War Journal, Chapter 1

Paige Lewis
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April 1st, 2018, 3:52 am #1

The morning dawned wet and gloomy. It had been raining for a day or two. Thus, lots of people had been staying inside. The young blonde knew her neighbors would be nestled up with a cuppa, and some blankets. They would probably spend all day in this state. But Paige Lewis was not like her neighbors. She would not be sitting comfortable all day, indoors. In fact, Paige Lewis was not even in town.

The new SCW World Heavyweight Champion was not even in England. The Black Princess of London was in Talladega, Alabama. She'd been the new champion for a week, but that didn't mean she could relax. As a result, the young Londoner was at Bonefrog, taking on the obstacle course. The preparation she'd taken almost seemed silly, now that she was covered in mud, and climbing a thirty foot tower. The Navy SEAL inspired obstacle course was one of the most intense courses available to the public

It promised to push you to your limit. And that was precisely what Paige needed. She needed to find her limit, and push it even higher. Her body ached, but she knew she must push on. If she was going to remain at the top of SCW, she needed to stay on her toes. Getting to the top is hard. Staying on top is harder. Paige reached the top of the tower, and then began traversing across the pipe, her arms spread out to keep her balance.

About halfway across, her left foot slipped. Paige dropped onto the pipe, clutching it. If she'd fallen off, not only would she be disqualified, but she'd be risking injury. Closing her eyes and and sighing, Paige heard a small round of applause for her save. But it wasn't over. The blonde slowly got back to her feet, and continued, taking care to watching her footing now.

An hour later, after her session had been over for a bit, Paige Lewis was sitting at a bench, resting. A man was walking towards her, and she looked up. Recognizing him as a Lieutenant, Paige stood up, albeit painfully. The man was upon her, now, and they were about the same height. His clean shaven face was youthful, but there was a seriousness about it that Paige couldn't quite name as either natural or trained. Reading his name tag, she saw his name as Brown.

Lt. Brown: Entrant 447!

Paige: Yes sir?

Lt. Brown: Nice timing out there. First time?

Paige: Yes.

Lt. Brown: Damn sure didn't look like it.

Paige: Well thank you. It was very exciting, though strenuous.

Lt. Brown: Tell me, why is a young lady from London working a US Navy SEAL inspired obstacle course, in hot ass Alabama?

Paige: How did you-

Lt. Brown: Is something wrong with your ears, miss?

Paige: Well...yes, as a matter of fact.

Lt. Brown: My apologies, ma'am. Anyway, you looked good out there. IF you want to try something a bit tougher, call me.

Paige: And how would I do that?

Lt. Brown: You'll find my info in your car.

Before Paige could respond, the Lt. turned on his heel and began walking away. She watched him for a moment before grabbing her bag, heading for her rental.
It had been a few days, now, since Bonefrog. Paige Lewis was still a bit sore, but it had begun to dissipate. A massage session with her parents the following day would go a long way. For now, the blonde was seated in her office, writing into her journal.

I did it. I stopped that vile woman from stomping around SCW any longer with my championship. But the work continues. Now, I must stave off Kennedy again. I defeated that loudmouthed jerk previously, but now, Mr. Walker has told me in confidence that if I fail to do it again, I might see him as a challenger in the future. That is, if I get past Alzy Hawkshaw. I know that Kennedy will be sour from our first battle, where I drove him downwards into the mat.

But now, he will be even more upset, for I have decimated his associate, his friend, his...partner, Jessica Tendonin. Some have told me I went too far. Perhaps I did. But this is war, a war over the SCW World Heavyweight Championship. And in war, there are casualties. I've won the first battle, but now, I find myself engaged in another. I've seen the way some people out in the street look at me now. Those lot can't possibly know how it felt to see someone as undeserving as Tendonin, prancing around with that which was mine.

But now, I have corrected that. I've dreamt of a future where I have reasserted my dominance over the SCW. Where I have taken on every challenge, and overcome it. I know what must be done. This is war. And I know wars are bloody. At Overdrive 45, Brian Kennedy will become another casualty in my war.

Paige sighed, having finished the short entry. It felt good to get her feelings out on paper. It was a different kind of release, though not completely unlike speaking. It was late, and Paige decided to shower before she became too tired. Afterward, the young blonde retired for the night. Her sleep was filled with glorious imagery of her engaged in a fantastic battle. Her armour was dented in several places, her helmet was gone, and a long scar pierced her cheek, with blood dried along the wound.

Someone bore down upon her, but her sword swung, whistling through the air, and with wet, mushy sound, Paige divested her attacker of his entrails. Looking around her, she saw others in her unit making progress through the hordes. This battle had gone longer than intended, but they were nearly done. Paige sat up in bed with a start. Her chest rose and fell in a fast pattern, and her sheets were soaked with perspiration. Most annoying of all was the coppery taste in her mouth. She'd been biting her lip in her sleep.

The blond got up, cleaned her face and then changed her sleep. Her heart was still beating fast. The excitement of her dream remained. After contemplating a snack, she decided on being productive. Setting up her camera only took a few moments. She dressed slowly, so as not to aggravate her soreness. Picking up her SCW World Heavyweight Championship, and draping it over her left shoulder, she began, hitting the record button.

Paige: I once said the crown was heavy. I meant that mentally as well as physically. This belt weighs nearly twenty pounds. It's a heavy crown, indeed. But I carry this burden as an honor, and as the fulfillment of a desire to excel. I respect this belt, and what it represents. I do not covet it just for status. It's much more than that. The twenty pounds of gold represents someone who is at the very top of their game, as well as at the top of the company.

Brian Kennedy, you claim to that honor came five years ago. We are weeks away from the five year moark of when you had your first shot at being SCW's world champion. Though you would eventually win it, You held that championship sixty days longer than I held mine, before losing it. But unlike you, I reclaimed mine. I gained it back, becoming the first and only two time world Champion in this company's history.

All you have managed to do is collect a paycheck every month. Oh, picking up the Tag Team Championship is nice and all, but let's be honest...in the team of Brian Kennedy and Requiem, you're a power bottom. You taunted me before our first battle,and look where it got you. I drove you into the mat, and exposed you for the nobody you are. And now, I get to do it again. The only difference this time will be that I get to raise my SCW World Heavyweight Champion afterwards, instead of just my fist. And make no mistake...I will be successful. And it won't just be business...it'll be personal, as well.

Paige ended the recording, and reviewed it a few times before heading back to bed.