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The Rules of the Runway

One topic per costume- if you're making an Elphaba costume it needs to be worked on in the Elphaba section, if you complete it and you want to know what people think post it in runway, but it's not a place for a journey from start to end, only completed costumes. When you complete your costume, you may post in this forum if you wish. A title like "My Elphaba Dress" would work just fine. You must list which costume you are posting about in the title
Be Constructive- We understand that you might not like how someone made something, but be nice about it. Instead of saying "Omg that's a piece of crap" say "I dont like it. I would change this"
Say a nice thing- Dont scrap the whole thing. Let's face it, accurate or not we put alot of work into things we make. Try to say something nice about their costume, along with your constructive comments. For example, if someone made a Glinda Bubble Dress with Pearlized sheer fabric, and red sequins, you could say "Love the fabric, hate the sequin choice"

Anyone breaking the rules will be warned through our warning system.

Just remember guys, be nice, and have fun

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