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Name: LuLu
Age: 19
Location:Arkansas, USA
Favorite pairings: I am in LOVE with Mer/Der. end of story.

Pretty Persuasion : I write this story with Jenny (Who is known on most boards by Greyshepfan) This story is our baby right now! Its about a 16 yr old Meredith in a private school and her older sister is Addison, who is dating the college stud Derek. AU and eventually Mer/Der. You will not be disappointed :D

I Got Over You : This was my first Grey's fic that I just recently finished. Its about Mer, a single mom, who turns to alcohol, to deal with losing her husband to another woman. Eventually Mer/Der.

Stellar : The Sequel to I Got Over you. Meredith will face the Trial with Cooper, while trying to keep her family together. Mer/Der
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