Doing missions

Talk about missions in here and everything that goes with it, scripting for instance
Von Rundstedt
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10 Jun 2009, 10:14 #11

Official side nothing, map isn't done so we are not having any missions makers either.

Also Ferder is Pending mod member, so he is not accepted in mod staff yet. Therefore he has no access to any WIP work, even thou he has been screened as mission maker when time comes.

If any of you think you have what it gots to be mission maker, be sure to contact either me or h-, we are looking for mission makers, but not recruiting them yet.
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13 Aug 2009, 13:54 #12

I will start doing some missions in ArmAII based on the movie Talvisota
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08 Mar 2011, 22:45 #13

Are you guys going to start making missions after the map is finished?
(Pun intened).
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And why even dig up an ancient pointless thread like this..
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