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Here is the new link to UHW, ... hp?act=idx

I am not finished moving everything yet. I will work on the main event tomorrow and the new card will be up within the next day or so. What I need from you the roster.

Move your bio to the app thread on the new boards. This way I am able have you booked in the next card.

Again, I will not be able to book you unless you post or move your new bio to the app thread on the new site. From what I understand the only one we lost was TSF, and maybe one other guy or two.

Thank you for allowing me to work through some of the hard times that I have been dealing with. And remember the show will be up some point tomorrow and also the new card as long as I have everyone who moves their bios to the new site. I still have to move the shows and also a few other things.

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