antoine D'Agostino (a warcriminal) in Montreal and start to work with the brothers Vincent, Giuseppe and Frank Cotroni in heroin. D'Agostino had worked for Spirito and Carbone and established contacts with Spirito, Joseph Orsini and the Martin bothers in Montreal. They got their heroin from Joseph Renucci the boss of Marseille and suspected partner of Luciano. Orsini and Spirito then move to New York and leave D'Agostino as leader. D'Agostino and "Pep" Cotroni own the restaurant Le Chalet Blanc. The heroin they send via Toronto and Hamilton to Stefano Maggadino (the boss of Buffalo) and to the Corsican Jean Laget in New York. Laget delivers the heroin to John Ormento's 107th Street Gang of which Giacomo Reina (the son of the boss), his brother in law Joseph Valachi, Valachi's nephew Fiore Siano, Salvatore Shillitani, Pat Pagano, Pat Moccio and Eugenio Giannini are part. Paul Mondolini was the righthandman of Marcel Francisci and was connected to Tony D’Agostino in Montreal.

Corsican Ricord in Paraguay
Ricord and Palmieri later escape to italy. 8 December 1947 Ricord leaves Spain and goes to Buenos Aires and arrives the same year in Paraguay and becomes the leader of the part of the french connection that goes via S America.

Marseilles policeman Robert Blemant
During the War, Blemant worked for French intelligence in North Africa, and afterwards for the Surete in Marseilles. Ostensibly fired in 1947, he went underground with his files.

Paris (France) Trois Canards gang
The Trois Canards gang was formed by erstwhile Marseilles policeman, Robert Blemant (according to Alain Jaubert) and then he set up a chain of nightclubs across the Mediterranean with his old informant, Antoine Guerini. The owner of the Trois Canards bar was Francois Scaglia. The third gangmember was Maurice "Le Petit" Castellani.

London pimp Eugene Messina kidnapped by Paris (France) Trois Canards gang member Francois Scaglia
Francois Scaglia was a suspect in the kidnapping of brothelkeeper Eugene Messina from London and several other kidnappings.

St Louis boss Francesco Paolo “Frank” Coppola
In december 1947 Frank Coppola gets arrested in Detroit.

St Louis boss Frank Coppola deported
11 January 1948 Frank Coppola was deported and made John J Vitale boss. Frank Coppola returned in 1948 but was that christmas again deported.
St Louis boss John J Vitale

Lucchese capo and heroindistributor "Big" John Ormento
In 1948 Ormento (36) was convicted for bookmaking and was fined 50 dollars.

USA deportee and Luciano friend Joe Pici arrested
In 1948 was the deported sicilian Joe Pici caught sending 35% pure heroin to his friends in Kansas City (so he came from Kansas City???). He confessed an earlier shipment in 1948 of 15 kilos of heroin smuggled into Kansas City that brought in millions of dollars? Many books write that Joe Pici was a close friend of Luciano in Italy and that they had started to smuggle in large shipments with the corsicans.

Jean Claude "Johnny"Lapres dealer Larry Petrov
Shortly before Roger Denizet's arrest had Lapres associate Larry Petrov negotiated the sale of 2 kilos of heroin with Emile "Jack"Nadeau.

Jean Claude "Johnny"Lapres dealer Roger Denizet
Roger Denizet who had been arrested in Vancouver in december 1948 for possession of 32 ounces (a kilo) of heroin.

Jean Claude "Johnny"Lapres
31 March 1949 Gerard Gagnon phoned the Montreal narcotics squad and wants to inform them on Jean Claude "Johnny"Lapres a partner of Eddie Labonte. 21 april was one ounce of heroin bought for 300 dollars from Lapres. 14 july was six ounces of heroin bought by an undercover for 1500 dollars (250 dollars an ounce). Police found out that Jean Claude "Johnny"Lapres and Eddie Labonte bought their heroin from corsican Antoine D'Agostino. the heroin bought by undercover agent de Cheverry.

New York herointrafficker Sebastiano Bellanca
police also discover that the previous months april and may several calls had been made to New York herointrafficker Sebastiano Bellanca from the Contact Club. The same months had also Giuseppe Cotroni made phonecalls to Sebastiano Bellanca.

Jean Claude "Johnny"Lapres arrested
19 july 1949 was Jean Claude "Johnny"Lapres arrested on a charge of counterfeiting.

Antoine D'Agostino arrested in Montreal
14 september 1949 was 32 ounces (one kilo) of heroin bought for 225 dollars an ounce by an undercover from Antoine D'Agostino who was arrested. Police searched Antoine D'Agostino's house and arrested his girlfriend Suzanne Filleau, a parisian. The search of his house revealed that he had been running a brothel there. besides his girlfriend two other women were there when police searched the place, one of them was Gisele Denizet the wife of Roger Denizet who had been arrested in Vancouver in december 1948 for possession of a kilo of heroin. In Antoine D'Agostino's papers police found the name and address of Sebastiano Bellanca and the name of the Brooklyn company Carol Paper Products Corporation which belonged to the brothers Carlo and Paolo Gambino.

Montreal heroin kingpin Johnny Young arrested
26 september 1949 police arrest Johnny Young and find in his appartment 52 ounces of heroin with a street worth of 200000 dollars. In february 1950 Johnny Young was convicted and got 5 years.

Antoine D'Agostino flees from Canada
31 december 1949 came Antoine D'Agostino free on bail. 1 february 1950 Antoine D'Agostino jumps bail and doesn't appear in court and leaves Canada. 7 march 1950 french police identify Antoine D'Agostino as a sought warcriminal.

Montreal heroin kingpins Soccio and Mastracchio
After the arrest of Johnny Young had Diodato Mastracchio and Vincenzo Soccio (the owners of the Corso Pizzeria on St Catherine Street) become the new bosses of the heroin traffic in Montreal. Co founder of the Corso Pizzeria was Giuseppe "Big Pep" Cocolicchio.

Montreal heroin kingpins Soccio and Mastracchio arrested
3 August 1951 were Mastracchio and Soccio arrested and in april 1952 they pleaded guilty and got each 23 months.

Montreal heroin kingpin Lucien Rivard and his wife Marie Rivard
Since the jailing of Mastracchio and Soccio had Lucien Rivard become the number one in the heroin traffic in Montreal and throughout Canada. His chief men were Bob Tremblay (just like Rivard a friend of Johnny Young) and Jean Louis "Blackie" Bisson.

Genovese capo Moretti killed in New Jersey
4 October 1951 William Moretti (57) the most trusted lieutenant of Costello was shot to death by 3 killers under whom John Robilotto of the Anastasia family. His place was taken by Genovese's trustee Gerardo Catena. Moretti's alleged "mercy" killing and the soon after death of his brother "Solly" moretti (when did he die?) were a major blow to Frank Costello.

Montreal heroin kingpin Lucien Rivard and his wife Marie Rivard
In 1951 and 1952 Rivard had been associated with dealer Rheo Gauthier who was later killed in an auto accident during a narcotics delivery to Windsor, Ontario.

Rivard's heroindistributors Bob Tremblay and Jean Louis Bisson
In 1952 Bob Tremblay was the major heroin wholesaler in Montreal, but at the end of 1952 he went back to his hometown Vancouver where he took over the heroin distribution. Jean Louis Bisson replaced him in the Montreal market.

corsican herointrafficker and warcriminal Antoine D'Agostino in New York
In 1952 Gambino soldier Sebastiano Bellanca "Benny Blanka" (born 6 january 1904 in Cattolica, sicily) a New York Lower east side drugdealer was arrested thanks to Alfonso "Alphonso"Attardi (born 12 september 1900 in Sciacca, sicily) and also D'Agostino was arrested and takes a run when they let him go before the trial.

corsican herointrafficker and warcriminal Antoine D'Agostino in Mexico City
In 1953 D'Agostino settles in Mexico City and the Cotroni brothers take as a new partner in heroinsmuggling Carmine Galante the underboss of Bonanno who settles in Montreal.

Bonanno underboss Carmine Galante in Montreal (Quebec, Canada)
In 1953 Carmine Galante arrived in Montreal and Pretula and Ship start to work for him, Galante also got the former thief Earl Carluzzi to Montreal to control labour. The Cotroni and Violi brothers worked for Bonanno and his underboss Galante. Bonanno's nephew Stefano Maggadino didn't like that because Canada belonged to his territory because he rules Hamilton via his capo Luppino and Toronto via his capo Volpe. Volpe had been sponsored by Jimmy Luppino. In Hamilton are the most important families Papalia, Luppino, Scibetta, Bordonaro, Cippolla and Musitano. Also there is the Restivo family.

Montreal mobster Petrulla (Pretula)
29 March 1953 Charles Wagner's body get found and James Rogers and Frank Battaglia were charged and Frank Petrulla was suspected in ordering his killing. The killers get free but within hours of his release Frank Battaglia was strangled.

Rivard customer Mallock
George Mallock visited Lucien Rivard in september 1953.

Rivard supplier Roger Coudert (parisian often in NY)
Roger Coudert arrested in NY 21 december 1953 with mafiosi Antonio Farina (got 5 years) and the brothers salvatore and Ugo Caneba. ugo Caneba had been a customer of Spirito and Orsini. Coudert got 10 years and was released from Atlanta prison 21 september 1960 and was deported to France.

heroindealer George Feracco (Farraco)
In 1953 arrives drugdealer George Feracco in Atlanta prison and came free in 1959 and immediately he started dealing drugs again.

NY, Rivard
In december 1953 was Rivard in NY.

NY, Rivard
In februari 1954 was Rivard in NY.

New York, Rivard friend Emile Hogue
Rivard friend Emile Hogue arrested in november 1954 in NY.

Vancouver (Canada west coast)
Rivard man Bob Tremblay returned to Vancouver in april 1955.

Vancouver (Canada west coast)
9 August 1955 was Bob Tremblay arrested with Charles Talbot and Lucien Mayer.

Montreal cafe La Cave owners Marius Martin, Roger Mollet and Jean Jehan.
In 1955 met in Montreal Jean Jehan and Lucien Rivard.

10 November 1955 was 31 pounds of heroin found on the ship Saint Malo, it is the then biggest seizure ever in America. It was made by Dominique Albertini, the owners were Galliano, Croce and Mondolini, it was send by Jean and Dominque Venturi.

Cuba nightclubowner Croce
The Eve, the Cupido ad the Pigalle owner Bistoni was deported in 1956, his partner Croce is still owner.

Cuba nightclubowner Rivard
The Eve, the Cupido ad the Pigalle owner Croce was deported in 1957 (his partner Bistoni had already been deported in 1956), the owner became then Lucien Rivard.

Havana nightclub Las Vegas owner french heroindealer Lucien Rivard
In 1957 Lucien Rivard asked Lou Gregoire to manage his nightclub Las Vegas in Havana, Cuba, what he did until spring 1958. Then Lou Gregoire returned to Quebec and bought the Saint Placide Hotel.

Rivard best man at marriage of Salvatore Giglio at Cuba
22 march 1957 Salvatore Giglio was married in Cuba to Florence Anderson, a waitress at El Morocco, the Montreal nightclub managed by Peter Adamo, one of Vic Cotroni's lieutenants, at the wedding Rivard served as Giglio's best man.

Montreal mobster Frank Petrula disappears
In 1957 Frank Petrula disappears.

former Jean Claude "Johnny"Lapres dealer Larry Petrov killed
In july 1957 was Larry Petrov killed.

french heroindealer Lucien Rivard
8 january 1958 was Rivard arrested shortly with Bisson.

french heroindealer Lucien rivard at Cuba
30 january 1958 Rivard returned to Cuba via Miami where Vic Cotroni and Irving Ellis had been staying for the past week.

Montreal, Salvatore Giglio
In 1958 arrives Galante's man Salvatore Giglio in Montreal.

Montreal mobster Giuseppe "Pep" Cotroni in New York
10 July 1958 Giuseppe "Pep" Cotroni and his men Nicholas Elacqua and Joseph De Paolo visited the Lexington Hotel in NY.

New York heroindealer Accardo partner Genovese soldier Vecchio
In october 1958 an undercover contacted Genovese soldier Joseph Vecchio (Settimo Accardo's partner).

Montreal heroinimporter Cotroni's men Nicholas Elacqua and Joseph De Paola in New York
6 December 1958 NY police searched the car of Cotroni's men Nicholas Elacqua and Joseph De Paola, they were probably going to contact Rene Robert in the Edison Hotel in NY.

Angelo Tuminaro's nephew Pasquale Fuca murders Lucchese drugtrafficker Joseph DeMarco
In december 1958 Lucchese drugtrafficker Joseph De Marco was killed by Pasquale "patsy" Fuca. (Fuca is the nephew of Angelo Tumminaro, a Lucchese member who was close with John Ormento)

Lucchese capo "Big" John Ormento trustee Salvatore Lo Proto (born 22 april 1926)
Salvatore Lo Proto’s brother in law was involved in an car accident in 1958 and Salvatore Lo Proto's wife Mildred Pisciotta was killed in the crash. In the crashed car was an exact duplicate of the first concealed compartment of Lo Proto his arrest of 18 march 1955.

New York heroindealer Accardo partner Genovese soldier Vecchio dies
In december 1958 the undercover again contacted Joseph Vecchio who brought him into contact with Edward "Eddie" Lawton Smith, a few weeks later Genovese soldier Joseph Vecchio died in a strange auto accident on the George Washington bridge.

New York heroindealer Accardo partner Genovese soldier Vecchio deal??
In january 1959 undercovers bought 5,5 pounds of heroin from Richard McGovern and Samuel Monastersky. They had gotten the heroin from the brothers Philip and Marcantonio Orlandino.

New York heroindealer Accardo partner Genovese soldier Vecchio deal??
14 February 1959 police arrest then McGovern, Monastersky, the Orlandino brothers and their men William Bentvena and William Struzzieri, police find 24 pounds of heroin which was supplied by the Cotroni group.

Lucchese capo and heroinimporter "Big"John Ormento arrested
Ormento (still at large) gets at the end of march 1959 arrested and will die in the 70ties in prison.

Vito Genovese trial starts
17 April 1959 the trial began against Genovese, DiPalermo bros, Natale Evola, Gigante and Mazzie and lasted about 90 days. Nelson Cantellops was on the witness stand for about 19 days.

police informer and heroin courier Edward "Eddie" Lawton Smith
28 April 1959 the undercover and "Eddie" Smith took a plane to Montreal and met Giuseppe "Big Pep" Cocolicchio in the Cafe Romeo, the next day they met Giuseppe Cotroni and Arthur David.

Montreal heroinimporter Pep Cotroni's brothers in New York's Edison Hotel
5 May 1959 Vic and Frank Cotroni and Jos DeFrancesco stayed at the Edison Hotel in NY.

police informer and heroin courier Edward "Eddie" Lawton Smith
15 May 1959 Giuseppe Cotroni phoned Edward "Eddie" Lawton Smith.

police informer and heroin courier Edward "Eddie" Lawton Smith
21 may 1959 the undercover and Smith went to Montreal where they met Cotroni and Rene Robert.

police informer and heroin courier Edward "Eddie" Lawton Smith
18 June 1959 the undercover and Smith got 4 kilos of heroin from Rene Robert.

french heroinexporter Rivard thrown from Cuba
19 june 1959 Cuba threw out Lucien Rivard.

Montreal heroinimporter Pep Cotroni's brother in New York
27 June 1959 Vincent "Vic" Cotroni, John Rao and Michel Listorti entered the US.

heroindealer George Feracco (Farraco)
In 1953 arrives drugdealer George Feracco in Atlanta prison and came free in 1959 and immediately he started dealing drugs again.

Lucchese soldier and heroindistributor Vincent Pappa
Pappa was born in Queens in 1917. He was married and had three children. His first recorded arrest occurred in 1938 for attempted burglary. In 1959, he received his first conviction and sentence for drug peddling -- 5 years in prison.

Lucchese soldier and heroindistributor Matthew Madonna
In 1959 Leroy “Nicky” Barnes and Lucchese man Matthew Madonna became friends in prison.

Lucchese soldier and heroindealer Ralph Cuomo
In 1956 police shoot dead a robber (somebody knows who he was?) and beat up the other robber Ralph Cuomo who later starts in 1959 the original Ray’s Pizza and became a member of the Lucchese family and heroindealer.

Tuminaro-Fuca drugsring (Lucchese borgata)
Long time Lucchese drug dealer Angelo and his brother Frank Tuminaro had as their older sister Nellie who is the mother of their nephews Patsy and Tony Fuca. Patsy and Tony were the nephews ofAngie Tuminaro the long time Luchese drug dealer. Their mother {Nellie}was the older sister of Angie. They also had a sister named Rosemarie who at age 10 was accidently shot by Angie while he was cleaning a 22caliber rifle. She suffered thruout her life from medical problems associated with the shooting. On June 25,1960 Patsy was arrested with another man attempting to rob Cartiers Jewelers on 57th Street in New York City This made headline news in the newspapers. The charges against Fuca were dismissed for lack of evidence. A few weeks before Patsy and Barbara were married in a civil cremony on June 8 1960. (thanks brother Charlie)

Gambino heroindistributor Steven Armone dies
20 June 1960 dies Steven Armone and his brother Joseph Armone took over his heroinbusiness and became an important dealer.
Gambino heroindistributor Joseph Armone

french?? heroinexporter Etienne Tarditi arrested in NY
Etienne Tarditi's job in the 1950s was twofold: on behalf of his underworld sponsors, he purchased morphine base in Lebanon and smuggled it to France, where it was converted into heroin; then he "recruited" diplomats to smuggle the heroin to Mafiosi in America. Tarditi's operation began to unravel, however, in mid-1960, when a rival drug smuggler told the FBN Agent in Beirut that a diplomat named "Maurice" was carrying heroin to America. The ensuing investigation revealed that the diplomat, whose luggage was passed through U.S. Customs without being checked, was Maurice Rosal Bron, Guatemala's Ambassador to the Netherlands. Rosal, it was discovered, had an unrestrained sexual desire for young boys-a fatal flaw which Tarditi used to blackmail the dapper diplomat into carrying heroin to America. Further investigation revealed that Rosal made frequent trips to America, often with Tarditi, and that he always left with less baggage weight than when he arrived. The investigation itself climaxed in October 1960 in New York City, when FBN agents busted Rosal, Tarditi, TWA purser Charles Bourbonnais, and Nick Calamaris of the Gambino Mafia family. Rosal was arrested Oct. 3, 1960; an article appeared on the front page of the Daily News on Oct. 4. The bust netted 100 kilograms of pure heroin, and the intelligence take provided the FBN with enough leads to keep it busy for the next five years. Most of the information, notably, came from Tarditi, who identified his sources in France, and claimed that he "was involved in intelligence work beneficial to American interests." Tarditi would also, after 18 months of steady interrogation, implicate labor leader Irving Brown in drug smuggling activities.

Mangnani- Jiacobetti- Coscia group
In october 1960 police found 52 kilos of heroin which was transported by Mauricio Rosal, Guatemala's ambassador to Belgium and Holland. He had turned the heroin to Etienne Tarditi who worked for Robert Le Coat and Felix Barnier. They represented Gilbert Coscia and his bosses Marginani and Jiacobetti. The heroin would be delivered to Charles Bourbonnais who would deliver it to the New York customers Joe Cahill and Nick Calamares. They work for the Gambino men Joseph Biondo and the brothers Steve (deceased) and Joseph Armone.

Gambino heroindistributor Joseph Armone's man Joseph Cahill arrested
28 December 1960 was Joseph Armone’s man Joseph Cahill arrested, his house was owned by Joseph Biondo.

Gambino capo Jimmy Squillante disappears
In 1960 disappeared the Gambino capo Jimmy Squillante, he had to stand on trial for extortion but the bosses decided to kill him. He had been the boss of the New York garbage hauling. Squillante`s turf was taken over by the capo Richie Schivone.
Gambino capo Richie Schivone

Gambino capo Richie Schivone and murdercase “Jojo” Berry
when a nephew of Squillante named "Jojo" Berry wanted to become a partner in a bar Schivone gave the partnership to hitman Max Kurschner "Joey". In 1960 was "Jojo" found murdered in a sewer.

Gambino capo Richie Schivone dies
Richie Schivone stayed capo for a year because he was found dead in 1961 in his house. It looked like he had fallen from his stairways in which his head had been crushed, some say he was killed with a baseballbat to make it look like an accident.

Air France stewardess Simone Christman arrested with heroin in USA
In march 1961 Air France stewardess Simone Christman was arrested by U.S. Customs agents for smuggling heroin in her brassiere. Christman said the powder, which she thought was perfume base, had been given to her by a Mr. Mueller in Paris.

Cinisi sottocapo Gaetano Badalamenti meets Angelo La Barbera and Rosario Mancino
In october 1961 was Badalamenti seen at Palermo's airport Punta Raisa in the company of the palermitan mobsters Angelo La Barbera and Rosario Mancino.

Jean Paul Tremblay in Paris
16 September 1961 Jean Paul Tremblay and Anatole Ethier arrived in Paris. 20 September 1961 they returned to Montreal. Rivard had probably been instrumental in Tremblay's success in obtaining a heroin supplier in France.

Jean Paul Tremblay meets in NY Pacelli gangmembers
5 october 1961 Tremblay went to new York and he meets members of the Pacelli group.

Jean Paul Tremblay
14 october 1961 Tremblay and Roger Laviolette were visited by Rivard's associate Roger Coudert, Coudert also is at that moment working with the Mangnani- Jiacobetti- Coscia group.

Jean Paul Tremblay
In december 1961 was Tremblay's house burglarized.

Corsican heroinsupplier Jean Jehan
16 December 1961 police searches in Montreal a ship from France but don't find the 50 kilos of heroin of the corsican Jean Jehan but he decides not to unload the party because he thinks the police got tipped and he wants to unload it some place different. (the heroin was for Louis Martin Maurice?).

Charlie Luciano in Naples
14 Januari 1962 Luciano got phoned in Naples by Mauro, Caruso and Maneri who are in Spain and just had spoken to the Rubinos there. Luciano doesn't want to talk.

Spain arrests
24 januari 1962 Mauro, Caruso and Maneri get arrested in Spain. They have more then 55000 dollar and get deported to the US and get 15 years. In Naples police search Luciano's appartment and in Rome they arrest Henry and Theresa Rubino. In Luciano's room they find a golden lighter with the inscription "For my good pal Charlie Luciano, from his friend Frank".

Luciano dies in Rome
26 Januari 1962 Luciano is allowed to travel to the airport under police escort to meet his friend Martin Gosch, there Luciano gets a heartattack and dies. Martin Gosch will later bring out the book the last testament of Luciano (which is an unbelievable bad book).

Lucchese borgata's Tuminaro-Fuca drugsring
The next day (27 january 1962) police find in New York 44 kilos of heroin (courier had been Jacques Angelvin, the host of a popular French television show) in the garage of Arnie Shulman and his partners Sol Friedman and Anthony Feola. Much of the heroin was found in the home of Tony Fuca's Bronx home and the Brooklyn home of their father. Jean Jehan can escape to France with his fellow corsican mystery man Jacques Mouren, who was never identified. Tuminaro's friend is Ignacio Pellegrino and they got their heroin from the corsicans Francois Scaglia, Jean Jehan and J Mouren. In 1964 both Patsy and Tony were sentenced to a 7 to 15 yr prison sentence. Scaglia was arrested with the French television star Jacques Angelvin in the case who inspired the film "The French Connection”.

FBN agent Tripodi
According to Agent Tripodi, Brown's friend, handsome Maurice Castellani, was the net's operations manager.

FBN agent Francis Waters
And as another FBN agent, Francis Waters, suggests, Castellani, whose nickname was "Le Petit Maurice," may even have been mystery man Jacques Mouren in the French Connection case. "Patsy Fuca talked about Le Petit Maurice with great deference," Waters recalls. "On one occasion I followed Patsy to the garage where [Jacques] Angelvin's Buick was stashed," Agent Waters continues. "I saw Patsy talk to Toots Shoenfeld, and I did some checking and found that Toots was connected to the guy who was bankrolling Jean Jehan's operation. A few years before we'd found the same address (to the apartment where Jehan was staying in New York City) in the possession of Marcel Francisi; so we got a search warrant and went in. It was a beautiful place, owned by an executive of Michelin Tire. So we had to back out." "Think about it," Waters adds. "Mouren was never identified; Scaglia had been trained by the OSS; and people from U.S. Army Special Forces were involved in the French Connection case."

Marseille, Francis "Le Belge" Vanverberghe
The Marseilles-born Francis Vanverberghe got his name from his Flemish father. The top gangsters in France at this time was the Guerini brothers from Marseille. "The Belgian" was noticed by the Guerini at a really young age (before 20) and the Guerini send "The Belgian" in Paris where he join the ex-associates of François Scaglia in the drug trade. At the beginning Vanverberghe was part of a trio of gangsters nicknamed "les Trois Canards" because they operated from the bar "Les Trois Canards".

Jean Paul Tremblay killed in Montreal (Quebec, Canada)
13 February 1962 the body of the killed Jean Paul Tremblay was found, he send heroin to the Pacelli gang and used as intermediary with them George Farraco.

Air France stewardess Simone Christman
In March 1962, Christman was sentenced to four years in prison-but at the intervention of an unknown outside force, she was quietly and quickly released. According to an FBN agent on the scene at the time, Christman was, in fact, a spy for the Secret Army Organization (OAS), a group of French soldiers who, with the support of the CIA, were fighting the forces of President de Gaulle in Algeria. The OAS was known to be financing its operations through the drug trade, and, being "a good soldier," Christman "took a small fall to protect her bosses"- who in return continued to receive CIA support. In addition to Christman's quiet and quick release, the FBN agent stationed in Paris was told not to investigate the mysterious "Mr. Mueller." The agent was told that U.S. Customs was handling the case; but he knew that the CIA had, in fact, blocked the investigation in order to conceal its involvement with the protected OAS drug smuggling ring.

Carmine Galante imprisoned in Lewisburg prison
Beginning 1962 Galante goes to prison for 20 years and becomes the boss in Lewisburg prison also convicted with him was Anthony Mirra the nephew of "Al Walker" Embarrato of the Bonannos.

In may 1962 Tumminaro turns himself in Miami in.

Jean Paul Tremblay intermediary George Feracco (Farraco) with New York's Pleasant Avenue dealers killed
25 May 1962 George Farraco, the intermediary between Tremblay and the pacelli gang, had telephoned Roger Laviolette. 31 May 1962 was George Farraco (40) kidnapped from Pleasant Avenue (crosses 116th Street in harlem?) and his kidnappers killed him and had his body disappear.

Montrealer Roger Laviolette
29 May 1962 Laviolette went to paris and returned 3 june.

Montrealer Roger Laviolette
11 June 1962 Montrealer Roger Laviolette wants to visit George Farraco, he didn't know the man had disappeared.

Jean Paul Tremblay's righthand Montrealer Roger Laviolette arrested in France
8 August 1962 were Laviolette and his courier Alain Phaneuf arrested in France as they want to board a plane, police find 4 kilos of heroin.

Jean Paul Tremblay's men
In Montreal police arrest then 9 and 10 august 1962 Roger Lapierre and Anatole Ethier.

Lucchese member Settimo Accardo "Big Sam"
In 1963 was Settimo Accardo "Big Sam" extradited to the US and got convicted.

Angelo Tuminaro surrendered in april 1964 his operations are now led by his younger brother Frank Tuminaro.

Pleasant Avenue's Lucchese heroindealer Pacelli and Gambino heroindistributor Joseph Armone
23 September 1964 were Pacelli and Nancy Sue arrested and the same day also Joseph Armone. 27 september disappeared Nancy Sue but still Pacelli got 18 years in Atlanta and Armone 15 years. In 1965 were Joseph "Joe"Armone and Grammanta convicted of smuggling heroin from the Netherlands . Grammanta served 5 years and Armone served 10 years.

Gambino heroindistributor Joseph Armone
3 Januari 1965 was Joseph Armone wounded when he was shot down and his partner Vincent Pacelli of the Lucchese family takes over their drugsbusiness.

Back in New York in 1965, Irving Brown's involvement in the French Connection surfaced again when agent Waters learned that Maurice Castellani had been bringing money to his fellow Canard, Francois Scaglia, at Attica Prison since May 1964. As has been noted, Scaglia was convicted in the 1962 French Connection case based on traces of heroin found in Jacques Angelvin's Buick-traces that matched the heroin found in Patsy Fuca's basement in Brooklyn.

Frank Tuminaro
In februari 1965 stood on trial in New York Frank Tuminaro for herointrafficking.

Bordeaux prison, Canada, Rivard escape
2 march 1965 escape Lucien Rivard and Andre Durocher.

Lucien Rivard imprisoned in USA
15 July 1965 was Lucien Rivard again arrested and extradited to the US where he got 12 november 1965 then 20 years, his couriers Julien Gagnon and raymond Jones got 15 years.

New York
In december 1965 US police find 100 kgs of heroin in a car from France.

New York double murdercase Tuminaro and Gangi (suspect Genovese hitman Charles Gagliodotto)
In August 1969 police find the bodies of Frank Tuminaro (40) and Frank Gangi in the trunk of a car in Upstate NY. Police suspect Genovese hitman Charles Gagliodotto. (thanks Ruff)

Murdercase Genovese hitman Charles Gagliodotto
In September 1969 was Genovese hitman Charles Gagliodotto strangled by relatives of Tuminaro. (thanks Ruff)

Acapulco meeting
At a grand assembly of mobsters from Marseilles, Montreal, New York and Miami, the rules were fixed for smuggling via Mexico. The site of the meeting was Acapulco, the time was early 1970. Representing the French were Jean Venturi, Jean-Baptiste Croce and Paul Mondolini. Croce and Mondolini became the Corsicans' permanent men in Mexico.

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09 Feb 2008, 22:50 #2

Puparo- out of the heroin dealers you mentioned i only had heard of 4: Joey Beck DiPalermo, Carmine Galante, and, Joseph Armone, and Matthew Madonna.

Joey Beck DiPalermo was one of the most powerful capos in the Lucchese family. he served some time on heroin charges when he was younger (not sure exactly how long, but i think it was less than 10 years. he continued trafficking in heroin and sometimes cocaine right up until his death, he was in his early 90s when he died. he was known to be be the biggest heroin trafficker in the Lucchese family and quite possibly the biggest in the entire American Mafia. he had his own connections overseas and would always have his products shipped to him by boat. he was very talented and very careful, and excet for that one conviction when he was younger the cops were never able to get him, he died a free man.

Carmine Galante was convicted of heroin trafficking in 1962 and served a 20 year sentence. he was paroled in 1974 and immediately tried to take control of the family from boss Rusty Rastelli, who was in prison at the time. however, Rastelli was extremely well liked by most of his soldiers and managed to hold onto his position. during the 70s Galante ordered the murders of 8 Gambino family members in order to try to muscle them out of the heroin trade, his plan was to completely cut the other 4 families out of the heroin trade entirely and kill Rastelli so he could become boss of the Bonannos himself. Galante was sent back to prison in 1978 for violating his parole but was released a year later. at that time both Carlo Gambino and Rusty Rastelli had contracts out on Galante, but Rastelli got to him first and Galante was killed by 2 of his own bodyguards while eating lunch, the killers were Bonanno soldiers Cesar Bonventre and Bruno Indelicato.

Matthew Madonna was the main heroin supplier to Nicky Barnes, the 3rd most powerful black heroin dealer in NYC in the 70s. Madonna was arrested in an unrelated case and sentenced to 30 years for heroin trafficking, of which he served 20. after his release he was promoted to capo and until he arrested again a few months ago on gambling charges, he was part of a 3 man advisory board to current Lucchese boss Steven Crea.

as for Joseph Armone- i know very little about his heroin dealings, because he seems to have got out of the drug business as he got older. from what i've read, he was investigated as a suspect in part of the French Connection investigation but was never charged. in later years he became consigliere to John Gotti, but by then he was out of the heroin business and his duties consisted of gambling, loansharking, and extortion. he was eventually convicted for one or more of those 3 things and given a 10 year sentence. he died in prison.

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In the bookprint of the FBN handbook stood as unknows:

page 770 Francesco B
page 752 Gabriel Graziani
page 39 someone with a backname like Marin..???

anybody knows the 2 who are still unknown???

then at page 746 there is Ansan Albert Bistoni

Jean Baptiste Croce and partner Ansan Albert Bistoni were arrested 19 january 1973 in Marseilles but Bistoni came free.
31 march 1973 were Ansan Albert Bistoni and 3 other killed in Marseilles du Tanagre bar restaurant

some others pictured in the book were also killed

now i would like to ask if somebody has also intresting news on some of the pictured dopedealers??????