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I've been dipping in an out of this forum for some time now to pick up tips and see what everyone else has been up to.

I have particularly been following Witch Of The North's progress on various social media platforms which has really pushed me on. I'm currently in the middle of a big move which is currently in limbo so my progress has slowed whilst I don't have full access to my sewing machine.

Here is a run down list on the fabrics I've used
- Holographic Lycra
- Pale Blue Chiffon
- Turquoise Lame Organza (replacement for iridescent organza as I just couldn't get any)
- Spiral steel boning
- White coutil lining & white bias boning channels

- White iridescent organza
- Light blue crystal organza

Although this is still being made I so far have the following
- Light blue duchess satin for the skirt base
- Powder blue crepe back satin for petal base
- Pale Blue Chiffon for beading
- Turquoise Lame Organza for beading

I also have light blue power mesh to make my collar from and wire for my crown and necklace!

I've almost finished the bodice (with just the sleeves to finish and attach) and the big task of the skirt awaits.

I can't seem to get my photos to link properly so you can go to my Facebook page to see my 'Work In Progress' photos :)

Kairi Rose's Glinda Bubble Dress WIP

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