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Name: Deirdre
Age: 44
Location: SW part of the United States
Pairings: Meredith and Derek

I also adore Alex and Izzie. I love the original pairings of the show.

My Fics:
Compliments: My take on Derek's flirtatious moment with Lexie in the bar from S3.

The Kiss: Derek kissed Rose, and didn't tell Meredith; from S4.

Unforgettable: Derek has forgotten Meredith; AU.

Ocean Size Love: Meredith and Alex are screenwriters in Hollywood, Derek and Mark produce movies; AU With karevsanatomy.

Her Favorite Dish: Izzie gives Alex a private lesson; a one-shot.

He Has Plans: After Derek breaks up with her, Meredith goes to Joe's with Izzie and Cristina so the reality of their break up can sink in; a post-4-11 one-shot .

Why Are You Here?: My 4.12 therapy fic; based on portion of a fake script making the rounds of the boards. Mark questions Derek as to why he is at Joe's that night when he's supposed to be on a date with Rose.
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