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i don't mean to open up a can of worms, but can we please stop this whole Galinda's Wardrobe Does Wicked and Wicked Soundtrack idea. the whole thing is illegal, and it's been an ongoing thing but no one has done anything. i think we should take that as a sign. we have a Singers Forum, where people can post themselves singing to Wicked or to anything for that matter. could we just leave it at that. if there is some way that more people could post vids of them singing and then if there is some way to where people can download their youtube vids and put them on an ipod or something i'm all for it. but this whole show or soundtrack idea REALLY won't work. i've had my say, and i won't say anymore. thanks for reading..


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thank you so much for saying that- i've been thinking it for months and i totally agree with you. We don't want the forum to get taken down for plagiarism.
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her her!!!! i have been saying this ever since it started

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