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Name: Emily
Age: 29
Location: Michigan, USA
Favorite pairings: MerDer to the max. I also have this Dempeo fic that has taken over my life. Down the ladder is Izzie/Alex, maybe Mark/Christina, George/Olivia

What if: What if Meredith could change one thing about her life?

My first fanfic. Or second really, but I don't like the first one. When Mer is blown backwards in the bomb episode, Dylan appears as an angel and tells her she can change one thing about her life. She gets multiple chances. And I wrote this way before the ferry boat episodes. Meredith-centric.

Deadly Pleasures: Vampire fic

This is probably my most favorite story that I have written. There are vampires at SGH and one of them may be after Meredith! But she's got a few tricks up her sleeve as well as friends in unexpected places. Hot vampire Derek, mind-reading, and did I mention blood-drinking?

Roman Holiday: Derek the Duke & Mer/Der in Italy

Just what it says. Derek is an Italian Duke who is supposed to be getting married to Addie at the end of the week. He meets Meredith on the Spanish Steps and neither of them will ever be the same. Travel fic with visits with Richard, Izzie/George are hotel owners, Christina, Alex as a tabloid reporter, and Mark makes an appearance now and then. Oh, and we meet the whole Shepherd clan too.

Pirate's Booty: Grey's Crossed with Pirate's of the Caribean, kind of

This was soo much fun to write! Set in the swashbuckling days of yore, Derek is secretary to the Governor of Tortuga (Richard Webber) sent on a voyage to England to rescue and marry his daughter (Addie) from the clutches of evil Lord Burke. He gets off to a rocky start though when he meets a lone woman stranded at sea (Meredith), who is way more than she seems. The interns plus Mark are a merry band of thieves and Derek is their target. Very involved plot-line.

Oh, and Sliding Doors on here!

:D Sliding Doors

Way more than a Dempeo fic though. What happens when it is your job to pretend to be in love with someone else? What is the line between fantasy and reality when you are paid to live in fantasy?