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PR Idea

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I was on this site a few days ago and looked at the number of members you guys have and its a pretty decent size, some were near a hundred or more. But I noticed that many of them had there last activity a few years ago. I'm sure many of them would still be very insterested in the mod. Just didn't stick around to long because of the mod still being fairly new at the time. And they probably forgotten about it.

Now to me its seems like it would be a good idea, since you guys have all their
e-mails, to send them a e-mail telling them that your still in business and closer to realese than ever before and invite them back to see the progress since the last time they were here. It could liven up the forums in which it seems like most of the posts are from the staff, and that dosen't seem right to me.

Ill just write this here too. On the home page with news and updates on. The first black and white picture from the top with the guy on his stomach with a support machine gun. The guy running next to him. By his right arm there is part of a tree that is still brown. Obviously not a big deal. I wasn't even going to say anything but now it kind of bothers me when I see it so there you go.
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One of the most irritating things is getting spam e-mail.
And I could bet you that most of the e-mail addresses people used years ago no longer exist.

Also to point out, we started the mod years ago for Operation Flashpoint and then later moved to ArmA 1 so most of the poeple have registered when we were doing this for OFP, and I could bet again that most of the people have gone for good.

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