Defying Gravity

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No one's posted in this particular area lately. I believe I shall.

We have a singing competition in my area each February/March and this year I decided to perform one of my favorite songs, "Defying Gravity." It'll most likely be the last time I get to be in the competition because I'll be moving in a couple weeks, so I wanted to go out with a bang! :D

The competition is based on American Idol. There are three regional shows, with the top three winners of each of those moving on to the next round. Then each of those performers compete in a second round, with the top three of those going on to the final round when the top winner is picked.

I didn't make it past the first round but I don't care. For a few minutes I got to be Elphaba and I was and am very happy. :)

I didn't do the opening fight between Elphaba and Glinda so...stick around, I do actually start singing after a minute (the judges had something to say about the length of the opening. Whatevs)

oh, and do ignore the fact that I need to lose some weight. -_- It's coming off..slowly...but I'll be getting married in a couple years so I'm working super hard on it now XD

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