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June 16th, 2008, 5:28 pm #1

This was my first Gilmore Girls fanfiction and it's by far my most popular fic I've ever written. It's not updated too much, it's more of an on the side thing, but it's always fun to write.

Anyway, Rory's off on the campaign but is feeling sick. Kind of a pretictable story line, but I just want it to be beleivable and realistic.

I have three chapters so far and I will be posting them in the next few days.

Rory groaned. This couldn’t be happening. It shouldn’t. She laid her heavy head down softly on the cool tiles in the hotel’s bathroom floor. She’d only been on this stupid campaign thing for three weeks already and she was tired of it. It sounded much more appealing before the fact, but now that she was actually there, it sucked. Big time. And not only that the whole thing in general sucked, but she was sick the entire time. At first Rory just though it was homesickness. Though it didn’t make much sense, it was plausible. Then she figured she’d gotten some mild, constant food poisoning. Eventually she came to the conclusion that she had the flu. In July. And finally she realized she had to face the facts. She was late, and she was sick, and, well, she was late. Rory was never late. In every aspect of life she was always right on time. Early even, but never, ever late.

Rory closed her eyes tightly as another wave of nausea hit her. She readied her arms to lift her body back up to the toilet, but the feeling passed. Relieved, she collapsed back on the floor.

“Rory! C’mon, I have to pee!” The voice of the woman she’d been sharing her hotel rooms with. Katherine Fellows was only a year older than Rory, but she acted like she was three. Not that it was a bad thing, sometimes it’s good to have some immaturity on a very serious campaign. Then there are the times when Rory could throttle her without hesitation.

Rory groaned loudly in response. “Rory! You can’t seriously still be sick can you? It’s been, like, what, three weeks? What sickness lasts three weeks?” Rory groaned again.

There was silence from behind the bathroom’s dingy door and finally a loud gasp. “No!” Katie cried loudly. “Seriously?” Another groan from Rory.

“Alright, I’m coming in. I’m tired of talking through this stupid door.” She announced and turned the knob. “Hey! It’s locked! Open the door Gilmore.” Katie’s pouty voice demanded.

“That would require getting up. I don’t wanna.” Rory called back.

“Rory. Get. Up. This is serious.”

Rory sighed and pulled herself up on the counter and shuffled her feet towards the door. She clicked the lock open discouragingly and sat back down on the floor immediately, avoiding eye contact with her new friend. Katie flopped onto the floor beside her.

“You ok?” She asked somberly.

“I-I don’t know, Kate. I think.” Rory said confused. She felt tears starting to burn behind her eyes, threatening to fall. She prayed they wouldn’t, she didn’t have the energy to full on cry right now, and not in front of this fairly new person in her life who has yet to see her at her most vulnerable.

Katie placed a comforting hand on her knee. “Look, I’ve got to go out for awhile. Do you need me to pick anything up?” Rory knew she was lying. Katie was already in her pjs, she’d washed her make-up off and her hair was in a loose, less than attractive ponytail. She was obviously ready for bed.

Rory sighed. “You don’t have to.” Her voice cracked.

“Yes I do. You need some space and some time to think. I can give you that. And who knows, you might not even be…” She drifted off.

“Just say it.” Rory interjected miserably and a tear slipped from her eye and rolled down her cheek.

“You might not be…pregnant.” Katie finished slowly. “I’ll pick up some tests from the drugstore while I’m out.” She added cheerfully before getting up from the bathroom floor slowly.

She left the motel room with a falsely happy goodbye leaving Rory alone with her thoughts. She couldn’t be pregnant. She just…couldn’t. The universe wouldn’t be this cruel to her, would it? Tears began to blur her vision until they brimmed over onto her cheeks. How could this have happened? How could she let this happen?

20 minutes later Katie returned banging the door open loudly. “Honey, I’m home!” She called to Rory who had moved from the bathroom floor to one of the lumpy mattresses that the motel chain called a bed.

Katie tossed three Shopper’s bags onto the empty bed parallel to her friend’s. “How many tests did you get?” Rory asked in disbelief when she finally dug through one of the bags.

Katie shrugged. “’Dunno. A bunch. I got lots of other stuff too though.” Rory reached for one of the other bags.

“A bottle of Pepsi, cough syrup, apple juice…what is all this?” Rory questioned curiously

Her friend jumped gleefully on the bed beside her and grabbed the other two bags. “We are going to get your mind off of everything. Well sort of.”

“Ok…” She replied slowly.

“I was bored so I decided we would test all sorts of drinks, liquids and anything else I could get my hands on.” Katie clapped her hands excitedly and started pulling other things out of the bags.

“Doritos? We’re testing Doritos?” Rory asked skeptically.

Katie raised her eyebrows. “Of course not.” She said obviously. “They’re for eating. Same with the licorice and the cheesies and the Twinkies.”

An hour later the motel room was filled with used pregnancy tests scattered on the floor. The two girls were back on the bed snacking on some licorice quietly.

“Who knew liquid dish soap was pregnant?” Rory asked as she reached for another Twinkie.

“I wonder what the scrub brush will think.” Katie contemplated and ripped a piece of licorice off with her teeth.

“Yeah.” Rory replied downheartedly.

“Do you want to go check?” Her friend asked softly and she nodded mutely. They left Rory’s tests in the bathroom, shielding themselves from the impending revelation. Silently they shuffled their feet towards the doorway to the tests. Rory had taken three, just to be sure.

Rory’s hand trembled as she reached for the first test. Katie watched nervously.

“Oh God.” Rory blinked back the tears as she read the results. “This can’t be—I mean, I just don’t—I can’t do this.” She said defeated as she slid to the floor.

“Don’t beat yourself up yet. There are still two other tests. Maybe it was a dud.” Supplied Katie. “Wait—Never mind.” She frowned when she read the others.

“They have to be wrong. I’m not. I can’t be!” Rory cried when the gravity of the situation hit her.

“You’ll get through this. And I promise I will be here if you need me.” Katie gave her hand to Rory to pull her up from the dingy bathroom floor. “C’mon. It’s been a very long day, and we’re leaving pretty early in the morning. We can figure out what to do tomorrow, alright?”

Rory nodded as she was dragged to her bed and Danielle flicked off the lights. She heard the sheets ruffle as she climbed into her bed and got comfortable.

“’Night Gilmore.”

“’Night Fellows…and thanks. For everything.”


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June 17th, 2008, 1:22 am #2

I have never seen Gilmore girls, but thought I would read this any way. It looks to be a good story. I cannot wait to read more.

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July 6th, 2008, 12:07 pm #3

This is a very good start you have here. I could picture Rory there on the bathroom floor.
I loved Gilmore Girls and it was one of my favourite shows. It'll be interesting to see how you imagined all of their futures.