The Wizard and Doctor Dillamond's costumes.


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so for school im taking textiles technology which is desinging and sewing anything realy!
for our first topic were doing movie costumeing !
so im going to do the wizard our of wizard of oz !
but imgoing to o it more hilferty style lol!
theres two designs im choseing between
and these are ruf computor generations of the designs so there not the best

with the green lineing

or tan lineing

i caint decide but im thinking green

im thinking of using this pattern for the coat!
fead back please!

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I like the green more. It gives more of an idea thta he comes from the emerald city, he's also elphabas dad! good luck! it looks amazing!

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i like the original better. but it's up to you. i just say that because as a throwback to the movie Susan said she put everyone from Oz in color while the Wizard is in black and white. keep in mind though that that is a costume pattern, and so probably doesn't have a lining. that doesn't suggest you couldn't get more fabric and make a lining but you might have fit issues due to a jacket's pleated lining on the back. i would also flare the bottom of the jacket out more. there's a photo of Ben Vereen in the role and he's like twirling. you see the whole jacket, and it's actually rather large. but it is a good starting point.


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thanks guys
and as part of the assesment we have to change the patern so i was planing to flear the bottom and add the lineing if it wasent there!

and thanks for they tip from susan!
i have to write a sort of explanation asto why i chose the colur the design and all sorts of thing but year thanks!